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  1. Neutral Reversed Warning Light On Protecter

    Mike, Sorry for your problem. Are we talking about when you got home and plugged in you had your issue or was it in an campground? Several questions. Are you using your cable from the coach to the pedestal or plug? I had an issue where my power was going haywire and it turned out to be my extension cable . It had a short in it and gave me all kinds of issues. Went to my coaches cable and every thing cleared up. Is your surge guard portable or mounted in your coach? As Brett said have you checked the plug with a volt/amp meter? And if you at a campground can you check another pedestal? If at home do you plug into a 50 amp plug, a 30 amp plug or just a 15 amp outlet? It doesn't seem possible that your outlet at home would change where at a campground nothing is impossible. Let us know what you find and we will see you next month in Texarkana. Herman
  2. FYI , FMCA holds two Family Reunions (aka Rallies) each year. One in March and one in July. The one in July, always has events for kids. David and Loretia Marlow chair the events. The last time we were in Gillette Wyoming (we will be back there July 2018) they had trips to Mount Rushmore and Devil's Tower. FMCA does everything they can to include families with children and still work. Herman
  3. Performance Improvments

    I have to go along with the engineers. When they matched my coach's weight, length with the best engine and transmission, they knew a lot better what was best for my coach then I would ever know. Herman
  4. No Signatures Displayed

    I always see signatures on my PC but not on my smart phone. Herman
  5. Are You A Veteran?

    Dennis, Thank you for your service. Two years as a door gunner, you definitely know the definition of pucker. Glad you come home. Herman
  6. 2000 Suzuki Toad

    childress, If you have 4 wheel drive why would you want to use a dolly?🤔 Herman
  7. Warm Winter Destinations

    Hogged, You said over Christmas break. How much time are we talking about. That would determine how far you could travel both ways and have time at your destination. Herman
  8. Electronic Toll Collection Information

    Yes. But to make sure and Google Oklahoma Pike Pass in Texas. Herman
  9. Electronic Toll Collection Information

    Just went on line yesterday and found out that the Texas Toll Tag (NTTA) is now recognized in all of Kansas toll roads. Before it was just with the Houston Tex Tag and the Oklahoma Pike Pass. Ho ray, I can now stay in the Kansas Turnpike to Wichita. Herman
  10. No Signatures Displayed

    The last post to topic until 30 minutes ago was December 3, 2016. Herman
  11. Pure Sine Wave vs Modified Sine & Refrigerators

    Sorry my bad.😔 Herman
  12. Question About House Battery While In Storage

    Another option if you can is to go every couple of weeks and crank up the generator let it run for at least half an hour, or longer, under load. This way you can recharge your batteries and exercise the gen. and A/Cs at the same time. Herman

    What GS card gives you 8 cents off a allows you to use a CC to purchase fuel. I get the discount with my Pilot/Flying J RV Plus Card. But you have to charge it on the RVP card. Is this something different?
  14. Pure Sine Wave vs Modified Sine & Refrigerators

    John, Sorry, "To Whom It May Concern" I will partly agree with you. The Pure Same Wave inverter would allow for more choices, but one of the biggest considerations is size. You must consider the space were the refrigerator will go. The Samsung RF-18 will fit width wise where the Never Cool 1200 goes the height is the issue. We didn't have a heater below our 1200, just drawers. I was able to sit it on the floor and put a door above it. Herman
  15. Question About House Battery While In Storage

    Jeff, Welcome to the Forum. You should have a battery disconnect that would allow you to cut the power. Three should be 2, one for the house and one for the chassis. Herman