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  1. FMCA Continental Tire Program question

    Follow up: 26 March we will install 8 new Continental HSL2 Eco Plus 275/80/22.5 H rated tires in Eugene Oregon at Superior Tire (no sales tax). FMCA price on tire is $383.94, FET tax $34.50, $418.53 total per wheel position. Plus of course mounting, balancing, etc.
  2. FMCA Continental Tire Program question

    Thanks all. Will be trying to replace in Eugene Oregon on 26 March. Continental 275/80/22.5 HSL2 Eco plus tires load range H. Current are same size & load range Michelin XZA3 date codes May 2012. Figure replace them in OR with no sales tax while we are here.
  3. The link for the Continental tire program gives the price - with the heading FMCA Price + F.E.T. Tax. I am confused - does that mean the quoted price on the page FET tax is included? I had a tire dealer tell me it was the price and FET tax was extra. Pretty sure the tire dealer was wrong. I tired calling Continental directly at 704-583-8196 but they did not return my call. Thanks for confirmation on the FET Tax.
  4. Retired Allison Transmission Fluids Engineer

    I have a 2003 diesel pusher with ISM engine and 4060 Allison. It has always had transynd in it from day one. Last transynd fluid change was 2011. The transynd was tested fluid tested in 2015, and the filters changed at the same time (2015). Now has 102,000 miles total on the rig. Is there any reason to change the fluid again? Or is it pretty much life long at this time?
  5. Verizion Pulls Out of FMCA Agreement !!!

    This guy is ranting and raving in many places, to include on Facebook. Out of control.
  6. Verizion Pulls Out of FMCA Agreement !!!

    Yes, I just got the email as well. FMCA member. Original join date in 2009, Motorcoach owner. I did apply for the Verizon deal.