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  1. 2005 Fleetwood Excursion slide issue

    John, Not sure, but this link might lead you to the problem or clear up how it works. https://www.lci1.com/assets/content/support/manuals/pg_82_S0010_01.pdf A complete power gear slide manual - More them most owners will ever use. http://www.liveworkdream.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/PowerGearSlides-ServiceManual.pdf Some of the drive motors fail because the gear casting the holds the gears in place wears in an oblong manner. This issue is caused by the lack a shaft sleeve in the soft mettle casting. A good machine shop can repair that problem in many cases. Rich
  2. intellitec ems replacement

    Pungoboy64, you might give this outfit a call. https://pdxrvwholesale.com/products/intellitec-ems-control-board-00-00767-200-upgrade-kit The kit replaces a number of parts that up grade the system. Rich.
  3. Surge protector?

    Mac, The use of surge protectors tend to depend on the owners skills to install them or the space availability to install a permanently installed unit. Many coaches have them installed as OEM equipment. What is the Model year, Make and Model of your coach? Rich.
  4. House Lights Dead

    rkinght, from your information and the fact that things are now working. That would make me look for a bad crimp or loose connection at the power solenoid low current wiring and the salesman switch. The second item to look for is a cold solder connection around the area of the little control board mounted on the larger relay / Solenoid. Not always easy to see ,but just wiggling the wires at the right spot can cause the connection to open and close. Rich.
  5. 50 Amps Is Not Really 50 Amps

    Five, What EMS panel do you have in the coach? Make and model information. Rich
  6. Coolant Overflow Reservoir Project

    Blake, An air up and drain common point might be a good thought ! The good part is one can flush the tank without removing the tank from the coach. Should you just happen to have a hydraulic press and the right fixture - you could place a low point( dimple) in the center of the bottom plate for the drain. The gauge material you have to do that would require all four sides of the bottom panel to be properly supported, before applying pressure. Think a depression of no more then 1/4 in. would do the job and everything could be discharged out the drain point with little effort. Rich.
  7. Replacing 4 way Flasher Switch

    Bob, Welcome to the Forum ! The shop manual shows the steering wheel removed to replace the plastic trim piece !! I do have the steering column section of the workhorse shop manual open. Looking at things - I can not tell if the 4 way switch is mounted directly to the trim or is fastened to the steering column. Not knowing your skill level and tools you have - it might be beyond what you want to tackle. Rich.
  8. Coolant Overflow Reservoir Project

    Blake, this is part of your reply-Maybe drop the top to lower than the sides and do a fillet weld all the way around? This is doable by placing wire hangers at each corner(kind of like the pull pins the body shops use to remove dents) They spot weld them - but working with aluminum one might be able to epoxy the wires near the corners that hang the plate equidistant from each corner. Then remove them and finish each corner. When the tank is finished - cap all the openings, use a old pressure cap and install a threaded air fitting. Pressurize the tank to 10 to 15 lbs. and sink it in a tub of water. I have used bricks to get enough weight to sink smaller tanks - look for air bubbles or soapy spry and look for boubles. Rich.
  9. Coolant Overflow Reservoir Project

    Blake, Okay.....tank walls are welded together. So the other to sides must be the top and bottom ? I think you can weld the inside seam for the bottom, but doing the inside for the top could be changeling. The devil mad me say that, but you do run a fine seam. Now I know where to stop if I brake something. Rich.
  10. No Power To Allison MH3000 Shift Pad

    Grate Chris !! The issue with the butt connectors was also mentioned on a web page I found. They did mention that the harnesses where often short and they used butt connections to extend them. Your information tends to confirm that issue. Thanks so much for posting what you found. I'm sure that someone else will find it helpful and that finding the problem spot often takes time. Short at the rear close to the fuse box, could indicate a number of those troublesome connectors in the same general area. Rich.
  11. Coach Will Not Start

    I do not have any information on the wiring for your model year coach. it is a little hard to come by. Hopefully one or more of the forum members has some good info. or feedback. Rich.
  12. Coach Will Not Start

    tngleim, Could you post the Model , Year and make of your coach for the group? Not sure what happened to your original post - regarding the entry issue ether? Think it might be the ignition solenoid causing the issue with the no start problem, the one pictured is larger and is a Disconnect solenoid. Rich.
  13. No Power To Allison MH3000 Shift Pad

    Is there a way to test relays? Hope this helps! Yes. One needs to measure the coil resistance with an ohm meter. Generally they have a resistance(good) or no resistance(bad) The coils are 12 volts. Measure the contacts - normally closed is the non powered state and a '0" resistance is the reading - the normally open state reads no resistance (infinity) One can power them using a good 9 volt battery to power the coil in most cases for the medium power relays - may not work for the high power contractors. Powering the relay allows one to check for continuity of the Normally open side (marked NO). With the relay powered the normally closed contacts should read "0"(marked NO) Looking at the relay case should show the switch contacts and the relay coil contacts. In your case With the Ignition OFF) if you read between the relay coil socket pins and the main power fuse with the meter set to Ohm's you should find one pin of the relay coil connected to one pin of the power fuse. This relay should be the power relay for the VIM module. Rich. The VIM used by Allison appears to have a power relay built in to the module board,
  14. New Water Pump Will Not Prime

    Jen, Info on the OEM Sureflow pump. They do list a check valve for the pump, but I do not see any reasion it needs to be in the supply line side. The lift for both pumps is about the same/ but most RV water supply tanks are above the pumps and can gravity feed the system. Where is you water tank in relation to the pump? http://shurflo.com/images/files/RV_Product_Data_Sheets/Classic_Pumps/pds-2088-422-144.pdf Information I found on Seaflow pump - there is no information of a check valve. The 33-Series is our general-duty on-demand positive displacement pump. It provides reliable performance in high water flow, moderate pressure applications. This 3-chamber diaphragm pump provides up to 3.0 gallons per minute and is capable of self-priming up to 6vertical feet, and can run dry without damage. Serves 3 or more 1/2” (13 mm) outlets. This automatic demand water system pump has a built-in pressure switch, which automatically starts and stops when the faucet is opened and closed. They're easy to install, service and winterize. http://www.seaflo.com/en-us/product/detail/604.html Picture of the pump, adapters and water filter. Rich.
  15. No Power To Allison MH3000 Shift Pad

    This was one source of no transmission power. The Allison Automatic may not always get it's power from "the battery" but it should be on it's own full time power supply. .... display problem was solved in my driveway by replacement of a relay in OEM VIM module supplying power to Allison shift selector..had no problems in 3000 mile trip...thanks for all the . No information on wiring for your model year. This is a copy of an older model year, but it might help as it does show some wiring for the VIM on page 12. ..Rich. Beaver_Service_Manual_(Electrical_Diagrams).pdf