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  1. towing 2008 Road Rover lr3

    What does the owners manual say about towing?
  2. 1st MH Road Trip w/ mileage

    Wayne, as you know, I used a dolly that had steerable wheels and I kept the car steering wheel locked. I did use TPMS on the dolly and rear toad tires. Thankfully I never had a tire problem so l can't specifically answer your question but since my steering wheel was locked I don't believe it would have shown any movement.
  3. 1st MH Road Trip w/ mileage

    I was going to make a recommendation to the OP but now I see i can only respond to the OP's exact question. Herman, are you saying unless my response to the OP is exact and precise to his question I should start a new thread? The overseers of the FMCA forum need to rewrite the forum rules to include this information if thats the case.
  4. Bad Week With Trucks

    Looks like the thread ran its course. Sorry Joe we got away from the specific topic and started talking more generically about trucks. Carl, Black Bears are making a strong comeback in BBNP. They are coming in from Mexico along with other illegals. Way off topic but good information.
  5. Bad Week With Trucks

    I'm always amazed when we go to Big Bend, if the wind is blowing from the nw or ne the skies are totally clear of pollution but if the wind is from the west or south the pollution is terrible...Blowing straight out of Mexico. 😝
  6. Join the Lone Star Chapter

    Bounder 94, go to the member dashboard page and near the top in the banner is a "Chapter" category, click on that and follow the links.
  7. 1st MH Road Trip w/ mileage

    In my humble opinion, you are going to be sorry not taking your toad. Do you plan on staying at the KOA all week? What if you forget to bring something and need to make a Wally World run or you want to go out for a meal or you want to see the ocean.....you getting my thoughts here.
  8. Starter will not engage

    Thanks for letting us all know the fix.
  9. 03 Monaco Dynasty Recalls?

    I'm not sure where you looked but if you Google "Norcold recalls", you will find information on the recalls.
  10. I hope you get some real barbecue someday. Sides for barbecue would be potato 🥔 salad, pinto beans, maybe cole slaw with sliced onions, jalapeño peppers, dill pickles and a few slices of white bread. This should be washed down with a Shiner Bock .
  11. Ok Joe, what is all that stuff on the plate?? I don't see anything that resembles barbecue. 🤷‍♂️
  12. Humor for those waiting for spring

    Be careful what you wish for, Joe. I've already mowed the lawn this year and it needs it again. 🤠
  13. Brian and Becky's RV Adventure Begins

    Welcome to the forum and as a member of the Newmar family. If you haven't done so already, check out becoming a member of the Newmar Kuntry Klub.
  14. Tracvision r-4 kvh satellite dome cover

    Welcome to the forum. There are several RV salvage yards in Indiana that specialize in RV parts. Google is your friend.
  15. Looking for a pinch hitter

    Nice gesture, Kay.
  16. Looking for a pinch hitter

    She posted a phone number in the original post.
  17. Dash buttons not working

    I love those kind of fixes. Thanks for letting us know, you never know when it will help someone else.
  18. MPG or who cares

    Welcome to the forum. What kind of mileage did you get on your previous motorhomes, that should give you a general idea.
  19. Looking for a pinch hitter

    There's was an article in the recent FMCA magazine about a couple who had driven someone's motorhome back to their home. My magazine is in my MH and it's in storage but I think there was some info about who to call for this sort of help. I guess you could look at the online version and find the article. Another reason the spouse should be able to drive.
  20. Recommendation for Wi-Fi

    Ely, MN. is one of our favorite places.
  21. Recommendation for Wi-Fi

    The last two years with have stayed a month in the boundary waters area of Minnesota with no cell service, television or internet, I must admit, it was pretty darn nice. No tv was the best part.
  22. Recommendation for Wi-Fi

    If the park has no cell service, I don't think you can use your phone for a hot spot. No Park wifi, no cell service and no cable only leaves you with satellite for service.
  23. FMCA Plates

    Carl, do you have an accordion file for all your plates?
  24. Inbox messages

    I knew Putin was involved. I guess the OP got his answer so thank all of you for helping him.
  25. FMCA Plates

    Never mind, I held my mouth in a different position and it worked. Darn gremlins.