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  1. Yes, it is possible to place the print copy of your magazine on hold. If you are interested in doing so, please contact the Member Services Department at the FMCA national office -- or 513-474-3622 or 800-543-3622. Another idea is to keep the print magazine coming to you and then pass it along to another motorhome owner in a campground or to leave copies at a local RV dealer, etc. to help spread the word about FMCA.
  2. @Me2Bus. Glad to hear that the digital issue worked well on your smartphone. I, too, love the print version of Family Motor Coaching magazine, and all of my other magazines (I have a bit of an obsession with magazines in general). But I must admit that I'm growing more fond by the day of my iPad, and Family Motor Coaching magazine looks really great on it. And having options is especially nice for FMCA's mobile membership. Thanks for the feedback!
  3. It is possible to download a PDF copy for reading offline.This option appears on the Tools menu. The icon looks like a hammer until you roll over it, at which time the word Tools appear. The download PDF button is at the bottom of the menu.
  4. Someone else indicated that they experienced issues with viewing it on a first-generation iPad. I think changing to the single-page viewing mode on the Tools menu may help with navigation on the iPad.
  5. We are pleased to announce that Family Motor Coach Association members and magazine subscribers now have more options for enjoying Family Motor Coaching magazine. Today we officially launch the digital edition of the BEST magazine for motorhome enthusiasts. It is now possible to view a user-friendly, flip-through version of Family Motor Coaching magazine on your iPad or Android tablet, on your desktop or laptop computer, or even on your smartphone. Members and subscribers also can download a PDF copy of the magazine to enjoy during times when they do not have an Internet connection. The digital edition is an exact replica of the print copy of the magazine, but it also has interactive features. It will be available a week or so before the print version arrives in mailboxes, so you’ll have early access to the magazine and its great content. Since access to the digital magazine will be restricted to members and subscribers, you must be signed in via your regular sign-in account to view it. If you haven’t already created a sign-in account, you’ll want to do so and link the account to your FMCA membership number or subscriber account number. In addition to the current issue of the magazine – February 2013 – we’ve provided access to the January 2013 issue in the archive section. Each month when we add the current issue, prior issues will move to the archive collection and continue to be available. Happy reading and happy motorhoming! Sincerely, Pamela Kay Director of Communications, Publishing
  6. Hello, Chris. The Stoppin' Spots listing appears in the January directory issue each year. The June issue contains only an updated RV Marketplace, the listing of FMCA commercial members. The Stoppin' Spots also can be found online at in the Members area. A member sign-in is required. Here is a link to that feature online: Pamela Kay
  7. Although Gulf Stream is still in business, it appears that they are no longer manufacturing motorhomes. They are producing only towables at this point. The fact that their Web site -- -- is still active is a bit confusing. And when you call there, which I did today but didn't reach anyone, they still mention a motorhome division as an option. But they have a display at the National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Kentucky, currently, and an FMCA staff member who is there confirmed with company officials that they are not producing motorhomes.~ Pamela Kay, Director of Communications, Publishing
  8. Since the publication of the May article in Family Motor Coaching, Navistar finalized its purchase of Monaco's motorhome assets and formed Monaco RV LLC, which is producing vehicles at Oregon and Indiana facilities. Fleetwood's motorhome assets were purchased by American Industrial Partners Capital Fund IV LP, and the newly formed company has its headquarters in Decatur, Indiana. Country Coach and Rexhall are still making their way through their Chapter 11 reorganization filings but are producing motorhomes. Pamela Kay, FMCA Director of Communications, Publishing
  9. Hello. I don't think that particular bit of news appeared in Family Motor Coaching magazine, but perhaps you read it at Below is a link to the story about the Herzogs and their travels in a Winnebago Adventurer 35Z hybrid motorhome. It appears in the Motorhoming section under Motor Coach News. Hope this helps. Pamela Kay Director of Communications, Publishing FMCA
  10. Hello, Ray. First of all, thank you for your kind words about the magazine. I certainly can appreciate the sentiment you expressed -- in terms of focusing on life and the living -- and I agree with you in most respects. That said, the Final Trip column tends to be a popular feature in the magazine. We learned this with a prior redesign of the magazine that, in all honestly, made the Final Trip column prettier but a bit more difficult to read, as we received more comments about that than any other aspect of the new design. (By the way, we quickly fixed the problems in response.) And, of course, we want to honor those national officers who have served FMCA faithfully, such as Duane Pindell. Your point is well-taken, however, and offers food for thought. After all, the motorhome lifestyle is all about living life to the fullest! Again, thanks. Keep those ideas and comments coming! Pamela Kay Director of Communications, Publishing Family Motor Coaching
  11. The entry below from the November 2004 Tech & Travel Tips column may be what he was recalling. FMC magazine has had several references to turn signal alerts over the years. Also, a commercial product is available from Daeco. It's called the Turn-Alarm, and more information is available at Hope this helps. Pamela Kay, FMCA, Director of Communications, Publishing Inaudible Turn Signals Many RV drivers find it difficult, if not impossible, to hear the clicking sound from factory-installed turn signals. It is not uncommon to see RVs traveling for miles with the turn signal flashing, because the driver is unaware that the turn signal is on. One solution is to supplement the factory flashers with an additional audio device such as the RadioShack Mini 12-volt-DC Electric Buzzer (part number 273-055A). Solder the buzzer leads to the flasher as close to the body of the flasher as possible; secure the mini buzzer to the flasher with a tie-wrap; and reinstall the flasher. William J. Paton, F203866 Titusville, Florida