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  1. rvcomfort.2z

    Smokey, you seem to have WiFi so try to email the mfg. Herman
  2. Does anyone remember the company that did the original art work on the Safari coaches? That may be the place to start. 775 does your art work have a hidden mouse or rabbit in it? Herman
  3. My vote is for Blue OX, 2017 Chevrolet Malibu and an M&G auxiliary brake system. Too many issues on the Jeep Grand Cherokee for towing. Herman
  4. On the Thetford electric toilets there is a manual knob in the rear. It can be used to open and close the slider valve. if it is slow one might open the slide lube it and close it. Lube might help a slow unit or even a stuck slide. One might give it a try. Herman
  5. I just ask question that will tax those ole minds out there. Got to keep them active, However there are some out there that might need more then questions to remain sharp. Herman, I think?
  6. May a Chapter be affiliated with more than one area? As and example, may a Chapter that is in the INTO area also be affiliated with South Central. I have looked at the By Laws and the Standing Rules and can't find an answer. Perhaps I overlooked it. The question in my mind was if a chapter was affiliated with two area would their National Director be able to vote for items in each area? I know at the National level the Chapter would only have one vote. Herman
  7. GAW, Welcome to the Forum. You are going to the town that parties 24 hours a day plus no place on earth can you find more Clowns. Have a good time and "Party Harty". Herman
  8. Congratulations Keon, "Let the Memories Begin". Herman
  9. Kay, the problem isn't because Carl doesn't understand, he speaks fluent Timbuck'en, it is because what he wants to say shouldn't be put in writing. Herman
  10. Yes, when you ask Disk to change you to the local channels where you are at any given time it will change your home receiver. When you ask them to change your location to say, Charleston, SC your receiver in Galveston will lose the Houston Area channels. When we have been on the road and have changed to the different areas local channels I will call Dish when we are about 50 to a 100 miles from home and ask them to change the locals back to our home Zip Code. This way when we get home we have the locals on the TV as if we had never left. One draw back when changing you locals to where you might be at that time, is if you have any programs that are on your home locals set to record they will not be recorded. Brocki, you have a good point about the chat on the computer. However I just call and get a live person to begin with, but heck that is just me. I say what ever works best for you is the way to go. Herman
  11. 475 foot pounds sounds like a lot. I'm not sure I could stand on the torque wrench and get that many foot pounds. I don't even think I could lift the cheater bar it would take. That is the reason I go to my friendly tire shop. They have the tools and man power to do the job. Herman
  12. aquamike, Find a good local Upholstery Shop. Have them make you a cover just for the seat. A good shop might be able to put a reinforced area to cover the area where you might have the most wear. Good luck, Herman
  13. If you have a bad odor in your refrigerator try this. Clean out the unit and turn it off. When it is defrosted take several large onions. Cut then in half and cross hatch the tops. Place them in the refrigerator and close the doors. Let them sit for several hours they will absorb the foul odor. Remove them and check for the odor. It may take several tries. PS: DO NOT EAT THE ONIONS. Used this method many times while working in an auto upholstery shop. Herman
  14. Yes, move over. Herman
  15. Am I the only one that remembers "Clear Plastic Seat Covers". I remember them well. Those that had them installed when they got their new car were the same ones that had their living room couch and chairs covered with plastic covers. Herman