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  1. New LED TVs + In Old Coach Diys?

    Hi Fellow Safari-ite, just finished upgrading the "Entertainment System" in my 97 Serengeti. I went for the Winegard HD Antenna, a SlimLine 3. Then for the front TV, I opted for a 27" Samsung, a 26" Samsung for the bedroom, an finally a 19" samsung for the basement. For Sat Rec's, a DTV HR20-700 as the main DVR upfront and DTV H25's for the other locations. I have eliminated a "Switch Box" up front because it was nothing but trouble. Each location (TV's) is served via RG6 coax for the Sat Rec. I did locate the "Splitter" for the bedroom & Basement locationsa and eliminated it, i.e., made a seperate/independent RG6 coax runs. The way I hook up my Over The Air (OTA) & RV Park cable is to "Join" them via a Radio Shack Video A/B switch, and then a 3 way splitter to each location via RG6 independent coax runs to the coax input of each TV. I have attach a confguration diagram of the whole setup.
  2. Handguns Across The Canadian Border

    Also, NO HANGUN AMMO, the Canuckers restrict/ban it the same as a HANDGUN.
  3. Brake/ Seal/ Rotor Replacement Safari 96-2002

  4. Motion Sensing Porch Light Notice

    I went to that porch light about 2 years ago. Could/would you post the contact information????>
  5. Compact Compressor

    Also have a 97 Safari Serengeti & I carry one of those Sears Air Compressors that will air tires up to 125psi, my tires carry 105psi.
  6. Ford Explorer - Help, I'm Going Dinghy

    Yep, a 2004 Explorer Limited V8 with a FoMoCo Supplied & Installed Neutral Tow Kit ($249 & $60 installation) behind a 1997 Safari Serengeti (Cat 3126B). Works Great.
  7. Beaver & Safari Coaches

    As the Very Proud & Satisfied owner of a 1997 40 foot Safari Serengeti M-4040, I would highly recommend a them. We wanted a non slideout unit, plus we liked the seperate "Throng Room" that our M-4040 affords us.
  8. Brad And Hall, in particular George & Stephine. My coach only had a sofa & one recliner swivel rocker when we bought it. Always wanted to get a second Flexsteel Recliner in color matching Ultraleather. Then I was struck with a rare auto-immune disease, CIDP. I have rehab'ed since where I can get into and out of the coach and safely drive it. But for me to get into and out of "Low" seat heights, i.e., recliners, they have to be stable, no swivel and no rocking. What an Odessy of Recliner shopping with companies acting like they don't need the business, especially in today's economy. In particular Flexsteel & their retailers -- Shame on Them! One morning I was reading one of my RV magazines and I saw Brad and Hall advertisement. I checked out their website which further peaked my interest. So I called their 1-800 phone number & got ahold of "George!!!" Lucky me, old school Customer Service oriented gentleman. I explained to George my medical situation and Flexsteel Ultraleather Recliner needs ($1,450+++). He asked if I had looked at the "Other Recliners" on thier Website, in particular Amish built Lambright, I had not, which I very quickly DID!!! Geesh, $300 - $400 Cheaper which appealed to me. In talking to George, he assured me of the quality of the Amish Built Lambright and that it was one of their better selling chairs. He sold me. The next problem was Ultraleather texture & color matching to my existing 15 year old Flexsteel recliner. My better half & I wound up turning the flexsteel upside down and cut a small sample out and sent it to George at Brad and Hall. Within 5 business days we received a call from Stephine (George's Helper) who did the color match. Again, Customer Service in the highest, Stephine explain each chair is made to order and would take about 4 weeks to make, and 1 week to ship out here to the west coast. Arrived yesterday exacting on time, very well packed/boxed for shipping, with No Damage. I am more than impressed with the quality and workmanship and design of the Lambright Recliner. As well as the Old School Customer Service of George & Stephine at Brad and Hall. You just don't see that anymore.
  9. Horn On 1997 Beaver Monterey Doesn't Work

    I believe your 97 Beaver Horn/Air Compressor setup is the same as my 97 Safari Serengeti. In all likelihood, it is Air Value (in the Fuse Compatment -- Norgren) or even one of the fuses associated with the Horn/Step Slide Cover systems.
  10. I think if you do a "Conversation" search in either of the Safari Yahoo websites you'll find it.
  11. I believe there is one in a salvage yard in N. Carolina.
  12. RV Roof Armour Product for New Roof

    Lee, What type of "Prep Work" is required, i.e., removing vents, antennas, etc.? Can your coating be "tinted" to color match the coach? And any Dealer Contacts in the Pacific Northwest (Eric's RV in Sequim -- hint hint!!!!)?
  13. Directv Receiver

    You will probably need a AM-21 from DTV, & they are a bit "Problematic .
  14. Rand McNally 7710 / 5510 External Antenna

    Just got a notice from Rand, replacement unit shipping back to me 1/23/14. Three cheers to Rand. Will post the replacement unit's performance once it arrives.
  15. Toilet Riser

    Due to a medical condition, I require a "Higher Throne." My Safari has a Sealand 500 series toilet. Thetford makes a toilet riser that elevates the throne 2 1/2 inches which is perfect. However, the weight capacity of the riser is 350 pounds, and I am sorry to say, a little under that 350 limit. I known the riser is made out of plastic and hollow but what I am wondering is; can I drill a hole in it and fill with some type of hardener??