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  1. Best Loading/Storing Experiences

    We use clear plastic storage bins in the basement. They come in all sizes and you can see through them. Wally World:
  2. Didn't notice this earlier. No, I just use my standard two 60 w bulbs in two trouble lights. With all the door closed, it's usually pretty warm in it's lots colder in PA than here. I should add, these light bulbs are the old kind, not LED and not the curly ones. I have a big stash of the old ones...getting them before the gubmint totally bans them.
  3. I've done running the anti freeze through the system. However, it's a PITA when it has to go through the washer, icemaker, refer water line, hot water dispenser, toilets and Aqua Hot. Plus, we spend part of Dec and Jan on the Gulf Coast...when we come home I'd have to do it all over again. The light bulbs are lots faster and easier. I use the cheap trouble lights, about $6 in Walmart. Carl...Don't live in AK...the letters are close though...AR. We are near I 40 and the OK border. Doesn't usually get too cold, however one year when we headed for the Gulf Coast and it was eight degrees.
  4. Pinstripe & A Good Wash

    Top dollar and bottom service...what a deal.
  5. Do you have good VERY reliable power? I do, and here's what I do. I have eight trouble lights, each with a 60 w bulb. I put two in the washer tub, two in with the Aqua Hot, two with the ice maker, and two in the water bay. I use two in case a bulb burns out. I also pour anti freeze in the sinks and shower P traps. I have electric toilets, so after emptying the fresh water tank, I flush the toilets a few times to get the water out of them. Then I dump anti freeze in them and flush them, then repeat that process, adding anti freeze and flushing, until they flush red. Then I pour extra anti freeze in the bowl and leave it. When really cold, I check the coach every few days.
  6. No Shore Power

    You guys are forgetting that these coaches are in one of three conditions...not in any particular order: - It's broken. - You just fixed it. - It's getting ready to break again.
  7. 96" Mud Flap

    I put a very small eye bolt in the bottom corner of the full width rock guard, with the 'eye' side facing rear. Above each eye bolt I have a short piece of small chain with the bottom link open. When entering an area where the rock guard will drag, I lift each corner up and attach it to the chain. When not being used, I hook the chain on itself out of the way...and sight.
  8. Pinstripe & A Good Wash

    The REV Tech Center in Alvarado, is $140/hour.
  9. If Your Entry Looks Yuk

    If you REALLY want to sell it, lower the price. Works every time.
  10. Cat 3126 Lack Of Low End And Top End Power

    After watching the video, it's amazing any of these things run.
  11. Rock Slide

    My first tour in VN, I was XO of a 105mm howitzer battery (in the 4th then 25th Inf Divisions). All of our HE (high explosive) ammo was new, but we did shoot some illumination rounds manufactured in the early 1940s that was left over from WW II.
  12. 1959 GM PD4104

    That's neat! What kind of power train were they using in 1959?
  13. Rock Slide

    ...or old mogas in a C-rat can full of dirt. (VN '67-'68, '70-'71)
  14. Bottom line, for me at least, is that 1994 is too old, too many problems and things to go wrong.
  15. Confused About Newmar & Thor

    Sounds good! Get their email address, contact them in a year and ask about problems.