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  1. The New Hyde-A-Way

    While the Monaco Dynasty was nice, this is heaven! 2016 Entegra Cornerstone - Fire Red. And it has a new home to live in when we are not on the road.
  2. Massachusetts LLC enforcement

    I am a Californian who has an LLC out of state. Here are a couple of questions that would have to be answered if the officials want to try to collect from me. #1. Is it legal to own a company outside your state of residence? Answer is obviously yes. #2. Is it legal for that company to own vehicles? Answer: I don't know of any sate where it is illegal to own a vehicle. #3. Is it illegal to drive, park, store or otherwise use a vehicle belonging to an out of state company? Answer: Here again, I have not found any rules, laws, regulations that make this practice illegal. As a retired police commander, I can report that California has a law that states that a "resident" of the state must register his/her vehicle(s) within 10 days of becoming a permant resident. Since the company is not a resident, only its' members are or may be, I don't see how California is going to enforce their will upon the LLC people without a fight. There was a rumor that the Governor had told the California Highway Patrol to stop pursuing the LLC's as it was a waste of time and produced little revenue. In essence, it cost more than it was worth. Again, that is just a rumor. (Albeit a good idea!)