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  1. Montana LLC RV Titling: Tax avoidance or Tax Evasion?

    Montana LLC’s may have more advantages for some owners beyond those mentioned in roadtrekingmike’s blog noted. Obviously, each state plays by its own set of rules and that has to be carefully investigated from a legal standpoint. For instance, Wyoming appears to have a loophole that allows for a resident not to have to register in WY if the vehicle owner does not have WY income. When using an LLC for that purpose, it’s wise to carry a copy of the current legislation in the coach just in case someone gets curious. One can chose to use the MT approach just to avoid ridiculous and burdensome license fees even if they’ve paid sales taxes. (There may be more of a moral issue with sales tax avoidance for many.) A 14yr. old coach I’m familiar with licensed in WY for $3,300 the first year and that tapers down to $850/yr. after six years and remains there so long as tagged in WY. MT licenses that unit for, about, $250 initially, tapering down to $100 after a few years. But, then it really gets good. After any vehicle is 10yrs. old (Or right from new for travel trailers and fifth wheels.) you can get a permanent tag and pay no further fees so long as you keep it registered in MT! (This also applies to all autos one chooses to register there.) The cost to do this is really quite minimal. Yes, one can use the elaborate law firms that specialize in the process for a nice fee. But the process is so simple through the MT Secretary of State’s office that one could probably do it without legal assistance. I know of a lawyer friend that has done many for $250 plus the first years $250 registration and license fees. Once established, one can file the required LLC annual report and pay the $15 fee Online through the MT Sec. of State Website. One is not required to pay for a registration address for the LLC. You must have a valid address in the county in which you pay fees. That can be any friend or relative you might choose. All correspondence regarding your LLC is done by E-mail and license renewals are sent right to your home state address from the Deer Lodge, MT license center. Do make a note to include your LLC as an interested party on your insurance policy. It appears that most RV insurers are quite familiar with that item for obvious reasons.