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  1. What is it?

    Bill, Thinking that compressed air and water into the system, would equal fire suppression system, controlled by a 110 volt relay. Any kind of label or product number on any of the parts? Box, tank or a visible relay and or any other wires or anything that looks like a spray head. Does it still have the LP / electric style refrigerator ? and is there a spray head behind the fridge? Rich.
  2. Blinking Touchpads

    Carl, with that many panels, are they all blinking or just one panel that controls a specific function? I kind of have a love / hate relationship with logic control systems ! When they are working, they are wonderful, but if just one little logic IC goes south - they can be difficult to find with out the proper factory test fixtures. Failed power and logic connections are not to bad, but there a allot of them to check in most cases if one does not have the drawings and there is one specific area the modules control that is failing or quit. So I'm a strong advocate for the KISS principal ! See if you can find any information on who's controls are used in the coach, from manuals or the coach builder and post there thoughts. One or more of the members might have had the same issue(s) and at times its not a faulty module, but mother nature beating up on things. Rich.
  3. Parking Brake & Brake Boost Warning Light

    Micky, Kind of sounds like the park brake system sensor or other issue is not convinced the leveling jacks are up. What area or system was the warranty work performed on? Rich.
  4. Blinking Touchpads

    Carl, does the manual offer a reset option for the panel? And is it the EMS panel that is blinking? Who made the panel? Rich. And yes, I and others are preparing to travel to Springfield or are on the way.
  5. Locked In

    Check this link for parts, the picture looks like its a Trimark product. http://www.trimarkcorp.com/en/zCategoryIndustries.aspx?intcategoryid=176&topcategoryid=175 http://www.trimarkcorp.com/en/zPlatform.aspx?platformid=282&categoryid=89 Rich.
  6. U-Line Ice Maker

    wilkiesr, What failed on your unit? Parts appear to be available at this website and the difficulty level is not to bad for many repairs. So do you have a friend that might be a little handier then you if needed to help repair the unit? http://www.repairclinic.com/Shop-For-Parts/b183c47/U-Line-Ice-Maker-Parts Rich.
  7. Water Pump & Refrgerator Not Working On Shore Power

    Marty, Looking at your pictures an it looks like the second fuse from the left has been running Hot. Think it reads 35 amps on the fuse, a little higher amperage fuse then nominal for the style circuit board/fuse panel. Like Kay mentioned, having the wiring diagrams is a real plus. At times things can be wired just a little different then the prints call out though. Rich.
  8. Incandescent to LED Bulb Replacement

    Hi Bill, One never knows the skill level of all the posters, so I go very basic first time around. Like your friend - one can get very frustrated and confused. Key did a good job covering what is on the market and yes there a a number of different base designs to cover all the current sockets. Replacing the housings with plugs that match sockets is a good way to go - I always have loved a challenge and they kind of keep my electronic circuit skills tuned up. Regarding the diodes for each location. They can be small because the current draw and there is no real counter EMF to worry about. I tend to use diodes that can work with 25 volts and a peak reverse voltage of 50 volts. Kay just a habit - LOL. Kind of gives one some headroom for the flasher and turn signal circuits so I just keep everything the same. NOW if the circuit gets into controlling relays - it turns into a different ball game. Counter EMF currents come into play. One needs to use some math to keep the circuits working trouble free(Well kind of) When things do not work it generally is because the LED lamps flash bright and incandescent lamps are dim it can reverse is some setups. As key mentioned install an electronic flasher You most likely need to reverse the negative and positive - so its not just a plug and play deal all the time ! an also remember to size it - they do make some cheep ones and they can fail, just like the thermal reaction type. Remember that the cathode needs to go to the item needing power-positive side. putting them in backwards closes the gate - so to speak. No power missing current flow. With the Shack missing - Google Electronics parts suppliers(Local) might keep it close to your front door. The DW thinks I have way to much junk, but those bins full of tinny items comes in SO handy. In many of the older chassis wiring harnesses there a 2- 50 volt diodes in parallel located in the turn signal portion, an they do fail and finding them - unless you have the factory harness diagrams and lengths is like looking for the needle in the haystack ! The incandescent bulbs and flasher can generate those dreaded EMF's add in the toad signals and things can get interesting. The restrictive color code ditty is one you never forget. LOL We did learn one for the Capacitors, but I do not remember it. So it most likely was not as colorful ! Rich .
  9. Freeze Plugs

    Did they park it next to you at the campground? Rich.
  10. Incandescent to LED Bulb Replacement

    Leo, I have changed out 99% of the marker lights, turn signal and brake lighting on the coach. It is a process that can be done is stages, with a little planing. The key is installing blocking diodes in the lamp circuits or right at each fixture. The back current from incandescent lamps can cause problems between the turn signal circuits front to rear and the break light circuit. You do not need to install restrictive loads when the diodes are installed and they would defeat the wish to lower the current load. Do you have any electronics background in power supplies and steering diode circuits? Rich.
  11. Inverter

    Pandaluna, Brett covered things well, but I have one question. How are the house/ coach batteries for your 12 volt systems charged now? From a charger connected to 120 volt shore power and the generator when running? or just from the engine alternator? Options might be better if you currently have just a battery charging system-using shore or generator power to charge batteries. Rich.
  12. Freeze Plugs

    Byron, No where as many as some, It changes every year. Some years 5000 to 7000 and then up to over 15000 some years. The fact that we are now able to spend some time in the Southern part of the country over the winter and have family scattered around from Florida to Alaska an Norfolk to San Diego, its not hard to run over a lot of white lines some years. I have been trying to find a replacement for the one fuel filter, but no one has one the will thread onto the top and still supply the water separator. Could replace the mounting, but it not that much to use the filters that was installed. Rich.
  13. Is A Toad Brake System Required

    Yes, to be legal in many locations you need a breaking system on all toad units. It does not mater what the make or size of the coach is. It also needs to have a weight that each coach is built to tow. Many are designed to pull 5000lbs or 10000lbs. The tow setup is listed in or on an information sheet located near the drivers set. Rich.
  14. Freeze Plugs

    Things can get interesting when using the proper filters and coolants. One of the fuel filters used on my Cummins powered coach is only supplied through Alliance Truck Parts. When I have the Freitghliner service the coolant system on the Cummins, they used Shell Rotella ELC extended life. I have to feel that when they install the Cummings or other engine into there chassis, supplies and materials would meet the standards set by those engine builders. Rich.
  15. Inverter

    Pandaluna, Welcome to the FMCA Forum ! The key to what inverter would meet you needs is how you plan on using it or them. Just want to plug into a powered AC outlet to condition the voltage or power it from the chassis batteries. Could you fill in how it will be used and how you plan on supplying an input power source to the unit(s) Rich.