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  1. I'm don't understand why manufacturers are still installing this product. I just bought a Newmar with it and the care instructions for the Diamond Shield includes a lot of don't 's and very few do's.
  2. Are you referring to the Diamond Shield coating or an actual bra that fits over the front cap of the motorhome? If its the Diamond Shield here are some links to removing it: http://www.irv2.com/forums/f258/diamondshield-removal-ouch-259954.html
  3. What is not a mess in that state?
  4. Here ya go, Mark. This may be a much more appropriate forum for your pontificating. http://www.classbforum.com/forums/
  5. Mark....you are not making any friends and if thats your objective you're on the wrong forum. I told you several weeks ago that we all have an opinion and if it doesn't agree with yours you go bonkers trying to convince us we are wrong. You have your opinion and personally I don't agree with hardly any of them but they are your opinions and I'm perfectly happy for you to share them just don't try to change everyone else to think like you. I suggest you either back off or back away from this forum and please stop private messaging me. Brett, you can delete or edit this post, but I, like some of the other members have endured about as many his posts as possible.
  6. I've been with them 8 years. Every year I have a friend that is an independent insurance agent check for best rates. He has not been able to come close. As far as claims, they paid $10,000+ to replace my roof 4 years ago and never raised my rate. Repaired windshield chips on the motorhome 3 times and replaced the windshield on my wife's Lexus and no rate increase. When we moved from Montgomery County, TX to Comal County, TX, our rates when down substantially.
  7. Bill, the tire with good tread in places, brand and age please. When I put my Bounder up for sale, the first looker walked around and felt the tread on every tire and commented they had lots of life left in them. He never checked a date code because if he had he would have noticed they are almost 6 years old. He didn't buy it and thankfully the eventual buyer never made any comment about the tires so I didn't feel obligated to tell him they would all need to be replaced soon.
  8. I contacted my insurance provider this week to make a change to my policy. They asked the usual questions but this time they had a different question,"are you a member of any rving groups like Good Sam's?". I said yes and then asked about FMCA; they are not on our list but with you being a member of Good Sam we can provide a better rate. Another benefit from Good Sam's I was not aware of. BTW, the insurance provider is The Hartford.
  9. I'm sure there must be other van conversion owners that are members or FMCA but apparently they don't participate in the forum. Mark, fuel mileage must have been the driving force for your van purchase. Comfort was the reason for my class A purchase, to each his own. Hopefully another van conversion owner will join your conversation.
  10. If you are a member of FCOC you will receive a 10% discount on parts and labor at the Oasis Dealers.
  11. When we picked up our new coach last week, I asked the sales manager what he thought about FMCA and if they ever discussed it with customers. Boy did I get an ear full and it wasn't nice. He was at a FMCA rally in Perry at some point representing the Newmar dealer network when he and all the other dealer reps heard about a meeting where some individual was telling the attendees how to buy a motorhome at cost. I guess I don't have to tell you, they were upset and after a few days the group had decided to do all they could to NOT support FMCA. I'm just repeating his story. I don't have a clue if its factual or a bunch of bunk. I do know that our Newmar had a prominent brochure for CoachNet. The dealer is Holiday World in Katy, TX, with multiple locations.
  12. I had an issues several years ago that the genset would die. I would restart and it would run for several minutes and die or it may run for a much longer time and then die. It was a loose ground connection on the house batteries. I tightened it and solved the problem. Seems to me, 75% of our electrical problems are poor ground connections.
  13. 1994 Vectra, read or re-read the post Tireman posted last Sunday.
  14. You might consider looking at a plan with unlimited towing mileage. If you have a problem with the chassis, the nearest Mercedes dealer could be several hundred miles away, they aren't usually located in every small town you come across.
  15. I was driving in my Jeep back from the Houston area to the hill country today on I-10. Ambient temp was 105-107. The speed limit is 75mph. I was driving 75-78 when a driver came around me going maybe 85 towing a Montana fifth wheel. I expected to see his tires explode any minute but alas, he drove on in to the sunset.