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  2. Padre Island

    They have ben showing on the news that Rockport and that area still have a long way to go before they are back to where they were. We have stayed at Lagoons RV Resort a couple of times before the storm. Hope they are getting it straitened up. The big problem is that whole area is only 12" above the ocean at the hi spots. Hear is a picture of the water pushing into the parking lot where we were eating lunch on time. Bill
  3. Dedicate Onan Gen Battery

    Jim. When I have to press the start assist, it starts the engine, charges batteries, then I start my Generator...I can't use the assist for generator. The generator only charge the house battery packs, not the 2 start batteries!
  4. Where is the "Cabin Fever" thread?

    Joe. Jim S. is right, Crawfish/Crayfish/Crawdads/Mudbugs, is known as, "Poor man's lobster", in the South! Jim S. Joe knows what that is, also "a cow Psg on a flat rock"! Mike. The sacrifice, is not meatless Friday. It's the 40 days after Fat Tuesday! Think I'll have a glass of wine now...I'm a Norwegian Lutheran!
  5. Where is the "Cabin Fever" thread?

    BTW Joe, you get the best flavor when you suck the head of the mud bug. Oh, and it does appear in some lawns after one of our toad stragglers. Yeah....I'm gonna make you ask.
  6. Dedicate Onan Gen Battery

    Acording to my electrical schematics the source of power to energize the relay when you press the emergency start is the house batteries, is the house voltage is already low it might not be much help. I will try it the next I run across the situation. Thanks for the suggestion. Jim
  7. Trans Temp Sender

    Like Carl, I use Silverleaf software to monitor a number of items in greater detail then the standard instrument panel. The software is free, it is the interface items on needs to purchase. The software runs on a standard laptop, although with an older operating system then windows 10. Settings are set to monitor 15 to 20 items in detail and log them for a detailed look any time I feel something is not quit right. Scan Gauge D is also a very helpful system, but somewhat less flexible and less expensive I'm not up to speed on the Trip Tech system. Rich.
  8. Roof A/C compressor not working?

    Crestview RV Service in Buda, Texas, next door to Cabbala's on Service rd off I-35.
  9. Padre Island

    This year you'll need to go a lot further than Port A for meals, as of last week there was only one restaurant open and some of the others are no longer there. Harvey really did a number on one our favorite places. I'm sure by next year things will be much better. According to some of the locals, the problem is getting contractors, there is a huge shortage of skilled workers in the area.
  10. Dedicate Onan Gen Battery

    Jim. Since you want to boon dock, do you have any solar panel/panels? If you really want to get expert advise, send a PM to Bill Edwards!
  11. Dedicate Onan Gen Battery

    If the house batteries are too low to start the generator try pushing the emergency start button that parallels the eng and house batteries.
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  13. Wash Wax All

    Extension poles can be bought at a paint store for a lot less than with the wash wax system...Linda got the system for her DP at Six State...$200+, she used it once and went back to my way. Lucas slick mist and micro fiber..$15 + pole = $42. It works! I also use it on my 2005 AMG 55 Roadster and 1972 Bentley. This January was Wash the coach, before using Lucas. With all the sleet, snow and rain, between the Hill Country of Texas and Harlingen, coach was gray with road grime. The RV Park gave me an OK to wash both coaches by a bucket and rinse by hose. Took us 3 days!
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  15. Trans Temp Sender

    I have Silverleaf in mine, but it also gives me about 2 dozen readouts on what is going on in engine, cooling system, Allison, TPM's, mpg, exhaust system and turbo. Like Joe, it takes a time for my Allison temp to register, same with coolant. My readout is one degree increments, starting at 120.
  16. Wash Wax All

    Hersey! Never wipe dust or sand or grit with anything. I have watched more than one with the waterless products, and the coaches look clean but the spider webbing is horrific, after just a few uses. Many do not care I suppose. It is even more dramatic on our little Back AMG per example and it is never had dust and dirt just wiped off. Pressure washer on moderate setting on areas where there won't be a chance of water intrusion such as the lower half of the coach, this with water and non spotting liquid car wash only. Then sot brush an pads on poles, with brush or pad rinsed under pressure before loading with fresh was solution. Never dip dirty or used pad or brush into the soap solution, before thorough rinse under pressure, never. I wash or did and wife followed with hose rinsing, and then we used sot towels not washed with softener, on end of sqeegie. Front cap and wind windshield gets done first. Always wash early morning when dew has softened any bugs on front cap and windshield and sun at low angles to keep pats of mh from drying and spotting before you can finish. Or in ate evening early dark. Never wash in a campground with lime dust and dirt flying around in clouds when ever someone flies though, and don't even stay there, unless a have to or a real primo fishing, which in that case all can be forgiven. When you finish come do my coach. I'm getting too old or this stuff. The bestest idea is to find someone who brought the grandkids, pay them to do it. As far as wash and wax it never did what I expected on the mh. On our with wheel the rubber roof stains seemed to be glued into the finish from using it. I sometimes cheat on my cars and use Mequire's god car wash/wax, after the car is spotless from washing already, and dry and rub it good with micro fibers in the garage away from the sun. On the mh I use Meguires Synthetic spray wax and the Detailer too sometimes prior to waxing the finish. A Swifter mop handle and good micro fiber towels never washed or dried with softener, it takes a while but like a good painting......... It is murder on my shoulders but don't do it often and a short step ladder helps that a lot.
  17. Dedicate Onan Gen Battery

    Jim, With that added information, I think you're spot on adding the dedicated battery for the generator. It will give you a sense of security knowing that you'll be able to start the generator even if the house batteries are low.
  18. Trans Temp Sender

    Cant speak to Hermans recommendation. I have one of these connected at all times providing me with a digital set of gauges. plus if I get any engine faults it will display those also.
  19. Coach Net Or FMCA Roadside Assistance?

    We have had including last year both Good Sams and Coach Net. Don't how we manged to do that. We had good and bad experiences with Good Sams such as the provider would not the distance to replace the tire and Good Sams did not have or could not ind anyone else, on a Sunday. Coach net had nothing but good things to say. They had a Service Provider come from Rogersville, Ark ha way across the state to help us. And we have been towed with right equipment to a Freightliner Dealer for a Freightiner chasis problem. I could not believe wife paid the 249.00 for the new Coach net that will only tow to nearest provider , even if the provider cannot handle the problem, not being familiar with MHs etc. This is the new way of business, buy a brand with outstanding product and service, change the contract to maximize profitability, and multiply the price, with most Folks thinking they are still buying the superior product. Eventually they will go down the tube. So, does the FMCA coverage say to nearest facility " capable" supposedly, of fixing the problem, even if they are only open mon through friday, or does it stipulate to facility you choose like the old Coach Net, and is it more economical? Got to decide this week.
  20. Dedicate Onan Gen Battery

    Sorry that I am difficulty explaining my situation. I have the typical DP battery systems. 1. Chassis Batteries (2, 12 v batteries parallel) Starts Main engine, charged by main engine alternator when engine is running 2. House Batteries 4, 6 volt batteries series/parallel). Provides 12 volt for house and starting voltage to Onan. House batteries are charged by inverter/charger when connected to shore power or when generator is running and by main engine alternator when traveling down road. Hope this clears up any confusion. I'm not a novice at RVing, this in my 6th MH over 42 year period and my career was in operations and maintenance of hydroelectric for over fifty years. I continue to work as a consultant performing evaluations and assessments of hydro power plants to determine current conditions, performance and operating costs for prospective buyers. Thanks, Jim
  21. Dedicate Onan Gen Battery

    I would believe that a 2004 HR Endeavor has two sets of batteries, one, the chassis battery bank, probably 2 12 volt in parallel for starting the coach, and the other set is house batteries, 4 6 volt in series/parallel for house usage. A dedicated generator battery for me is a great idea, could still be hooked to the existing wires to the house batteries, with an isolation circuit to keep the house batteries from pulling away from the generator battery. A good three stage charger can also be added to make sure the gen battery is always up, but probably not needed if an isolation circuit is used. I pulled up a 2003 manual, could not find a 2004 for your unit, which describes both battery banks.
  22. Dedicate Onan Gen Battery

    Jim, Well, that explains how your coach batteries are getting discharged - they are also your house batteries. Assuming that the new generator battery is the same voltage as the existing battery bank, I don't see why it wouldn't work. That is, as long as you are able to charge the batteries when the generator is running or when you're plugged into the pole. The combiner you're talking about will have to connected properly so that your are certain that when you are not running the generator or plugged in your batteries are not connected. If they are, you'll be back in the same place again except with an extra discharged battery when you are boon docked. You'll want to have no way to accidentally discharge the generator start battery. Curious if you're able to start the coach with the batteries that low? If you can't turn over the generator how are you able to start the coach? This would scare me every time I was boon docking for fear of getting stuck with no way to start the coach engine.
  23. Trans Temp Sender

    Herman Mullins can u steer me towards details in the trip tec
  24. Trans Temp Sender

    Found it thank you. I will look into the trip tec not familiar
  25. Roof A/C compressor not working?

    Many newer coaches use 12 VDC for the electronic thermostat. So, check battery voltage.
  26. Trans Temp Sender

    Skyking, by some chance to you have a Trip Tec in your coach. If so you can see the Engine as well as the Transmission temperatures there. I very seldom look at the gauge, I just keep tabs with the Trip Tec. Herman
  27. Trans Temp Sender

    Skykingtcb, mine is on the cooler lines right after they exit the transmission for the gauge on the dash. How do you know its not hooked up? The reason I ask is the gauge on our Monaco doesn't rise until 140 degrees, but the scale is so close its hard to identify its actually working under normal temp range, it has to be really hot to even notice the gauge.
  28. Dedicate Onan Gen Battery

    Sorry to confuse you, I considered the coach and house the same (4 six volt series/parallel) they now provide starting for generator. No, I do not have a charging circuit in generator. I would place an automatic battery combiner in the positive circuit of the new dedicated generator starting battery and coach/house bank to charge the dedicated generator starting battery. Jim
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