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  1. How to aim headlights on a 2011 Tiffin Allegro Open Road 34tga? i cannot find any adjusting screws at all. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. Chuck.
  2. Shock Absorbers

    2011 tiffin allegro open road 34tga , both.
  3. Shock Absorbers

    Any feelings on Bilstein versus Koni shocks?
  4. Michelin Advantage Program

    What do I need to do to take advantage of the Michelin Advantage Program?
  5. Hand Sprayer: Dometic 320

    Ha ha
  6. Hand Sprayer: Dometic 320

  7. Does the hand sprayer on a Dometic 320 toilet need the flush pedal pushed to operate it or will it work on its own?
  8. We have a 2011 Tiffin Allegro Open Road 34TGA. Does anyone know how to access the speaker on the floor beneath the mid mounted TV. there are some screws in the lower cabinet shelf directly over the speaker but am leery of removing them as i do not know what they are holding. Anyone ever get into this speaker? Thanks Chuckconnie
  9. LED Bulbs

    Thanks to all!
  10. LED Bulbs

    Anyone know where to purchase GOOD LED bulbs to replace number 1141 bulbs in ceiling fixtures? Would like to try the pad type. Tried E-Bay but did not care for the quality. Any suggestions ?
  11. 12 Volt Switch Removal

    Thanks, I figured it out. There is a bezel on the front that has to be pryed off to get at the screws.
  12. 12 Volt Switch Removal

    How are the 12 volt rocker switch plates held in place on a 2011 Tiffin Allegro Open Road? I cannot feel anything on the back that would hold them in the cabinet and no visible fasteners on the front. Did not want to try prying them off for fear of cracking them. Thanks
  13. More often than not, when we start our water heater on gas, it sounds like a mini explosion. Any clue the cause and a fix? Thanks Chuck
  14. Onan Oil

    I am having trouble finding Onan 15w-40 oil for my generator. I cannot find the oil specs. For Onan oil so I could purchase a different brand. All the 15w-40 that I can find is all listed for diesel use. I do not trust it for generator use because of foaming. Maybe the Onan oil is also listed for diesel but I cannot find the answer. Thanks. chuck
  15. Blue Ox Tru -Center Steering Stabilizer

    Thanks to all for your input.