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  2. 2005 Monaco Stairwell Cover

    Jim, It could be lubed if you extend the cover all the way out towards the screen door,a can of white lithium with a long straw would do it,or you can remove the cover,4 phillps screws on each side,and 4 screws thru the riser brackets,i am going to clean and lube all the slides and drive screw before i re install.
  3. Diesel Motorhome MPG-- Honest Answers Please

    9.7 mpg with our FRED 2016 Seneca Super C running a 340 ISB/Allison 2500 and pulling a Wrangler between 60 - 65 mph on flatlands. Allison is currently operating with 'economy' shift schedule but I'm having it flashed to 'performance' schedule soon. Can't beat the ease of powertrain access on a Super C diesel.
  4. Golf Cart 6 Volt Battery

    Thanks for all the comments
  5. Allied Insurance

    Making progress. The insurance company has agreed to pay for repair $30,000. Now all I have to do is wait for the repairs to be completed.
  6. Boise To Las Vegas: Early December

    My map program shows this to be a 662 mile trip. I usually figure a net speed for travel at 50 MPH. I drive faster than that but when you take into account stops for fuel, rest, traffic, road work, etc., that figure works out well for our travel routine. Yours may be different, keep track of your trip and the actual amount of time driving from beginning to end for each travel day. See what your figure is to help determine the amount of drive time for future trips. Using my figure, this would be a 13 to 14 hour trip. Breaking that into 4 to 5 hour driving days makes it a three or four day trip. You should plan for an additional day or two for weather delays should they occur. The most remote portion of your travels will be from Wells to Las Vegas. I use All-Stays Camp and RV to find campgrounds. RV Park Reviews is another good source for finding campgrounds. A quick survey shows parks at Wells, Ely, Pioche, Caliente and some others south of Caliente. You should have no problem finding parks that fit your intended travel schedule. Check to ensure that the parks you choose are open during the winter and determine if they have water available during the winter. Given the 4 to 5 day length, you should be able to get good weather forecasts for most of your trip before you start out. Look at the weekly forecasts for the area. A simple and reliable source for weather is the Weather Channel (DirectTV Channel 362) or Weather Nation (DirecTV Channel 361). That will give you an idea of any big storm movement. Delaying your departure for a day or two to let any storm pass through is a good choice. A day to clear any snow and there should be good travels for several days following the storm. Stock your coach with a good supply of food and water in case of breakdown. If you don't have a toad (towed car or truck), you should have an alternate plan for getting emergency help as much of the area you are traveling may have little or no cell phone service. Let a relative or friend know your exact itinerary and stick to it. Advise them to expect a call or series of calls to let them know you are safe and proceeding on your trip. If they don't get a call, they should be able to alert police to your status and advise where you should be on the trip. I would expect that there would be daily police patrols along your route but it never hurts to be prepared with an alternate plan. There will also be fellow travelers who can assist you if you need help. A large printed sign (HELP - CALL POLICE) or other message, to place in the window may assist in getting help. This will allow you to convey a message if you are concerned about the people who have stopped to offer assistance (Deliverance).
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  8. 2005 Monaco Stairwell Cover

    Sanmar, Is there any access to lube the slides or screw mechanism? My coach is a 2004 and have never performed any PM on it. Thanks, Jim
  9. 2005 Monaco Stairwell Cover

    I have it out,it comes out as a single unit,it is a tight fit,I had to remove the carpet on the side wall of the stairwell,the hardest part was finding the wire harness connector to be able to pull it out far enough to work on it,a little welding and some hammer and dolly work and i should be back in bissness. I will get some pics,thanks for all the great info!
  10. 2005 Monaco Stairwell Cover

    The stair well operators were manufactured by Kwikee now Lepper as stated by manholt. If you look at iRV2 form you will find several post that offer suggestions for repairs. Jim
  11. Carl, Bob Lee just passed away a few weeks ago. It is his brother Ron Lee that is driving the newest and last Country Coach built. I have seen pictures of it and it is ugly as a mud fence . Real retro in the colors and just plain old ugly
  12. 2005 Monaco Stairwell Cover

    I think there may be some confusion here, we aren't talking about the external step, we are talking about the stepwell cover (Monaco's term). It is the panel that covers the stairwell by the entry door. Ours operates with an electric motor that turns a screw gear. The rider on the screw gear slides forward pushing the stepwell cover forward toward the door. As it comes forward, the mechanism raises the cover to become level with the floor. In our owners manual there is a single paragraph describing how to operate the stepwell cover. There is no diagram, no information on manufacturer, etc. This looks to me like something that is engineered by Monaco itself to fit it's specific application. In my examination of the device itself, I saw nothing to identify a manufacturer. Our repair shop had no problem getting a new motor which was their first attempt to repair our unit. I believe if you tried to remove it you would simply have to take individual parts out separately, it isn't a single slide in unit.
  13. About To Be A Full Timer

    Well I have camped a lot. In more different ways than I care to enumerate. All I can say is Thank God I am now camping in a class A diesel!!! Bill
  14. Fuse Keeps Blowing

    So the RV has been taken to the RV shop.Called and they stated they were going to replace the compressor and the drier.I thinkit was the AC clutch,but knowing the shop,it took the easy way out.At least the dryer is being replaced.As it looks it will be in the shop a while.Anyone that is having the same problem,check the clutch first,most likly it is shorted out.Thanks for all the help.
  15. New to FMCA

    Sharp looking coach for sure. Welcome. FNG here as well but I can tell you one thing, you're in the right place. There is a wealth of knowledge here and they are willing to share. Safe journey.

    Cant help ya with the brand. I have heard good things but mostly on the car sizes. I can tell ya one thing, make sure they know not to sell you anything over 6 months old. Keep us posted. Actually, the best place to ask this is in the forums under the "Tire" section. Good luck
  17. Bob Lee and wife are traveling the country in their 2016 Allure, the first and last CC built since 2008 that came out in 2010 with the Veranda! RIP.
  18. 2005 Monaco Stairwell Cover

    Basically, like the step. In your owners manual it should list the manufacturer of your cover, if it's a Kwiki, it's now by Lipper industries! On the internet you can look it up by model number and you'll find a parts list and schematic for electrical & mechanical operation of your unit. If you don't have anything showing your step, then call Monaco at REV ask for Tech dept. and have your VIN# handy. Hope this will help you!
  19. Boise To Las Vegas: Early December

    US 93, is the second loneliest Hwy. in the US! However, there are some RV parks now, between Idaho and Las Vegas! ObedB was looking at that Mountain in his OTR when Moses was parting the Sea!
  20. Camping Without A Toad

    We had a 32 ft Class A that we drove all around Branson, MO without a towed. The traffic was very heavy, other drivers were very friendly and let us make turns wherever we needed.
  21. 2005 Monaco Stairwell Cover

    It is electric, no air, motor drives a threaded rod.
  22. 2005 Monaco Stairwell Cover

    The 4, I have had (including my current coach) where/are Electric!
  23. A demise for certain and a the best State to Title the same ghostly thing? I would suggest Oregon as a final R.I.P.!
  24. 2005 Monaco Stairwell Cover

    sanmar, Is your step cover air operated? Herman
  25. New to FMCA

    Welcome to your new Family, FMCA. Your now have 74,000 new cousins. Also Welcome to the FORUM. Many of us have passed RV-101 and are now into RV-102. As far as I can tell no one has every completed the course as long as they own a Motor Home. Just as you think you have experienced it all something else comes up. But the nice thing about the FORUM is that several others have "Been there, done that and have more than one Tee Shirt for it." Loving in Tampa you are in the Southeast Area of FMCA. (there are 10 areas for FMCA) The AVP, Area Vice President, for the South East is Betty Duncan. If you have any question feel free to email Betty at She can help you with Chapters and Rallies in you area. By the way if you can get to Texarkana, AR by the 25th you can join us at the Six-State Rally. Come on over the weather is great. Herman
  26. I did see the sliver of the moon with Venus shining brightly Tuesday morning. Beautiful sight to see for sure....we're talking about the demise of the CC brand I believe.
  27. Under 50

    Send a PM to Joe Leamound, he's 45 with 3 women! You only have 2. Joe lives in PA., close to you.
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