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    Glad I could be of help, especially in holding the mouth correct.
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  4. Rv Armor

    Thor took care of our issues, RV Armor wont.they put the Airmaxx covers are on wrong so I cant use in rain or they don't stop rain from leaking in. they left 1/4 inch gap and did not put them flush with roof.
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    Thanks Wayne, you solved my problem too; hopefully I now have a signature showing. I'm using FF 55.0.3, W/ ad-block ultimate, BetterPrivacy, and Ghostery.
  6. Appreciation to Fellow FMCA Members

    Welcome to the forum. Will you be able to come to the Red River Rovers rally at The KOA i Durant OK the 18-22 before the FMCA 6 State rally? You are invited. Bill
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  8. Time For A Residential Refrigerator?

    I removed the door stop just as Herman did and the delivery guys removed the doors from the Samsung. Easy peazy for those young burly men. They removed the Nocold by taking the doors off.
  9. Time For A Residential Refrigerator?

    That's good to know. We are parked up and level but we did have a good blow come through and it seems that may have contributed to it. It did give me cause to read through the forum a bit on the Norcold and now I'm very concerned with the fire hazard. I think if we go out for a few hours, I will turn it off till we get back and then turn it on again. Don't want to leave my dog in here with it while we are away.
  10. Time For A Residential Refrigerator?

    If I remember correctly, the Dometic and Nocold was real sensitive when it came to level....with a residential unit, you don't have that problem.
  11. Time For A Residential Refrigerator?

    The high limit switch/relay is resettable. Need a strong magnet. Just google "Norcold high limit switch reset". If course, determining why the high limit switch tripped is important to determine if you want to continue with it or replace it. But, operating it out of level CAN trip it!
  12. Air Bags

    Yes, Father Jim. cpenn, see what I mean?
  13. New Coach: Discount Off Sticker

    Here is something in your price range if you could do used. Bill
  14. Appreciation to Fellow FMCA Members

    Welcome and hope the ankle is better!
  15. Time For A Residential Refrigerator?

    Thanks Bill. Looks like the Samsung will fit but I will def measure to make sure. I used to be really handy and did my own stuff but I don't bend like I used to, hehe. I'm looking at this and if I can get the guys to get the fridge in for me, I might be able to do the rest of it. I like Jim's tip and have no problem tossing them a $20 each to set it in for me.
  16. Time For A Residential Refrigerator?

    Following on with what Herman said. Measure your door, I bet it is about 24". Find the measurements for the refrigerator installed. Compare them to the Samsung RF-18 "counter depth". This is a great replacement if it will fit. My refrig was in the slide and I lacked 4" of height. I ended up using a Sears that was the same cu foot as the Dometic. With the doors and hinges off it fit through the door with 1/4 in to spare. The delivery guys set it inside re installed the doors. I had to extend the floor of the refrig opening because it wasn't a counter depth unit. I added some trim to fill the rest of the opening. One outher thing, it didn't come with a icemaker and sears wanted about $245.00 to add the icemaker (parts +labor) I bought the same ice maker on Amazon for $45.00 and it took about 15 min to install it. Makes lots of ice. Bill
  17. Air Bags

    OK guys, Carl, you and Herman need to get back on topic. Brett will be more pleased with y'all if you stay on topic and not wonder off in to the hither lands.
  18. Time For A Residential Refrigerator?

    Thanks Jim. How hard was it getting it in the door?
  19. Time For A Residential Refrigerator?

    I did all the things Herman did except when Lowes delivered my Samsung RF18, the delivery guys (3) removed the Nocold that I had sitting in the floor and brought the Samsung in and set it in the hole. I gave them 20 bucks each. They hauled off the Nocold as an extra bonus. You can plug the electrical in to the outlet the ice maker was plugged in.
  20. Time For A Residential Refrigerator?

    Thanks Herman. There is no furnace underneath the fridge and no TV to worry about. The book said "not serviceable by consumer" but I did get it running again by turning it off and waiting about an hour and turned it back on. Since I'm on shore power, I put it on AC and it has been working. That being said, I still want it out of here pronto, Tonto. We are looking at having solar installed when we get to Yuma in November and maybe they could do the fridge. I might be able to physically get it in here but it's the electrical end of it I'm not sure about. There is an outlet underneath to plug it in and I do have a Magnum 2K inverter. The only time I run it on LP is if I'm doing an overnighter in a Walmart or something. I think I do have your number so maybe tomorrow I will give you a call and bend your ear if you don't mind.
  21. Time For A Residential Refrigerator?

    Jumper, As several others have done I installed my own. We have a 2002 Monaco Dynasty. We didn't have a furnace under our Nevercool. As for how to get it out I P/Oed the DW. I pulled the unit out and sat it in the floor. I then proceeded to cut it into pieces and threw them out the door one piece at a time. Getting ahead of myself. Before I started I got the unit I wanted to install, a Samsung RF-18. It is17.6cft. and runs fine on my MSW Trace 2000 watt inverter. I remove the doors, hinges and the freezer drawer. It was a complete rectangular cube. I then made a light weight wood frame. I then tried putting it through the front door. I found that if I removed the door stop, so the door could swing all the way open, removed the passengers seat, I was able to get it in the door. All that being said a lot will depend on the TV location. That was why I made the frame. If it will go through the door GREAT, if not you may have to go through a window. I did do a couple of modifications to the electrical, water and floor. If I can help send me a PM and I will give you my number and you can if it would help. Herman
  22. Hi Folks, we just got the "uh-oh" beeps on our Norcold 121X fridge. Book says it is a "high temp limit switch is open" and not serviceable by the consumer. It beeps on AC as well as propane. We did just get a good rain/wind storm blow through and then it started beeping a couple minutes after. Not sure if it is related. If anybody has a fix that would be great but looks like it is time for the residential fridge to be installed. Been reading through the forum and I def want to get rid of this thing if nothing else, for the fire hazard. We just got into Sioux Falls for our residency and will be here for a month so now would be a good time to do it. I'm looking at this thing and wondering, how do you get the old one out and the new one in? The door doesn't look like it would be big enough. The windshield needs replaced so maybe that's an option. It's a bigger job than I'm capable of (100% DAV) so any tips or questions to ask to make sure it gets done right?
  23. New Coach: Discount Off Sticker

    We are looking at a new Newmar Dutch Star. Are you telling me factory direct is cheaper than going thru one of their dealers? Seems unlikely they would sell cheaper than their dealers. Seems to undercut the dealer network.
  24. Appreciation to Fellow FMCA Members

    EXCELLENT. That is what FMCA is all about. BTW, welcome to the FMCA Forum.
  25. Performance Improvments

    Tom, enjoy the toys, you only live once make each day count!
  26. Appreciation to Fellow FMCA Members

    Huge thank you to Robert and Rita Landrum (F413023), FMCA Pinch Hitters and Red River Rovers chapter members for helping return our motorhome to storage. I suffered an ankle injury while working maintenance on my MH and could not drive. Robert and Rita graciously answered our request for help to drive the MH back to storage. And Robert even gave me a lesson in the 3-point turn to get the MH into its space. FMCA members are the best!!! Mike & Nancy Honkomp (F429915)
  27. This is interesting

    That's when we had the 1" end of year edition!
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