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  1. Upgrade From 295/80/22.5 To 305/70/22.5

    Thanks for your feedback
  2. Upgrade From 295/80/22.5 To 305/70/22.5

    I have a 2009 American Coach with 295/80R/22.5 Michelin's, I had my coach weighted at the FMCA Rally in Perry last year, I'm 200 pounds over the limit for max weight, I'm replacing my tires soon and see the 305/70 are 20ply and have a higher load rating, has anyone switched from the 295's to 305's? and what has been your experience. One more thing, has anyone had any experience with TOYO tires, I'm looking at them, the tires are a lot less than Michelin and have a 66 month warranty. your comments and suggestions are welcome and suggested.