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  1. With the Magna Shade, they sew small pockets across the top of the shade and give you a small stick. When mounting, you start in one corner and move the stick across the top using the pockets to mate the magnets. Easy one man job. Also, black is the recommended cover...don't ask me why, but it is. With this shade, during daylight hours, you can see out through the shade, but those outside cannot see in. Check the web site:
  2. "Recreational purposes only" means you can't rent it out to make a business out of owning it. Also, you might read the fine print, it might mean you can't use it for business full timing and working out of it.
  3. Magna Shades are great products. Had five on my AC Allegiance....driver's window, windshield, door, pass window and a big one covering two side by side windows on the curb side. They are easy to install, you get instructions, window cleaner, glue for the magnets and magnets. Obviously, they are held on by magnets, some on the outside of the window, some on the inside. Also, they are cut for the windows in your make and model coach, so they fit perfectly. For my double windows, they made them for the dimensions I sent. No worries about them coming off. The magnets for the windshield are about as wide as a quarter but 3/8" thick. A bit pricey, but you get what you pay for in this case.
  4. Sounds like the chassis battery cut off switch is off. Another thing to remember, these beasts are ALL different. I can bring in the two small curb side slides with the battery only, but the coach must be running to move the full wall slide. The position of the basement doors, jacks and slides all have nothing to do with starting, the coach will start with any of them in any position..
  5. It would greatly help if you added the coach in your it is now, we do not know to which coach the above comments pertain.
  6. Hard to beat a Garman with free lifetime updates...I buy mine at Sams.
  7. My guess would be that it's not a MH owner, but some kids out causing trouble. I doubt any of us would be so low as to steal some lug nut covers.
  8. Same here. It seems most of these systems are on gassers or lighter DPs. My coach has a GVWR of 49k, IFS (if that makes any difference) and a tag axle. With the heavy duty power steering on this thing, I can't see the need for any more steering assist. As for a front tire failure, had the RF blow in our previous coach, an AC Allegiance, and had no control problems getting it off the road and on to the shoulder. Also, we just finished a long trip that included, OK, KS, CO, WY, SD, and a few more "windy" states, and had no control issues at all. I may be incorrect, but it seems I either read or was told that the added steering systems are not needed on the heavy tag axle coaches.
  9. AAA is probably okay for you. But what will tow you, will not budge a 50K DP.
  10. The only problem I've heard about AAA service, and I've heard several of these complaints, is they are not familiar with MHs. Therefore they send a truck incapable of towing a MH and/or a driver that has no idea how to rig the MH for towing so as not to ruin the Allison. I've heard enough complaints that I will not use them. Coach Net or's a toss up.
  11. Call Glendinning, they are very helpful.
  12. Every MH is in one of three conditions: - It's broken. - You just fixed it. - It's getting ready to break.
  13. Check boat dealers, that's where I keep mine....20 x 50, with power, water and secured, with an employee living on the property.
  14. Probably not his truck, so if the engine blows, he can honestly tell his boss, "yes, I sure did check the oil at the last refuel stop."
  15. Joe, in both our MHs, the paper work included a brochure from the tire manufacturer listing PSIs for all tires based on weight, size and used as a single or dually. You need more information from BFG other than just max weight and max pressure.