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  1. Thank you, Bob, for your kind words. A great deal of planning and work go into our Reunions and it is always good to receive positive feedback . . . especially from First-Time Attendees and new members.
  2. Hello, Bluebirds. The beautiful Lake Farm Park facility received many positive comments from the 2011 attendees and several have requested being parked there again in 2015. Its lakeshore setting (complete with fishing pier and boat launch) is enhanced with 3 large pavilions, picnic areas, Frisbee golf, walking/biking trails, and a nature/historical information center. There will be plenty of green space to exercise your pet(s). Showers and restroom facilities are available. The LFP is a short 3-mile ride in the air conditioned motor coaches provided by FMCA. A Package Check will be available in the Exhibition Hall to hold your treasures until you are ready to return to LFP. Should you opt to commute in your tow car you can park in Lot S at the Alliant Energy Center entering through the John Nolen Gate. Your tow car hanger will grant free access to that lot. Both 30 Amp and 50 Amp service are available at LFP but with the lake breezes and the mild summer climate in Madison you may find that 50 Amp service will not be needed. The Dane County Sheriff's Office has indicated they receive very few calls regarding LFP and they have agreed to step up their routine checks during our stay. Should you have any other questions or special needs just contact the Events Department at (800) 543-3622. We look forward to seeing you at Madison!
  3. Dan & Donna - We, too are excited about Madison and pleased that you will be joining us for FMCA's 92nd Family Reunion & Motorhome Showcase. The "Escape to Wisconsin" event will be filled with fantastic exhibits, fun events, informative seminars (many new), local tours, youth activities, and great evening entertainment. See you there! Chris L.
  4. Hello, Skip. Full hook-ups at Perry come with water, sewer, and electric. Chris
  5. Congratulations on your new charter and we look forward to seeing everyone at the "Passport To Perry" event March 17-20, 2014. This is exciting news and we have a lot of FUN! activities planned for you at Perry. - Your Cincinnati Events Team
  6. Hello, Alan & Sandy. Optional electric is available for everyone. Dry camping indicates that water and sewer are not included. We look forward to seeing you at the Western Area Rally!
  7. The answer will depend on what you mean by "a day early." Arrivals are usually scheduled over a 3-day period and if you call 800-543-3622 and ask for Gillette Reunion Registration, a representative will be able to explain your options. The CAM-PLEX will be allowing coaches to stay over after the Reunion for an additional camping fee and those arrangements can be made on-site at the CAM-PLEX Administrative Offices anytime during the Reunion.
  8. Limited additional services may be available upon arrival at no additional cost. The Gillette venue has 1,146 campsites with electric, water, and sewer. At Indianapolis just over 1,000 electric sites were purchased. There are advantages to volunteering and registering early.
  9. Following are a few points to keep in mind during discussions. The registration fee at Gillette is only $165 for 4 days of activities. Electric campsites are optional, not mandatory. The optional electric campsites are not free to FMCA. Venues include the cost of electric campsites in their overall grounds rates and someone has to cover those costs. Most Reunion attendees will be volunteering their time as Governing Board members or volunteering to support event functions and they will be staying on grounds for 7 nights. Therefore, Governing Board members and volunteers will be paying an average of $24 per night for a campsite with 30 amp electric and $31 per night for a campsite with 50 amp electric. Other Reunion attendees will stay on grounds for an average of 5 nights. Therefore, they will be paying an average of $34 per night for a campsite with 30 amp electric and $43 per night for a campsite with 50 amp electric. There are advantages to volunteering and registering early. The optional electric sites at Gillette are less than Indianapolis, where over 1,000 were purchased. Large events require services which are usually not found at smaller events (EMS support, trams, police, etc.). These additional services (and costs) are for the attendee's safety and comfort. It is not accurate to compare the costs of Reunions with the costs of smaller events. Each event uses a different set of guidelines (parameters) when establishing registration and electric campsite pricing. FMCA Reunions strive to keep the registration fee as low as possible to encourage attendance while charging appropriately for optional services. In the end, all bills must be paid.
  10. Thank you to everyone who read the flyer and for being prepared. The flyer does state ". . . or commercial leveling pads" so plastic pads designed for this purpose are definitely acceptable. When using solid wood blocks for pads, we recommend that they be unpainted due to weather conditions and extreme pressure. Since it is impossible to know ahead of time if your levelers will be touching turf or asphalt, we recommend that you come prepared. The "Formula For FUN!" event at Indy will be great and we are looking forward to seeing you there. 'Safe travels.
  11. We hope to be able to announce the entertainment for our Indianapolis event within the next 2 weeks. The entertainment has been set but the contracts have not been finalized.
  12. Allan and Pat, The early preview of seminars for Redmond has been posted. The list will be updated as additional seminars are confirmed and the final seminar schedule, including days and times, will be posted after the entire schedule is complete. Please check back frequently for updates. The "Redmond Rocks . . . Feel The Excitement" convention will include several unique seminars including "Ask The Experts," "RV Destinations Idea Exchange," "Bicycling 101," and a "Bicycle Skills Course." There are many other new seminars that will soon be included on the list. Also, as Brett suggested, you can look at's Albuquerque pages to get an idea of what to expect at Redmond. We look forward to seeing you at Redmond!
  13. Great news, Fred! Gary Bunzer, the "RV Doctor," will be presenting 4 Technical Seminars at the Albuquerque convention. His topics are currently listed on and full seminar descriptions will be posted very soon. We look forward to seeing you at Albuquerque.
  14. Fred - we have utilized Gary as a seminar presenter at earlier FMCA International Conventions and his presentations were enthusiastically received. You are correct in that he is a good presenter and we will try to use him in the future as long as travel schedules and other factors permit. It is yet uncertain as to whether he will be a presenter at Albuquerque (we are still working on it); however, we have numerous other seminar presenters lined up and you will be impressed with their presentations as well. The Albuquerque convention is shaping up to be an exciting, informative, and fun event for all attendees. We look forward to seeing you there.
  15. Rich & Charlotte, We recommend that first-timers attend the "Orientation For First Time Attendees" on Monday, March 16. The orientation is presented by Don Eversmann, FMCA's Executive Director, and he will present many tips on how to organize and enjoy your visit. There will be over 125 seminar opportunities at Perry, including over 45 new titles. You will find a list of seminars by category starting on page 58 of the Convention Program and here on The complete seminar descriptions will appear in chronological order beginning on page 62 of the Convention Program as well as here on Many of the seminars are on leisure-time activities . . . photography, computers, geocaching, etc., and several appear in "learning levels" to accomodate everyone's skill level. We have tried to schedule 30 minute breaks between the seminars to allow you enough time to reach your next seminar destination. Some seminars require your sign-up (noted in the seminar descriptions) which starts on Monday, March 16, in the Information Center at 7:00 a.m. Do take time to greet your fellow attendees and exchange smiles . . . you will leave with many new friends. Have fun! Chris FMCA Staff