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  1. Furnace In Winter

    Five, how and what batteries are charged depends on the way the system(s) are wired. Mine is wired so the chassis and coach batteries are charging from the alternator and in some coaches there is an Islator(solid state device) installed with one leg going to the coach batteries and one going to the chassis batteries. I had one fail and the engine would keep running with the key off LOL Back feeding between the to sets of batteries. Removed the ground cables to remove the path - that stop the engine but left the question of what is going on for a time. !!!! Rich.
  2. FR3 Cable Slide Problems

    Sideskr, Welcome to the FMCA Forum ! When I saw the cable slides I panicked. I have heard horror stories, but never seen for myself the problems with cables. See that Kay has responded to your inquire - The Systems do require some TLC and yearly maintenance. The Key question I would ask is what is the maximum weight the slide can handle design wise. We all tend to overload the coaches and slides tend to be the weak link in that regard. Rich.
  3. Battery Issues

    After looking over the information in the owners manual - there is no information regarding the shore power or generator wiring. Damon Motor Coach P.O. Box 2888 Elkhart, IN. USA 46515-2888 (574) 264-2900 (Think I would ask for Technical help Department.)and maybe where the closest authorized service center is. Also might ask for a copy of the 120 volt shore and generator wiring diagram and parts list. The common wiring is, the contacts of the ATS are closed when on shore power and no power is supplied to the coil. When the generator is running power is applied to the ATS after a delay to allow the ATS to connect the generator to the main AC power panel. The DC voltage for the ATS is supplied from the BCC in most cases. Medium Duty Relays close supplying 12 volts to the ATS and in many cases the 12 volts drops to around 9 volts after the relay closes to minimize the heat in the coils and still keep the ATS energized. Rich.
  4. LED Marker Lights

    Bill, Changed everyone of them from incandescent to LED's. The only ones not converted where the ones for the rear State Tags. Installed diodes in the 12 volt supply wires for every turn signal circuit - cathodes feed the bulb positive. Needed the steering diodes to prevent the cross talk in the turn signal lights. Had to install an LED flasher unit for the turn signals. Also installed a middle turn signal / marker light, So drivers entering the on / off ramps could see that is was exiting. Many of the ramps are very short and crossing traffic often has no clue that you are exiting on the same ramp one is entering. Way fewer middle finger solutes and horns blowing with the upgrade !!! Caused by the location / angle of the signal lights in most cases. Installed red LED's in the red rear marker lights(wight ones look a little yellow) and yellow in the front and sides !!! The Super Bright LED's tend to be the best IMHO. Rich.
  5. Fuse For Brake Light: 2000 Safari Continental

    Brett mentioned the fuse, there could be a loose, corroded or broken wire at the air brake switch if the turn signal and the 4 ways work. The air brake switch is located under the coach right under the air brake peddle. Rich.
  6. Fuse Keeps Blowing

    wildcatervin, This is a link to the owners manual and it has some of the basic wiring information for your coach. https://www.thormotorcoach.com/media/6093/2009_astoria___owners_manual.pdf Pages 105 and 106 cover some of the wiring(basic drawings). On page 106 the wiring BCC system(Battery Control System) Circuit J4-1 pictures a spare circuit!!! This is sized big enough to power the AC system - That is power for Heat and Cooling. There is often a large electric fan mounted on the outside evaporator that is power anytime the cooling system is active! A shorted motor or short in this system wiring would blow the fuse when the blower is running in the manner you described ! When I turn the AC or Heater on it blows the fuse. If I turn the fan on vent it works great. The Cooling fan is not required in the Vent Mode !!! Good luck Rich !
  7. 2014 Cummins ISL 8.9L Engine Noise & Code

    "Check Engine NO J1939 Data" The J1939 data bus supplies all the communications between the different modules installed on the chassis. Loose, corroded or damaged connection will corrupt the system data information. Are all the instrument panel gauges and transmission panel working normally? Might want to have Cummins run a test on the data link. Rich.
  8. Mike, the drawing is OK, But very simplified - not a true drawing of how the wiring is installed ! Missing a circuit to supply power to slideroom motor.The drawing pictures one relay to power the in and out voltage to the motor- there are 2 power relays. One to power the slide in and one to power the slide out. input to the common point of the repay pictured is pictured; but that power should come from a larger fused supply with the key switch only controlling the relay coils of the in and out relays / with a limit switch to stop the slideout travel and to stop the slide at a in or park point. Magnetic switches are very commonly used for the sensor circuits stop point.(They do not fail often) The setup should have 2 high current relays - one for the extend and one for the retract function. Is the bathroom wall between the slide in question? or some other space/wall at one end of the slide. It is not uncommon for the control relays to be hidden in a wall.(If one connection comes loose from the coil circuit of one of them the whole system is locked up) like you have described !!! Builders do not mount the wiring in most cases and the wires hang down from the mounted relays and they come loose as the coach bounces down the road ! The slide should extend if you place the wiring as it was to extend the slide, Did it work ? Is so then have a helper press the retract switch and with no noise in or out side the coach listen for a clicking sound each time the button is pressed. There has to be some relays hidden somewhere along with a bigger fused circuit to feed the required 20 amps to the slide motor. A call to the coach technical help line requesting information on the location of the relays might help. NOTE! depending on what shift and the person installing the wiring - this location can vary. Good luck Rich.
  9. Back-up Camera Problem

    Eagleinaz. thinking you run into a format issue. The older equipment was NTSB(Anaog) and the new format is digital. The drive line you are seeing could be the result of camera damage or just old age in regards to the monitor. Might get lucky and find working equipment at one of the salvage yards regarding the camera and monitor or just go and update the system from the current selections on the market. Rich.
  10. Joe, before you do the washer thing that Bill mentioned, you might just want to remove the drive pulley and flip it outside in / inside out and see if the alignment changes just enough to get the difference you need. Rich.
  11. Furnace In Winter

    Roland! any of the 12 volt systems will run off the batteries while driving and even the 120 volts are available to power items if the inverter is turned on. The Alternators can handle a good sized load. IE we have had the crock pot going, setting it in the kitchen sink to cook dinner. Rich.
  12. Entry Door On 2014 American Eagle

    Do not think that was Carl's thought. I have hit the submit box more then once myself. Real easy to do and it does happen every so often. The question is have you managed to get the door to open properly or get that stubborn assembly out of the door? Rich.
  13. Could you post the make of the alternator for the group? Delco, Leece Neville or other and is it a 130 or 160 amp version? Bill and Jim asked good questions regarding your repair. Rich.
  14. Freightliner Service: Gaffney

    DD, Frightliner is going through a personnel transition from those with years of experience to the new kid on the block . The second item is the older technicians know where the paper manuals are filed. The newer coaches somewhere around 06 and 08 are on computer PDF files. Will they catch up? Time will tell, but I have run into the same problem this past year. At the same time the repair center in Gaffney still is doing good work, was in just about 2 months ago and got good work. Ms.Pat is near retirement and So Much information will go with her !! Rich.
  15. Falling Headliner: 2006 Winnebago Vectra

    Olliejr, Welcome to the forum ! Repairing it should not be a big issue ! The glue holding the liner up or in place degrades over time, heat is the biggest culprit. Have had some older cars and still do - get the headliners repaired at interior repair shops, might just call around and see if one does coach headliners. Rich.