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  2. Not elaborate but higher end... Pleasant, full hook-ups nice sites in resort with nice facilities -like Canyon Vista & Gold Canyon Resort in gold Canyon AZ, Bella Terra in Foley AL, Cypress Trails in Ft Myers, Myakka River Resort in Port Charlotte, FL........... realize different parks have different plus/minuses but we enjoy all the pluses ...Likewise, if I can avoid it, just don't wish to sign in to somewhere with a strong negative feature like next to or in flight path from an airport, next to busy railroad, congested neighborhood bordering the park perimeter, sites under dirty live oak trees, etc. The ones I've found around Indio CA look like nice ones with some reasonably priced and others at very high end prices ... but the two around Cathedral City appear just as nice or more with lower rates... ( Desert Shadows and Outdoor Resort). When using Good Sam reference, 8.5 or better, If using PA, pretty much 5's, Park Reviews 4.4 or better.....

    We were stuck in this mess for an hour and a half. Traveling west on I-10 we took the I-210 around Lake Charles. The traffic was backed up on I-10 all the way to the I-210 exit. Within 3 miles on I-210 we were at a dead stop. There were people driving around on the grass to get to the exit 1/2 mile away. No one was happy but it was nothing anyone could do.
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  5. Last Retreat for Sgt R Ermy Lee

    It was probably easy for him to play those was him! RIP!!!
  6. Onan 4000 fault codes

    Nan, A 36 code is often related to fuel issues. How much fuel in the gas tank? If below around 1/4 tank -the level might be below the fuel pickup point, but the pickup point could be in the 3/8 tank range. This is intentional so one can get the coach to a gas station. Chassis engine has priority when it comes to fuel. Check fuel filters, Air filter, proper oil level, Fuel pump is running. The fact that it runs for around 10 min. could also indicate a low coolant level and the electronics control board is over heating and that could also be turning off the generator. Sometimes that board will offer up a 36 code also. This is some information on the QG-4000 unit. There is also a Microquiet 4000 series. Rich. Onan QG 4000 Generator Spec and contact information_a-1399.pdf
  7. Diesel Motorhome MPG-- Honest Answers Please

    I think there is more headwind when you go west.
  8. Kitchen Faucet

    I presume you get hot water out of the bathroom faucet. If it were mine I would replace the entire faucet with a new one with a pull out nozzle. I did that to my current coach and am happy with the way it works.
  9. Diesel Motorhome MPG-- Honest Answers Please

    Well not much to do with MPG, but, while we had the 2008 I had the driveway redone as it was all cracked. Early 1960's cement and the support was chicken wire and all of it was on the bottom of the driveway. Had 3/8" rebar and 6" of cement for the new one. Expanded it 26 inches on the sidewalk side and 19" on the edge of the house side. Had 8" piers on the edges. Now when I park with the new one I can leave 6-8 inches on the sidewalk side and extend the driver slide with a little left over before center of garage. DW can move her car in and out and I can leave the slide out. Very happy with the outcome. I have 50 amp outside the garage. With only 14,000+ miles on the MH I'm happy with the 7.2 to 7.9 and hoping that once it is really broken in it will increase a little. I'd be happy with between 8.2 and 8.9. Jim S and I went to Gaffney several years ago and before we hit the hills of Alabama there was a segment where we got 12 MPG on our old coaches.
  10. Kitchen Faucet

    I just had my 2017 Holiday Rambler Endeavor XE37PE dewinterized. When I got it home I found that the hot water does not come out of my kitchen faucet. I do get cold water from the faucet. I think if I replace the valve assembly I would be ok, but there is no identification on the faucet. I thought if I took it apart I could match the part, but I can’t get it apart. You Tube is no help, because there is no name on the faucet. Has anyone had this problem? Does anyone know what brand faucet HR uses? I hope someone can help me out. Thanks MR
  11. Onan 4000 fault codes

    Cummins has a 24/7 tech help. Give them the code, I don't remember what my code was, when my Oil level sensor went bad, but it did what yours is doing! The sensor is around $35 and about 30 minutes to replace.
  12. WhiteEagle. Would help to know what your looking for...high end resort or on the economy plan? Have been both ways, prefer the first. Let me know, I'll send you a PM.
  13. Onan 4000 fault codes

    I'm boondocking in Quartzsite (only once) and I don't have solar so I'm using my Onan 4000 about an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening. I've only put about 30 hours of use on it since it was serviced in February. The oil is clean and full. It now runs for about 10 minutes and shuts off with a blinking light that's 3 pause 6 pause 3 pause 6...etc. I don't have a manual and so I'm not sure of the codes (nor could I really fix it myself out here in the dust of the desert). Quartzsite has closed down for the summer so no repairs here. I think I'll have to pull up stakes and head to a city where I can find repairs, but any suggestions you folks can provide would help quide me toward the most likely cause, and reasonable repair. Thanks, as always....Nan
  14. Solar Goal Adequate?

    Since you are working with 12 volts to deplete the batteries, and also to charge them, it takes 2 6 volt batteries to equal 12, this means that if your batteries are fully charged, then 2 6 volt = 12, then for each set of 2, you have approximately 115 minutes of draw at 75 amps. Now since you have 4 6 volts, you can now multiply those numbers by two, 115 X 2 = 230 minutes at 75 amps, or 75 X2= 150 amps for 115 minutes. Now of course if you figure that you might be drawing 30 amps, then you can now multiply 2.5X230= 575 minutes at 30 amps, then of course divide 575 by 60 (number of minutes in an hour)= 9.58 hours. This is just some basic math to give an example of how you can figure some of your questions? More batteries do not need to be adjacent to the existing ones, they could be placed in almost any location, as long as you use adequate size cable to join them. I have a couple of friends that boon dock frequently, we used a rack on the back of their coaches to place extra batteries when needed, just another idea if anyone wants to go to that extreme, and these guys did. As DD69 suggest you can use your setup in the driveway, turn on only what you think that you need to run, then monitor how long you can go without another source of electricity.
  15. Byron. That's putting it mildly! Don't know how it is today. If it's still the same, I would think three times before doing it in a 37+! kkugler. You can catch a lot off the Utah NP's by toad from KOA just south of Grand Junction, CO. also Monticello, Utah.
  16. Maintenance and repair

    WOW. Great information! DD69 is correct...we all search for the one stop shop, that has experience and great rates!
  17. Solar Goal Adequate?

    Here's an update - i checked the house battery bank, found this: 115 min @75 amps... 225 Ah @20 Hr on each label (?), 4-6V batteries, no apparent room here to add two more, and not sure where I'd put them, even if it were prudent to do so. Just installed 2-160W panels, and now have total of 480 watts, producing max of 26.1 amps, with a 30A controller... Comments?
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  19. Parking an RV in South Florida

    I like Carl's suggestion. Lower rate and a cab to the front door. Herman
  20. The lower case np confused me. Rocky Mountain NP rings with me. Ran CO 14 from Steam Boat Springs to Fort Collins across the NW corner of the park in our 34' gas powered coach about 25 years ago. Quite a ride.
  21. Thanks - had done that.. also interested in FMCA forum members thoughts...
  22. Maintenance and repair

    You are lucky you found a good shop. Its a rare find.
  23. Parasitic electrical drain

    The inverter is turned off. The remote control panel inside the coach is hardwired to the 12v bus. The propane, smoke and CO detectors appear to be off, ie. green/yellow LED lights go off when I turn off the battery disconnect switches.
  24. new radial rear tires

    Roger, Been working on the stabilize bushings and they are covered in the same area of the Chassis manual as tires. Interesting statement regarding Bias ply and Radial tires. The manual does caution using bias ply and radials on the same axle. Statement- If both radial and bias ply tires are used, better handling is usually obtained by using the bias tires on the front axle. Radial ply tires permit greater loads per tire , BUT also require higher inflation. They can also cause higher stresses on the rims and wheels then then bias ply tires. Your thoughts ? Rich.
  25. new radial rear tires

    I am talking about you. I don't know of any RV tier that is bias ply any more. Bill
  26. Parking an RV in South Florida

    Welcome to the forum. I don't know if the pier would have a place to plug the coach in. Parking is a RV park would give the OP a place to leave the coach plugged in so it is cool when they get back and they don't need to empty the refrigerator. Bill
  27. Astmi

    I have used it for about 4 years now and it works great. I use it on my Iphone when in the car.
  28. Parasitic electrical drain

    I agree with desertdeals69, a residential refrigerator is not hooked up to your 12 VDC system. Check things like propane detector, CO detector, etc. They often are hooked to the battery side of the disconnect switch. Also, verify that your inverter is turned OFF (i.e. is not in standby mode).
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