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  1. Fortunately have never had a high wind issue. Have had my fair share of stopping during sever thunderstorms/rain though..
  2. Recommendation for Campgrounds in SC

    Oceanlakes in Myrtle beach is on the top of our list. Big rig friendly, private beach and access, short stroll from our RV.. www.oceanlakes.com
  3. Leaking Dometic Toilet Valve

    The last time I had a leak from the foot valve on my toilet, it was not repairable. Had to replace the toilet. Sorry, not very helpful...
  4. Recommendations on RV Parks to stay at in Atlanta

    Thanks. Thought maybe we'd stay south of the city, anyone stayed at Atlant0a South RV Resort in McDonough?
  5. We are planning to tour the Atlanta area next summer, any recommendations on nice RV Parks to stay at are appreciated.. Ian
  6. Roads in Canada?

    Diesel $5.44 a gallon? I know our fuel prices are higher than the US but your conversion calculation is incorrect. Here just east of Toronto, diesel is currently at $1.21 / liter. At 3.71 liters to the US gallon thats $4.48 per gallon Canadian. Once you factor in the US currency exchange rate, which is $1.23 today..your price is $3.65 a gallon.
  7. Heading To Alaska This Summer

    Tom, We are in the planning stages of an Alaskan trip for most of the summer of 2019. Thank you for the tip on The Milepost. Looks invaluable!
  8. 2019 Rallies

    Redmond, OR would be great! Just looking for an excuse to go west.....
  9. In Ontario, Canada you need a special license if your GVCW exceeds 24,000 lbs...
  10. My First Experience With SafeRide

    Why? GS isn't infalable either, at least that's been my experience.
  11. FMCA Roadside Assistance

    Over the years I have used both GS and FMCA with varying levels of success. Can't say that I noticed a significant difference between the two. I am now back with FMCA and at the new annual price of $69, will likely stay. Apparently you can lock in for up to 3 years to avoid any potential future price increases. Of note: in the new Dec 2017 edition of Family Motor Coaching, starting page 10, there is an overview and "Roadside Assistance Comparison" that completely details the benefits of FMCA, GS, AAA, and AARP. Worth a read...
  12. FMCA Roadside Assistance

    At $69 a year, I would give FMCA Roadside assist a try. Its definitely one of the best values out there and includes all services offered by others like GS and then some. Also it not only covers your MH, but all of your other vehicles. A great deal!
  13. Check Out Our New Verizon MIFI Benefit!

    Although the timing of this announcement, being about a week right after the Verizon plan could cause some confusion...