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  1. Time for Safety Features on Motor Homes?

    Like Herman said, you were blessed. I do have one comment on the insurance adjusters statement...bunk. I spent way too many years in the body shop business and rarely do you find an adjuster that knows the difference in a quarter panel and a fender and now they are experts on motorhome safety. I would almost bet that unless she's been in the business for 25 years plus she has seen less than a handful of motorhome wrecks. I have friends in the motorhome collision repair business and they usually need to write the estimate for the insurance adjuster because there are no programs or books that give estimated time and material costs on rv repairs. All that being said, I don't like to hear statements like, "if that had been a new one you would have never..." because they don't have a clue. Ask the Leo's that investigate wrecks whether a new rv or an old rv is safer an see what the response is, no idea, it depends on the circumstances. If larger heavier vehicles are safer, why are adjusters driving the smallest car available? You can kick my soapbox out from under me now.
  2. Backing up 26' motorhome without a spotter

    Only if in chrome, Joe. You could chip it and blow black smoke while you're at it.
  3. There you have it Joe. Come on down. Getting back on topic, you can store it in doors, outdoors, behind doors or not.
  4. Wayne is over near Dickinson and yes, you need gills to handle the humidity. We are in the Texas Hill Country, about 40 miles south of Carl. Where Herman lives makes him dang near a yankee.
  5. Backing up 26' motorhome without a spotter

    Wayne, you mention the horn, the Newmar has that blankety blank beeper that will wake the dead whenever I shift in to reverse. Thankfully, I rarely if ever arrive in a campground late or I would have to pull in or risk getting shot.
  6. I wonder if he remembers what puberty is/was? I say "is" because like Kay said, he may still be in it.
  7. That is about the most convoluted rambling I've heard recently. Come on down, you'll fit in just fine. FYI, the humidity is always low in the Big Bend area but unless you want to be an oarsman on a float trip down the Rio Grande, there aren't many jobs. After I built my building I learned to always build it at least 25% bigger than you think you'll ever need. I built t for my motorhome and pickup. Didn't know about the Jeep, golf cart and side by side I was going to buy.
  8. Bad Loves Fuel Stop

    My local Shell has accepted my multi color capital one visa for up to 80 gallons within the last week or so. I had to re-swipe the card 3 times however.
  9. Backing up 26' motorhome without a spotter

    I can honestly say, I don't think I've ever been in a campground where there wasn't someone available to be a spotter. Now if you come in late, that can be an issue. Two things I will never do is back up without a spotter or backup when I can't see the spotter in my outside mirror(s). With all that being said, a 26ft motorhome is almost like backing a Suburban. I suggest finding an empty parking lot, (church, school, shopping center,etc) and practice your backing. Use your cones or whatever you have available to simulate a parking space and practice backing in to it. Practice, practice, practice. Good luck.
  10. TPMS Techno RV Install

    The extension on the left appears to be held in place by a holder that is screwed into the plastic hub; I don't think many of us want to be drilling in to our aluminum wheels, at least I sure don't. A simple Google search on braided valve extension reviews indicates less than satisfactory results compared to solid extensions. Maybe by not using TPMS on the braided extension, as pictured, that would help with vibration, etc, but then you're giving up a very important safety item just to make it easier to check the air in your tires. Since I'm not going to drill and tap a hole in my aluminum wheels, I think I'll stick with my solid extensions.
  11. 2018 Chevy Equinox Flat Tow

    Welcome to the forum. Seems I've read on most GM products either the battery needs to be disconnected and /or some fuses pulled. Let us know what you find out. On edit. I assume you read this entire thread before posting as it seems to be a known problem.
  12. TPMS Techno RV Install

    You've been blessed. My 2nd motorhome came with the braided hoses and were a constant leak problem.
  13. New Paint

    Dang... I got out of the paint and body business too soon. I've always heard numbers closer to the $20,000 range from the shops in Indiana.