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Questions About Winterizing an RV



blog-0726856001383222203.jpgWe’ve been talking all week about winterizing our RVs.

Yes, the time has come .... Those living in the northern states and those who live where the temperatures drop below freezing, can’t put it off much longer.

But people still have a lot of questions and as we wrap up our winterizing series, Jennifer and I answer some reader questions about topics that haven’t yet been addressed.

In this edition of How We Roll in our RV, we talk about the need to re-winterize when folks head south and then back north. And we answer a reader question about whether the flat-screen TV needs to be removed when the unit is exposed to the cold for prolonged periods of time.

Oh yeah, we also sound a very important warning for those of you who put your RV in storage for the winter.

Check out the above video and send your questions in to us at openmike@fmca.com.

Your’s just might be the next one we answer in our next How We Roll episode.


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