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  1. Joe, Syracuse dates Aug 3-6. Early arrival starts Aug 1 Hope to see you there. Duane
  2. Joe Northeast Area Rally is in Syracuse Aug 3-6, 2017 At NYS Fairground. For Information look Under Area Rallys on FMCA Home Page Duane 2012 Monaco Diplomat 432DFT 2014 Equinox W/M&G Brake System Empire State National Director FMCA ID 88969D
  3. I recomend that you check M&G. Simple, to use only hook up air hose Duaneafter installation
  4. Yes, Yes
  5. We have the M&G. Very simple hook up works great Duane
  6. Peter The simple answer is yes. You have two different circuits for heat and hot water Duane
  7. You can add a charge line from the coach to the car. Duane L 2012 Monaco Diplomat 43 DFT 14 Equinox
  8. Have you changed the fuel filter?
  9. Joe You can run the Aqua hot without any thing in the fresh water coils it will not hurt the unit. The hot water coil be dry or have water or antifreeze in it. Duane 2012 Diplomat 43DFT with Aqua Hot
  10. My 2012 Diplomat 43DFT with a maxxforce 10 engine has a air clutch. Just had it replaced at 16000 miles. The solenoid that activates it failed causing the clutch to fail. I am pursuing a warranty claim with Monaco/ARG at this time. Duane
  11. We have a 2012 43DFT with the Maxforce 10. Just returned from a 2500mile trip with no problems. Coach now has almost 15000 miles total. We are very happy with it Duane 2012 Diplomat 43DFT
  12. Charlie, Most likely it is the door switch. I have had the controller repaced then the door switch failed. Now it works fine Duane L 2012 Diplomat 43DFT
  13. I have a little over 11,000 miles on our Maxforce10 405 horse engine. No problems yet, I average 65 on the Interstate, lifetime MPG is 8.2. I have seen over 9 MPG in the flat lands of Florida. Diplomat 43DFT towing a Impala on a dolly.
  14. I have towed a 2009 Impala over 5000 miles on my Master tow dolly with no problems. we have had it about 22 Months. It has electric brakes. I would reccomend it. Duane 2012 Diplomat 43 DFT
  15. We went from a 2004 Diplomat 40 ft. with a ISC 330 to a 2012 Diplomat 43ft with the Maxforce 10. Have about 6000 miles on it. It rides and runs better than the 04. The tag axle really make a big difference. Our fuel mileage running 65 on the Interstate is about the same-- about 8.6 mpg. Duane L 2012 Diplomat 43 DFT