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    Taking broken things apart, because if there already broken I can't breake it and might learn how to fix whatever it might be! Trying to tie trout fly's, learned how years ago and with my love to learn something new let that skill slid away.

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  1. 2005 Fleetwood Excursion slide issue

    John, For what it is worth, the low voltage could be caused by a cold solder joint. This is a picture of a slide control board - where the white connector (in this case) connects to the board - very off ten there a crack in the solder around the pin(s) on the back side of the board. Do you know of a person that repairs electronic boards?
  2. repaires for Hydraulic leveling jack

    Keith, If the jacks are made by Power Gear, there are small grease fittings at the bottom of the hydraulic cylinders. When the rams are extended they can be easier to see. Power gear jacks require the seals to be greased every 30 cycles with WHITE lithium GREASE ONLY. 2 squirts only in each fitting clears up the small leaks. Rich.
  3. 2K-3K Inverter recommendations

    Chadmgorman, The 2012 is the series number! is it a 2000 or 2800 watt model? Should you go from a 2000 to a 2800, you might consider up grading the 12 volt battery's if you go to the 2800. A 2000 will power a microwave, but with a house style refrigerator a 2800 Pure sine wave might be a better investment. They are much better for all electronic equipment! Rich.
  4. 10 amp house / generator

    dck22, Welcome to the FMCA Forum ! This is a link to the proper wiring for an RV 30 amp circuit. They are not wired like a common drier 30 amp circuit. You can go to this link and copy the information and share it with your electrician. http://www.myrv.us/Imgs/PDF/30-amp Service.pdf Rich.
  5. No 110V w/Generator running

    Roger, Check the Circuit breakers on the generator, by turning them off and back on. would be the first thing to do. Then we can go a little deeper. From your post it sounds like the generator is running smooth and nominal? Rich.
  6. Inverter Recommendations

    Nancy, Good travels and stay safe. Always remember the forum is always open to questions. Rich.
  7. Finding Good Food On The Road..that someone else cooks

    Kay, Wondering about this one. Oh yes another is Buckners on I-75 about 20 miles south of Atlanta, don't remember the exit #, but the Flying J is on the right of the Interstate at this exit, just turn and go past the Flying J about 100 yards, NOW is it on the west or right side of I-75 going north or south? Flying J 's can be found, but the DW is direction challenged, but a good cook. Have to give her a brake when the timing is good for a pit stop. Rich.
  8. Hand tools, Craftsman or Snap On or ???

    I have purchased tools from Snap on, Max tools and all the rest. With no problem, just look for on of there tool trucks, stop and ask for one of there business cards. Call them and ask when they are going to be in your area. Sears tools used to rule, but there quality has gone down the tube over the last 10 years or so. SK was a good tool supplier, but people did not like there prices, Thing is they very / very seldome brok or failed and they would rebuild or repair them at most locations for next to nothing. parts but no labor. The good ones are going because price is king and I have spent more for the cheep tools then I have ever spent on good tools up front. Rich.
  9. Frig latch

    Skykingtcb. Model number of the Norcold might help the group. Are the surfaces of the Door seal clean? Are the refrigerator surfaces clean? Check the door seal gaskets for any damage to the seals where the material folds between the portion on the door and the magnetic strips that attach the seals to the metal door opening. The listed links might be for parts that would resolve the latch issue(s) Could you attach a picture of the offending latch and the point it latches to for the group? http://thenorcoldguy.com/norcold-1200-1210-doors/ http://thenorcoldguy.com/norcold-door-handle-619573-upper-left-lower-right-for-1200/ http://thenorcoldguy.com/norcold-door-handle-619574-upper-right-lower-left-for-1200/ Rich.
  10. Trans Temp Sender

    Like Carl, I use Silverleaf software to monitor a number of items in greater detail then the standard instrument panel. The software is free, it is the interface items on needs to purchase. The software runs on a standard laptop, although with an older operating system then windows 10. Settings are set to monitor 15 to 20 items in detail and log them for a detailed look any time I feel something is not quit right. Scan Gauge D is also a very helpful system, but somewhat less flexible and less expensive I'm not up to speed on the Trip Tech system. Rich.
  11. 2005 Fleetwood Excursion slide issue

    John, Not sure, but this link might lead you to the problem or clear up how it works. https://www.lci1.com/assets/content/support/manuals/pg_82_S0010_01.pdf A complete power gear slide manual - More them most owners will ever use. http://www.liveworkdream.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/PowerGearSlides-ServiceManual.pdf Some of the drive motors fail because the gear casting that holds the gears in place wears in an oblong manner. This issue is caused by the lack a shaft sleeve in the soft mettle casting. A good machine shop can repair that problem in many cases. Rich
  12. intellitec ems replacement

    Pungoboy64, you might give this outfit a call. https://pdxrvwholesale.com/products/intellitec-ems-control-board-00-00767-200-upgrade-kit The kit replaces a number of parts that up grade the system. Rich.
  13. Surge protector?

    Mac, The use of surge protectors tend to depend on the owners skills to install them or the space availability to install a permanently installed unit. Many coaches have them installed as OEM equipment. What is the Model year, Make and Model of your coach? Rich.
  14. House Lights Dead

    rkinght, from your information and the fact that things are now working. That would make me look for a bad crimp or loose connection at the power solenoid low current wiring and the salesman switch. The second item to look for is a cold solder connection around the area of the little control board mounted on the larger relay / Solenoid. Not always easy to see ,but just wiggling the wires at the right spot can cause the connection to open and close. Rich.
  15. 50 Amps Is Not Really 50 Amps

    Five, What EMS panel do you have in the coach? Make and model information. Rich