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  1. ISM 500 Stop Engine Light

    AJ, If you have the standard set of switches under the dash that let you read ECM codes. One can grab one or more codes if you just turn the key to the run position - press the idle speed switch and read the flash code of the read stop engine light. like 3 pause 5 pause 1 and it will repeat if that is the only code. The speed up down switch will also allow you to go back and forth to repeat a code. One needs to be a contortionist at times to get to the switches. Rich.
  2. Mystery Fuse Box

    Dave, We have all been there !!! THE key is that you where willing to step outside what might be your comfort zone. Way to go - the new knowledge will serve you well down the road. I love looking into issues and always learn, so it is a win win item. Note I got time to look at the yellow wiring circuit and it does need 12 volts from a 6 amp fuse. Was the fuse bad in the newly discovered fuse box? Rich.
  3. Mystery Fuse Box

    Power step voltage is supplied by the chassis batteries, not the coach set and to be honest I think your setup has just the one set of batteries. Sent a copy of the fuse and relay panels. Did the new step kit supply an inline fuse holder ?. Can you measure any power at the control board or from the board output to the motor? The new kit should have a control board / module with a current limiter circuit. So its kind of a mystery. Could you post the make and model information of the new unit ? Rich.
  4. Mystery Fuse Box

    Dave, Welcome to the FMCA Forum. power steps are added by the chassis builder. There is a strong possibility that there is an inline fuse or 2. The ignition inline fuse most often is outside and close to the drivers side and is lashed to the primary wiring bundle. They can be difficult to find. When you turn on the ignition does the step move / do you have a switch at the entry that keeps the steps open when you are parked? both of those lines have a 20 amp fuse in most cases. Need to see if I have any wiring files covering the Oshkosh chassis. Rich. Oshkosh fuse panel.pdf
  5. Norcold Fridge Won't Start On LP

    Jeff, glad the item was simple when found, The little details can be so frustrating ! Good job and thanks for posting your find. Rich.
  6. Norcold Fridge Won't Start On LP

    Jeff, glad the item was simple when found, The little details can be so frustrating ! Good job and thanks for posting your find. Rich.
  7. Got Turbo Boost Again

    Bill, There was no reason to hurry and by only increasing the torque in one lb. steps things settle in over the daily temperature change. Then after a road test and the high to low morning temperatures, the bolts where set to the 32 ft. Lb. level. not much movement, maybe between 1/8 to 1/4 in. of a turn between any of the bolts. Long high quality click style torque wrenches will set things very equally. The practice or habit was formed when I worked in the Aircraft industry when in college as the product moved slowly down the line. Then I had the pleasure of installing the wire safety wires just hrs. before they rolled out the doors for preflight certification. The idea is to build things that do not leak or come loose. Never wanted to be called for an inflight repair. Rich.
  8. Got Turbo Boost Again

    Joe, From memory - The OEM flange hole size went through the flange with no real machined surface milled into the area around the hole for the sleeve to set on. The New exhaust manifold for my engine has the same set up as the one you pictured. The sleeves are tight against the manifold - in my case they required 30ft.lbs. They where tightened slowly over a 4 day period of time to the final measurement. Rich.
  9. Got Turbo Boost Again

    Designed to help reduce the side / angular loading caused by expansion and contraction. There is also a subtle change in the interior angles. they beefed up that area also. you might check and see if the shoulder hole area has been modified for more clearance for the sleeves also? One key is to keep the mounting hole(s) as clean as possible so the casting can move relevant to each of the exhaust ports. just like the old 454 head problem - they would crack between the exhaust ports. Good high temp anti-seize is your best friend. Rich.
  10. Norcold Fridge Won't Start On LP

    Jmdvison, Welcome to the FMCA Forum! At times the rust build up under the burner can cause intermittent operation. Have you tried to use compressed air to blow out that area? Just make sure your eyes are covered and second have you cleaned the control circuit board contacts with a clean pencil eraser? Have you cleaned the flue stack for the gas section? When things start to get close the set temperature, the flame will throttle down and there could be a draft issue with the lower heat flow up the stack. Circuit connections for the Gas valve can also cause the problem or low voltage at the connection(s) for the valve. Intermittent item(s) can be caused by a control board, but unit all the little details are covered it could still be an issue. Rich.
  11. Pantry Shelves For '97 Monaco Windsor

    The up side is that when the 2 coaches get together, the pots and pans plus the spices are all in one location and something good is going to come out of the kitchen's !! Rich.
  12. New Computer

    Well stated Brett! There are a number of the active forum posters that have been through some of these issues in private or public enterprises or organizations that feel the pain of the excellent personal working for FMCA headquarters that get caught in the wash when change is required. A personal thank you to all! Rich.
  13. Pantry Shelves For '97 Monaco Windsor

    And Brett thanks for not letting the Wife see the project ! Rich.
  14. Condenser Fan For Dash AC

    The high pressure side switch is located real close to the evaporator coil and the low pressure switch is close to the condenser coil . So it you have a side mounted radiator - the evaporator is often located in the rear. You are asking about a switch and I need to ask it the question relates to the AC compressor not starting? The compressor will not run if the charge is too low and will quit if the high side pressure goes to high. Rich.
  15. House Batteries

    DITTO!! Electronic parts do not like those nasty voltage spikes! So make sure they are disconnected. Rich.