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  1. 2003 Beaver Baron: Filling Fresh Water Tank

    Agree Brett ! Think there are 3 different valves in the left side of the picture. One large black knob, one smaller black knob and one silver one One in the Red line, One in the Blue line – behind and below the one in the Red line. Then there is one in the blue line that goes towards the water pump. All three are on the left side of the bay! One in the Red line possible hot water system drain. 2 valves in the blue line - left side. 1 that is hard to see in the picture - below and behind the red line. Then there is one in the blue line that goes towards the water pump( left side) and I have to think that is the intake side. Kind of keep thinking the one close to the bottom of the bay is a possible drain for the freshwater tank and or the one used to also fill the tank. Rich.
  2. 2003 Beaver Baron: Filling Fresh Water Tank

    What color is the line going in to the bottom of the freshwater tank? Kind of thinking it will be blue for cold water and the red is for the hot water. Just now noticed a silver manual valve in the blue line that goes toward the water pump. Think I'm going blind, considering how many times I have look at the OP's attached picture. Kind of hard to believe that the valve to allow one to fill the freshwater tank would be totally hidden. Just need to find out if there is a need to set more then one valve in the correct configuration.. Rich.
  3. 2003 Beaver Baron: Filling Fresh Water Tank

    Look just behind the Oval knob in the red water line, I cropped the picture. It sure looks like there is a small valve in the Blue water line, just below and behind the Red line. It sure looks like there is a brass line valve with a smaller oval handle ! So frustrating not to be able to attach anymore Images. One does the best they can ! Rich. Brass Valve.docx
  4. 2003 Beaver Baron: Filling Fresh Water Tank

    Hi Kay, I was just thinking about the picture and that oblong knob in the picture that is labeled tank shutoff. In the picture it looks like it is located in the red line and and in the closed position. Rich.
  5. Atwood Stove Top

    richardzurn, Welcome to the FMCA Forum ! Could you post the model of the stove for the group? Now a question, does the water heater and refrigerator work on LP normally ? If you have a gauge system panel-what is the reading on the tank level? and what type of system do you have LED lights or other ? Can you tell if the supply line to the stove top is solid, flexible steel or plastic? What is stored under the stove top - any possibility of a crushed or kinked supply line ? Rich.
  6. Wiring Diagram For 2001 HR Ambassador

    Been there Done that a few times myself! So look at the up side ! You probably know more about the 12 volt system then you wanted, but I have a feeling that the knowledge gained will pay off some time. Rich.
  7. Travel& Prescriptions

    This is a Rx area that because some states have passed legislation allowing its use for those who qualify and the Federal level setting on there hands, with no idea of where to go regarding the medical information that tends to point to use's that defiantly helps individuals young and old. All states except drivers license's from other states, so maybe a note on each license or state ID for non drivers could be used and quickly verified through the national DMV data base. I know this is a political area, so I'm trying to walk softly. Any one of us could be caught in this circle. Rich.
  8. Just thought that I would try to list just a few contact numbers and some locations that might be helpful to coach owners. In no way is this complete, but if others have some good information on factory service locations, pass them on. Rich. Rev RV Group http://revrvgroup.com/service/ American Coach Customer Service Mon-Fri 8:00am - 5:00pm ET 800 435 7345 Fleetwood Customer Service Mon-Fri 8:00am - 5:00pm ET 800 322 8216 Holiday Rambler Customer Service Mon-Fri 7:00am - 4:00pm PT 877 466 6226 Monaco Customer Service Mon-Fri 7:00am - 4:00pm PT 877 466 6226 Sub group for Fleetwood products. Indiana Service Center 1420 Patterson Street Decatur, Indiana 46733 Mon - Fri: 6:00am - 2:30pm ET 800-509-3417 Oregon Service Center 91186 N. Coburg Industrial Way Coburg, OR 97408 Mon - Fri: 6:00am to 2:30pm PT 800-509-3417 Texas Service Center 5201 South IH-35 West Alvarado, TX 76009 Mon-Fri: 6:00am to 2:30 pm CT Parts Store: Mon-Fri 6:30am to 4:00pm CT 800-299-1158
  9. Tachometer Problems

    Smarksel, My first thought would be to check the connection of the sensor. They are exposed to the road elements and there could be a corrosion issue. You did not mention any check engine issue, the sensor signal is also used to time the engine. A Cummins tech could check for any codes and also look at the connections. Are you a member of the Cummins Power Club? Should you need some work done on the coach, members ship helps pay for parts and labor. Last I knew it was 10%. Rich.
  10. 2003 Beaver Baron: Filling Fresh Water Tank

    On our coach, they placed a bypass line around the water pump with a manual valve that fills the potable water tank when open and the pump uses the same tank connection to pull water from when it is closed. Simple but very effective. Rich.
  11. Burnt Rubber Smell From New Front Tires

    bburns8! Thinking your coach has wet hubs on the front, though gear oil does not smell like rubber. Look and see if you have a leak in one of the front wheel seals. How far do you drive before you smell the hot rubber? or after some heavy braking? Hot running wheel bearings or a failed seal could be a possibility. Rich.
  12. Cummins CAPS System Redesign

    I have wondered how hot Diesel fuel gets when stored in above tanks? When it gets dropped into the station underground tanks it will cool to around 55 to 60 degrees in our area. Can not offer any real good information as to what the underground temps are in the South West during the summer. Got to ask if your tank was full when you took the reading? Always use Bioside during the summer and the coach is setting for a length of time. Kind of cheep insurance to prevent or reduce the odds of the black slim formation. Running with more then half tank and moving should keep it a little cooler and that sure helps keep the injector pumps running a little cooler. Rich.
  13. Engine Monitor

    Roland, if you mean from the instrument cluster connection, Yes You would use the service data port and it is separate from the dash display connection, located under the dash and a second connection is mounted in the engine compartment as mentioned by Brett ! Rich.
  14. Engine Monitor

    Roland, The Scan D system works well and is not out of the world price wise, then there is the VMSpc system software from Silverleaf. A little more on the price side, but the software can be added to personal computer and allows one to monitor more of the system at the same time. A little like a glass dash displayed on the screen. Both systems work well and the choose is what best fits your price and information requirements. Rich.
  15. Onan info Links

    Onan RV Generator Accessories Catalog. Mounting kits,Exhaust parts,Fuel system kits,Electrical and LP fuel systems. http://www.power.cummins.com/PWON/PowerContent/WebConNA/SiteContent/en/Binary_Asset/pdf/rv/f-832.pdf Onan RV Generator Handbook. http://power.cummins.com/sites/default/files/literature/rv/F-1123-EN.pdf Sales and Service Locator. http://power.cummins.com/sales-service-locator Coach Care Brochures. http://power.cummins.com/sites/default/files/literature/brochures/F-1454.pdf Rich.