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  1. Forum Speed

    Go to Adblocker for Chrome to download, it will stop those pesky ads. The only ads I see on the FMCA site are their banner ads. I have the same experience as Wayne on getting on the website. Its slow to load but then it works fine.
  2. Forum Speed

    Carl, are you using a PC or a fruity product?
  3. Invoice Pricing From Freightliner/Chrysler

    Exactly, the dealers have the hold back money, number of unit discounts, number of units bonuses, etc. Plus, the infamous F&I profit center. As Brett stated, "it is an excellent reference point". I would love to see the manufacturer's invoice on our motorhomes...errr, to stay politically correct, recreational vehicle.
  4. Invoice Pricing From Freightliner/Chrysler

    With all due respect, Carl, what word would you use to replace invoice? Bill? The copy of the piece paper I received says Factory Invoice. Henson Jeep in Madisonville is very familiar with the plan. I did my purchase over the phone, drove up when the Jeep came, signed the paperwork and drove my new Jeep home with a copy of what Daimler calls a Factory Invoice.
  5. Fridge Not Cold Enough

    I guess we have now.
  6. FMCA Roadside Assistance

    I really would like to hear from someone who has experience with the service. Just because its $69 doesn't mean much if the service equates to the cost. Ian hinted he is a user but has not mentioned if he has had experience using it and apparently nobody on this forum has any experience with this program.
  7. Invoice Pricing From Freightliner/Chrysler

    I bought my last two Jeeps through this program. I paid the dealer invoice cost less the 1%. The dealer retains the hold back and any other special incentives. When I bought my 2016 Wrangler, Daimler had a coupon rebate program and I received the 1% below invoice and then, as I recall, a $500 rebate after that. To use the $40,000 example, I got $400 (1%) off of dealer invoice and a additional $500 rebate thanks to the FCOC program. I believe the program is available for most of the Daimler products including the Mercedes line.
  8. FMCA Roadside Assistance

    Do you use FMCA, Ian? If so, what has your experience been other than writing a smaller check? The major selling point I keep hearing is that its cheaper than the others but what kind of service will you receive from the lowest priced vendor. It may not be such a great deal if the service is lousy. GS and CoachNet both cover all your vehicles.
  9. FMCA Roadside Assistance

    I've been with GS since CoachNet started raising their prices and have had good service the 3 times I've had to use them. I used CoachNet twice with good service also. I think the key is getting the right person on the phone when you have a problem. I can't find many users of the FMCA program to qualify their service.
  10. Fridge Not Cold Enough

    Wayne, I hope you found a fix for your problem before the thread turned into the do's and don'ts of having a residential refrigerator.
  11. FMCA Website

    With all due respect and without going back and reading all the mindless posts, I think I started the fruity stuff on this slow to log in website. Just to stay on topic.
  12. 100% Increase- Blue Sky Insurance

    Carl, if you can change your permanent address to Burnet county from Galveston county, I bet your rates will take a significant drop. When we moved from Montgomery county to to Comal country our vehicle insurance and our Medicare supplement premium both went down.
  13. Proposed Change To FMCA's Governance

    Exactly. I would hate to be required to officially join the democrat, republican, or libertarian party to have representation. I am amazed with politics and backroom backroom deals that appear to me be made in some of the chapters. For me, as an outsider, it sound like some of the chapters are like little kingdoms ruled by a vpm, an eieio or a lmnop; yes I'm being sarcastic because I never no what the abbreviations stand for. I guess we won't be represented unless we join a chapter, Wayne.
  14. FMCA Website

    Time out can be a lonely place but it gives one plenty of time to wait for the website to load.
  15. FMCA Website

    Linux? Is that one of Charles Schulz's characters. Yep, log on is taking forever but we know help is on the way.
  16. FMCA Website

    Yep, the website is still slow but it does give me an opportunity to grab a couple bites of strudel while waiting.
  17. FMCA Website

    Have you found one that works?
  18. Fridge Not Cold Enough

    Wayne, the flapper is not a magnetic operated piece, its mechanically operated. There are guiding devices top and bottom, mounted on the box, with slots for pins on the flapper to slide in to. Check for alignment or if the pins have been damaged.
  19. Motorhome Parking At A NYC Airport

    Joe, I've been to the Big Apple many times. My late wife was born in Manhattan, graduated Fordham then St Johns. Parents had a small cottage in South Hampton. We spent many summers there, just never took the motorhome because we always had places to stay. Actually, I loved spending time there. Quick story, we were having dinner at the Rainbow Room and it was colder than heck outside. The temp in the restaurant had to have been 80 so I took my blazer off. The maitre'd came by I told me I had to keep my jacket on, rule. I asked him to turn the heat down and after him asking me the third time I told him in my best and richest sounding Texan voice, "if you keep messin with me pardner, I'm gonna buy this place just so I can fire you". He left me alone the rest of the evening. Yeah, they talk funny in the Bronx, heck, they talk funny everywhere there. Spent a lot of time in the Philly area also. King of Prussia, Plymouth Meeting, Blue Bell and George Washington slept in every house in every one of those places or at least thats what the signs said. I hope the OP boards his ship ok.
  20. FMCA Website

    All is well. I found it.
  21. FMCA Website

    I've decided that with my computer expertise, knowledge and all around experience with bit and bytes, I better get in on the website beta testing for no other reason than to keep Wayne from turning it into another fruit, think Steve Jobs, Brett, product. One problem, I can't find the sign up place. Did I miss the boat?
  22. FMCA Website

    Now that gave me a chuckle. I feel like my computer moves about like the agave grow.
  23. FMCA Website

    My computer is about the last thing I want to get up close and personal with. Have I ever told you how much I dislike computers? Especially since my wife decided we would be a fruit home with nothing but Apples. I will not give up my Samsung Droid Phone, of course neither will she. Ever so often I boot up my old Dell laptop just for old times sake.
  24. Motorhome Parking At A NYC Airport

    Not bitter....well....maybe a little. When Hurricane Sandy came barreling through and we decided to delay our arrival, sorry, no refunds or credit for a prepaid 5 day stay.
  25. FMCA Website

    jgabbard, it would be beneficial to forum members if you data center gurus would advise us when you are going to be doing maintenance and especially when attempting server swap outs. I spent a lot of time Saturday making sure the problem was not on my end; it would have been helpful knowing you were doing scheduled maintenance that may or may not affect us. I've gotten use to the slow website as it gives me the opportunity to go open another website to check headlines, etc. Thanks for letting us know.