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  1. Here's another recent experience that I posted as a travel review from last week....... MOTORHOMERS BEWARE!!!! STAY OUT OF PORCUPINE MOUNTAIN PARK - ESPECIALLY THE MAIN NORTHERN 2/3 s... Only half *** safe area is southern tip up to first campgrounds. I emphatically warn folks with motorhomes to stay away from most of this park - especially the route 107 from the north going up to the Lake in the clouds ... and the first 15 miles area from the headquarters southward to route 519. These roads are horribly potholed and rough... even newer areas are pot-holes and rough... AND the worst part is that the overhanging trees and branches will damage your roof and electronics on it.. Guaranteed to cost you significant $... It was wet and raining.. I made the complete trip around the entire pard .. did my absolute best in dodging and swerving around to miss the low hanging branches but had hundreds of branches hitting the coach... broke an antenna .. twisted the spotlight arround.... I never got over 30mph but had a miserable trip.... I reported the horrible tree branvhes hanging down to the "kind of ranger" gal at desk up at top parking lot of lake in the Clouds .. she said it was not their fault nor responsibility.. those roads are "county" so it was not the parks problem. The person(s) responsible should be fired and charged with fraud. Miserable experience - wouldn't wish this on anyone.
  2. Sounds like we agree.... I believe though for anything to get politicians attention, it takes individuals with money for them .. or in the absence of self serving donor money, an organization to express facts and their members opinions. Unfortunately, I don't believe poor road repair management can be fixed by throwing more money at it any more than continuing to throw money at our "war on drugs"....or many of the other weasel word initiatives.... Anybody notice the billions we are now spending on ditch and roadway colored gravel sculptures, overhead crosswalk and bridge decorative metalwork,, interchange landscaping, ??? Spending billions on these rather than repairing the actual roads and bridges.Makes them feel good while the users are getting bounced around. Current DOT objectives have very little to do with road safety and accountability for spending other peoples money..
  3. Sure many of you have traveled more miles than I have in the US but I have somewhere in excess of a million miles driving in every continental state except 3 ..and now have approx 80,000 in mh while towing in past few years. The roadways are in many areas absolutely horrible. Many need repairs, some are worse after "repair"..... Amazing that our powers (nothing political - no party or group of specific individuals are worse or proven to be better than others) continue to spend hundreds of billions on roadway construction but can'r build road (or don't want to ) that can last more than 3-5 years. I propose FMCA organization starts a "Roadway list of Shame" based on members input that would be shared with state and Federal DOT departments. I personally have experienced vehicle damage because of lousy roadway, incompetent repairs, and conditions that now just seem to be accepted by our DOT folks as being acceptable. I would love to take a group of them from each state put them in a steel tire wood wagon and haul them on some of their roadways at 60 MPH ... they might understand just how lousy they have been doing.. starting with poor specifications, the apparent poor monitoring of the roadway construction and adherence to the specifications currently in place, and recognition of dangerous conditions developing.. It's obvious to me that they need help in identifying unsafe and needy roadways. This might be helpful to a few that may care. Anybody know how best to accumulate such a list and then request FMCA present it to the states powers that might be involved?
  4. I have (since these diagrams) changed the analog line voltage meter our and use two small digital meters that fit side by side on the two top outlets... By using this, have found a couple campgrounds using fake 50A circuits to a supposed 50A outlet.... and by watching this while in a receptacle on a source common to others, have discovered widely fluctuating voltages responsible for others having their system tripping, etc. Obviously can be used on 30A receptacles also with an adapter and will tell same info except both sides would/should always read same.
  5. I would make and always use one of these 50A testers before plugging in to a "even remotely questionable" 50A receptacle.... believes it tells you everything to need to know to be sure of the wiring....
  6. Here's a web site you can check on http://www.511wi.gov/web/traffic/map.aspx?region=location1&type=trafficSpeeds
  7. Make sure you check the route... We and several others were going to go there beginning of Sept but have all cancelled out because main roads from central, eastern WI going to that area are still closed due to the flodding from 3 weeks ago... and several of the alternate roads are (I'm told) under weight restrictions and permit only....
  8. Have you checked out Boondockers Welcome ?? May be a posslble one along your route ?
  9. Understand... I'll just stop checking this daily for a while and maybe when I come back, I'll be able to figure it out again.
  10. Seems like this website has really been goofed up in past few days.. I dont seem to get the same screen nor process twice - having difficult time just looking at new topics and posts....
  11. Did you also turn the thermostat off or is it still calling for heat and the fan is running?
  12. I also interpreted it as meaning his toad brakes seem to have been affected / worn out / after being used as the towed with the Patriot system... no question that it could happen if the Patriot system is applying the towed brakes too much, too often, continuously, or however more that wanted / desired / needed. Maybe I've been fortunate but I've not had that bad experience - I do set it, test it, and make sure the monitor / remote shows me when the brakes are being applied so I know they are not being "ridden" or applied when momentum slow-down is just from a grade change, coasting , etc. Correct setup adjustment is very important but not all that sensitive.
  13. Not familiar with the Ford edge set up for flat towing but have used the Blue Ox Patriot system on 2 MH and 2 Jeeps... The system has to be firmly set in position correctly, run thru the self test for braking pressures, and the gain set both at the unit and the remote monitor/controller.. probably to 4 or 5 for the Edge.. I used 5 on the 2001 GC and now 6 on the 2012 GC Overland because it's another 800# or so heavier... if set properly, brakes are not abused .. If it was set too tight, it may have "ridden" the brakes but you would have noticed that on the remote panel if that was the case....
  14. This may seem ridiculous to many but I have had chassis battery discharge issues off and on for last two years... have now put in third new set of batteries in past 2 years .. so yes, it's been an issue... I have replaced the alternator, replaced the main disconnect switch twice, first disconnected the inline fuse - then totally removed the Battery minder that was with the coach .. and most recently installed the Amp-L Start. Over the past 2 years, 4 shops, plus a mobile tech have tested all parasite draws, and amps drawn from all leads out of the chassis batteries both with the main disconnect on and with it off... all conclusions showed normal as expected .. first two times it occurred, I had the batteries replaced under their warranty as being defective.... even I don't believe that anymore. My most recent and current theory which I am going to watch very closely and document conditions, then resolve is. I have noticed the batteries first show discharge after some time sitting .. and after rainfall... In looking at the last two sets on batteries in there ( Delco 950CCA class31?) and now another set of replacements, is that the entire top of the battery is wet.. On the set I have now, the center of the battery top has a built in battery handle which holds almost 1/2" of water and the entire surface is fully linked by wet surface. Both posts have a flat bar that connects to the posts and extends to where the outbound cable is connected to a post on it. In any case, my theory is that these batteries are draining at some unknown rate due to water physically connecting the posts. I believe the Amp-L Start can handle this drain but suspect it was far more that the little 1- 1.2 A battery minder could handle. It seems there has been mention of this issue mostly on marine batteries but it seems to make sense as a possibility to me. This could explain why the drain whether the disconnect is on - or off.... Can't stop them from getting wet .. but... My resolution is going to be to "tilt these batteries from their frame holder - and or - dry them off, tape a piece of rubber insulation gasket across the top as a water "dam" to avoid possible drain because of that... suspect that if there was a gasket or felt material under the flat post connecting bars, that might work also...
  15. Google RV storage Houston TX .. Gives map and dozens of spots... center the map on airport and some "Click-on" dots in area say they have open and enclosed RV storage ??