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  1. 2002 Alfa Owners Manual

    Welcome to the FMCA forum. You will find several Alfa specific forums which might be helpful. Post a message on the following 2 forums and you will probably get a response from a member with a 2002 manual. If you know your build number it would be good to add that to your message. You should have a data sheet either inside a cabinet door or inside the mirrored doors in the kitchen. It will be 5 digits and start with a 7 (mine is 74151). https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/alfaseeya/conversations/topics https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/SeeYaDP/conversations/topics Leisure Coachworks (formerly Alfateers) You might contact them to see if they could send you a manual. https://www.leisurecw.com/ One of the forum members has posted a lot of Alfa information on a Google Drive. The 2002 Owners Manual is not on there but the 2003 is there in addition to various system manuals. It is free to use and requires no registration. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B6YxOhJ1PMxRNmYzZDg0YjMtYWU0NC00ZWZkLThiMjYtMWE3MTM3NjM0OWFi Enjoy your new Alfa. We purchased ours in 2011 after looking at various coaches for 2 years - just kept coming back to the Alfa. It has been to Canada and Alaska from Texas - a little over 10,000 miles in 2012. And 5500 miles last year east of the Mississippi. We are currently in Chama, NM. If you have any questions I might help with feel free to send me a message.
  2. Riverpark Infotainment GPS

    We use the Garmin RV760LMT for both the motorhome and toad. Our trip last year was around 5500 miles with no problems. Using it in the toad, I selected a parking garage in downtown Chicago, entered the address and it took us right to it - and then got us back out of there to the campground without any problems. When we plan a trip, I select the mode I want to use - RV or Auto - and go from there. It will give you on screen information for turns and highway change information including which lane to be in well in advance. We went through several major cities last year without being sent down a wrong road - Dallas, TX, Lansing, MI, Boston, MA, Buffalo, NY, Albany, NY, Jacksonville, FL, Miami, FL, Tampa, FL, Des Moines, IA, Kansas City, MO, Little Rock, AR and several others. In the 2 years we have owned the unit, it has never failed to take us directly to a campground we selected although I have added some additional campground databases which is a simple process.
  3. Drop Down Slideout & Hardwood Flooring

    Extremely bad job. I would not be happy!!!!
  4. Interstate Rest Areas

    Welcome to the forums. Try this one from POI Factory. It can be loaded into your GPS (if you GPS doesn't already have the information). http://www.poi-factory.com/node/6643
  5. FMCAssist Postings On Facebook

    I just looked at this issue on Facebook. One individual states that he had spoken to FMCAssist on the phone and was told that a 10 year rule was in effect. Another person stated " I went to their lecture at the last rally and they said this is bc the professional drivers they hire can not afford a breakdown of older RVs. They lose money. The insurance co will pay the expenses of a family member or friend to get to the RV and pay all expenses the get that individual but to where they came from." So it appears that FMCAssist will pay the expenses but the owner is responsible for finding a driver. Another states " As is often the case, a lot of confusion arises when only part of an answer is provided. Short answer: FMCAssist does provide for the return of all coaches subject to a $5,000 dollar limit. Contract companies will provide drivers for coaches less than 10 years of age but will not drive older ones. FMCAssist will pay up to the same $5,000 limit for older coaches but the coach owner must make the arrangements for the driver." There is an allowance for air travel to get the driver to the coach, if necessary, as well as coverage for hotel expenses, all of which apply towards the overall $5,000 limit." Here is a link to the discussion. https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=fmcassist I should have kept reading - this was just posed on Facebook an hour ago: "A few days ago a discussion developed here that resulted in 27 posts regarding FMCAssist. Some complete information in all of this busy finger activity was MIA. As a result, confusion reigned supreme, ensenuations made, and damage done. Such is regrettable in that feelings were bruised since complete information was lacking. I'm reposting here as a separate thread so the air can be cleared. FMCAssist does exist as a benefit for members of FMCA. Yes, at some point in time the contracting company with Seven Corners (the underwriter for FMCAssist) did stipulate they would no longer supply drivers for coaches older than ten years of age (chassis build date/completiong of build-out/first date of retail sale). However, FMCAssist will cover the cost of a member-approved driver from his/her domicile to the coach and it's return to the member's home base. If airfare is involved, all flight expenses will be covered. FMCAssist, however, will not cover cost of repairs in the event any need to be made. This would include towing should the owner not have roadside coverage (which is a separate issue). I went through an FMCA board member and two FMCA delegates to get to the bottome line on the reported issue (that the benefit had been towally dropped). The 10-year position came about and was announced at the most recent FMCA Family Reunion and Motorhome Showcase. Whether anyone paid attention or read anything about it is also another issue. The company had drivers getting into situations where the coaches, to be driven, were not in good repair. Owners tried to claim "it was running and your driver did something wrong" leaving the company and/or driver to deal with repair, lost time, etc. Personally, I'd rather have someone I approve of to drive my coach from a remote location to my home base." I personally see a big problem here - finding a family member or friend who is: 1. Comfortable driving a 40 foot coach from point A to point B and 2. Is properly licensed to drive that coach.
  6. Opinions on Camping World

    Welcome to the forum and RVing. I am sure you will get many opinions about Camping World. We shop there when we want to look at an item before purchase, if it happens to be something only CW handles or if the price is competitive with other suppliers. They do handle some good quality merchandise. As far as service, I have heard too many horror stories to trust them. I did call once about oil & filter change and lube - they were almost twice the price of the place I now use. Possibly someone on the forum can tell you about store in Indy - it may be a well run, reliable shop.
  7. Travel Across Texas Panhandle

    John, I have not heard of any situations similar to Van Horn in the rest of Texas. I talked to a lady at the Van Horn Chamber of Commerce in December 2011 about the ordinance and they were trying to get it changed but I have not heard anything since that time. I understand that the City Manager stated to someone else in a phone conversation that "RV Park owners were calling and screaming at her to enforce the ordinance" - http://forums.goodsamclub.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/thread/tid/25316430/print/true.cfm I have had no personal experience with this type of situation anywhere in our travels but I make it a point to not stop for anything in Van Horn as they evidently have an attitude toward RVers. After reading the following in their local newspaper, evidently nothing has changed in their attitudes. https://thevanhornadvocate.com/2016/04/21/new-ordinance-regarding-rvs-outside-city-limits/ In our travels, we have learned to slow down and enjoy the trip. We have a goal of 300 miles or 6 hours in a day and plan our stops accordingly. Enjoy your trip.
  8. 2006 ALFA

    Don't know where it is in relation to your location but try Leisure Coachworks (formerly Alfateers) in Fontana, CA. It was formed after Alfa went under and is run by former Alfa employees. https://www.leisurecw.com/ They carry many replacement items for Alfa also.
  9. RV Industry Death Spiral

    Interesting article. Will be interesting to read the additional ones.
  10. Basement A/C Power Circuit Dead

    testcommercial, Here is an explanation of the 30/50 amp switch. Don't remember exactly where I got it but probably on one of the Alfa forums on Yahoo. As you can see, with the switch in the 30 amp position, no power is available to the #2 compressor. You do not have to change the 50/30 amp switch to 30 amps, just because you are connected to 30 amps shore power. The 30/50 amp switch is probably one of the highest on the list of misunderstood items on our coaches. 50 amp service provides 2 legs of 115 volts AC at 50 amps per leg so in reality the coach has 100 total amps available. The AC loads in the coach are divided between the 2 legs. One compressor is on leg 1 and the other compressor is on leg 2. When one uses a proper 30 amp to 50 amp adapter to connect to a 30 amp shore power source the adapter connects the 2 legs of the coach to the one 30 amp leg. The coach how has a total of 30 amps available instead of 100 amps. The 50/30 switch is merely a double pole double throw (DPDT) toggle switch. AC Leg # 2 is connected to the switch along with Compressor # 2. In the “50 Amp” position Compressor # 2 has power regardless of if you are connected to 50 amps, 30amps or even 15-20 amps as long as the approximate adapters are used. The “30 Amp” position disconnects Compressor # 2 from AC Leg # 2 again regardless of the shore power ampere source. The compressors are staged in coming on, that is, compressor # 1 starts first and then compressor # 2 starts. Among other things this permits both compressors to be utilized even when connected to 30 amp shore power provided that the 50/30 amp switch is in the 50 amp position and one manages the AC loads properly. For example switch the hot water and refrigerator to propane and do not use the microwave while the compressors are running. If one needs to use the microwave simply turn the thermostat to off while running the microwave. **** Albritton has a kit available that uses the unused connections on the 50/30 amp switch to connect Compressor # 2 to a separate AC power source. If a separate 30 amp or 15 amp 115 V AC circuit is available then the Compressor # 2 will be connected to it with the 50/30 Amp switch in the 30 Amp position. The advantage of the kit is now you can run the refrigerator and microwave while the compressors are running. Most likely the hot water heater will still have to be on propane. One word of caution is that many places wire the 20 amp outlet to the same circuit breaker that the 30 amp is connected to. When this is the case you still have only 30 amps instead of the expected 30 amps plus 15- 20 amps.
  11. Basement A/C Power Circuit Dead

    You have probably checked but I will ask anyway. On my 06 See Ya, there is a switch in the electrical bay where the power cable comes in. It is labeled 30 amp and 50 amp. If it is set at 30, the second compressor will not run.
  12. Grand Tetons

    I was going to suggest either Coulter Bay RV Park or Flagg Ranch RV Park but looks like they may be full. You might give them a call - they might have a cancellation or suggestions.
  13. Class A Campgrounds

    Joe, yes, full hookups with water and sewer and 50 amp
  14. Class A Campgrounds

    ShortBus, Sorry I didn't understand you original post. We have friends who prefer the more restricted and upscale properties so I thought that was what you were looking for. You might try Big Rigs Best Bets. I purchased one of their books years ago but you can now access it online. http://www.big-rigs-rv.com/Home.html Where we usually spend June each year, most people are in their late 60s and early 70s but many have a campfire every night. Also where we are now at Chama, NM several campfires every night and most people here are retired. We don't do campfires because, like you, my wife has COPD. In our travels, we have visited several parks that do not have individual campfire facilities but have installed centralized fire pits. If the smoke get too bad at our site, we have close up and turn on the A/C.
  15. Class A Campgrounds

    Joe, Try Pellicer Creek Campground. Short drive into St. Augustine. It is about a mile off IH95 on US1 South. We spent last winter there to our Northeast trip. Great WiFi and 190 channel Directv provided. http://www.pellicercreekcampground.com/