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    Taking broken things apart, because if there already broken I can't breake it and might learn how to fix whatever it might be! Trying to tie trout fly's, learned how years ago and with my love to learn something new let that skill slid away.

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  1. Thanks for volunteering Carl ! See you at the party ! Rich.
  2. Daneast1, Welcome to the FMCA Forum! Cummings or Cat engine ? I have had clutch fan, thermostat, fluid and pressure checked, airflow, radiator fins cleaned. Did they replace the Thermostat ? When the engine over heats, are you running on flat ground, up hill or going down hill with the engine brake.. Do you have a side radiator with a hydraulic cooling fan setup? Rich.
  3. John, Looks like some good information, I took a look at some of the links provided and thought this one might be more helpful. It sounds like Art has no information covering the coach. Contact « Medallion Instrumentation Systems www.medallionis.com/contact-us/ Medallion Instrumentation Systems 17150 Hickory Street Spring Lake, MI 49456 (800) 828-8127 Rich.
  4. Tom, Classic' s are coaches that need a little more TLC, kind of like classic people ! Keep wondering how I got to being a classic so quickly, considering how long it took to get old enough to get a drivers licence. LOL Our classic is a little older then your's and I replaced all 4 of the Air Springs 2 years ago. They had dried out with some cracks developing with some slow air leaks. The Ride quality is better IMHO. The new ones where so much more supple. Air bags and some new air lines between the compressor and the air tanks tended to make quite a difference regarding the compressor cycling interval also. Rich.
  5. Martin, Welcome to the FMCA Forum ! Link that covers just the LBCU. http://www.rvtechlibrary.com/electronics/lbcu_owners.pdf Rich. Removed one link - it was a little to much other information.
  6. The Schedule was set to work around the business meetings and the red hats, but there are always a few conflicts.
  7. I'm happy to see 45 views of this post, have been form members and visitors who have looked at this not known jewel of the FMCA members who donate there time to help others as the winter and summer National FMCA Rallies move around the country. Rich.
  8. Thanks for posting that the issue has been fixed. Every bit of information makes the forum better for all who visit. Rich.
  9. Carl, Lois really loves quilting and you know that when the DW is happy things just run smoother ! Really enjoys planing things for the quilters and some venues have space that works well for them. Rich.
  10. Quilters attending FMCA national rallies can participate in the On Road Quilters Seminar. Many comfort quilts have been donated to organizations which serve children in the area where the rally is held. Giving back to the community which hosts the rally is one of the goals of this group. Recently there has been interest in having a secure area at national rallies where quilters can gather to sew, quilt or visit with one another. At the Indianapolis Rally this Summer, there will be a seminar where donation quilts will be shared in a show and tell. There will be a sewing area open for quilters who wish to bring their sewing machines or hand sewing to work on while they visit with other quilters. In addition there will be a Mini Shop Hop. Two local quilt shops will demo a quilting technique or tool on Friday, July 14, 2017. Watch the daily newletters at the rally for more specifics. Lois Marvin
  11. Then is the LED on when the slide moves and is also on if the slide is locked for some reason, like the ignition being on ? Rich.
  12. Just attached it LOL Rich.
  13. Hi Jim, Think if you look at this picture - there is a lock of sorts if I understand what that small button in between the two larger ones? Rich. Doc1.docx
  14. Art, Welcome to the FMCA Forum ! problem with the odometer reading not showing up but the gauge working? Just a little confused and that is not uncommon ! Are you saying the odometer is not lighting up, but the millage is correct when the information is down loaded from the engine ECM? Do you know who made the interment panel for the coach. It is shipped with the Chassis to the coach builder. Rich.
  15. Kay, I'm surprised that more of the RV service centers do not have them. I have one that can be used for both AC and DC circuits, but it works better in AC applications and not all that bad for DC circuits. Also can be used for finding underground wires and how deep they are and can be used on hot AC circuits.One can find those pesky wiring problems that pop up using the spring contacts on outlets and light switches. They can find that hidden GFI location. LOL. Rich.