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  1. Michelin Tire Gone Square

    Found the problem to be a result of weight coming off and the tire out of balance. Called FMCA Michelin , and replaced the tire. Please try to leave sarcastic remarks off the site and deal with solutions. Thanks
  2. Michelin Tire Gone Square

    I had been hearing an uncomfortable noise coming from my front driver side tire. When the wheel was turned I could see at least two places where the tire was bald and appeared to be square. Obviously this was creating the thumping sound I heard. All the tires were installed the same time and air maintained with my via compressor. The other 5 tires all seem good with plenty of tread, even looking new. Has anyone experienced a situation like this? They are 22 inch tires on my 06 bounder.
  3. Best Tow Dolly Tires

    I am using a 205/75R14 tire and a jeep patriot weighing 3150 pounds.There is no extra load in mu car.
  4. Best Tow Dolly Tires

    I have been using a master tow dolly for the last 6 years and have had many blowouts. Each blowout usually rips the polyethylene fenders off . Our last experience not only blew out the tire, and caused the fender to break away, but also mangled the steel frame preventing the spare from being put on. I keep the tire pressure inflated and the vehicle does not exceed the tow dollies weight capacity. I have been using a radial tire from tractor supply, but have also used D rated bias ply with the same results. All suggestions welcome. I am switching to a Goodyear American made tire.
  5. I am planning a trip to the Maritime Provinces this spring-summer. I would appreciate any information about this area. What to see. Where to stay. your experiences. We will visit Nova Scotia, P.E.I. and New Brunswick before heading to Quebec City. Thanks Steve
  6. Towing 2014 Jeep Patriot

    How do you not lock the steering wheel? With the ignition off the wheel is locked on the Patriot? When I tow my 2015 VW Beetle my ignition is off the car is in park and no parking brake. However the wheel is locked. Is this the same procedure with the Patriot?
  7. I recently purchased a 2014 Jeep Patriot. I am currently using a Tow Dolly for my VW. Can I use the Tow Dolly for the Jeep? Can I 4 down with this car? Thanks Steve
  8. We will be traveling this summer to Memphis from Natchez driving parts of the Natchez Trace. Are the campgrounds along the Trace busy or should we look for private CG's along the way. I am having difficulty finding private campgrounds can anyone recommend some.
  9. Memphis From FL

    We like to travel no more than 300 miles usually 200-250 is good. We are in central Florida near Ocala.
  10. Memphis From FL

    We would like to take our Class A 35' M.H. to Memphis this July. We are looking for places of interest to see along the way. We like to travel secondary roads as well as major highways when necessary. Suggestions for campgrounds are welcomed. Thanks
  11. North In November

    We are traveling north to L.I. for Thanksgiving with our family. Once north of Norfolk Va. are there any recommended c/gs that will be available. We need one night since our final stop will be Bethpage L.I. State parks will do also. Thanks
  12. Campground Near Akron

    We will be heading towards Akron to visit a friend and while ther drive into Cleveland to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. From Akron we will be heading east to Gettysburg.This will be the second week of April and I need a c/g near Akron with access to Cleveland.
  13. Schroon Lake Campgrounds

    We are looking for c/g that will have cabin rentals for grandchildren and parents with space for our motorhome. We have seen Medcalf Acres and spoken to owner, however they want payment in full with no refunds. I would not feel comfortable with that policy. Any recommendations for cabin/site rentals would be appreciated. We would like to stay in proximity to Lake George also. Thanks
  14. Traveling To Cleveland

    Thank You that is an excellent idea. steve
  15. We will be traveling to Cleveland from Nashville and need a good campground overnite.We will then head to Cleveland to the rock and roll hall of fame before we head east from there to Gettysburg. Any recommendations would be appreciated.