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  1. Jeep Wrangled or Patriot/Compass

    What are you towing with? FYI...it helps if you add your information at the bottom of your posts, including year, make and model of your coach.
  2. American Guardian

    The repairs should have never been started until all parties agreed on the amount of time and money. Most extended service agreement companies won't pay a nickel if pre-authorization wasn't obtained. BTW...most of these agreements have more holes in them than a 10 pound onion sack. Buyer beware.
  3. To answer the OP's questions. 1. Title it in the state you claim as your domicile, you know, where you file your tax return, etc. 2. As far as insurance, I would suggest you do your due diligence and purchase the policy that makes most sense and cents to you.
  4. I learned the mustard trick many years ago visiting friends in Abbeville, LA. They use this on "sac-a-lait", the fish that we know as white perch or crappie. Delicious. Bill, apparently you found your spell check again.
  5. Trip Planning Apps

    RV Trip Wizard allows you to set either miles or time to drive. I have no experience with this program but I understand it has this feature. https://www.rvtripwizard.com/
  6. I appreciate you taking time to comment. Rumors and speculation can do a lot of damage in a short period of time. Thanks.
  7. LED Marker Lights

    Bill, when I converted all the inside lights in my Bounder, I used this company. Give him a call, he is knowledgable and very helpful. http://www.m4products.com/led-rv-retrofit-bulbs/
  8. Michelin FMCA Dealers In Houston

    Driving back on I-10 from Katy, TX on Friday, I passed several trucks loaded with crushed cars. I assume they are flood cars coming out of Houston headed to the steel mills in Mexico.
  9. Michelin FMCA Dealers In Houston

    Going back to your husbands concern with the speedometer reading incorrectly if he changes to a different tire manufacturer, the speedometer is calibrated for the tire size. The thing that would change the speedometer reading is if you went to a larger or smaller tire and by that I mean buying a tire with a larger or smaller number after the /, in this case, the 80R number.
  10. LV Shooting

    So many evil people in the world today. Are we safe anywhere? Prayers for the victims, their families and the first responders.
  11. Traded In FR3 30DS

    I guess I'm lucky, I eat when I'm bored. Congratulations on the new ride.
  12. FMCA Allowing Towables: Survey On: RV TRAVEL Website

    I must have missed the name calling and arguments, Herman. Maybe Brett deleted it.
  13. FMCA Allowing Towables: Survey On: RV TRAVEL Website

    Wait...I am the OP of this thread and I demand some respect. Get back on the topic of the Survey or I guess that is what the topic would be. Some were questioning the validity of the survey and I don't have a clue, I just posted the survey without verifying the source and/or validity of said survey. If the media can report news without verifying if its accurate, why can't I?