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  2. Bill, not to be dumb what is the SSID and should it be changed? Not real computer savvy. thanks, Roland
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  4. SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH MICHELIN ADVANTAGE PLAN!!! WE (FMCA) are not getting anything from Michelin!! I run the Michelin XRV 235X80RX22.5 a proprietary size that no one else but Michelin makes and Freightliner puts on a lot of their chassis. When purchased the coach had XZE tires all around. They rode well and now that I have the XRV's I can not tell the difference. While I like the Michelin tire, I don't feel that we are getting much from the Michelin Advantage Tire program. Bought four tires last week and paid a base price of $447 instead of the $412 FMCA posted on their site. Waited three weeks for the Michelin dealer to get the tires in and then paid more than $564.00 per tire out the door, F.E.T., GA sales Tax, Ga EPA Fee, tire disposal, bead balance, mount. Two different non-Michelin dealers in a near by towns, sell the same tire for $550.00 out the door, F.E.T., GA Sales & EPA, tire disposal, spin balanced, mounted. Waited 40 minuets for him to get tire from warehouse. DOT 1717 & 1317 Go figure? Michelin Advantage.pdf
  5. Sounds like it's still apart. If so, take a picture so we can see where you stand.
  6. While you are in there you can set your own SSID and admin and WIFI passwords.
  7. I don't believe FMCA ever had an agreement/contract with Verizon that allowed them to re-sell the service but that was clearly FMCA's plan as the monthly payments were to be made to FMCA directly.
  8. Well, it is suspicious that they apparently were willing to allow FMCA to act as a reseller, based on the original invitation to the membership, until they apparently got too many requests for the soft rollout. And what I was asking for was how they were going to make it right by offering some sort of plan that was closer to what they offered FMCA, and was at least better than what was offered to the general public, which she refused to do.
  9. That worked thanks Bill. JR
  10. Beth, As Carl said you are the first to respond to this post since April 22,2016. That not a big problem when you have something new to add. If you see a posting you can check the date by looking to the right of the last person posting, as in this "jleamont Posted April 22, 2016". But as Carl said, Welcome to the Forum. Let hear more from you. Herman
  11. You need to remove the panel again! Why did you put the panel back on, before making connection?
  12. The amount of tax, wins every time...then there is the engine manufacturers and lobbyists and what our Government officials are invested in! Oil. gas, coal and the big one...trains!
  13. Diana, I would say that e-mail you received actually was fairly informative and has provides most insight to date. It stated that "there was a misunderstanding between Verizon Wireless and the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) regarding a contract that was being negotiated. The resulting contract was not a contract that allowed FMCA to resell Verizon Wireless services." This appears to indicate that Verizon interpreted FMCA's actions regarding the offering to be consistent with acting as a reseller, which was not permitted in the contract.
  14. Beth. Welcome to the Forum! You do know that the last answer was a year ago?
  15. Carl ought to know some good places on Galveston Island. Bill
  16. We have a 2013 36 ft. Palazzo which is currently in the shop for the 4th time to repair the large slide out. Fortunately we have an extended warranty, although I think Thor should be covering this under the original warranty as this is an ongoing problem! The 2 rail system is being replaced with a 3 rail system. Hope that takes care of the problem! Thor's customer service is less than stellar as reps don't call back as they say they will, part didn't get ordered when it should have, etc. has anyone considered filing lemon law in regards to this slide? Seems to be a widespread issue and maybe some pressure could be put on Thor to make good on its product!
  17. Solar energy and wind turbines are heavily subsidized. Be it in the form of tax credits or outright subsidies. If Elon has made a profit on any of his ventures it has been a very small one. I think of him as a "Flim Flam Man." As long as oil and natural gas stay low in price, there is no real incentive to try expensive alternatives. Follow the money. If a local bus company is trying new motive technology, I bet there is a grant at work. Usually with Federal tax dollars. Our county (York in PA) has a refuse collector that is using LNG. That works for them because there rigs are out and back at least daily. Alternative fuels have to be readily available as one incentive to try them. I will stay with diesel for a motorhome. Directly from the Pa Dept of Revenue website. Diesel fuel tax per gallon 74.7 cents per gallon. LNG 38.6 cents per gallon. Almost one half the tax levied on diesel.
  18. Would it be possible for FMCA to share the contract with its Members? I'm not attempting to stir up trouble or cast blame, but this is an issue that could be put to bed with the release of the terms and conditions. Having negotiated my fair share of tech-oriented contracts in the past, I would simply like to understand what when wrong and how it can be avoided in the future to benefit existing members. Personally, from the outside looking in, it's my opinion that if this would have simply been offered only to existing members, this program would be alive today. I applaud the FMCA management for attempting to find a solution to affordable hotspot usage. Having a working internet connection is an important factor to many campers as it's a way to enjoy the lifestyle while having the ability to be in contact when needed. Yes, it would be nice if campgrounds upgraded to hotel-like WiFi systems, but as we've learned, having WiFi that works for today's needs is not something that most campgrounds have on a priority list.
  19. Does anyone have a diagram, sketch or picture of the water connections behind the water panel or service bay. I took mine apart due to installing new water pump and fixing a leak behind the panel. I took the panel off but now cant remember which water lines goes to two lines. Attached is a picture of my water panel. Its Newmar 2002 Kountry Star Class A Model 3669. I contacted Newmar for a diagram of the connections behind the panel but model is too old they do not have. Attached is a picture before I took it apart, and I thought I took picture before I started working on it but evidently I did not. Appreciate any help at all. i
  20. All I know is Land Rover Dallas has the following new Land Rover models: Land Rover LR4, Discovery Sport, Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, Range Rover Evoque, and Evoque. They are not towable on a dolly or 4 down. The problem (going back to the OP) is you must follow the manufacturer's instructions to the letter or you will have a problem. The OP did not and replaced 2 transmissions. We are talking 2012 Ford Edge FWD 2.0 4 cylinder. The takeaway for future readers is it is important to understand and follow the manufactuers instructions when geting ready to tow. Bill
  21. Guys, Please, let's get back to the original topic: BDing at Hampton Beach NH Thanks.
  22. Joe. I know your coming in July, take the North part first, then drop to the coast (it blow's off the gulf), Temp is about the same all over...85 feel like 107, 100 feel like 107! That's why I do 7,000+ feet or Scandinavia in July!
  23. gls, I believe there there are two different connectors. The pedestals in older camp grounds have a phone connection (jack) not a Cat 5 connector. Herman
  24. I'm in an area with poor cell coverage and the Wi Fi is sketchy. I've added DSL service, which also comes with a land line. It works fine at the pedestal, but the jacks are all dead once connected to coach. Just wondering if anyone is familiar with the wiring/junctioning. Thanks
  25. Log Splitters are dangerous! A friend stores his track hoe, grader and track dozer on my property. Got the first section in 1999, no the dozer went first, followed by the hoe dragging a single wide mobil home, followed by me. My land went up $40 an ac by the time I got another section next to me in 2009! Now it's all the way to $140
  26. Bill. The "Real Land Rover", can not be sold new in America...the one's that are here, was brought in as a used, non compliant vehicle. Range Rover and it's different models are sold new in America as a compliant (EPA) vehicle...They, to my knowledge, have to be trailered.
  27. If its $30/night for a really small patch of dirt and no hook ups, I'm afraid to ask the charge for a full hookup site. Carl, I think we could make a fortune if we could get $30/night for a little space. I'll rent them a half acre, provide a fire ring and all the mesquite wood you can burn for $20/night. I'll even show you how to operate a chain saw and log splitter at no charge. Now if you want to use the air conditioned tractor to ride around and look at the wildlife, that'll cost extra.
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