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  1. Per the original question, and that of NanMWright, and running the risk of a few telling me why I didn't do what they think I should have, my answer to your question would be that.. yes I had the RMN 7710 for a few years and it gave me so much trouble and the two repairs RMN made didn't last so I got rid of it. I bought the COPilot RV app and didn't like it 4 months ago. I bought the newest Garmin 7760 and it's doing fine.. not perfect but fine... and relatively easy to use.
  2. Have been to Myaaka River RV Resort a couple times ... stayed a month or so when they were starting up.... Great Farmers Market weekly (Believe it was Thursdays) near by - believe it was near Venice or Englewood... .... Beaches around Venice are nice ... Daytrip to Sarasota including the restaurant "Der Dutchman" .... Neat places to go in Punta Gorda
  3. After all my troubles with the RM7710, being told their updated maps and software likely prevented it from working properly because it was 4-5 years old, "repaired" twice for $100 ea. during that period and then they wouldn't stand behind their "repair" even for 3 months, I took little pleasure in smashing it and bought the newest Garmin RV 770. Getting used to it and hoping it won't keep fading out and shutting down every hour or so like the RM did.
  4. Been watching the views and points now for several months. My 2cents... We joined the FMCA when we decided to buy a motor home because the FMCA is an association for owners of motor homes..... Belong to more than one Chapter .. Have attended Nat'l, Mid-West Area, and many local chapter rallies throughout the mid-west, snowbird chapter friends luncheons in FL during some winters and chapter snowbird friends luncheon in AZ when in that area. Volunteer at most rallies. Have learned from the seminars and educational opportunities offered at the rallies, and made many friends from all around the US. Continue to enjoy several of those friendships outside of organized FMCA or Chapter rallies. Have used the Michelin Tire program and saved over $300 on tires for my Navigator, and $500 on tires for the motor home. Have have 6 friends join because of our common interests. Certainly gained information from this forum... My membership expectations have been met ..... I hope the FMCA remains an organization for motor homes as I believe the needs, expectations, and characteristics are unique enough to continue with the mission as it has been. I see no reason to become one of the other alternatives to all modes of camping nor to change a course to become nothing special and try to compete as a mass seeking organization. That being said... I feel there are things that FMCA could do better to benefit and attract additional new members. . I like the programs already available to members...but ... I've mention a couple times (and done nothing further) that I believe the FMCA organization would be a good avenue to collect/assemble input from members on how poor some sections of roadways or hywys in general are being maintained and communicate a complied priority rating to State or Federal DOT representatives..I would love to put them in a steel wheeled wagon and give them a ride on some of the roads they ignore as they are spending billions in roadway and intersection landscaping and decorations. Maybe they don't know how poor some of their roads are and need their eyes opened... Maybe the state and county tourism departments should receive a rating from motor homers on places motor homes to avoid traveling to because of the roadway risks and potential; damage to our equipment. The possible Cellular / internet program being worked on is a GREAT idea.... The possibility of a diesel / gasoline national discount program is a great idea..... Maybe there is potential for service repair discounts for Onan generators? Aqua-hot systems? Other routine maintenance services? Member discounts for common purchased items? Water filters? Portable water softeners? Motorhome TV's ? Antenna systems ? Tow bars? Braking Systems? GPS units? Cleaners / waxes / fluids? Fire extinguishers ? Motorhome security systems ? Expand the campground discount opportunities - or maybe co-ordinate a FMCA "Boondockers Welcome" site for 1 night stay-over spots while traveling ?
  5. We towed our 2001 Grand Cherokee Jeep 4 wd flat for 30,000 miles from 2009 through 2014 until we gave to grandson... now towing the 2012 Jeep Overland just fine... Understand the setup and follow it correctly...
  6. May not only have been your issue..... Past week has been on again off again here.... For past 3 days, when I check "mark all as being read" to exit, It apparently does that but I get a pop up that says " That server is not available"..... I just close out and come back later.
  7. No, Yes
  8. Have a 2012 Jeep Overland.... had wire and bulbs installed in exterior rear lenses, added the charge wire ... but every since I had battery issues while towing long distances in past years, with previous toweds, I have used a battery jump starter unit to always supply the power for the brake system... charge it before trips, charge during evening stops , set it on floor in passenger side, plug the brake system into it and that way, the toad electrical system is never used in any manner what so ever ... no concerns on the toad battery ever going down.. and I can use the jump start charger to help others with dead toad batteries.
  9. May not be one of the largest organizations around but think about it... FMCA has currently around 75,000 active motor-homers.... they are likely now looking to create another group of ???? thousands.... These are all folks that travel... have discretionary income.... There are a lot of truckers (but nowhere near 1,000,000 times 75,000 - which would be 75,000,000,000)... but knowing vast majority of the truck drivers drive same normal lanes repeatedly, many don't get the exposure to some of the same areas.. most do not own their own equipment so have less concern about damage done to the equipment.. and many of the trucks if not most can actually handle lousy roadways far better than motorhomes . My bottom line -- I don't believe worthy and logical actions should be only be initiated by the largest of relevant parties, I remain convinced that FMCA should and could at least 1) make an effort on behalf of the membership to communicate to appropriate responsible departments / agencies at least some notification on what's considered the worst of the worst by state and or area.. and, or ... 2) Explore cooperative efforts with other organizations possibly having similar interests with more scale for leverage.
  10. Agreed ... still think FMCA organization COULD be a logical first step in preparing a organized list / member response survey - maybe in cooperation with AAA, Good Sam, Insurance companies, etc...- Publish it annually along with names and contact info of worst 10 roadways responsible DOT department(s)
  11. Sirius policy is a REAL PITA.... I call them on each of my accounts every 5 months just before the expiration date, and tell them flatly, either cancel the account effective at end of that period - or - renew for as long as possible at no more than $5.00 per month..As I only use the cars every other day or so, that's the absolute most I'll pay for their service.... they have given me these "special deals" for 5 month periods now over and over for last 3 years. PITA to have to keep track of the dates and make sure I don't let them rip me off with their auto-renewal... but have been able to do it. They actually did cancel it once but then a few minutes later, another agent called and re-instated it with the "special deal".
  12. Two years ago we stayed in Gold Canyon RV and Gold Resort in Gold Canyon... they had a Jeeping group that went out frequently... Believe that group may have also included some folks from Canyon Vistas also.... Have stayed in both... both nice... going out to Pueblo El Mirage this year.
  13. Understand the need to remove some language or modify words that may limit issues that need to be addressed in a changing environment. I will likely vote for the article so the organization can move forward because I support FMCA ..... but I also believe as was clearly pointed out, the language as proposed is needlessly extensive to where members can only trust and hope that the organization stays focused on relevant issues and doesn't wander into political positions, sponsorship of dog sledding, or the millions of other wide open fields that the proposal language will now provide complete support and approval to do. Proposal is out there as written ... but the one clarification offered as an option would certainly have given all the requested approval without opening things up to any and all Ohio legal activities allowed regardless of organizational states purposes. I would have preferred better language - IF by some reason, proposal doesn't get approved, I would think it could be rewritten and resubmitted with that realization and predict it would be approved overwhelmingly with clear support for any and all relevant activities for organization.
  14. Here's another recent experience that I posted as a travel review from last week....... MOTORHOMERS BEWARE!!!! STAY OUT OF PORCUPINE MOUNTAIN PARK - ESPECIALLY THE MAIN NORTHERN 2/3 s... Only half *** safe area is southern tip up to first campgrounds. I emphatically warn folks with motorhomes to stay away from most of this park - especially the route 107 from the north going up to the Lake in the clouds ... and the first 15 miles area from the headquarters southward to route 519. These roads are horribly potholed and rough... even newer areas are pot-holes and rough... AND the worst part is that the overhanging trees and branches will damage your roof and electronics on it.. Guaranteed to cost you significant $... It was wet and raining.. I made the complete trip around the entire pard .. did my absolute best in dodging and swerving around to miss the low hanging branches but had hundreds of branches hitting the coach... broke an antenna .. twisted the spotlight arround.... I never got over 30mph but had a miserable trip.... I reported the horrible tree branvhes hanging down to the "kind of ranger" gal at desk up at top parking lot of lake in the Clouds .. she said it was not their fault nor responsibility.. those roads are "county" so it was not the parks problem. The person(s) responsible should be fired and charged with fraud. Miserable experience - wouldn't wish this on anyone.
  15. Sounds like we agree.... I believe though for anything to get politicians attention, it takes individuals with money for them .. or in the absence of self serving donor money, an organization to express facts and their members opinions. Unfortunately, I don't believe poor road repair management can be fixed by throwing more money at it any more than continuing to throw money at our "war on drugs"....or many of the other weasel word initiatives.... Anybody notice the billions we are now spending on ditch and roadway colored gravel sculptures, overhead crosswalk and bridge decorative metalwork,, interchange landscaping, ??? Spending billions on these rather than repairing the actual roads and bridges.Makes them feel good while the users are getting bounced around. Current DOT objectives have very little to do with road safety and accountability for spending other peoples money..