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  1. Albuquerque Balloon Festival

    Joe We also just returned from the Balloon Festival with Monaco International. We were in the second row Had a balloon land in front of the coach ahead of us in the first row on Saturday. We have wanted to go for a few years finally made it> it was worth the trip wish we could have stayed longer but had to get back home. We traveled 4600 miles in 14 days from upstate NY Duane
  2. Hydro Hot System Exhaust Smell

    I had mine fixed this summer. The electronic control box is very expensive. Total bill was about $900.00 The unit would not stay running. The repair also included annual service nozzle, cleaning & fuel filter
  3. Sulfur Smell From Hot Water Tank

    If he turns it up will he have hot salad dressing? Herman started this
  4. No Brake Lights

    Joe, My Onan was on for 56 Hours. It was too hot to get to the brake switch under the front cap. Outside temp was over 90 that day. I may have a short in the toad wiring. I have not hooked that up yet. I do not know how long we drove without brake lights. Duane
  5. No Brake Lights

    Found the problem today. There are 2 fuses for the brake lights. One powers the brake light switch. The second one is after the relay in the front run bay that powers the lights. It is not marked well on the print on the door of thr FRB Duane
  6. Camp Stove and BBQ Grill Box

    F I have the 2 burner stove and griddle and grill box that fit it.. Bacon or Sausage always first before pancakes on the griddle Duane
  7. Camp Stove and BBQ Grill Box

    I have the Camp Chef Stove also the Grill Box and a Cast Iron Griddle. It works out well when I cook for our rallys. A friend who has the same thing and I cooked Pancakes for the Northeast Area Rally one morning in 2015 in Essex Junction. Had one person mixing 5# boxes of Pancake batter. Secondperson filling pancake dispensers withe batter for us. The grill box is great for Burgers, Steaks, Ribs and Chicken. It also is goreat for grilling Corn on the cob in its husk. Duane
  8. No Brake Lights

    The turn signals work
  9. No Brake Lights

    Rich Turn Signals are red there are no yellow bulbs
  10. No Brake Lights

    Bill The bulbs are good the Turn signals work. No brake light on toad also. I am wondering if there is a relay that is not working, I have replaced the switch on the treadle valve twice due to lights staying on. I will check that switch tomorrow. to hot over Onan to check today it was on for over 56 hours straight on the eay back from Indianopolis Duane
  11. No Brake Lights

    I discovered yesterday my brake lights were not working. Tail lights and turn signals all work. I checked the fuse in the front run bay it is good. Any suggestions on where to look next? . 2012 Monaco Diplomat 43 DFT
  12. Vote To Allow Towables Into FMCA

    The vote was approximately 84% of the Directors in favor
  13. Joe, Syracuse dates Aug 3-6. Early arrival starts Aug 1 Hope to see you there. Duane
  14. Allowing Towables Vote At Indianapolis In July

    Joe Northeast Area Rally is in Syracuse Aug 3-6, 2017 At NYS Fairground. For Information look Under Area Rallys on FMCA Home Page Duane 2012 Monaco Diplomat 432DFT 2014 Equinox W/M&G Brake System Empire State National Director FMCA ID 88969D