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Why we chose a Type B motorhome for our RV needs

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When we share our love of RVing in our 22-foot Type B Roadtrek with friends and relatives, probably the most common question we get is why a Type B? Why not one of those giant Type A motorhomes?

Well, no offense to Type A or Type C owners but we're really hooked on Type B RVing for one basic reason: Convenience. We can go anywhere in our Type B and when we do, everything we have is with us.

That’s why I put together this little video, which was shot across the country during our travels this year.

Our Roadtrek RS-Adventurous can be used as a second vehicle. It parks in regular parking spots, which is a great convenience when hitting fast-food restaurants or visiting national parks or places with limited parking for big rigs.

Something else our Type B RV lets us do: Boondock. We can travel far off the beaten path, down backwoods roads and forest trails, and to true wilderness spots that bigger RVs couldn’t even get close to.

This is our favorite type of camping. Just us and our dog, surrounded by nature Our on board batteries and generator give us power when we need it and cooking is as convenient as home.

For us, our Type B is a perfect fit. It gets us where we want to go and it carries everything we need. Check out the video and you’ll see.

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