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  1. If it is a ''whole house water filter'' it's usually in the outside compartment with the fresh water hose and outside faucets.
  2. Maintenance and repair

    They are doing well, selling more than they make. No way they are selling 72 units a month, much less a week....if they are selling them, it's pie in the sky, 'cause they can't be making that many.
  3. Diesel Motorhome MPG-- Honest Answers Please

    The winds at altitude are always west to east...that's why the flight times from LAX to ATL are faster than ATL to LAX.
  4. My water pump is very easy to access, it's near the power water hose. Remove a cover plate.

    Many are not aware that Freightliner makes an SL chassis which is comparable to the Spartan, I've had both. They put it on the higher end coaches. JMHO, but I would not limit my search to just two brands. There are lots of nice larger coaches out there from American Coach, Newmar, Winnebago, and more.
  6. Nano treatment

    I am skeptical of ads that claim you won't have to wax the MH for seven years. What do they have that Meguires, Nu Finish, etc don't have? The prevention of fabric stains is a long time money making gimmick for car dealers. No mention of price. If I had a new DSDP, I'd be looking for covered storage. On edit, here's their link:
  7. Which AC model do you have? You might want to add that to your signature.
  8. Are You A Veteran?

    When I got there we had half Super Cs and called the others C minuses. The Super Cs had the L11 engines that kept exploding...we lost one also, when the engine exploded into the aft pylon. After that, they pulled the L11s and made them all standard C models.
  9. Looking for a pinch hitter

    Not FT, but getting ready to head out again. We usually spend three to four months on the road. Couple of days ago I had a guy (who knows nothing about RVs or camping) ask me when I was going "camping" again. I told him I was getting ready, have to wash the tent and clean the Coleman stove.
  10. Are You A Veteran?

    178th were the Box Cars if my ancient memory is correct. After a ground tour with the 25th ID, I went to flight school, Chinook transition and back to VN, where I spent a year with the 213th ASHC (Black Cats) in Phu Loi, Sep 70 to Sep 71. We had 16 CH 47C models....and one little OH 58.
  11. Looking for a pinch hitter

    I may be wrong, but it seems to me the FMCA mag, Jan issue I think, has a list of members who are willing to help other members who need it. They provide overnight stays, the capability to drive a member's coach home, and something else I can't recall...I don't have that issue at home, it's in the MH.
  12. Are You A Veteran?

    Like you, I kept my head and A** down, but still came out with a PH. My first tour was in the artillery, but my helicopter tour made it hard to keep my head down. But as luck would have it, I still got the PH during my first tour.
  13. Air Pressure Doubler

    Along the same lines, when we had our RF blowout a couple of years ago, we called GS road service. The guy they sent had very little room in which to work, the shoulder was very narrow with the RF wheel right on the edge of a 45 degree embankment. He jacked up the coach and changed the tire without ever removing the rim. He was very fast and good...and said, "please don't tell anybody I did not remove the rim."
  14. Tire Blow Out Game

    Good advice, I never drive side by side next to an 18 wheeler if it can be avoided...I keep thinking his trailer might have some old RV tires that somebody traded in because they were dried out and not safe. As far as TT and 5th wheel speeding is concerned, I doubt most of those drivers, with ST tires, don't know that they are speed rated to 65. When we had our 5th wheel, I got rid of the Chinese ST trailer tires and put on LT pickup tires.
  15. Air Pressure Doubler

    Our on board system will work but is a PITA. I bought a Porter-Cable 6 gallon 150 PSI AC compressor at Lowes for $99. So much easier and I don't have to start the engine.