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  2. Our Holiday Travel Misadventure-- So Far

    Update now that I got some wifi. We arrived to Davis Monthan AFB on the 17th and dry camped until yesterday. Finally into much warmer weather. Last cold we had was in a I-10 rest stop in Texas just east of El Paso, TX. It was in the 20 F overnight but somehow the basement heat work so no frozen pump lines. While dry camping here I installed a Rock Solid rock guard off the rear bumper. I feel it will do a better job than the factory one that folds up hits the frame on bumps and dips. I haven't taken the old one off yet. I don't think it will be a good thing to throw it in the dumpster on the base. We are having trouble with one slide breaking a bolt with nut, washers and bolt all grade 8. The connector from the motor gearbox to the rear gear is a square slip tube with one bolt hole on each end. One hole on that tube is elongated appears to work the bolt till it breaks. Maybe I can spray the gears and tracks to help it along. Maybe call HR tech support whoever the heck they are now. Maybe they have a solution or a better connector. When dry camping I had problems with the generator stalling. That is not a problem I had before. Each time I had to prime to restart. When I had the coach serviced by Freightliner on 11/29 I had the generator serviced with oil and both filters. I got under the coach and found the fitting from the fuel pump on the fuel filter not tight enough. The fitting, bottom of the filter and access door was wet with diesel fuel. I tighten down that fitting to solve the problem which it did. So far no major problem that I can't handle on my own. Next big stop will be Seabreeze Navy Seals Beach in CA on the 30th of this month. We have a pull through site reserved there.

    Any mattress that fits should work, but you'll need to keep in mind the weight and thickness. If you have a tilting or lifting bed then you don't want a mattress heavier than the mechanism is designed for. You also should check the thickness to be sure that a thicker mattress doesn't block nearby drawers or doors from opening. We've got a memory foam mattress but there are times when it can be a problem since it's temperature sensitive. Harder and stiff till the coach warms up on the first day out, and it gets softer if the coach gets too warm.
  4. Old Girl Fatter Than I Thought!

    Jim, when I bought it I checked the toe, minor adjustment needed. It rolls straight actually got better with the new tires this past March. The previous owner of our coach was a franchisee for a few local TA truck stops. I have quite a bit of maintenance records in the box. He was more of a fanatic than I am when it comes to chassis maintenance, which was a selling positive even thought it wasn't the floor plan we wanted. I had to set a base line for to keep my sanity and rechecked all his work dumped all fluids...
  5. Wind Sensor Cups

    Ditto, I have the same one. The one I destroyed on a branch was the older version with round spoon type of blades. According to Girard the top portion is replaceable, well that was their selling point to me when mine went tumbling down I-40 in TN
  6. Preferred Supplemental Brake System

    You can call roadmaster and check but the used tow bars can probably be zeroed out buy replacing worn parts. I think the All -Terrain bars are easier to hook up and un hook. I have a Blue Ox and have had the factory do a complete "service" at a rally they were at. I think Roadmaster does the same thing. You can check the web site. Bill
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  8. Maybe the need another cash infusion from FMCA.
  9. When traveling on the east coast.... where can you fill your RV tank other than campsites.
  10. Whats Cooking, Who Is Where, Off The Subject & Memories

    What has happened to Rvillage. I don't see it on the home page? Herman
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  12. Aladdin Monitor System

    Hello, I don't have an answer, but I have the same problem. My screen will come on but provide no data. Maybe someone will help if we both ask. Good Luck, "O" forgot!!! I have a 2004 Beaver Monterrey, I have power at the screen but no data.

    No any good mattress will work.

    We are unhappy with the mattress our coach came with. We have 2017 Fleetwood Pace Arrow 36U. It has a "tilt-a-bed" base. It's a King size mattress - 72" x 80" I was wondering if a normal replacement mattress would work or if the it must be a special mattress compatible with the "tilt-a-bed" base?
  15. Preferred Supplemental Brake System

    There are definitely some used ones available out here. I'm guessing that's not a bad idea... Definitely plan on a new base plate! Found some roadmaster all-terrain bars for sale locally.. Just not sure of their condition. The number of braking system options is overwhelming
  16. Warranty Question: Fleetwood

    FINAL ANSWER: We arrived at the dealer to drop it off with just over 16,000 miles. "Technically" the warranty had expired since we were over 15,000 miles and the delivery miles count against the mileage warranty. They could have easily said, "too bad, so sad buckaroo"...... but they did not. Every item was taken care of under warranty. Thank you Brian D. at REV Group for working with me on this. Thank you Fleetwood for considering "customer service" more important than making a couple extra bucks. Just an FYI - there were several issues I had it in the shop for... guessing, I'd say it would have been $2,000 - $3,000 if I had to pay out of pocket. I wanted to share a "good news" story with you. The bad news..... Next time I'll be on my own... time to shop for an extended warranty I suppose?
  17. Old Girl Fatter Than I Thought!

    I have a one year rule - if I haven't used it in this time period it gets tossed to magically reappear in the basement the next year. Joe, how was your alignment from the factory's?
  18. It's pretty good stuff, Bill. Just so you know, my Aqua Hot is bigger than Wayne's or Carl's or at least my water is hotter than theirs.
  19. One more thought for your project, mirror stainless steel for the side panels and the risers would also be very nice looking. You could work up a very nice looking etch design for the risers, which can be lazer etched, or you can make a layover with reverse design and sandblast that design to save money. I borrowed this photo from another post to demonstrate what it can look like. I would suggest the use of 16 gauge as opposed to 20 for your project, also a good sheet metal shop can be helpful for this. Also, the polished diamond plate could be used for the stair treads, a good metal shop can bend it to form a good looking bull nose, it will look good for a couple years before the shine will start to disappear, at which time, a rubberized paint product can be used over it for a nice looking finish in the future. If you should decide on something like this, you can use those outdoor LED light strips that I mentioned earlier at each joint to hide the joint, and add a lighted appeal. Thanks for the photo Rick, I hope no copyright infringement, LOL, beautiful addition. Here is a source for the mirror ss,
  20. Preferred Supplemental Brake System

    Depends if you need new. I found a Brake Buddy and a tow bar used for $450.00. I would recommend getting a new base plate. Till the BB quits it is the best. Bill
  21. Any Full-time Families With Kids?

    In the few years (25+) that I have been RV'ing, I have met three famlies that were full time, 1 with very small pre school age, one with a 10 and 12 YO at the time, the third with pre colledge teen agers, not the same couples. Every case they either planned to or they did home school their children, all of those children were some of the best mannered that I have ever met. Some of the worst mannered children, and I have seen an awful lot of them, were the by-product of public schooling, just out for the summer. Not saying that all of PS children are, just a very large percentage of them, compared to the first mentioned group. I personally despise having to dodge the young bicycler that aims directly at me, and I have done absolutely nothing to them.
  22. Wind Sensor Cups

    Joe, That is the exact sensor I have. As you can see there is a small nut on top and when removed you can replace the blade. The Blade is what I can't find. Herman
  23. Any Full-time Families With Kids?

    patriot44 and jenmacias, I applaud you both. Your children would learn so much from the adventure seeing this wonderful country. My only concern is for the children's social life. I have a niece that home schooled all 4 of her children but they lived in one place the entire time. The younger of the two, boys decided that they wanted to play sports and she oped to send them to public school when they reached the 6th and 7th grades. If you are able to say travel all summer in the North and maybe meet families from all corners of the country then put them in school in the south during the winter they would have the best of both worlds. Friend all over the country and friends at home. Remember by being members of FMCA your children have over 75,000 Grand Parents. Just my thoughts Good Luck Herman
  24. Any Full-time Families With Kids?

    You might post what area you are in, age of children and interests of you and your family.
  25. kaypsmith, Thanks so very much for the link on remant Corian product. I've been reviewing availble inventory over these last few days. I've kept myself quite busy measuring [remeasuring], and making paper templates to be utilized in preparing for cutting both LEFT & RIGHT stairwell side wall aluminum diamond plate [MEASURE THREE TIMES -- CUT ONCE]. As a result, I made a slight adjustment / addition to my polished aluminum diamond plate. Total [out the door] price including [2] 8' lengths of J-Cap trim $198.23. I pickup materials this coming Saturday afternoon. Stair tread material the only remaining unknown at this point. More later . . . Eddie
  26. Any Full-time Families With Kids?

    I find it's hard to find young families to connect with! We're planning on part-timing, it we haven't found any other young families in our area.
  27. Wind Sensor Cups

    Herman, stumbled upon this; Is this the type you have now? Or do you have the older version with what appears to be plastic utensil spoons on the spinner?
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