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  1. Replacement Idea's For Privacy Curtains

    Another vote for the MCD shades. we took our 08 Monaco Camelot over to MCD in McKinney back in 2012. Did the front and cab window shades. Got rid of the curtains. When we sold the coach last month, shades were still in like new condition.
  2. We bought a 2013 Jeep GC Limited in February, just a few weeks before the 2014's came out. We moved up from a Jeep Wrangler we had been towing for about five years. We love the GC. No issues. It is very easy to shift into tow mode - put it in neutral and push a button. Then remove the key and you are good to go! Much simpler than the Wrangler, and we thought it was a pretty easy tow. We have 13k on the new car so far and no problems to report.