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  1. Heading To Alaska This Summer

    Tom, We are in the planning stages of an Alaskan trip for most of the summer of 2019. Thank you for the tip on The Milepost. Looks invaluable!
  2. 2019 Rallies

    Redmond, OR would be great! Just looking for an excuse to go west.....
  3. In Ontario, Canada you need a special license if your GVCW exceeds 24,000 lbs...
  4. My First Experience With SafeRide

    Why? GS isn't infalable either, at least that's been my experience.
  5. FMCA Roadside Assistance

    Over the years I have used both GS and FMCA with varying levels of success. Can't say that I noticed a significant difference between the two. I am now back with FMCA and at the new annual price of $69, will likely stay. Apparently you can lock in for up to 3 years to avoid any potential future price increases. Of note: in the new Dec 2017 edition of Family Motor Coaching, starting page 10, there is an overview and "Roadside Assistance Comparison" that completely details the benefits of FMCA, GS, AAA, and AARP. Worth a read...
  6. FMCA Roadside Assistance

    At $69 a year, I would give FMCA Roadside assist a try. Its definitely one of the best values out there and includes all services offered by others like GS and then some. Also it not only covers your MH, but all of your other vehicles. A great deal!
  7. Check Out Our New Verizon MIFI Benefit!

    Although the timing of this announcement, being about a week right after the Verizon plan could cause some confusion...
  8. Check Out Our New Verizon MIFI Benefit!

    Confusing? Seemed pretty straight forward to me. Another optional benefit that as a member one can chose to take advantage of.. or not,,,,
  9. Check Out Our New Verizon MIFI Benefit!

    Chindog, The plan is not limited to 256 gb. It is an unlimited plan. See info from FMCA announcement. "Get a mobile hotspot for only $.01 with a 2-year agreement when you sign up for the $49.99/month Mobile Broadband Plan (plus taxes & fees), plus get unlimited data.*" As per the details, if you go over 256 gb in any one month, the speed may be reduced. Would likely only be an issue if you were constantly streamjng video.
  10. Final Decision On Mail Forwarding Service

    Like myself, I am sure that many members prefer reading the actual magazine than reading a digital copy on a PC. I dislike eBooks and such. I consider the actual magazine one of the most important benefits of FMCA. I suppose to save $$, FMCA could ask each member at sign up or renewal to select which format they wanted? If many members chose digital only, the savings could be big.
  11. Check Out Our New Verizon MIFI Benefit!

    This appears to be a great deal! Thanks to FMCA for bringing it to the members!
  12. Hot Water Turns Cold When Shower Paused

    This annoyance is more common than you may think and in most cases is not an indication of an issue in your plumbing system, just a leaky shower head switch. What is likely happening is that the switch on your shower head, when in the shut off position, is turning off the hot water flow entirely but not the cold. Thus the trickle of cold water. As the cold water continues to run it cools off the water in the line from the taps to your shower head. Once you flip the switch back to on, the cold water in the line flows through, eventually allowing the hot to make its way back. It does seem to take a long time. We have had this issue with many shower heads....still have it in our current MH.
  13. Why not replace bolts and see if issue is resolved. Could be the bolts were deffective? If not, contact Winnebago @winnebagoind.com for help. Click on resources, parts and service, contact us.
  14. Coming To America: Accommodations In FL

    Greetings paulh, You might want to look into the many cabin and cottage rentals available at the many KOA campgrounds in Florida. There are over 20 RV parks throughout. Some really nice. Just go to KOA.com and search Florida. And yes, I would book now.
  15. Thoughts On Thor Tuscany

    Herman, I remember as a kid my Dad had one of those on the front of his Plymouth! He hated that car...Your post made me smile...
  16. Dash A/C Drips Water On Driver's Foot

    jmholb57: coach must still be under warranty, why not take back to get fixed?
  17. Dolly Towing

    I second deserdeals69 comments!
  18. Bag Of Glass Beads For Balancing???

    Have had beads in my drive tires with valve extenders for two yeaars now. Work great, no problems so far....
  19. Motorhome Financing

    Agree with Bill. Our RV dealer told us in 2010 when we traded our 2001 Suncruiser that an RV less than 10 years old will attract a higher resale price as financing options are more plentiful for potential buyers.
  20. No Hot Water

    I agree with Wildebill. Your water heater likely has a check valves on th outlet which is stuck. Replacing it is the only solution. This happened on my 2001 Suncruiser several years back.
  21. 2007 Winnebego Vectra Screen Door

    Contact Winnebago direct in Iowa. They carry all replacement parts and ship any where.
  22. Oval FMAC Number Plate Decal

    Sorry, I read more into your thought "That is on the assumption that you can find any real reason that you need this thing on your coach." than you meant,,,,
  23. Oval FMAC Number Plate Decal

    I proudly display my oval and will do so until such time I withdraw from FMCA. Glad to hear others are interested in doing so as well. BillA, why such a Debbie Downer?
  24. Workhorse Differential Gear Oil Change

    According to my owners manual for my 2009 Workhorse W series chassis, the correct differential rear axle fluid is Chevron Delo Gear ESI SAE 80W-90 gear oil. I believe the filler plug is easily removed with a wrench, no heating applied. I usually have this done when the MH is in for service. Very inexpensive.