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  1. Don't know about FMCA, but with GS, your GS card covers your other vehicles.
  2. FMCA Road Side Rescue Program

    Same here, GS and CW are two entirely different operations, even though owned by the same company.
  3. Camping Without A Toad

    How was the CG at Massey's Landing? When I was a kid my folks had a place on the water in the Oak Orchard/Riverdale area. I'd like to go back for a visit.
  4. Coach Net Or FMCA Roadside Assistance?

    I don't do business with anybody associated with AARP. $2,100 for a year is pretty steep! I paid GS $270 for three years. As noted in an earlier post, I had a RF blow out. GS brought a new tire and rim (for which I prepaid), mounted the new tire, credited me for the rim, which I did not need, and helped trouble shoot an electrical issue that occurred when the tire blew and ripped out some wires. All without charge...other than the tire. I did give him a nice tip.
  5. Get the heated floors and the AGMs. Those floors really get cold in the spring and fall, and this past Jan we turned them on and left them on. Makes a big difference when it's high teens and windy. Like Carl, I have 2 AGMs for the chassis and 8 for the house. The only thing you need to check is to be sure they are still there.
  6. Retired Allison Transmission Fluids Engineer

    Have the fluid tested and you'll have your answer, I have mine tested annually.
  7. Skid Wheels

    Another option is to find parking close to home. My MH is only two and a half miles from home.
  8. I'm in a covered/locked 50' x 20' space with power....not temp controlled, for $150/month. I don't want my coach sitting out in the snow/sleet (that doesn't happen very often), or the 100 heat in the summer. My building has four spaces, each individually secured and each has an individually locked door. No guard per se, but one of the owner's employees lives next to the road that leads to my storage as well a 120 indoor boat storage facility. The entire facility is locked with 24/7 access. It's owned by a boat dealer.
  9. That's okay because your batteries are being charged by the engine when least mine are.
  10. 50 Amps Is Not Really 50 Amps

    Richard...I do have a wiring diagram, I'll have to check it out. Carl...pretty close, no dishwasher, 2 burner induction cooktop, we also have an Insta Hot Water dispenser (which stays unplugged when cutting it close on L1 amps)...and of course the AH electric element on L2 and the engine pre heat on L1.
  11. F438921...when going down the road, if not very very cold, leave the AH off, but call for heat from your thermostat. The engine heated coolant will run the AH without burning any diesel. When stopping for the night, and have power, your AH will run as long as you need it. Don't know how long it will run if you are running off batteries.
  12. 50 Amps Is Not Really 50 Amps

    That's a good idea, I run my Laskos like that when I can. This year, even the "warmer climate" was cold!
  13. When really cold, I found the AH will not keep it real warm on the road with out turning the burner on. Yes, the engine is making hot water, but it can't over come the very cold outside temps. Another alternative is to run the generator and turn on a couple of portable heaters and the floor heat....if you have it.
  14. 50 Amps Is Not Really 50 Amps

    lenp... Read my first post. There is no doubt the inverter on L1 is the limiting factor. I know what AC outlet is on what line and what line each built in appliance is on. I can watch my Power Control System, Central Monitor Panel, and see the amps on each line change when an AC appliance comes on or goes off by itself (AH electric element) or I turn on or shut off an appliance (coffee pot/toaster). Line 1 trips the circuit breaker any time 30 amps are exceeded, I don't see how you think I can exceed 30 amps on that line...any suggestions would be appreciated. Line two is good for 50 amps. Many of the high draw electrical appliances are on L2, such as the AH heat, heat pump, one floor heater, air conditioners two and three, and engine pre heat. This is only a problem in the winter.
  15. I can't speak for anybody else, but in a turn, I use the "Tag Dump" switch that removes the weight from the tag. So the pivot point will be the dually wheels with the tag wheels dragging.