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  1. All Inclusive Motorhome Club (AIM)

    Yep, here's the email for the contact at
  2. Diesel Smell In Bedroom

    Has the company that did the engine rebuild stepped up and paid for the carpet cleaning and offered to pay for the rest of the damage??
  3. Understand it's misleading, Rich, but I would think the people running the service end would at least know if their shop is an "Oasis" shop or not.
  4. Freightliner dealers are different all over the country. I asked mine if he was an Oasis Dealer...."a what??"
  5. Generator Problem

    I use it on the windshield for ease of bug removal...can't see much difference between it and any similar product.
  6. Generator Problem

    I never use truck washes...don't want that high powered sprayer putting water where it should not be. I have a portable AC powered washer I used to use on a boat...don't use it on the MH either.
  7. Exhaust Brake & Lower Gearing

    As Brett pointed out, we must remember the Allison is smarter than we are. Along the same line, I read on another forum that very recently Allison cranked out their 500,000th 4000 model transmission.
  8. Long-term Parking - Tires On Plastic Or Wood?

    The Michelin manual that came with my tires says, "Michelin recommends placing a barrier (cardboard, plastic or plywood) between the tire and the storage surface."
  9. Starting Cummins ISM/ISX During Storage

    Joe...don't know what you mean by "run" but Lloyd DeGerald, one of the Aqua Hot gurus, says all you need to do monthly is turn on the burner and walk to the AH exhaust. As soon as the exhaust is warm, you've done all you need to do, so you can turn it off. He also advised that when camping you should also turn the "Tempering Valve" (gray knob on the right side) all the way to the left, then all the way to the right...then back to your setting....monthly.
  10. Using Jacks For Winter Storage

    My manual says the jacks should be used when in storage.
  11. Service - or Disservice?

    DBH...I sent you a PM last night.
  12. Starting Cummins ISM/ISX During Storage

    Thanks, Brett. The person who sent this said he'd like to see the link or document recommending running a diesel for a few minutes that started this discussion. I for one, would like to see HIS reference for the statement above. If it's really important, it would be in the manuals. He then goes on to say, "Cummins has suggested in seminars...." Fine, who is "Cummins?" I'm certainly no diesel expert, but have owned four...a Duramax, Yanmar, ISL and my current DD. NOBODY recommends idling these things. Here's a quote from my DD manual: "The common belief that idling a diesel engine causes no engine damage is wrong. Idling produces sulfuric acid, which is absorbed by the lubricating oil and eats into the bearings, rings, valve stems and engine surfaces." It goes on to say if you must idle an engine, for cab heating or cooling, idle at high idle.
  13. Bad Experience At A Campground

    It appears CGs are not nearly as congenial as hotels and motels. For most CGs, if you have a registration, be it for a day or a week, if you cancel for any reason at any time, you will be charged at least the first night's stay. You have to watch them, they are slick. We spent a week at Riverview RV Park in Vidalia, LA. Their policy was to charge one night, none refundable when making the reservation, the rest payable upon arrival. When I checked my credit card I noticed they had charged me nearly $250, the full amount...two months prior to our arrival!
  14. Pure Sine Wave vs Modified Sine & Refrigerators

    I don't know if they are still doing it, but American Coach used to put in two 2800 watt inverter/chargers and each had four AGM 6v batteries to power it...with one dedicated to the refer. A second inverter is not necessary. My Whirlpool uses 3 amps when the compressor is running. I think Carl has this set up.
  15. Dang Rodents

    The problem with traps and bait inside is you'll have dead mice in the coach. Try camphor balls around every part of the coach that touches the ground.