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  1. Diesel Pusher Repair Facilities In E . Texas

    Cummins? Cat? Detroit? or ????
  2. Suggestions on Yellowstone/Tetons Campground

    The provided link is to Mark Quasius's write up on touring the Yellowstone, Tetons and the Beartooth Hwy. I've suggested this to all my friends when I find out they are planning a trip to that area. http://www.rvtechmag.com/showcase/54_ystonephoto.php This is a link to his website which has some really good how to articles. http://www.rvtechmag.com/index.php?cat=0
  3. Jeff, I appreciate your persistence and tenacity. Since I could care less if FMCA has 1 or 10,000 directors or whatever they'er called or 1 chapter or 10,000 chapters with rallys and conventions, I don't have a dog in this hunt. Its unfortunate you are getting a lot of it can't happen, this is wrong, that will never work kind of statements rather than lets work together and come up with a solution that will benefit FMCA as a whole. Does this remind anyone else of exactly what is going on in that little square mile called Washington D. C.? Are some of the FMCA old guard afraid of losing some power and/or prestige? Or maybe its the attitude of well we've done it this way for years so lets not rock the boat. I wish you well, Jeff, you have long hard row to hoe as we say in the south.
  4. FMCA Roadside Assistance

    I'm sorry but it seems to me as if the FMCA program is in a steep learning curve for whatever reason. As I recall, someone posted they called FMCA RSA for a lock out and was told "thats not covered for motorhomes" but then a few weeks later they recanted their story. I'm not prepared to go with any company that answers their business number with a message for me to leave a message and we'll get back to you in 24 hours.
  5. Register Your Tires

    Thanks for responding. So there is a law that costs the manufacturer, the distributor, the dealer and the consumer time and in most cases money to abide by and most don't. Its most likely not enforced because its logistically impossible to enforce. Another bureaucratic boondoggle. It would be much less expensive to take out full page ads than keeping track of millions of individual names.
  6. Full Timing Annual CG Fees

    No problem getting out. Remember, you have a benefit I don't, you can easily back up. I would need to disconnect my toad to back.
  7. Full Timing Annual CG Fees

    We stopped around 6 at the Walmart in Fort Stockton, TX a few months ago and there were three rv's there. We left at 6:30 the next morning and there were 30+.
  8. Full Timing Annual CG Fees

    I don't know it the Texas Rio Grande Valley area is of interest, but we usually stay here for a few weeks in the spring. http://llanogranderesort.com/
  9. Full Timing Annual CG Fees

    Joe, its not the getting in that I am concerned with its the getting out.
  10. Silverado

    I think you will find several on here that are M&G advocates. Give Monty a call for any questions on their braking system. I spoke to him yesterday and he is a little under the weather with the crud. https://www.m-gengineering.com/
  11. Register Your Tires

    To my knowledge, I've never registered a tire. My questions are: Did Firestone notify all the vehicle owners of their defective tires before or after all the lawsuits? When I purchase a used vehicle, were those tires registered? Does the manufacturer register every tire they install and who the owner will be? Did Newmar register my tires on my motorhome? Am I legally responsible to make sure my tires are registered on a vehicle I'm selling? If the selling tire distributor registers a tire he sells me and then I in turn sell my vehicle, am I required to notify the dealer I no longer own the tire? Of the thousands of used vehicles bought and sold monthly, how are those tire registrations handled? To the FMCA member who has been trying to register new tires for months, were your existing tires registered? Here is one many RVers are familiar with, when did you receive notice your Norcold could catch fire and kill you? We had to call Norcold if our unit serial numbers fell within the range of problem products. My Norcold was on the recall and had never been registered yet I received the magical black box. From what I've seen, after there have been multiple failures of a product and its been blasted by the news media for months and the class action lawsuits have been filed, the tire manufacturer may or may not notify the consumer. Of course when they notify you they are admitting there is a problem so most likely they will never notify anyone and allow the class action attorneys to make millions while the consumers are rewarded with a check for $1.18. I think I'll use my time being more concerned if they really used pink air in my tires.
  12. Forum Speed

    Go to Adblocker for Chrome to download, it will stop those pesky ads. The only ads I see on the FMCA site are their banner ads. I have the same experience as Wayne on getting on the website. Its slow to load but then it works fine.
  13. Forum Speed

    Carl, are you using a PC or a fruity product?
  14. Invoice Pricing From Freightliner/Chrysler

    Exactly, the dealers have the hold back money, number of unit discounts, number of units bonuses, etc. Plus, the infamous F&I profit center. As Brett stated, "it is an excellent reference point". I would love to see the manufacturer's invoice on our motorhomes...errr, to stay politically correct, recreational vehicle.
  15. Invoice Pricing From Freightliner/Chrysler

    With all due respect, Carl, what word would you use to replace invoice? Bill? The copy of the piece paper I received says Factory Invoice. Henson Jeep in Madisonville is very familiar with the plan. I did my purchase over the phone, drove up when the Jeep came, signed the paperwork and drove my new Jeep home with a copy of what Daimler calls a Factory Invoice.