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  1. Joe, I have seen where companies have put heat shields to disperse the heat. But not sure about wraps. Chevrolet comes to mind when the exhaust pipe was too close to the starter. This reduced the life of the starter considerably. Herman
  2. Kay, Back then that was considered real progress. However by today's standards they were just plain ugly. But then again I can remember when Duck Tails were considered the cats meow. Today they would be called a really bad hair day. Did I just write that? Really, really telling my age now. Herman
  3. Joe, Wouldn't wrapping your manifolds hold in the heat and cause more warping and cracking?? Herman
  4. Champion Motor Homes were built in Van Alstyne Texas in the mid 70's. It was the typical square box build. To my knowledge it was one of the first coaches to use 2x2 square tubing. They layed out the exterior panels, layed the welded wall studs in place then sprayed foam insulation on the inside of the wall. The studs had two sides tape to hold the panels to them before foaming. Turned it over and routed out for the openings. When all was done the side panels were only held in place with tape, foam and a few screws. We've come a long way. Herman
  5. What tells me it's wall paper are the trim strips that cover the seams. Herman
  6. Sounds to me like a nice long winter project to work on in a heated garage. (a really good heated garage) Herman
  7. Lyle, Possibly could you post pictures. If so we might be better equipped to help. Space under, over and around the tank might determine a solution. Herman
  8. If I think there is a problem and I have the parts I would go ahead and fix it right then. I for one, don't like surprises when on the road. Herman By the way Carl, How is that new review mirror working out?
  9. Wall paper that looks like OSB? Now that is a new one on me. The next time I have the opportunity to tour a MH plant, I want to see when they install the ceiling panels. If i understand it the ceiling panels are finished, installed and then the cabinets go in. However in the pictures it looks as if the panels covering stops just past the cabinet. (see exposed fabric edge). rv2Dan, there are several things I would do. First would be a call to the manufacture of you coach.(listing the make, model & year helps with inquiries) See if they might have a solution. Then I would find a possible web site on your make and model to see if others may have had the same problem. I would also determine if it was caused by moisture penetration or faulty manufacturing. Good luck, Herman
  10. Borcki, I also have Dish. We sometime have to do the unplug thing, but not every time. Get yourself a short extension cord that can be out where you can unplug and plug in the receiver without having to move it each time. When we have been out and have changed to the local channels where we were, I will call Dish as we travel on the way home. I will ask them to restore my home channels to our home address. By the time we get back to the house and settle down, all is reset and back to normal. Herman
  11. My Thanks go to the entire IT department for all their dedication and hard works. Great work crew! Herman
  12. Tom, Oklahomahas found another use for dryed poo, Road Base material, Hwy 69 is living proof. Herman
  13. Joe, There are so many factor involved in selecting a location to hold an FMCA National Reunion (aka Rally). East coast is great for the eastern half, but bad for the western half. West coast is good for the western half but bad for the eastern half. Mid America is ideal for both East and West. In finding a location many consideration must be met. Room to park one to two thousand coaches. Building space for 150 to 200 plus vendors. Rooms for 10 to 20 seminars. Place for 2 to 4 thousand people for entertainment. Caterers , and the list goes on and on. Local area eating places. Medical Facilities, Honey wagon service plus potable water sources. A location that I really like is Gillette, Wyoming. We will be going there in 2018 if I remember correctly. Great place for Families. To the West is Yellowstone NP and to the East is Devil's Tower, Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse. Go South you have Denver and don't forget Colorado Springs for the Olympic Training Facility and the Air Force Academy. When we go there next would be a great time to take a long vacation and make that trip. Thanks for listening to an ole man rattle on. Herman
  14. Changing a DUMP VALVE is one time charging $140.00 per hour (RVE) is justified. Herman
  15. Joe, Mondain , repeative just a few of the words that come to mind with a lot of rallies. We, the DW and I , when we are Wagon Masters always try to include at least one thing we have never done before. However have been shot down every time I mention skinny dipping in the Gulf. Now with our group and ages, that would be a sight to behold. I have said that Nationals should be held in an area that is a destination like Six Flags or the like. Families could come and have a place to go before or after the rally for the young one. Remember it all about FAMILY. Herman