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  1. Where is the "Cabin Fever" thread?

    That would be a dangerous, aka expensive, place for us to visit but I sure would like to.
  2. New Verizon plan support

    I posted the other day my interest in getting on the Verizon Mifi program but I had concerns about all the seemingly confused customer service reps when contacting Verizon. I had a private message from Dan Ball offering his assistance whenever I'm ready to sign up. I just want to say publicly, thank you Dan for reaching out and offering your assistance. It's refreshing to know someone in the puzzle palace is reading the forums and is willing to reach out and offer assistance. Goodness knows, we all are aware there are corporate lurkers monitoring the forum for political correctness posts so I find it gratifying when we have people like Dan not only reading the forum but offering their assistance. Thanks again, Dan.
  3. Where is the "Cabin Fever" thread?

    I got cabin fever after 4 or 5 days of cloudy misty skies but solved the issue easily, loaded up the motorhome and drove three hours south to the Texas coast for a few days. I have a hard time getting my mind wrapped around having to winterize my coach in October and getting it out of storage in March or April. I've been blessed in the fact I've never had to winterize a RV.
  4. It's towable. I tow a 05 TJ Wrangler Sport or a 16 JKU Wrangler Sport. Sport, Sahara, Rubicon are trim models.
  5. Android App for Forum

    Good deal.
  6. Storing 2015 DS 6h/d power

    Uh oh....I missed that option, Joe. On occasions I do hear various voices in my head however.
  7. Storing 2015 DS 6h/d power

    I love my beeper. I didn't realize how many friends I would make with it. When I recently left a campground early one morning, I had to back up a few times to get out of a tight space and every time my beeper came on people looked out their windows waving and shouting. I even had one man run out in his sleepwear to give me a friendly salute. It's a real ice breaker when arriving late at night or when leaving at the crack of dawn. You meet so many nice people when you have a beeper; it's just strange they often appear to be angry but I'm sure its only because they are jealous they don't have a beeper.
  8. Padre Island

    I could be. Pm me.
  9. Storing 2015 DS 6h/d power

    Yeah and I have a beep beep beeper when I back up, so there.
  10. Padre Island

    We would love having you.
  11. Android App for Forum

    FMCA is the only forum I frequent that doesn't have an app. I agree Richard, the younger folks go to the App Store immediately, heck, I did too when I started using my iPad when traveling. FMCA loads so slow that if I'm on a weak network it will time out sometimes but when using the apps for other forums it eliminates that issue. Herman, you may want to pass this along to the appropriate geek squad folks.
  12. Check Out Our New Verizon MIFI Benefit!

    I'm interested in obtaining internet through this plan but I don't have the patience to spend days getting signed up. Hopefully, this will all get ironed out in the next few months.
  13. Wash Wax All

    Be careful Herman....Wash and Wax is the subject. LOL See its hard isn't it.
  14. Padre Island

    And then he, Roland (rfsod48) the original poster, asked about golf courses in the RGV. So you're saying he should have started a new thread asking about public or private courses where he is asking about the weather? What about if know some really good places to eat or places to visit in the RGV, I should start a new thread? I guess I missed the memo on no deviations or additional information can be shared unless a new thread is started. Give me a little time, I'm sure I'll adapt.
  15. Padre Island

    The OP asked a question about golf. Are the rules now the original poster of a thread can't ask a question that is not on the exact original topic? He did ask about golf courses in the RGV.
  16. Storing 2015 DS 6h/d power

    Place battery disconnect switch off, inverter off, charger on, set Magnum controller to 20amps. If you want to add suspenders to your belt, set your AGM to start the genset at low voltage.
  17. Storing 2015 DS 6h/d power

    It is a Dutch Star and I say that because he has posted the exact question in the Newmar section on iRV2. Most Dutch Star owners refer to it asa DSDP, Dutch Star Diesel Pusher. Most refer to our Ventana as a VTDP., it's a Newmar thing I guess.
  18. Padre Island

    There are plenty of public courses. We stay at Llano Grande and they have a golf course.
  19. I drove in a 25mph gusting to 35mph wind today and never considered stopping. Driving from Big Bend recently we had wind warnings of gust to 50 and we didn't stop. The Newmar comfort steer and a tag axle make for a pretty comfortable drive in high winds. Just another benefit of a heavy class A motorhome.
  20. Padre Island

    I don't know what your handicap is but mine is my putter.
  21. Surge protector?

    Or return it to Prgressive for a new one, lifetime warranties are nice.
  22. TPMS Techno RV Install

    There isn't anyway I could use tabs on my all aluminum wheels. I never had anything but bad luck using the hoses on my old motorhome. When I replaced the tires on my last motorhome, the tire dealer told me I should throw the hoses away which I had already planned on doing. The solid metal extensions have always worked without any problems.
  23. Surge protector?

    I've used both. My last motorhome had a lot of space in the electrical compartment so I permanently mounted it. My present coach didn't have the room so I'm using the portable model. I had the permanent one mounted for almost 10 years with absolutely no problems. My current portable unit has been in use since last August. I've lost count the number of times it's saved me due to wiring problems, high and low voltage and ground issues. Progressive industries is the manufacturer.
  24. TPMS Techno RV Install

    Yikes! I can see where that brought forth some choice words along with sliced knuckles.
  25. TPMS Techno RV Install

    I'm curious as to how you would suggest one "firmly bolt down the outer the end" on an aluminum wheel or a wheel simulator? For me, drilling and tapping into my aluminum wheel Is not an option.