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  1. Wrangler Toad owners

    All towble 4 X 4's use the neutral in the transfer case not the transmission so it does not make any difference which transmission is used.
  2. Holiday Rambler handling problems, 8 bag

    Manholt, A 2013 Holliday Rampler is NOT a Freightliner chassis, it is a a real Roadmaster chassis. The OP didn't state the length or model so we do not know if it is a 8 or 10 bag.
  3. Smart Wheel Problems

    I have a 2012 and have had zero problems with the Smart Wheel. Have you contacted VIP (VEHICLE IMPROVEMENT PRODUCTS) for help?
  4. FR3 Cable Slide Problems

    I purchased the repair kit and tools from
  5. FR3 Cable Slide Problems

    My cable operated slide is 26 feet long and has operated flawlessly for the last 5 years. I do inspect it on a regular basis and have never seen a problem. On mine the worse part is that it is very difficult to access if something did go wrong. I carry a spare cable and repair kit just in case.
  6. '16 HR Ambassador Basement Doors Open While Driving

    I had the same problem with a couple of my doors. A close inspection measuring the latch engagement I found that the latch was barely engaging the striker. I ended up bending the strikers slightly for maximum engagement and haven't had any more doors popping open and that was 5 years and 45000 miles ago.
  7. Wash Wax All

    When I looked at the Lucas Slick Mist it sells for about $7 for 24oz. The WashWax solution is $30 for a gallon. So a gallon of Lucas will be about $37+. I wouldn't doubt that you could find the rest of the components slightly less expensive.
  8. Entry Step Stuck In Extended Position: 2013 Diplomat

    I found another reference to the toilet fuse in the owner manual in the toilet troubleshooting section. "The toilet uses a 40 Amp minibreaker located in the curbside battery compartment. Open the black box above the batteries to access the minibreaker." No fuse shown on the diagram of that box. I went and look in it and there is only one 30amp breaker in it and it is for the starter. No fuses larger than 20amp in it. So the hunt continues...
  9. Entry Step Stuck In Extended Position: 2013 Diplomat

    On my 2012 there is a 15amp IGN+ STEP fuse "F60" in the roadside front electrical panel. I think that is just the ignition trigger supply as the step needs a BATT+ supply. My manual also states it is a 25 amp located in the roadside front electrical panel but I can't find it in any of my 3 12v fuse panels. I guess it's time to look for an in line fuse or trace the wire.
  10. Wash Wax All

    I have been using the WashWax system for the last 4 years and I am very happy with it. I have no issues doing the side windows with it.
  11. Best Route: San Diego To Reagan Library?

    When we went we stayed at the KOA Ventura Ranch out of Santa Paula. About 30 miles to the Library.
  12. Charging Optima Blue Tops - AGM 1 or AGM 2?

    In my manual it states: I would call Magnum to find out what you should set it to.
  13. Corian Sink Cover

    When I needed to make modifications to my Corian countertop the first thing was to figure out the actual material brand (Corian, Wilsonart, etc) then figure out the "color" name is. Next I called around to the local shops that did installations and tried to find some remnants. I live in a small town so two phone calls and that idea was done. Next I searched for places on the internet that sold remnants. I found a couple and one actually had a remnant of color I needed, ordered it and made made the pieces I needed. The place I used is: Corian is not cheap so be prepared $$. The wood idea would probably be much less expensive.
  14. Beware of Blue Beacon Truck Wash

    You didn't specifically say where, was it the Blue Beacon in El Paso?
  15. Victorville, CA To San Antonio, TX

    I-40 may be cooler but it is in bad shape between Kingman and Flagstaff. I suggest I-10 this time.