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  2. Dang Rodents

    Try "Fresh Cab" Rodent Repellent usually found at Tractor Supply Stores (Farm Supply Stores in general) like CO-OP's. Place mint scented packets around. Helped us while camping last winter. I also got our inside home insect company to install baits that make the mice thirsty. When they leave to drink water, they die outside the coach.
  3. FMCA Roadside Assistance

    I would agree 100% frustrating to say the least when you want to spend money you really do not want to spend and then get this kind of service, or is this service
  4. Silverado

    My 2013 owners manual says to hold the knob to the right until the red N lights. Turn the key off and remove. There is no steering wheel lock. 2013 is the last year for hyd power steering. 2014 and later have electric power steering, which requires total removal of the neg cable from the battery, or the risk of ruining the power steering is sure. It sure tows great doesn't it.
  5. Air Bags Replacement

    I agree, works better than anything else. Of course with slow leaks you get huge bubbles....
  6. FMCA Roadside Assistance

    I tried CS again this evening, recording said they are closed until Monday morning, obviously Fridays make a long weekend for Saferide customer service. Tomorrow I'll call their ERS number, if they answer their phone. Mr. Ball, did Saferide CS ever return your phone call?
  7. Exterior Maintenance - Cleaning and Waxing Fiberglass

    If you want good guidance on cleaning and protecting your RV, go to the website "GOCLEAN.COM". Several informative videos. It is run by an expert in the RV industry. They recommend Baby Shampoo and Heinz Vinegar for cleaning. No brushes, only lambs wool. No microfiber on paint, only high grade terry cloth. No wax is recommended, only polymers.
  8. Our Holiday Travel Misadventure-- So Far

    Been on the road since Saturday and already having problems. First the Aladdin system quit all together. Rather than to find the fuse i hooked the three cameras direct to the LCD monitor with rear being default. The aladdin system was so unreliable that I don't miss it. As for the turn signal being side cameras I decided to leave them as manual. That way i can keep an eye on the toad during the lane change. The mirrors are set up right so I'm aware what is on the side of the coach so I don't rally need side cameras. I tried wazes gps and is a bust, It keeps shutting down so many times for no apparent reason. Had to use google maps to get to where I'm going. I ended up destroying the coach long rock guard pulling into a service station to reset the Wazes. I wonder if it would be best to take it off. The coach already have mud flaps. The tire monitor keeps going off and i stopped several times and check tire pressure and they are fine. The tire pressure monitor appears to be 10% higher than the tire reading. I may try to change the batteries but I don't think that would help. I'm at Ft Bliss, TX right now and leaving in the morning. I probably end up somewhere near San Antonio tomorrow.
  9. Tire Shelf-Life and Life-Cycle Concerns

    Go to any OTR truck stop that sells tires, get the registration form, back date it with all the info including the DOT an mail it in! End story.
  10. Class A. Gas or DP, economics was never, nor is it now, part of the equation! It was back 50 years ago and still now: Comfort, Safety and the ability to sleep anywhere, at any time and see the whole USA and Canada! Nothing against Class C or B, just never felt comfortable in one...
  11. Tire Shelf-Life and Life-Cycle Concerns

    I did read your dec 1 post, not practical to drive 1500 miles to Portland, Or! To obtain paper work. i have filed a complaint about Superior Tire with Michelin, will also do that with NHTSA.
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  13. Fuel Economy-- Was This A Primary Consideration?

    Our 35-foot coach gets around 7-8 mpg. Fuel economy was not on our list of concerns. #1 concern was safety. #2 concern was having a vehicle which would fit where we needed it to go and which would get in/out of our driveway. #3 concern was getting something which fit our desire to have an older and more unique vehicle.
  14. Diesel Pusher Repair Facilities In E . Texas

    Cummins? Cat? Detroit? or ????
  15. Diesel Pusher Repair Facilities In E . Texas

    I've had good luck with RV Masters in Houston for minor engine and chassis maintenance --> Martin Truck Center (Freightliner) in Lake Charles, LA does good work and has a great parts department -->
  16. Both lanes of the new Tappan Zee bridge are supposed to be open by this coming June. Pretty sure that the old span will come down.
  17. Diesel Pusher Repair Facilities In E . Texas

    KC559moho, Welcome to the FMCA Forum. What engine do you have? That could make a real difference in recommendations. Also, what are the symptoms.
  18. My wife and I have a Roadtrek on order but we were, at one time, living full time in a new 45' diesel pusher. That thing had everything our former home had. Fuel costs were not an issue because we went from one stop to another and spent at least two weeks there. Our toad got over 40 miles to the gallon. When we decided to go back to a brick and sticks home we sold the big rig, but the RV style of travel never left us. We have friends that travel in a B class RV and love it. The freedom to go almost anywhere was very intriguing to us. After the research we settled on the CS Adventurous XL 4x4. We live in Utah and a very large part of the state is in BLM land thus the 4x4. While the fuel economy will be nice, it was not the primary consideration in our decision. Freedom is very much the primary consideration.
  19. Suggestions on Yellowstone/Tetons Campground

    The provided link is to Mark Quasius's write up on touring the Yellowstone, Tetons and the Beartooth Hwy. I've suggested this to all my friends when I find out they are planning a trip to that area. This is a link to his website which has some really good how to articles.
  20. Looking for a diesel motorhome facility , capable of testing turbo seals , air compressor , rings or motor rebuild who are honest in theTexas/ Louisiana area.
  21. Jeff, I appreciate your persistence and tenacity. Since I could care less if FMCA has 1 or 10,000 directors or whatever they'er called or 1 chapter or 10,000 chapters with rallys and conventions, I don't have a dog in this hunt. Its unfortunate you are getting a lot of it can't happen, this is wrong, that will never work kind of statements rather than lets work together and come up with a solution that will benefit FMCA as a whole. Does this remind anyone else of exactly what is going on in that little square mile called Washington D. C.? Are some of the FMCA old guard afraid of losing some power and/or prestige? Or maybe its the attitude of well we've done it this way for years so lets not rock the boat. I wish you well, Jeff, you have long hard row to hoe as we say in the south.
  22. FMCA Roadside Assistance

    I'm sorry but it seems to me as if the FMCA program is in a steep learning curve for whatever reason. As I recall, someone posted they called FMCA RSA for a lock out and was told "thats not covered for motorhomes" but then a few weeks later they recanted their story. I'm not prepared to go with any company that answers their business number with a message for me to leave a message and we'll get back to you in 24 hours.
  23. FMCA Roadside Assistance

    Well I just called GS and according to the two people I spoke with they still have the Standard plan and no Premium+. The web site currently advertises 3 plans and all are on sale for newbies. But the current premium plan has no coverage for cargo or Flatbed trailers. After pulling the plug and purchasing the Coach Net plan, the gal from FMCA called Janet back to correct herself on the question of does FMCA's plan cover cargo and flat bed trailers to say YES... These people need to get the **** answers and information straight the first time around. I guess it is just our society today, Mediocrity abounds these days and everybody accepts it. It is quite apparent in many of the writings on forums across the board. Her lack of correct info just cost me $180 Just sayin sorry for venting b
  24. 2011 American Coach Eagle: HDMI Routing

    I have the w 1000 and Direct TV with a genie work perfect. i also installed myself. i use the box from home and have direct change locations for programming.
  25. One Member One Vote Change To Convention Delegates

    Jeff, No I will not sign your proposal, however I really hope that get to the point where the entire membership has the opportunity to vote. I would be interested to see how many vote for such a menial topic when only less than 10,000 members voted for such a major topic of to allow or not to allow towables. Herman
  26. We intend to write this One Member One Vote proposal and have it ready for signatures next week. It needs to be received by FMCA by January 1. If you are interterested in signing the proposal or circulating it for other members signatures send your: 1) member name 2) member number 3) email address to and we will send you an electronic version for you to print, sign, scan and email to FMCA (email address will be provided). Thank you for your interest.
  27. Suggestions on Yellowstone/Tetons Campground

    Here is the reference I using to the camping in and around Grand Tetons.
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