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  1. Tires Parked For Months On Cement? Is There A Problem?

    Ditto, jacks down, tires on plywood.
  2. About To Be A Full Timer

    I would not rank manufacturers. All of them have lower priced DPs and higher priced DPs. All have their share of issues, there is no perfect manufacturer. Go out and look and see what's out there. It's easy to do research on line. When you see one you like, bing it and you'll instantly have many to look at. That way you can see what everybody has to offer, check them out on line, then go look at them.
  3. Performance Improvments

    I take it you know the Allison 3000 is rated for a max of 450 HP and 1,250 ft/lbs of torque.
  4. Another six year old thread.
  5. Dometic 2862 Blowing 5 Amp Fuses

    My last coach had a 2862 in it and called for a 10 amp 5 amp the correct fuse?
  6. Should FMCA Allow Towable RVs-- Vote NOW

    Why would we "go under" if the vote fails? All the powers that be have to do is shut down FMCA Assist, and we are back to the way it used to be. We won't need the revenue or the membership of towables.
  7. Save your self some money. In the future use the Rotella in both the eng and gen....and avoid Onan brand oil. I don't mean to infer Onan makes bad oil, but $11 quart plus shipping is pretty steep.
  8. 2001 Winnebago On A Spartan Chassis

    Very few miles for a 16 year old coach. Be sure to check the maintenance records (engine, trans, gen, etc, for fluids and filters), tires, all seals, parts rubber/plastic and as noted above....water leaks. Has it been stored inside or outside, that will make a big difference? These diesels like to run, not sit.
  9. Got your slide rule out, Carl?
  10. Water Hose Retractor Problem

    Nothing to taking my panel off...just a lot of screws, some a bit hard to access. Take a picture with your phone so you'll know what goes where when reassembling.
  11. Wash Wax All

    I prefer the old fashioned way of washing/waxing. I wash the entire coach, then dry it if it spots...sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't. Then for about three hours a day for the next five or six days, I put on NuFinish or Meguiers Cleaner Wax as I work my way around the coach. Granted, it takes more time and work than the Wash/Wax products, but only do it once a year. When I did it this August, the coach was still beading water when it rained. As long as we're on the subject, here's what else I put on my coach: Metal antennas on the roof: NuFinish or Meg Cleaner Wax. Plastic roof vents, plastic shower sky light, glass solar panel: Protect All Black plastic A/C covers: Back to Black All lights: Protect All Stainless steel trim around bottom of coach and around steps: Meg Cleaner Wax...tried others, this is the easiest to get on and especially off. Windshield: Rejex Radiator grill cover (aluminum): Meg Cleaner Wax Tires: 303
  12. Entry Step Stuck In Extended Position: 2013 Diplomat

    Yep, that's why my manual says to lube them monthly.
  13. 2018 Chevy Equinox Flat Tow

    I wondered about that also, so I did a little research. The numbers for all 2016 Itasca Navions are: GCWR 15,250 GVWR 11,030 Hitch Rating 5,000 Cargo Capacity 1,303 Maybe not over, but too close for comfort with 188 screaming HP and 325 ft/lbs of torque.
  14. Should FMCA Allow Towable RVs-- Vote NOW

    As I have said in the past, this fiasco is all about money. FMCA needs money to finance FMCA Assist, that's the bottom line. Should we allow towables, I doubt many folks have thought about all the changes that will have to be made to accommodate them. As an example, will our magazine become Trailer Life Lite, full of articles the towables prefer? It will have to have at least some articles for "them." Then we have rallies, they don't care about seminars on Aqua Hots, air systems, big diesels, 20k to 50k chassis, Onans, full wall slides, leveling systems and more. In turn, we are not interested about learning the systems in a towable. I am not willing to dilute what we have now in order to make FMCA towable friendly. They have their own groups anyway. Also, I subscribe to Motor Home magazine...smaller than the FMCA magazine, but more pertinent information. So what is the solution? Could FMCA set up some type of insurance type program in lieu of FMCA Assist, and those interested could join and pay their own fees? I am not interested in that program, either. The other obvious solution is to cancel FMCA Assist. Thus, no need for more revenue, and therefore no need for towables in FMCA. Problem solved.
  15. Hydro Hot System Exhaust Smell

    Last year I had my AH serviced by an authorized AH service for $195, no tax. This was at a rally so maybe the price was reduced, but the prices noted above seem a bit high. I got what they called the ''annual service"...fuel filter and nozzle replaced, burner cleaned, it did not need any fluid..