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  2. Low Air Alarm, Even With Normal Air Pressure

    Is that coolant for cooling system or water level in air tanks?
  3. I had to check my last blog entry to see when it was posted. It was September 6, not quite three months ago. Since then we have been on the go... We spent a month with our daughter and her family in California. Our granddaughters are growing up fast but a few golden moments still to go. We took them to a working farm. A 1940's version of a poor working farm. We slept in the rehabbed chicken coup. The girls fed the cows, gathered the eggs, bottle fed some really large calves, made friends with an aging bull that was as big as a house, well, maybe a chicken coup. The girls loved the tire swing and the adopted kittens. Thankfully they didn't ask to take them home. During our stay in California I spent several days communicating with everyone in government I could to convince them to get on top of the situation in Puerto Rico following hurricane Maria. My comments were the same that I heard from numerous others, this was an extreme circumstance. The nature of the island and the near total destruction was going to make recovery here much more difficult than any other area. Today as I write this, most of the island remains without electrical power and hundreds of thousands of island residents have left the island and come to the mainland US, mostly to Florida. There are many in and near Houston and throughout Florida who are dealing with the aftermath of Harvey and Irma yet today. They are so much better off than those in Puerto Rico. Roads and bridges remain out of service. Food and water are difficult to get in many locations. Huge numbers of people are living in what remains of their homes with no hope of secure shelter in the near future. Give what you can to agencies involved in hurricane relief. Our return trip from California has lately involved a trip north to Elkton, Oregon to the Oh-Ho (the Oregon House) for a week with the above family. This year they were off to Mexico and we got relieved of grandparent duty a week early so we made plans to attend an event we haven't been able to see in 16 years on the road. We were able to get last minute reservations with the Monaco International Chapter of FMCA to attend the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque. I can spell it without looking it up or playing word check lotto - now. We invited our friends, former FMCA members, now without the big wheels, to join us at the Fiesta. Five days dry camping with four adults on board - and we loved it! The event is spectacular. We were parked four rows back from the launch field. Our gathering point for meals and socializing was right on the front line. I attended most launches and recoveries. I was hooked. If you attend, and if you love balloons for the flying or the beauty or the excitement of the launch and recovery, you will love it also. There were 550 balloons this year and most launched in the morning and returned by noon. The evening glow is fun, no flying but great chance to visit with pilots and crews. We left Albuquerque buoyed by the events of the five days at the Fiesta. We paced ourselves across west Texas and headed for Corpus Christi. Since 2012 I have been active in a group called Texas Master Naturalist. Formed from a splinter group from the Master Gardner group in San Antonio in 1998, the Texas Master Naturalist program has expanded to more than 40 chapters state-wide. Each year there is a statewide meeting of participants. In years past the meeting has been at remote resorts near interesting nature sites. As the size of the organization increased, the character of these meeting has changed. This year almost 600 Texas Master Naturalists gathered at the Corpus Christi Omni Hotel. I have attended several of these events and enjoy the chance to meet and talk with Texas Master Naturalists from other areas and learn about what they are doing. We spent the weekend of October 20 - 22 in Corpus Christi before making the trip to our winter retreat in Edinburg, Texas. So now we're home. Unpacking, cleaning up our mobile home residence, settling in to our winter routine. We have excellent lawn care during the summer but now that's my job. Lots of little things like having the air conditioner serviced, loading the refrigerator, turning on the DirecTV receivers, getting caught up with six months mail that has been stored. We have the letter stuff delivered but the rest sits in a container waiting for our return. I have created our bicycle ride schedule for the park, Louise has conducted her first book club meeting. Louise spend a weekend in Austin for her retirement occupation, the Texas Silver Haired Legislature, a senior citizen group organized to promote and look out for the interests of senior citizens. She is very good at this. So the holidays are upon us. We will bicycle South Padre Island Tuesday this week. We play golf on Monday, I bowl in a league (as a substitute for a friend) on Wednesday, Thursday is a day of leisure for me, my chance to mow the lawn. Louise plays cards with groups of ladies whenever she has a chance. Friday our park bowling league begins it's season with an organizational meeting. The weekend? This weekend we are painting the deck and porch. With luck, we'll have that finished tomorrow. I spent last Sunday helping band birds, a citizen science activity. We capture birds in mist nets, the birds are measured and weighed and tagged with a leg band and released. If or when they are recaptured, we learn about their travels, habits, age, and many other possible bits of information. It is basic avian research. The kind of thing that professional scientists are too busy to do. The professionals are delighted to have the data. They, their graduate students, and others use the data to increase our understanding of the life of birds. This is one of my volunteer activities for the Texas Master Naturalist program. I will attend a chapter meeting Monday night and will receive my re-certification pin for 2017. Re-certification requires eight hours of advanced training and 40 hours of volunteer work each year. Retired? Yes. How else would I be able to do all this?
  4. toad braking

    We have an M & G braking system installed on our 2012 Suburban. The system uses the air brakes from the coach and is very effective. We have been towing with a 2008 Holiday Rambler Ambassador with no issues. Pros: Easy to hook and unhook. Literally takes about 5-10 minutes! Very effective braking especially when quick stops are needed! About $3000 installed and that includes the Blue Ox tow bar and accessories. Primary expense is for vehicle equipment: base plate, air cylinder to vehicle master cylinder. Coach simply requires an air line and adapter be installed at the hitch. We just traded coaches and the only expense was the installation of the air line.
  5. Tech Connect+ thoughts

    Completely agree, this is an offer full timers like us were quick to embrace.
  6. Diesel Smell In Bedroom

    To go with what Kay said I would look in the yellow pages for a company that does restoration/clean up after spills. You did tell the place that messed it up they need to get it cleaned up. Bill
  7. I ordered the aluminum channel online and used I/8 aluminum rivets, had to use a very narrow head rivet tool. In your case, the diffuser may not be necessary since they are pointer downward. My experience is that the led's last longer without the diffuser, but a short piece of it every 12 or so inches just in case the adhesive does come loose, in most cases it want but sometimes there is unwanted spills on the road that might make it happen. Carl, there was no aluminum when I started either, but there is a metal band that was added by the factory just above the stainless steel sides and the aluminum side panels below the windows, this is where the channel is attached, looks like came from the factory that way, but it didn't.
  8. Diesel Smell In Bedroom

    I had an amateur radio friend several years ago that was a professional cleaner after fires and chemical spills. He advised me back then that the best way to get rid of those type odors was to rip out carpet and discard, clean the wood underneath with a good detergent and water and alcohol mixture. then use cheap pva paint on top of the wood. Now put new underpad and carpet down. As for the bedding you may be able to lift out the diesel with the same solution as above with a scrubber that will lift the solution back out of the bedding. Sure hope you find something that works for you.
  9. I recently, like so many others I'm sure, received an email regarding the new service Tech Connect+ serviced by Sprint and administered by FMCA. I generally applaud FMCA for this new service offering. The claim is that for about $50/month one can get truly unlimited data through a rented device as a "Hotspot." The device has a one time rental fee of about $40 and must be returned within fifteen days after cancellation to avoid a $200 administrative fee. Well, so far so good and this sounded interesting to me especially since there was no contract, term agreement, or cancellation fee. In other words, sign-up, pay a fee/s and enjoy. I was particularly enticed since, after spending $1200 on a Winegard WiFi antenna I discovered how incredibly expensive their data plans are. For instance, to watch a 2 hour HD movie would take about 6GBytes of data and so require their 10Gbyte level at a cost of $80. Wow! That's one expensive movie. The Sprint offering isn't a lot better unless you pay the upfront fee and do not interrupt or cancel the service. Here is what I mean. Suppose, just for an example, you use your RV three times in a six month period with a one month interval between outings. You could sign up pay $50/month plus the rental of $40 for a grand total of $340 (there might be taxes also). But, if you didn't want to pay for service while your RV is in storage or idle then you'd have to cancel the service, send the equipment back, and then re-subscribe for the time you did want to use it. In that case the three month expense would be $270 or 3 x $90 because you have to rent the device each time. Maybe this makes sense for full-timers? I'd welcome any thoughts about all of this.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Check Out Our New Verizon MIFI Benefit!

    Has there always been an unlimited Sprint plan available to FMCA members that I (and others) was not aware of? A Sprint Unlimited plan (truly unlimited) would be so much better than this crappy 25GB Verizon plan with no contract that I can't see why this plan has not been heavily pushed in the past.
  12. Diesel Smell In Bedroom

    Hi, I recently had an In-Frame engine rebuild (new pistons) work done on my Discovery's Cummins engine. After the work was completed the carpet in the bedroom was covered in grease and diesel. I have had it professionally cleaned but I still get a strong smell of diesel as soon as I step into the bedroom. I think what happened was that when they first fired up the engine there was a fuel leak that sprayed diesel all over everything. I think it also might have got onto the bottom of the mattress. Anyway; my questions is does anyone know of a cure for that horrible diesel fuel small in the bedroom so I can get some better sleep? I have tried the air freshener sprays and they only work for a few hours at best then the diesel fuel small is back. Thanks in advance for your suggestions. Squire Dude
  13. Low Air Alarm, Even With Normal Air Pressure

    Check your water level in your reservoir. The low water level alarm is the same as low air. I know from experience Herman
  14. Low Air Alarm, Even With Normal Air Pressure

    Assume you have air pressure gauges? What are the readings? Might start by cleaning the contacts on the air pressure sender-- may be some corrosion/resistance that is changing the reading to the alarm.
  15. I have a 2005 HR Ambassador. The warning horn for low air doesn't stop for as long as 20 minutes and the air is well above what is needed. At least once it didn't stop for an entire trip. Any help on a solution.
  16. I'm doing the complete ground effects surround on the underside of the MH in soft white LEDs that will match my existing and OE awning leds. Plan now is to use the aluminum channel and diffusers, install the 12vDC controller in the electrical bay and switched all tied into an existing spare fuse circuit on the distribution panel. The LEDs will be installed (using the channel) on the underside of the belly pans and thus, will not be visible from the side of the coach. They are also dimmable so we can use with discretion.
  17. Anti Gravity Hose

    Due to the lay out of the drain optical illusion!
  18. Removable Awning?

    Custom bus conversion shops should have some ideas, I'm sure they have had all kinds off questions in regards to add-on's. I have seen built in awnings, where you have no idea that their in the wall!
  19. Anti Gravity Hose

    Well, that's how I do it but I'm still an FNG
  20. Anti Gravity Hose

    That is why we are making the comments we're making. "anti-gravity".
  21. Check Out Our New Verizon MIFI Benefit!

    cac757, Welcome to the FMCA Forum. The e-blast went out Wednesday 11/8 9:13 CT. Send me a PM if you would like for me to forward you a copy, or here it is on the FMCA website:
  22. Check Out Our New Verizon MIFI Benefit!

    I only got notice of Sprint mifi plan thru FMCA??? No mention of Verizon.
  23. Anti Gravity Hose

    Am I looking at this wrong, or is the hose holder laid out backwards? Would things drain better if the high end of the hose holder was on the RV side and sloped down towards the drain?
  24. Removable Awning?

    There are only a couple of options for traditional awnings on this bus due to the placement of windows, bay doors, etc. Only the Zip Dee can be installed following the contour of the body. That's what we had on our previous coach, and they came with the coach when we bought it. My hesitation about adding traditional awnings to this bus are not due to any 'rules' but rather to personal preference. I really like the look of the bus as is, but want to try and have the option of a shaded outdoor area when we're camping. I have seen some removable awnings on smaller trailers which slide into a track, and I am hoping that there is something of this nature which would work on a vehicle as large as ours.
  25. Removable Awning?

    Richard, This is one of those things you have to decide. I am not of the bus conversion crowd and don't know the rules. If you were a bus collector maybe it would be a bad idea to change anything on the outside. Personally I would do whatever mods made it better for me. By the way I found some pictures of your bus on the web. Nice looking bus. What I also found were a fair number of bus conversions with awnings. Bill
  26. Anti Gravity Hose

    It's all flat ground. Might be hard to see in the pic. The hose holder isn't opened up all the way and actually stopped behind the dolly wheel. That created a sag and you can see where he propped it up with a yellow wheel chock. I'm thinking he must be an engineer and not an installer, haha. I just thought it was funny and wanted to share.
  27. Removable Awning?

    We're interested in adding an awning to our coach. The exterior is a bone stock 1974 GMC bus, and we are hesitant to add a Zip Dee or other type of permanent awning since it will change the look and require moving the upper side marker light. Anyone have any ideas for a removable awning? Maybe something that easily slides into a track when we want to sit outside? We've already considered the pop-up shelters, but we thought that something which attaches to the bus when we're camping would be more stable. Or, maybe some type of awning which is very slim and discreet when not in use?
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