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  1. Good advice, Carl. The item you noted most often not done is the monthly cleaning and lube.
  2. Thanks for the offer, Herman. I've been by your fair city on a number of occasions...once when I missed the turn for US 82 West. However, my passport has expired...they'll never let me cross the border.
  3. Some of the information above is not pertinent for all coaches, thus not correct for the OP and others. It seems all manufacturers have a different method of charging batteries. I've posted this before, but for clarification, I'll do it again...this is how my batteries are charged...or not charged:- When plugged into shore power. Coach batteries are charged. When that charge reaches 13.3, the coach batteries let the charge pass through and the chassis batteries are charged as long as that charge rate is 13.3 or higher.- When driving. Chassis batteries are charged. When that charge reaches 13.3, the chassis batteries let the charge pass through to the coach batteries and they are charged as long as the charge rate is 13.3 or higher.It might not make sense, but that's how it works.
  4. Thanks for the input. When we got a new toad, Nov 14, had a dealer hook up the wiring and put on the base plate. Never has worked right. In the middle of our last trip, all lights on the toad quit working. Tested the MH plug, it was fine. Took the cover off the tail lights and saw a wire dangling. Secured it, drove the toad behind the MH (pull through parking), hooked it up, everything worked. When it came time to leave that CG, we were caravaning with friends. Never even got out of the CG before he called and said the passenger side lights were all out...running, turn and stop. Took both toad rear lights off, all appears to be secure. One suggestion we got was to add a bulb to each tail light, hook up appropriate wiring and make the lights work like that. Haven't done anything as yet, other than check to see that all wires are secure.
  5. The new Cummins 500 hp is an ISX 12. If you are looking used, the ISM is a 12. Don't think they are putting any ISMs in MHs. We have a couple of friends with the 500 hp ISM...seem to like them fine.
  6. Here's one of the largest salvage yards in the's in SW MO:
  7. You looking for a new bus?
  8. I binged "Cummins ISX problems." This is what came up:
  9. Joe, some of my "Mom and Pop" comments may have been confusing. When in the MH looking for a M &'s a big rig M & P. All are drive through (no unhooking the toad), easy in easy out, no over head limits and sell lots of fuel. In my part of the country there are lots of big rig fuel stops that are not Pilot/FJ or Loves.
  10. I've been having trouble getting all the lights on the rear of toad to work...14 CRV. Been in the shop twice. A friend suggested getting a kit and putting in separate bulbs and wiring for the toad lights. Any suggestions as to where I can find such a kit appreciated. Thanks.
  11. I'm pretty flexible with refueling. The advantage of Pilot/Flying J is you know were they are (and I have a card)...I don't do Loves, PITA more than once. The advantage of Mom and Pops are cheaper and fewer lines.
  12. Speaking of shocks, my Eagle brochure says it has "custom turned Sachs shocks." Anybody ever heard of Sachs...or did American Coach go with the lowest bidder?
  13. It's pretty bad when we have to try to outsmart a battery. Last week I got a new charger to carry in the MH if I ever need it for one reason or another. It says it can handle all types of batteries...AGM, GEL and wet cell. I just have to press the correct button...AGM in my case.
  14. JMHO, but Good Sam and Coach Net are a toss up...AAA is good for smaller vehicles, not big MHs. I have GS, used them once, they did was a RF blow out.
  15. When you fill out the paper work at Kelly Blue book and similar publications to sell a MH, if a diesel, they say to leave the mileage blank...doesn't make any difference.