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  1. Tim, there has been a little conversation going on in the background of your post regarding the reading you got, so check the readings with a second meter before running the inverter. It is always good to know if a different meter gets a different reading. Inverters can go south and the same is true regarding meters. You did mention (voltage reading was the normal 120 volts, so it's not the voltmeter). When the Generator was running. The key to the conversation is no one can say that we got a reading as high as you posted. Rich.
  2. Tim, Does your meter have a setting that says True RMS Reading on it? If it does see what the meter reads an let us know. RMS stands for Root Means Squared. Like Bill and Jim mentioned your style inverter pouts out a Modified Sine wave not a pure sine wave So you reading the peak to peak reading. Rich.
  3. Could you post the Make, Model and Year of your coach and the rear axle maximum load numbers or the stud size and thread count used on your coach. Rich.
  4. Meritor drive axle Stud nut torque 5/8-18 Torque is 185 to 200 Ft. Lbs. or 250 to 270 N-M for a Grade 8, according to my shop manual for Meritor RS-15-120 Axle unit. The front stud nut torque is the same. The axle is rated at 23000 Lbs. and there are axles rated for higher loads and the stud nuts will be larger so the torque rang will be higher. Bolt / stud size and max torque for grade 8 studs 5/8 in. 18 thread= 200 Ft. Lbs. 3/4in. 10 thread= 320 Ft. Lbs. 3/4in. 16 thread= 357 Ft. Lbs. 7/8in. 9 thread= 515 Ft. Lbs. 7/8in. 14 thread= 568 Ft. Lbs. Rich.
  5. rpbuttery, The bulk charge is the mode the inverter/charger starts at, then to the absorption and then to the float mode. The display is giving the DC Charge voltage and current going to the coach battery bank and the Chassis batteries. There are different ways to wire the battery system that affects how the charging portion of the inverter reacts to the load. The OP mentions a 8K generator running. The charge rate is 86 Amps at 13.5 volts that equals 1160 Watts in the bulk mode. Unless the batteries are an issue that is not to far off from where the charge rate should drop to absorption point and the current should drop to around half that level. There is no mention of how long the generator has been running, but it kind of sounds like the generator was just started manually. The inverter LED is on and there is no way of knowing what the AC load is and the affect on the charging current, if the inverter is powering the kitchen and entertainment 120 volt circuits. This is a common setup. Is the Microwave operating? The OP also mentioned that both AC units are running. We run our inverter at 100% because the DW runs some equipment that could be adversely affected by over or under the AC level of 120 volts. Carl is correct that a charge level of 5 amps will do a good job of maintaining the battery levels with the inverter turned off. The standard size of most engine Alternators is 160 amps, unless the coach has more coach batteries, 2 inverters and is an all electric unit. A 160 amp alternator putting out 13.5 volts produces around 2160 watts of power. Definitely enough to maintain the battery charge and run needed items when driving, unless there is an issue with batteries and or there terminal connections. What is the Amp Hr. rating on the coach batteries and how many 6 volt batteries are installed. The Engine / chassis batteries fall into the Group 31 series and 2 in parallel is a common configuration. Rich.
  6. Doug, got your drawing in hand. The exact same basic drawing is for our coach. Think you will find the leak after the PPV of the Secondary air supply. If it was before the valve the air pressure would drop below 65lbs. when setting. With the drawing rotated 90deg. to the left,. Bottom left hand corner. Grid A to D vertically and 8 to 1 Horizontally. Find the Customer Manifold near the grid intersection of #6 and B. That line runs back to the 65lbs. preset pressure valve connected to the Secondary air supply tank at the junction line of #5 an 4 and near the top of B. Do you see the manifold in question? This is the valve that is limiting the air loose at 65lbs. NOTE ! there is often a convince air outlet located somewhere on the coach. They are often located out in the elements and they stick open. Oil up the connection and find a male connector that matches. plug into and release the plug several times to see it the OEM socket will seal up !!! if that is the point of the leak. The customer Manifold supplies air to the air horn valve and the engine Pack Brake. Joe thinks your Coach has an engine compression set up and in that case you do not have that air line. The High / Low switch's if your equipped with this system is controlled by 2 relays and electric valves in the valve train of the engine and oil pressure is used to control the valve location of the exhaust and intake valves. The other air lines split of from the same PPV supplies air to the air ride system and Joe thinks you have the auto air down system connected to your leveling system and not a manual dump switch located at the drivers station. If I have you totally confused, do not feel bad. Everyone that owns a DP goes through a mind altering experience for a time and there is always something new popping up. I admirer you for stepping out of your comfort zone to understand how these systems work. It will pay big dividends down the road ! You will know when something is not quit right and have an idea of where to look. Note! Got a PM from Joe and he has been working on over the road trucks, an your issue is got him baffled! Maybe a good cup of coffee or something to help clear his mind. Rich.
  7. There is a 65PSI. PPV-(Preset Pressure Valve) in the line between the tank and the point you mentioned. So it sounds like you have a failed Connector or leak in the line from a pressure manifold in the line supplying air to the point mentioned or to some other point from the same manifold. Rich.
  8. One might try to contact Michelin Tire service. The catch can be no cell service in areas of Canada and the US. Then work with them to see where the closest road service is located. MICHELIN® COMMERCIAL SERVICE NETWORK United States/Canada: 1-888-622-2306 Roadside Assistance: 1-800-TIRE-911® You might look up the commercial service network for your brand tire and keep it in the cell phone. I do carry spare brass valve stems for my 22.5 tires. and valve cores and a strait core tool. Not the one that looks like a plus or cross. The reason for the brass stems is they can be bent at the proper angle to clear a duel tire if mounted in the rear. A good commercial road tire service tech has the required jack(s) and tire spoons to brake the bead on the tires. I had one replaced and the service tech used the wheel hub to hold the tire so he could brake the bead and install a new valve stem. Note: The lug nuts and trim ring retaining nuts can be different and at times the proper size is not on the trucks to remove or loosen them. BTDT! So I now carry 2 large sockets for the 3/4in drive, commercial road service often have a 1in. drive impact wrench with a 1in. to 3/4in. adaptor in the tool box. So where are you going and remember the devil is in the details. The BSA motto is be prepared. It is uncomfortable to be a 100 miles or more in any direction from help. The next question one needs to ask is, if your service does not provide tire service - will they reimburse you! Rich.
  9. The articles of incorporation are currently structured in a way that it now takes 3 years to make any changes. This change will allow the Governing Board to purpose a change or offer options that could be offered to the members and enacted in more timely manner. One needs to remember that the membership will have the final say by instructing there National Director or a duly authorized member of each chapter to vote for the majority of each chapter. This Ballet is offered because the current structure of the Laws of Incorporation requires each coach owner a vote regarding any change to the article of Incorporation. Rich.
  10. Lyle, The Red LED coms on when the LP flame do not come on in most cases. You had a reading of 145 deg. if I remember correctly. Think the thermal fuse opened. There is a thermal fuse that is connected to the High limit thermal sensor. It is generally enclosed in a clear section of tubing. With the unit turn off you can remove the connector from the pin it is connected to( NOTE it is a tight connection) so hold the sensor by pressing it towards the tank while carefully wiggling the connector to remove it. You should read a short if its good and open if it did its job and shut down the water heater if things got too hot. With the LED coming on it might have failed. That Red LED is tell you something is not right. Rich.
  11. Joe, your head lights look like 90's Ford truck units. Rich.
  12. Should you travel with a meat thermometer, they read high enough to read the water temp coming from the water heater. If it reads high there is a good chance the high limit sensor is not making contact with the tank as mentioned by Brett. The high temp is around 125 to 130 degrees F. Rich.
  13. You do not need to buy them from the sight, just want to find a unit that matches the OEM. You just know they did not pay what some of the unit costs. With over 44,500 different ones. The hardest part is finding one that matches and that could be like trying to win the lottery. Rich.
  14. Carl, No Joy ! But you might look at this sight and see if something looks like your style. https://www.carid.com/factory-headlights.html Rich.
  15. Carl, For some reason using the first set of numbers is coming up empty on different web sights ? Rich.