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  1. Denis, Gail and Dixie, Welcome to the FMCA forum. Sounds like you have covered the entire range of camping. We went from a tent to a 35 ft. Hurricane to our current coach. Enjoy your retirement and see this great country. We sold our home in central Texas in 2011, hit the road full time and have never regretted it. Snowflake, Arizona sounds like it might be cold in winter! But then Maryland is not the tropics in winter, We visited our grandson at Indian Head, MD in October 2015 and he said it would be getting cold there. We are now spending our winters west of San Antonio, Texas and the summers in southern Colorado. If you get near San Antonio, TX or Antonito, CO give us a call.
  2. I had a problem reaching the website this afternoon. I got the same message of "Too many redirects". Thought it might be Mozilla Firefox but everything else seemed to work fine. Just ignored it and took care of other business.
  3. Going to give this a try. Never had any problems before. Here is a link to the FMCA trip routing. http://www.fmca.com/benefits/75-motorhome-trip-routing.html All I did was copy the link, then place my cursor where I wanted the link to go, right clicked and choose Paste. Seems to work for me.
  4. Our son just bought a toy hauler recently that came with the Rayzar Z1 complete unit already mounted. He said he gets good reception but really doesn't know anything about the replacement head for existing masts.
  5. The deadline to file a claim was August 26, 2016. I just looked at the website again and it states that you can no longer file a claim there.
  6. I had more info because I cared enough to send a PM to the OP and asked.
  7. Come on guys - give it a rest. These people lost their coach and a pet. They were grasping at straws for some kind of hope. She is from Australia and had lost her passport and ID in the fire. I am not sure many of us would make logical decisions in this situation. The OP states that "she rang the emergency number" and did not say FMCA. She finally contacted some members of the Alfa Owners Club (their coach was an Alfa) and they have received some useful advice and support for there.
  8. I usually don't use the automatic shutoff as I prefer to avoid as much foaming as possible and listen for the "gurgle" as the tank approaches full. I use Pilot/Flying J if prices are in line for the area otherwise I use gas buddy to find possible fuel stops and then use Google Maps to see if they have a street view.
  9. ShortBus, We like ours. We had a problem with the solar powered fan which pulls air through the outside unit for a true air temperature. Acurite replaced the entire unit with no problem. For our purpose, it is accurate enough - I calibrated the rain gauge after we got it and have compared it to a standard rain gauge. We looked at the Davis equipment but did not feel like the price difference was justifiable. Here is a comparison of several systems. http://topreviews.best/main-review/weather-stations?gclid=Cj0KEQjw6am-BRCTk4WZhLfd4-oBEiQA3ydA3jJ7lk37E7GJuJoWMuHXLo8uNl4ZIaTtdDSLgxWNG44aArAz8P8HAQ You might take a look at some of the mounting options Tom Butler mention above.
  10. We have the Acurite 5 in 1 Weather Station - you will find varying prices all over the Internet. We mount it on our ladder at the rear using a 16 foot fiberglass telescoping flagpole kit we purchased from Flagpolebuddy.com. It includes the brackets for the ladder. We extend the pole so the weather station is just a few feet above the roof.
  11. We spent the winter 2014/2015 at Happy Days RV Park in Apache Junction. It is a small basic park but I see 2 problems - probably already booked solid and we just fit into our space at 40 feet. We had friends stay at Countryside RV Park there. Several parks with various amenities in Apache Junction - shopping is good there and in Mesa. And you are out of the Phoenix smog and traffic.
  12. You don't say what your age is but I am assuming you are not eligible for Medicare. If that assumption is wrong, the following may be useful. Our home is in Texas and we have a Medicare Advantage plan which is not state specific. My wife had knee replacement surgery in 2014 in Arizona and we were pleasantly surprised at our cost. We traveled almost all states east of the Mississippi last year and were never more than 20 miles from a network hospital or physician.
  13. Still a good deal even with a $10 increase, although I don't like price increases. The FMCAssist is comforting, although my family would be responsible for finding a driver (because our coach is older than 10 years). At least the expense would be covered. We renewed in 2015 for five years, so we are good until 2020.
  14. Good news Ray. If you guys happen to get anywhere near San Antonio, Texas on your winter run, give us a call. We will spend the winter just west of San Antonio from October through May,
  15. Welcome to the FMCA forum. You will find several Alfa specific forums which might be helpful. Post a message on the following 2 forums and you will probably get a response from a member with a 2002 manual. If you know your build number it would be good to add that to your message. You should have a data sheet either inside a cabinet door or inside the mirrored doors in the kitchen. It will be 5 digits and start with a 7 (mine is 74151). https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/alfaseeya/conversations/topics https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/SeeYaDP/conversations/topics Leisure Coachworks (formerly Alfateers) You might contact them to see if they could send you a manual. https://www.leisurecw.com/ One of the forum members has posted a lot of Alfa information on a Google Drive. The 2002 Owners Manual is not on there but the 2003 is there in addition to various system manuals. It is free to use and requires no registration. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B6YxOhJ1PMxRNmYzZDg0YjMtYWU0NC00ZWZkLThiMjYtMWE3MTM3NjM0OWFi Enjoy your new Alfa. We purchased ours in 2011 after looking at various coaches for 2 years - just kept coming back to the Alfa. It has been to Canada and Alaska from Texas - a little over 10,000 miles in 2012. And 5500 miles last year east of the Mississippi. We are currently in Chama, NM. If you have any questions I might help with feel free to send me a message.