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  1. If its $30/night for a really small patch of dirt and no hook ups, I'm afraid to ask the charge for a full hookup site. Carl, I think we could make a fortune if we could get $30/night for a little space. I'll rent them a half acre, provide a fire ring and all the mesquite wood you can burn for $20/night. I'll even show you how to operate a chain saw and log splitter at no charge. Now if you want to use the air conditioned tractor to ride around and look at the wildlife, that'll cost extra.
  2. Tom....the topic has been renamed "Verizon pulls out of FMCA agreement".
  3. Are you asking for a lisitng of rv parks that only allow motorhomes? In my 30+ years of rving, I've never seen a park that only allows motorhomes but then I've never looked.
  4. I bet they could teach you how to turn on spellcheck, Bill.
  5. I sure hope they have some answers for you folks attending the rally next month, could get interesting to say the least. Its probably safe to say a huge majority of the attendees don't have a clue there has been a Verizon plan offered. I guess Herman was correct when he kept saying call FMCA.
  6. I agree desertdeals. I keep roadside service as insurance for a $1000+ tow.
  7. Jrock, this is for roadside service not a service contract to repair something broken. Good Sams is $69/year for new members. Coach-Net is $249.00/year. I dropped Coach-Net two years ago when they said the only service company they could find had a 2 hour minimum charge and I would have to pay for the additional hour. I located 5 service companies within ten minutes that didn't have the 2 hour minimum and their rate per hour was less than Coach-Nets provider. Coach-Net would only use the one they first found. I canceled the service call, used one I found, saved myself $15, subscribed to Good Sams and cancelled Coach-Net. I've used Good Sams on three different occasions, all for my Jeep, with acceptable service.
  8. Some body shops and some U Haul places can install. Have you contacted Lazy Daze or some local RV dealers for recommendations?
  9. Interesting read: http://gypsyjournalrv.com/2017/06/coach-net-sucks/
  10. Curious Bill, why don't you recommend the RV version of CoPilot? I use the Garmin 760LMT, Google maps and Truckers Atlas. Trust but Verify.
  11. After about 4 distillers and visiting the sample rooms in each one, a wise person would call a cab, Herman.
  12. Parking may be an issue at some of the distillery's.
  13. I would suggest calling your current insurance company asking them what they recommend then shop for the best policy. Is HMO the kind of policy you have a primary physician that has to refer you to specialists.