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Declining Rally Attendance

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First posting attempt. Here's hoping!

Am surprised by the continually falling attendance and the implication that carries.

Can only surmise membership is slipping, and therewith revenues, club viability, etc.

Am planning on attending GLASS in MI end of this month. Whereas it used to get up to 1300 coaches, last year it was down in the 700 range. How few will attend this year I wonder?

Using Perry as a benchmark my first was in 1996 (6632). Attendance held pretty steady through 2005 and then the bottom falls out, ie 2007 (4832), 2009 (3279) and 2011 (2707).

Gee, but is it the economy, cost of fuel, members tire of rallies in same location, etc.

As I believe the US is in economic decline, is FMCA membership and rallies just another symptom of a nation in decline?

Can only assume cost of units, cost of fuel, age of members, affect attendance and participation. Anyone privy to FACTS?

RVing is a terrific travel and family activity. Sure hate to see it wither!


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