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  1. I would loved to have seen how she trained the pup to us a litter box. Herman
  2. Robert, You can operate on 30 amp but you will have to really be aware of what you run together. TV and microwave OK. AC and TV OK. AC and microwave not OK. You just have to be very careful to not run high wattage items at the same time. You can run your front A.C. during the day, and change to the rear to sleep. Herman
  3. Five, The fuel cap will differ between gasoline and diesel. Herman
  4. Wayne you are the proud recipient of the DA Award this month. 😂😁😂😁😂 Herman
  5. Joe, Thanks, Is this a 110 or 220 volt unit? Please explain the reason for the switch and what does it do? I like the looks of the unit. I was looking to have it as a flush mount, level with the counter top. But you have shown me an alternative. Again Thanks. Herman
  6. Understand. Herman
  7. Five, didn't I res d somewhere that the current CRVs are not towable 4 down? Herman
  8. Will do. If we go that route I can remove the Propane tank and loose several hundred pounds of dead weight. (Don't even go therr)😊 Herman
  9. We also use the convection quite often. I did have issues at first but finally stopped and read the instructions. Made a world of difference. For the range we are looking for either an induction or just electric unit that will fit flush with the couter top. Herman
  10. Not sure who would be the person to speak with where to add convention info. Maybe just add a topic in General Discussion titled something like "Gillette Convention 2018". A post like this could just die after the convention and another started for Perry. We will be having a social following the Seminar. By having the room for 2.5 hours we can just morf into the social. Maybe you can make the social time. See you in Indy. Herman
  11. Ross, you are so right about the results of a dues increase. The one that bark the loudest are the ones in MHs costing in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and will wait in line for 15 minutes to pay $10.00 for a cup of fufu coffee. ☺ Go figure.
  12. Wil I will try and do a report but may miss some. The main thrust of the Seminar will how to navigate the site. Any questions asked in the social will be asked to post them here with answers and solutions. Sorry you won't be able to attend, but you will be in Indy. I hope. Herman
  13. Rharly, Welcome to the Forum. If you have full extension drawers there should be a black tab on each side of the part of the slide attached to the side of the drawer. I can't remember which but one goes up and the other goes down while pulling on the drawer. If the small roller type drawer you pull the drawer out till it stops, then lift up on the handle end of the drawer and then lift the drawer out. You may have to access the drain lines under the bottom on your cabinet. Some are screwed down and some are not. You may lift the floor up by prying them up with a flat screw driver but another way is to screw a screw into the floor close to the front edge and use it to help pull up the floor. From there you should be able to see most of your plumbing pipes. Hopefully all you have is a loose clamp. If your kitchen sink is in your slide there should be a section of flexible hose to allow the movement of the slide. Hope I have helped. Let us know what you find. Herman
  14. Jerry, Welcome to the Forum. Looking forward to seeing you. Herman