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  2. Down Stream Casino RV park? Herman
  3. I was just past it yesterday, 377 at I-40. At the Bar H travel plaza. Bill
  4. James, I agree with you that if we lose this organization it will likely be gone forever, however at that point we diverge. I feel if we actively recruit Towables we will radically change what FMCA is or is supposed to be. We will lose it. We have nowhere come close to actively recruiting all of the owners of Motorhomes. I'll not repeat my entire earlier post (about 6 posts up) but there are a number of free or nearly free ways we could enhance our membership and attract new members. We have not done so. We are admitting defeat by going after towables and we will go down in flames. Why should a towable join us? There are already myriad orgs for them. This is the ONLY MH Only org out there.
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  6. They just don't last like they use to. Bill
  7. That is about what my Continentals cost. Base price $418.00 + mounting and balancing + taxes + disposal. So far they ride great, In Joplin tonight. Bill
  8. Joe, that is pretty common. Most people don't ever "exercise them" or try to open them and they are stuck when they need them. One more thing for the annual maintenance list. Bill
  9. The American Coach Eagle has an escape door as an option. When you see it in the coach, it's street side in the rear, it looks like a row of shelves for knick knacks. But those shelves are the steps if you have to use it.
  10. I was just rambling, because with the rally in Perry, GA next spring. A lot of rv owners will be heading north to their summer locations. If we could round up, and hold a bunch of those folks with towables maybe we could enhance the numbers. I guess why I am talking, is we joined in 2000 with our first motorhome and we enjoy and have learned a lot with the magazine and talking to other members.We MUST keep this organization going. If we loose it we will never get it back. We plan on attending the Monaco Intl. and the FMCA rallies in GA next spring. Jim Fagan F279425
  11. I am using a Goodyear 275 70r 22.5 HSA steer all four corners 500 a tire mounted and balanced. The ride is just fine. M's price was greater B
  12. They do not tell you there is a life span and it should be removed and reinstalled. Most of us never do anything to it including me and I have installed dozens on Porsches and others including mine. I, now have to like all of you, deal with a mess. It is OK better than paying for a repaint... b
  13. James, as the proposal is written, there will be no differentiation between towables and motorcoaches. If you read the proposal, you will see that you will be voting on changing the wording of the documents from "motorhome" or "motorcoach" to "recreational vehicles". that is all. Any other changes will have to be done by the governing board at a later date. If you join FMCA, you should get an "F" number, period. By giving out some other designation would cause more problems than it would solve as there would appear to be two or more "classes" of membership. One type of membership is plenty. Now, did you know that there are a number of "towables" already a member of FMCA? Yup, it is true and it was done legally. If you at one time had a motorhome and joined FMCA and later traded for a towable, you can retain your membership as an associate member. A lot of people do not know this. In my vast travels I have seen a number of trailers with the goose egg on the back. I always check the back of any RV I see on the road and sometimes the wife hauls out the computer to check who belongs to the goose egg.
  14. Joe, X-3 Herman
  15. Jim, Welcome to the Forum. There is a provision not for FMCA Members that down size to a towable. It is an Associate member. "A123456". They maintain membership with the benefits but can not hold an officer nor have voting privileges. I have parked towables at the last two Conventions, Chandler and Indianapolis. You are right they were all very nice people and I hope by attending they were inspired to move up to a Motor Home. Herman
  16. Joe, We will be in Shawnee Oklahoma at the Heart Of Oklahoma Expo Center September 19th - 22nd, 2018. And will be back there September 18th- 21st, 2019. Hope you can work one or both into your schedule. Herman
  17. This is from a family that has owned them all, towable, 5th, and motorhome. We joined FMCA because it was a motorhome orginazation, but reality is, there are fewer and fewer of us. We summer work in a campground in College Park, MD so we see fewer motorhomes than in the past. Nothing I will be saying is to do away with the motorhome aspect of FMCA, but we need to increase our membership. What if we allowed towables at chapter and all other rallies. To attend they would have to pay addational fees, to be determined. My thinking is that we would be exposing these folks to a motorhome environment, and plant the seed of a motorhome. We have traveled with people that have towables and when we stop to go someplace and dont have hookups they moved all their pets over to our motorhome, because we had a gen and could turn on the air. After a year or so of this, last spring when we met up, they had a motorhome and were towing their tow rig they used for their 5th. Reason being, we saw how easy it was to travel and such. The vendors would have a better exposed and after market vendors would also recieve a benefit. By attending the FMCA rally, they would be immeresed in the motorhome culture and see lots of styles and types of motorhomes. They might not jump to a motorhome at that poing but we sure would plant the seed for the future. If the addational registration fee also included the magazine they would have a year of motorhome knowledge on their plate.. My thoughts on the fee including the membership it would be with a different type number. Instead of a F279425, like mine, it would be something like AX279425 and not include voting rights. Also, if somebody with a motorhome moved to a towable they would be moved for a F membership to an AX membership, but still be able to attend rallies and get the magazine. However, we dont give up on the motorhome rv, and remain true to the FMCA we all know. Jim Fagan, F279425. 2002 Windsor
  18. At work we had test chamber 12" reinforced concrete + 1/4" steel plate on tire side. Also to lower explosive force tire was filled mostly with water. This left lower volume of air to expand with explosive force. Could test up to 1,000 psi. I worked 5 floors up and we could hear the boom when they did a test.
  19. While I was never near one that exploded, I was in the room next to it, shook the building. We had a 225/70R19.5 let go on the shop floor, went up and dented the overhead ceiling which was at least an 18' leap. We thought a truck fell off the lift it was so loud. No one was hurt, we had 12' hoses on our tire chucks to keep everyone away, company was too cheap to purchase cages.
  20. This is why you should not inflate large tires from 0 psi. I would not consider any of these folks true "professionals"
  21. Oh I wish I could attend that! Is this a time of year they usually gather together? Maybe I can mark it down for 2018
  22. I have found the best tool for avoiding stone chips is increasing your following distance. I would never put that stuff back on anything.
  23. Herman, for you they probably give a 1% discount
  24. When I had my last coach painted they wanted to sell me Diamond Shield for $1250. I asked how much to repaint the front end and that was $825. Since they gave me touch up paint of all the colors I passed on the DS. When I sold that coach after 5 years and 45K miles, just minor touch up and it looked new.
  25. The Diamond Shield comes with an owner's responsibility to keep it protected by periodic application of a UV protectant. Are there any owners here who can report how regular applications of UV protectant have helped? I for one am doing that routine with a product from Lamin-X, but the rig is only two years old.
  26. Come on DOWN to the Six-State Rally in Texarkana Arkansas at the Four States Fairgrounds, October 25th - 28th, 2017. It shows in the Magazine that we are sold out on both 30 and 50 amp sites. Which is only partially true. We are sold out in both in 30 & 50 amp full hookups but we still have quite a few 30 amps sites with water still available. So you may still call the office (513-474-3622) and register. I know that many of you love to come to the Rallies and want to volunteer. Well you are in luck we have positions still open. So if you would like to come to the Rally and would like to volunteer call FMCA and register and call Louise Guidry @ 985-696-4077. Would love to have you'll come to the Rally. Heck we are even having a Chili Cook Off. Herman
  27. They are night races on Bristol's 1/2 mile track. The last race is Saturday night so no conflict with Monday's eclipse! Blake
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