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  1. Not yet. There are two new ones, one in OR and one in Alvarado, TX. They also purchased some property out west, NV or W CA I think, for a new one.
  2. Blinking Touchpads

    Carl, have you called the AC tech line? They are usually up on all the weird stuff that happens to these beasts.
  3. Confused About Newmar & Thor

    You are correct. The factory charges a fee, but it should be added on to a price that would be considerably less than if purchased from a dealer. That's how it should work...does it...who knows, I'm sure all factories are different.
  4. Towing Package Design For 2009 Honda Civic

    If you are a Honda guy, a 14 or earlier CRV is hard to beat, we are on our second. Honda, in their infinite wisdom, put the new trans in it, so model years 15 and later can't be towed four down .
  5. Subaru - CAN or CAN NOT tow?

    Same with Honda. They went from one of the most popular toads in the country to can't be towed four down with the '15 model and it's new transmission. I called and complained and sent them a snail mail which they sent me a number to call. I called, but I don't think the guy on the other end grasped what I was trying to tell him. It seems they are trying to squeeze out another mpg to meet the gubmint's requirements.
  6. Members Who Offer Overnight Parking

    This thread reminds me of the definition of a motor home owner: "A person or persons with a $500k MH looking for a free place to camp."
  7. Changing Tire Sizes, Pros vs. Cons

    Some general comments, Joe: - Why not leave the 295s on the front? My last coach had a 14.6k front axle and plenty of reserve carrying capacity with 295s. However, as you noted, they are hard to find. We had a RF blowout last year and sat on I 55, south of Chicago for five and a half hours while GS Road Service found one. But at 15 months old, they are virtually new. This coach has a 17k front axle and 315s. - The feds just recently gave approval for increasing the rear axle GW above 20k...are you sure yours is 23k? I like to do things the easy way, so if you want to change the rears, I'd put on 295s. Then you are back to all OEM, no adustments for speed, mpg, trans shift points, etc. As noted above, the biggest disadvantage is finding one if you have a failure.
  8. Thermistor

    greenbarn1, you don't mention the year/make/model of your coach...that would help with our input. So this might not pertain...anyway...our last coach was a new AC Allegiance. We had trouble with the forward thermistor, no matter what we did it would not work correctly. An AC dealer finally solved the problem. All ACs are wired for all possible options and appliances. Our Allegiance had two ACs, but was wired for three. It seems one of their highly skilled workers wired the #1 thermistor to the non existent #2 (mid) AC unit.
  9. The problem with being a ''walk in" for maintenance work is that the REV center in Decatur is very backed up. They have an order for service that is very specific. Don't know how they would change that without angering the folks with appointments.
  10. If you get hold of the guy at corp with the authority it make it's a done deal.
  11. Joe...when you take your coach to the factory you have three options...depending how long they'll keep it: - Stay in the coach (unless being painted). Turn it in at 6 AM, and they'll bring it back out to the REV CG at 2:30. - Stay in a motel. - Go home. They told me they would keep the Allegiance two weeks so I drove home in the toad...750 miles. I got first class service at Decatur. Plus you can walk around the shop all you want and watch what they are doing. They fixed the problem, fixed other things I did not even mention, and reimbursed me for 1,500 miles of diesel fuel. I did the same thing when I took this coach to the REV Repair Center in Alvarado, TX...which, barring a very serious problem and I can't get into Decatur, I'll never use again. I disagree with the lawyering up comments. If you get hold of the right guy at REV, he'll take care of the problem that's what I did. When I talked to him, I very briefly explained my problem and its history, he said, "you need to bring that coach up here so we can fix it!" I don't want to put his name on a public forum, but sent it to the OP in a PM on another forum. In the long run, the OP will be better off working with REV than in an adversarial relationship when the lawyers get involved.
  12. Yes, that's why I suggested he call AC, and gave him the name of a guy who will take care of him. What I don't understand is that he drops this bomb of a post and then this and the other forum.
  13. AC Duct

    Thanks, me too!! We have long time friends, who are also MH friends, who say a MH is in one of three conditions, not in any particular order: - It's broken. - You just fixed it. - It's getting ready to break again.
  14. 1fatboyr, I just read your identical post on another forum. I'll give the same advice here I gave somebody at AC, sent the name of who to call in a PM.