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  2. Anybody Going To QuartzFest?

    No Carl, I will be in Mexico during the Perry happenings but we are going to Tucson . Things are going fine in the PNW. Our rally at the Mill Casino in June is moving along great. Looks like we might have a number of the ex board coming. This will be Kathie's last rodeo so we are planning a good rally. After that, we are headed towards Gillette. Last time we headed to Gillette we were going to spend the night in a WallyMart lot. Unhooked the Jeep and Barb got her foot stuck in between the brake and go pedal. Backed up and T-boned a van full of homeless people. More of the story another time, it turned out ok tho.
  3. Only problem with the LA locals is the time. The LA programming comes on way too late for me. While in Emerald Cove (Erp, CA) on the Colorado River a couple of years ago, I called to change my locals and because I was in CA, I got the LA locals. Realizing how late the late shows came on, I called right back a few minutes later and gave them an address in Phoenix and they switched me to the Phoenix locals which aired the late shows and the news an hour or two earlier. I was able to watch the news and late shows and get a good night's sleep too! Now it they offered the east coast or at least central time network shows, it would be worth it to me. Earlier is better for me.
  4. Full Timing Annual CG Fees

    Not trying to get too far away from op subject, those small blinking triangles work great at the top of the cones for breakdown purposes.
  5. Another LED lighting source:[]=259&page=1&per=30&srcid=CHL01SCL018&utm_source=ReSci&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=Smart+Blast&utm_content=Grote+XTL+Promotion
  6. As one of those younger under 60 members, under 50 even (for a few more months) that does not belong to a local chapter, I see this issue partly as a generational thing. In my experience my generation is less fond of complex organizational structures, parliamentary procedure, and committees for everything than the generations that proceeded it. The lack of younger RV owners participating in the whole chapter system may be just another symptom of this attitude. So while I feel there needs to be some revision to representation of the membership, I question not so much how these National Directors will be elected, but instead where the ND candidates will come from, if not from the local chapters. How will we the membership get to know the people we are electing if not through chapter events, regional rallies, and the like? So to summarize, yes we need change, yes we need representation, but I am not sure this is it.
  7. RV Tire Recommendation

    Many decades ago when I worked at my uncle's filling station, He required whoever was changing/repairing tires to rub their hand and fingers all over the inside and outside of a tire. He said you can feel a tiny defect that is not visible. That was especially true with a farm implement tire with thorns embedded. Even if the tube was patched, a tiny thorn would puncture the tube again.
  8. Full Timing Annual CG Fees

    I've still got to buy some reflectors in case I break down on the side of the road, but I am carrying two rather large orange traffic cones.
  9. Air Bags Replacement

    Go to the dollar store and buy bubble solution for kids works great for leak tests
  10. Air Bags Replacement

    Two good HD bottle jacks for air bag replacement is almost a must. If you are not a smoker, get someone who is, air the coach up and while it is, let the smoker blow heavy smoke exhales at every fitting, watch the smoke movement. Using this method saves time over the spray bottle at every fitting. Of course you will need the bottle to verify exactly where the leak actually is.
  11. Sway VS Body Roll

    I had the same problem. New Bilstein shocks eliminated body roll and up/down rocking. Now when I hit a bump/dip the front is very steady, one slight rise then the front settles to ride height, almost like driving my new pickup after I also had a total wheel alignment. I found the lowest pricing for Bilsteins at
  12. I am over my MAD

    I too was against this change, right now I am taking a wait and see attitude, and just renewed yesterday for one year, I will re-evaluate things in 12 months and see what FMCA has to offer then. One thing that it no longer offers is being a group exclusively devoted to the interest of motor coach owners, which was the main reason I joined to begin with.
  13. FMCA Roadside Assistance

    I attempted to phone Saferide's customer service to get some questions answered. No-one will answer the phone, you get a canned msg that says to leave your name and number, someone will return your call within 24 hrs. That was Dec 7. I began a thread under FMCA feedback, the FMCA customer service manager replied that he got the same message, and would repost when he got a return call, He is also still waiting I guess, he hasn't replied again. Good Sam ERS has eliminated their lowest plan, they now have only 2 plan levels. I just received new ERS cards upgrading me to their platinum plan until my expiration date. The platinum plan is $145/yr. The Saferide plan and the Good Sam eliminated plan read the same.
  14. Full Timing Annual CG Fees

    It's usually not our fault either, I parked 1/2 lock away from the Cracker Barrel in Tallahassee Fl., several years ago, no cars any near me, when we came out, there was a car within 2 feet of my front end, nothing behind, I tried to back my 4 down toad, couldn't go more than 2 feet before the toad would jackknife due to the angle that it was parked in. I of course unhooked and DW backed it up. That's when I purchased 4 of the orange cones and started placing them in front, most that will park that close, are so lazy that they want move them to park that close now.
  15. Air Bags Replacement

    Be sure to place blocking under the frame. Last year a mechanic in Indiana was suffocated when the MH he was underneath pinned him. He suffocated to death before he could be rescued.
  16. Full Timing Annual CG Fees

    Jim, there are 2 kinds of people with toads. Those who have had to disconnect and those who will have to disconnect. Some times you can do everything right and still get in a situation you need to unhook to maneuver. Fortunately it only takes a short time to do it. Bill
  17. RV Tire Recommendation

    When I was doing "failed tire inspections" I had a stand with six 4' fluorescent lights plus a work light with 75 watt bulb for checking the interior. You really need "flat" light that few "flashlights can provide. You could try THIS light but as I point out in my post on tire inspection you also need to "feel" the complete tire sidewall and tread area and rotate the tire as covered in my blog post on Tire Inspection.
  18. Register Your Tires

    Thanks for responding. So there is a law that costs the manufacturer, the distributor, the dealer and the consumer time and in most cases money to abide by and most don't. Its most likely not enforced because its logistically impossible to enforce. Another bureaucratic boondoggle. It would be much less expensive to take out full page ads than keeping track of millions of individual names.
  19. RV Tire Recommendation

    (Sarcasm) Good to know. Then you can probably develop the fatigue behavior and life predictions for rubber bands including every size and all possible uses of said bands. See how easy a task would be with a single material item. Now do that with a tire that has 15 to 20 different rubber compounds and you would be good to go. Oh ya you also need all the tire companies to share their secret formulas too.. (Sarcasm) I have covered the effects of temperature on rubber properties based on the chemical reaction rate change due to temperature in the posts on tire covers. The problem is we are not talking about the chemical reaction rate in a constant temperature location. Even with a formula how would you go about determining the temperature history of all the different components of a tire when different parts of a tire run at variable speed & load in variable temperature chamber may have over 150F range. Easy question. So is developing the Theory of General Relativity..... not
  20. Pathway x2. Help

    So, I'll just fiddle with various options until something works, then straggle on down to Florida. Thanks, all, for the tips.
  21. Tire Shelf-Life and Life-Cycle Concerns

    You have the option of filing a complaint with NHTSA on Superior Tire for not registering your tires or even providing you with the needed paperwork. Did you read the info in my post of Dec 1?
  22. Register Your Tires

    I can't address the Firestone situation other than I recall seeing full-page newspaper advertisements on the recall. Tire registration was not mandatory back in 2000 when the Firestone recall took place. New laws were passed in Dec 2015 making registration mandatory for tires but we all can get our tires registered if we are willing to make a little effort. The law, as I understand it is aimed at new tire sales so when you sell or buy a used vehicle with used tires there is no requirement. Newmar, as a vehicle manufacturer is supposed to have registered your tires when the coach was first sold. Recall notices sent to the original owners many times ask for the name of the current owner if the vehicle has been sold. RE Norcold recall. Refrigerators are not required to be registered so that example doesn't apply. Also, fire extinguishers are not required to be registered so the current Kidde extinguisher recall is not covered. However, your vehicle was registered with your state and the VIN is part of that registration. The RV company apparently had records of vehicle VIN and which contained the refrigerator so that is probably how you were identified after the RV company and Norcold went to the significant expense and effort to match vehicle registrations with VIN number list. For tire recalls, if you have a tire so covered and if you know about the recall (information available on the NHTSA website) you would not get a check for $1.18 but would in all probability receive new tires when you returned the recalled tires. Tires are a special category and to my knowledge are the only component that is to be registered. The problem is that many dealers do not bother and many owners also don't seem to know or care about making the effort to fill out the form and mail it in. Owners are however more than happy to complain even if they can't be bothered to report tire failures to NHTSA.
  23. Full Timing Annual CG Fees

    No problem getting out. Remember, you have a benefit I don't, you can easily back up. I would need to disconnect my toad to back.
  24. I have no more issues, reception is great, I get all HD channels that are available and my TV is HD K4.
  25. Full Timing Annual CG Fees

    Jim, I assume you were able to maneuver your way out of that Texas Walmart. It is information like that which makes me think I may use them sparingly.
  26. Full Timing Annual CG Fees

    Thanks Carl, I'll check them out. Friends of ours went all the way up to Robertsdale AL (Azalea Acres RV Park) to keep their coach safe from Irma. It isn't fancy according to them but huge sites and an easy drive to Mobile and New Orleans. We called them today to get rates and they gave us a monthly rate of $300 plus juice! That is the type of place that makes sense to me. We can drive into New Orleans for some great evening in our car and spend other afternoons riding the Harley. Our friends said the rural area around Robertsdale and north is great riding.
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