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  2. Excessive weight on front axles

    We have decided to try and find a mobile tech. who can check and see what the leak is and if they can fix it for our trip in April to Clarksdale, MS. From there we can go to Red Bay, Lake Shore Custom RV who can do the install as they all worked in the Chassis Dept at Tiffin. We also wanted to make sure that this small leak doesn't blow up into something major while on this trip. We are not worried too much about the oil and filter change before the trip as we understand that we are a little early on that maintenance and Lake Shore has our confidence. We really would like to have a technician to check out this leak but do not know who to call as we live in Missouri City, TX, so if you or anyone knows or can recommend someone we would be grateful. Bill, Tammy's better half.
  3. Dedicate Onan Gen Battery

    Onan offers a charging system option for their Quiet Diesel, I don't know if it is incorporated with a separate alternator or if it is incorporated in the main generator system. I will be checking with them. The simplest probably would just to have a dedicated smart charger. Jim
  4. Dedicate Onan Gen Battery

    I'm not sure if the diesel gen has charging capacity for its own battery. I know years ago when we tried a separate battery on a gas gen the charge rate was so low that a regulator was not required because it would never overcharge.
  5. Dedicate Onan Gen Battery

    Thats easy to fix. At the emergency start button just wire in a second button with the power source from the engine battery.
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  7. 2005 Fleetwood Excursion slide issue

    John. I just remembered. My rear passenger slide motor was under the bottom drawer of the bureau. On my WB 40.
  8. 2005 Fleetwood Excursion slide issue

    lenp. I can and do that with mine. Same, when I had the 2007 WB 40 Tour. My 2011 Allegro Bus, was wired so that I could not, per Tiffin it's a safety issue! My SO, has a Phaethon 40 and she can not run engine and run slides or Jacks!
  9. Where is the "Cabin Fever" thread?

    I have a friend that says Maine has two seasons, winter and July 4th.
  10. Dedicate Onan Gen Battery

    Jim. Understood. I thought you went other places than just PNW. With all the moisture there, do you feel kinship to a mushroom? Auto gen for me, is a must have. Dedicated battery for generator is not a bad thought. When it gets cold enough, my generator takes time to start, even with a full battery, it warms up first then kicks in...mine is a 10Kw. Luck to you.
  11. Dedicate Onan Gen Battery

    Carl, No, I don't have any solar panels. I have considered them , but being in the Pacific NW, nut sure if it I would get much bang for my bucks. I am considering the dedicated generator starting battery and auto generator start option. Thanks for your suggestion. Jim
  12. Padre Island

    Yea. They are slowly rebuilding Aransas Pass. Pioneer RV Park is open and so is the golf course next door! Further up in Rockport, the RV Parks are open, including Lagoons. The Oyster Fest for Fulton is on...March 1-4. That's 2 miles from Rockport. What your calling North Padre Island, we call Mustang Island. This has been a Wild Fall and Winter for Texas, I hope this fall/winter of 18/19 will be back to normal, along with temps. Joe, Mike. Your both right as far as the coast goes...there are other as good or better RV parks in Texas! Mike, you don't like Palmetto State Park in LA?
  13. 2005 Fleetwood Excursion slide issue

    Do you operate the slides with the engine running or engine off? The slide motors will have less voltage available when the engine is off than when it is running. With engine off the motors will draw more current and run hotter. Many manufacturers recommend extending and retracting slides with engine running. Jacks also when engine running. If your operating with engine off this could explain why three motors have failed. Lenp
  14. Padre Island

    They have ben showing on the news that Rockport and that area still have a long way to go before they are back to where they were. We have stayed at Lagoons RV Resort a couple of times before the storm. Hope they are getting it straitened up. The big problem is that whole area is only 12" above the ocean at the hi spots. Hear is a picture of the water pushing into the parking lot where we were eating lunch on time. Bill
  15. Dedicate Onan Gen Battery

    Jim. When I have to press the start assist, it starts the engine, charges batteries, then I start my Generator...I can't use the assist for generator. The generator only charge the house battery packs, not the 2 start batteries!
  16. Where is the "Cabin Fever" thread?

    Joe. Jim S. is right, Crawfish/Crayfish/Crawdads/Mudbugs, is known as, "Poor man's lobster", in the South! Jim S. Joe knows what that is, also "a cow Psg on a flat rock"! Mike. The sacrifice, is not meatless Friday. It's the 40 days after Fat Tuesday! Think I'll have a glass of wine now...I'm a Norwegian Lutheran!
  17. Where is the "Cabin Fever" thread?

    BTW Joe, you get the best flavor when you suck the head of the mud bug. Oh, and it does appear in some lawns after one of our toad stragglers. Yeah....I'm gonna make you ask.
  18. Dedicate Onan Gen Battery

    Acording to my electrical schematics the source of power to energize the relay when you press the emergency start is the house batteries, is the house voltage is already low it might not be much help. I will try it the next I run across the situation. Thanks for the suggestion. Jim
  19. Trans Temp Sender

    Like Carl, I use Silverleaf software to monitor a number of items in greater detail then the standard instrument panel. The software is free, it is the interface items on needs to purchase. The software runs on a standard laptop, although with an older operating system then windows 10. Settings are set to monitor 15 to 20 items in detail and log them for a detailed look any time I feel something is not quit right. Scan Gauge D is also a very helpful system, but somewhat less flexible and less expensive I'm not up to speed on the Trip Tech system. Rich.
  20. Roof A/C compressor not working?

    Crestview RV Service in Buda, Texas, next door to Cabbala's on Service rd off I-35.
  21. Padre Island

    This year you'll need to go a lot further than Port A for meals, as of last week there was only one restaurant open and some of the others are no longer there. Harvey really did a number on one our favorite places. I'm sure by next year things will be much better. According to some of the locals, the problem is getting contractors, there is a huge shortage of skilled workers in the area.
  22. Dedicate Onan Gen Battery

    Jim. Since you want to boon dock, do you have any solar panel/panels? If you really want to get expert advise, send a PM to Bill Edwards!
  23. Dedicate Onan Gen Battery

    If the house batteries are too low to start the generator try pushing the emergency start button that parallels the eng and house batteries.
  24. Wash Wax All

    Extension poles can be bought at a paint store for a lot less than with the wash wax system...Linda got the system for her DP at Six State...$200+, she used it once and went back to my way. Lucas slick mist and micro fiber..$15 + pole = $42. It works! I also use it on my 2005 AMG 55 Roadster and 1972 Bentley. This January was Wash the coach, before using Lucas. With all the sleet, snow and rain, between the Hill Country of Texas and Harlingen, coach was gray with road grime. The RV Park gave me an OK to wash both coaches by a bucket and rinse by hose. Took us 3 days!
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  26. Trans Temp Sender

    I have Silverleaf in mine, but it also gives me about 2 dozen readouts on what is going on in engine, cooling system, Allison, TPM's, mpg, exhaust system and turbo. Like Joe, it takes a time for my Allison temp to register, same with coolant. My readout is one degree increments, starting at 120.
  27. Wash Wax All

    Hersey! Never wipe dust or sand or grit with anything. I have watched more than one with the waterless products, and the coaches look clean but the spider webbing is horrific, after just a few uses. Many do not care I suppose. It is even more dramatic on our little Back AMG per example and it is never had dust and dirt just wiped off. Pressure washer on moderate setting on areas where there won't be a chance of water intrusion such as the lower half of the coach, this with water and non spotting liquid car wash only. Then sot brush an pads on poles, with brush or pad rinsed under pressure before loading with fresh was solution. Never dip dirty or used pad or brush into the soap solution, before thorough rinse under pressure, never. I wash or did and wife followed with hose rinsing, and then we used sot towels not washed with softener, on end of sqeegie. Front cap and wind windshield gets done first. Always wash early morning when dew has softened any bugs on front cap and windshield and sun at low angles to keep pats of mh from drying and spotting before you can finish. Or in ate evening early dark. Never wash in a campground with lime dust and dirt flying around in clouds when ever someone flies though, and don't even stay there, unless a have to or a real primo fishing, which in that case all can be forgiven. When you finish come do my coach. I'm getting too old or this stuff. The bestest idea is to find someone who brought the grandkids, pay them to do it. As far as wash and wax it never did what I expected on the mh. On our with wheel the rubber roof stains seemed to be glued into the finish from using it. I sometimes cheat on my cars and use Mequire's god car wash/wax, after the car is spotless from washing already, and dry and rub it good with micro fibers in the garage away from the sun. On the mh I use Meguires Synthetic spray wax and the Detailer too sometimes prior to waxing the finish. A Swifter mop handle and good micro fiber towels never washed or dried with softener, it takes a while but like a good painting......... It is murder on my shoulders but don't do it often and a short step ladder helps that a lot.
  28. Dedicate Onan Gen Battery

    Jim, With that added information, I think you're spot on adding the dedicated battery for the generator. It will give you a sense of security knowing that you'll be able to start the generator even if the house batteries are low.
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