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  2. Parasitic electrical drain

    We have the usual remote battery switch that can be turned off from inside. However, there are still a few circuits that stay energized even when I push the 'off' button. For just this reason, I also installed a manual switch on the house battery bank. When it is 'off', it is truly off and nothing gets power. Maybe it's time to install a master 'off' switch. Also, if you have a residential fridge and its controller is still energized, then I'd guess that your inverter is still energized as well. An inverter can draw power even when it's turned off.
  3. Replacing Eternabond Tape on Fiberglass Roof

    Here is something about removing the existing tape. I would use the spray primer, EternaPrime® Acetone is your friend, Acetone is your friend, Acetone is your friend!!! Did I say that enough? Bill
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  5. Replacing Eternabond Tape on Fiberglass Roof

    Until you get it figured out. How about posting it now...Make, Model, Year and length, would go a long way, for us to help you/you to help others!
  6. Parasitic electrical drain

    The coach is stored indoors with no access to shore power. I did not get a inverter manual and had to download it from the internet. I am now learning how many things are hot wired to the 12v bus to keep the stored memory in each item. The latest update on Fleetwood's website, says to start the coach and gen set at least twice a month for a minimum of 1 hour. That would have been good to know! Anyway, tomorrow I am going to tear into it to try and find where all the electrons are going...... Thank you for your support!
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  8. Parasitic electrical drain

    MT. There are a number of items that come with software controlled systems. The ECM and other items are software controlled systems. Even the lighting controls can be turned on and off by software style control systems. Many of the systems require the presents of 12 volts, so they will wake up when you press the fob button to enter the coach and the list goes on and on. If all the power is remover from the ECM, the coach will need to travel like 100 miles before it will pass an emission test. A 120 volt 20 amp circuit will keep the batteries charged - even a properly sized solar panel system will keep the 12 volt systems at the proper charge. Even the Inverter needs 12 volts to wake up even if its off, no power to it and one needs to reprogram many of the settings needed to run and charge the batteries in the coach. Rich.
  9. Replacing Eternabond Tape on Fiberglass Roof

    I actually thought I had added the coach info to my sig, but apparently not so that it shows up... I'll get that figured out at some point.
  10. Cummins ISL 400hp

    In a pinch, you can buy larger hose clamps from a hardware store or other source and gang them together to get the make shift clamp around boost side of the turbo plumbing failure. Even helped a fellow heavy hauler do that one night when he did not want to bothered by a set of Kansas scales on I-70. Bought the clamps at a Kmart, and away we went.
  11. Replacing Eternabond Tape on Fiberglass Roof

    You need to open it up and dry it out completely. Sealing it with moisture inside is a sure fire way to end up with both mold and dry rot. If any of the roof structure has already started to dry rot, cut out the bad parts and replace/sister the structural elements and replace any compromised decking. I don't know how anyone can give an accurate estimate until you know the extent of the water intrusion and possible damage. And, suggest you modify your signature to reflect what coach you have-- others may have run into the same issue.
  12. Parasitic electrical drain

    If you can not find the current draw why not loosen the ground cable for the coach batteries. Just loosen enough to wiggle it and remove the ground cable for the house batteries. Do that after a full charge while you search for the problem. I completely remove any possible drain by using the Sales Man Switch to turn 12 volts to the coach off. Our coach batteries last many months by doing that.
  13. 1st MH Road Trip w/ mileage

    I remember the train scaring the bleep out of me when i was like 6. We used to live in Van Nuys.
  14. Parasitic electrical drain

    Thank you... Tomorrow I go on the search for the "wire hooked up on the wrong side thing"! Even though the fridge is 120 ac, the control module still gets power somehow. The first thing I did was look at all the batts. They all look clean and fresh. No corrosion and all terminals are tight and sealed with the red spray stuff? Can't think of a better term! The house batts are the old school lead acid type. the chassis batts are sealed LA. Starting to get a bad feeling...
  15. I took the cover off the RV today and was quite pleased with almost all aspects of the results. Everything is clean, inside and out, with no signs of any incursions anywhere. Everything inside smells very nice with no signs of bugs or rodents in anyway! All good right?! Mostly... I noticed while covering it last year that the sealant between the roof and side panels was separating in a few places, so I planned to remove the old sealant and reseal with Dicor non-levelling sealant, which I picked up this morning. Still no worries as I was planning on this! However... Upon further inspection, I noticed bubbles all along the tape used on the seam down the middle of the roof and from side to side at the front and rear of the roof. Pressing them, I can't tell if they're air or water, but either way, I'm not too pleased. Still not terrible, right? Buuuuutttt... At one place in the center of the tape running from side to side across the front of the roof, pressing on a bubble pushes water out from under the tape. #$#()#U!#$&#*#*!#$( and dadgummit! A followup inspection inside shows no signs of any water anywhere at all, so I consider myself still amongst the lucky in the world, but won't wait to reseal as needed! I spoke with a local repair facility and he explained in great detail how to make the repairs. I asked what he would charge to do it and he said due to the labor and amount of tape it would probably run between $700 and $900, depending on how long it took and whether he could overlay 6" tape on top of it after bleeding all the bubbles, or had to remove the existing tape completely to replace. He's also running several weeks out to get to it... Unfortunately, it already has 6" tape on it, so other than doubling the tape to ensure it was sealing to the fiberglass shell on both sides, it will require removing the tape already in place. I plan to attempt it this weekend myself, starting with where I know there is water. I plan to use plastic putty knives I picked up at menards, but I understand what's under the tape is very goopy/sticky. Anyone care to recommend anything at all to help? Methods? Materials? Solvents or cleaners? Thanks in advance!
  16. Parasitic electrical drain

    Make sure that there is no other wires hooked up on the wrong side of the battery switch. The fridge is 120volt so no battery drain there. If you batteries are wet and not AGM scrub the cases with baking soda water mix and rinse with water and thoroughly dry. Moisture on the tops will draw current.
  17. Parasitic electrical drain

    We have a 2018 Fleetwood Pace Arrow 35M. Even with both battery disconnect switches in the off position, the batteries will be drawn down in 2 weeks while in storage. The manuals are worthless. I have tried searching everywhere I can think of to find the drain. It has a Whirlpool residential refer, and I came across an obscure paragraph about it still pulling power in the off position. No idea how much. Our old DP could go for a month in storage, and not affect the batts. Being new, I would think the batts are in good shape. Anyone else having this problem? MT
  18. 1st MH Road Trip w/ mileage

    It is still there, I rode it in 2013, only available in CA, no longer in FL.
  19. 1st MH Road Trip w/ mileage

    Maybe it will turn out to be like that ride at Disneyland: "Mr Toads Wild Ride" rode on that in the 60's and it's still there. Actually I am confident, thanks guys, that we will be just fine with all the great intel provided.
  20. Add fitting to black tank?

    Looks good, hope it works as planned.
  21. Freightliner Oasis

    Thats good you found someone you can trust. Unfortunately that is very rare in this day and age. Gaffney raised their rate last year from $75 to $100, still not too bad considering I think the national average is around $140 with some as high as $200.
  22. Add fitting to black tank?

    Added a secondary valve to the waste discharge for now. Hopefully in the fall I'll be able to swap out the tank for a new one, and at that time switch over to a modern 3" discharge valve. Since we only have the 2" discharge right now, I've also added a water jet inside what used to be the clean-out cap on the final 'T' fitting. This should make it easy to break up anything that clogs the valves or discharge pipe. Under the 'T' fitting I connect a normal/modern flex hose to dump. I'm hoping that the combined gray/black water tank should keep things liquid enough to flow through the 2" valve. Since this has worked for 43 years I assume that it will be able to keep working for a few more months.
  23. Freightliner Oasis

    That is the Number one reason I go to TCC in Pipe Creek, number 2 is that they are honest and charge $75-85 an hour labor! Even break it down in 15 minute intervals! We all make mistakes, they stay by charge!
  24. Anyone Interested In A Forum Rally?

    I think we have a better chance of getting a group together at Gillette rather than scheduling a get together that everyone has to travel to.
  25. Mr. Google, you think? I have lived by the thought (all my life), that if I was not 100% sure of the answer, I would try to find out and get back to the person who asked. IMHO. Half A$$'d don't help!!! Mark, at this point I really can't answer your question! Kind of like, "is there a smooth riding Class B, out there"? Carl
  26. Freightliner Oasis

    I agree 100%. I was in the service industry for 52 years, working on boats and RVs, the last 40 years in my own shop, middle son now running it, basically doing boats only. When I am home I go into the shop to piddle around just to see whats new. Still somewhat involved. I taught marine repair at the local community college for 7 years and It was tough to find students with the dedication needed to be sucessful in the business. I was at the Freightliner rally in Tucson a month ago and was disappointed at the level of skill by the techs there. The one that looked at my coach had no clue as to what my problem was. Like I said in an earlier post I would drive across the country to Gaffney to have service work done that I couldn't do myself.
  27. Freightliner Oasis

    Careful, this is kind of like the food service industry, one has to have the certification, doesn't mean its the same guy working on your coach or the one prepping your food . You will often find there is one person in the shop carrying the weight of the place with certifications, might not be a technician, could be the service manager. On the back end they fudge the paper work so "Master Tech" works on all work requiring certifications and to carry the sign on the poll out front, often times this person hasn't picked up a tool in years. Very crooked industry. I can remember one time I worked for a large dealer, went on vacation, returned, two weeks later I get a comeback repair, for the life of me I didn't remember this truck... (good vacation huh??) the history on the work order was dated the week I was on vacation. They tagged my ID to it to submit for warranty as I was the only one carrying the certification to make that repair on that engine. Joe, its a dice roll, you locate a place that does well for you, stick with it, if you have an opportunity to meet the tech, get to know him or her. Build a name/face relationship, it goes along way! If like most....move onto the next one and roll the dice again. Forums like this and social media might help you eliminate some if not most headaches. I had many customers that would actually call me and avoid the service desk, didn't want the hassle, politics and to be treated like a number.
  28. never met him, seems like a "know it all"
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