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  1. N2 also look at Rock Hard 4 X 4. They have a front bumper that will fit your Jeep and take the place of the tow bar base plate. It bolts right on to your Jeeps frame and comes with the tow bar hookup for which ever brand of tow bar you have. I also have the M & G brake system. I did the installs, so it is not too difficult, LOL.
  2. Clear Bra Removal

    I just finished removing ours Saturday. I had 55 hours over 11 days and lots of patience. I used a product I bought in Indy at the convention called Release adhesive and sealant remover from RV by Life. I used 3 bottles of Release a plastic putty knife and a hair drier. My film came off in small pieces as it was old and cracked. I had about $220.00 in product for my removal. I had been quoted $1000.00 by one shop and $1800.00 at Indy with no guarantee it would not harm the paint. Very happy with the finished job.
  3. Indy Rally

    Take a good look at M & G, you would like it's ease of hooking up. I have it on my Jeep and really like it. Chuck
  4. Theme/Amusement Parks With Campgrounds

    If you get to northern Ohio take your kids to Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. If your into roller coasters this is the place. Nice camp ground and beach on Lake Erie. It has been a few years since we have been there but they update things every year.
  5. New To Us 2001 Beaver Patriot Ticonderoga 37

    We have an 02 that we bought new, same floor plan different exterior colors. You will love this coach and it's been very reliable.
  6. Thetford Sani-Con System

    I bought the Tank Buddy (the one in the carry case) about 3 years ago and i really like it. I bought this model because our coach could not use the internal model. I use it mainly at home when i come off the road. I pump up hill about 200 ft. and can pump both black and gray tanks in about 10 minutes. I bought 200 ft. of their hose because it was more felxible and easier to store. I think you would like it.