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  1. Box with Spray Canister in Engine Compartment - What Is It?

    Joe, A bidet from what I know is for cleaning not power washing 😂. Herman
  2. Black Tank Rinser: Sightseerer 33c

    Good idea Tom. I now know of another thing on your bucket list . Herman
  3. Black Tank Rinser: Sightseerer 33c

    Priestlake, Can you see your Black Tank? If so you can purchase a tank rinse that can be installed without any problem. Check most any RV store. I got one several years ago at Camping World (aka CW). Herman
  4. Class C Road Performance

    Roy, As you may be aware, there are 10 areas in FMCA. Six-State Rally Association (aka South Central Area) like all areas have a Rally each year. This year we are going to be in Shawnee, Oklahoma, September 12th to 15th. You may learn all about it at http://www.sca-fmca.com/ . It is open to FMCA members and motor home owners. Come and enjoy. Herman Mullins SCA/STA Southern Region VP
  5. Blinking Touchpads

    I have always said that when you are in a rolling earthquake anything that is plugged in will eventually become loose and fall out or off. Herman
  6. Box with Spray Canister in Engine Compartment - What Is It?

    Bill, Take it easy you have a lot of fresh air up in Evergreen to inhale. You are probably familiar with the RV accumulator tank and I don't think that is what you have. If it was Blue I would suggest that it might be a Nitrous Oxide tank to improve acceleration when passing. Picture? Herman
  7. Locked In

    Joe, For the bay door latches, all it required was the latch. The company for the latches is: RB Machining/RV Div. 661-274-1966.......661-269-3233 motorhomelatches.com A look at their website may have information and door latches and plungers. Herman
  8. Cheyenne, Wyoming to Moscow, Iowa

    Bill, Your correct we have passed it many times. It reminds me of the arch over I-44 at Vinata, Oklahoma. However it's a McDonald's.
  9. Class C Road Performance

    Roy, Be sure and try to experience all you can. Everyone that goes comes away with new ideas, new RV product, new friends and great memories. I see in your picture you have a small one. David and Loretta Marlowe have lots of activities for all ages. Hope you enjoy everything. Tell us about it. Sorry we won't be there this time but do go to the Forum Meet & Greet and tell everyone I said hello. Herman
  10. Locked In

    Mark, By some chance was the bolt that broke plastic. I have had the latches on my bay doors break. They were plastic and I replaced them all with latches with metal plungers. Herman
  11. Class C Road Performance

    Roy, Sorry we won't be there this time but do go to the Forum Meet & Greet and tell everyone I said hello. Herman Forum Meet & Greet Thursday, Aug 4, 5:00 p.m. Seminar 8 (Young Building)
  12. Cheyenne, Wyoming to Moscow, Iowa

    Thanks Bill, We have visited Kearney several times. Our daughter-in-law's mother lived there and we visited several times. We have thought adout there, thanks for the reminder. Herman
  13. Confused About Newmar & Thor

    No Rodger, you spelled it correctly, some times too many words , but the spelling is right on. Herman
  14. Cheyenne, Wyoming to Moscow, Iowa

    Blake, the SR-71 has more secrets then Bill and Hillary. The best way to describe it is "Now you see it, Now you don't". I have seen one at the museum out in Arizona. When I toured the museum there I saw every plane I worked on when I was in the Navy. Herman
  15. Parking Brake & Brake Boost Warning Light

    Mikey, Where you are located at this time check to see if there is a Ford dealer close. Not to defend the RV dealer but there is no correlation between the Jacks and the brakes. If you don't find that it is low on brake fluid, you can also try to disconnect your positive battery cable for about 15 seconds and then reattach the cable. Then check to see if the lights go out. This will reset the computer and clear a code if it is just an error. However if the lights come back on then go to a dealer, do not pass go, just get there asap. Good luck, Herman