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  1. Air Bag Fails To Fully Inflate

    Thanks for putting that vision in my mind. Cool mountain air, cup of coffee, looking at the mountains with two eggs over easy, hash browns, sausage with biscuits and gravy. Hmmmmmm!😊 Herman
  2. If Your Entry Looks Yuk

    It means that he ran out of yellow. Herman
  3. Towing a 2014 Jeep Cherokee

    For me I never and I mean never believe what a car salesperson says. Their only objective it to sell you a car no matter what it takes. Have you ever seen a car salesperson tell a 400 lb. person, I'm sorry but this Kia is too small for you? Now don't get me wrong, I am sure there are some good ones out there but are few and far between. Sorry, just grouchy today. Herman
  4. Best Loading/Storing Experiences

    Expandable curtain rod for the refrigerator. Baskets and trays or bottles and such. A tool box for things to make repairs on the road. Kneeling pads in the water or power bays. As said before stackable milk crates for storage bays. Plus a long hook if you don't have sliding trays. After all that said, you will rearrange things several times before you get what you like. And as the Knight said to Indiana Jones, "Choose Wisely My Son". Herman
  5. Pinstripe & A Good Wash

    Keon, Several thing to look at in a pre-owned coach. Worn interior but low mileage. This may have been a vehicle that was used only to go south in the winter and north in the summer. Driven there and back twice a year. High mileage and predestine interior. Used mainly for transportation to and from and not much living. This is just a guide line I use when looking at a pre-owned unit. (Haven't done so in a long time, just enjoying life while spending our kids inheritance) Herman
  6. FMCA User Name Change?

    First you get a Lawyer to write up the partition, have to notarized then go to your county courthouse and file for a name change. You should have the papers back in a short time unless your county clerk is against such changes and then you will need to go to the media for results. Or you could just email the Admin and ask him. Herman
  7. Replaced Rear View Monitor

    I was told in the past that if I wanted to have a color monitor I would have to change both the Camera (which I understand) and the cable, Did you use the same cable as was used with your black and white unit? Herman
  8. 2003 Beaver Baron: Filling Fresh Water Tank

    Rich, There are too many valve in there to understand which one does what. It might help if we could see pictures with everything removed from the bay. I see one valve that looks as if it comes from the valve to a Tee and to the pump. Wish I could get my head in for a closer look. I will bet it a simple fix, a nightmare , but simple. Herman
  9. Riverpark Infotainment GPS

    My DW will look at the map and say, Take the Blue road to the left and go up one inch to the Red road. Nuf Said. Herman
  10. 2003 Beaver Baron: Filling Fresh Water Tank

    Joe that is a story that has to accompanied by Carl's Wine and Cheese. Herman
  11. 2003 Beaver Baron: Filling Fresh Water Tank

    Should have said "Been There, Done That and Got The Tee Shirt" Herman
  12. If Your Entry Looks Yuk

    Erniee, Carl notices what he knows best😁. Herman
  13. 2003 Beaver Baron: Filling Fresh Water Tank

    From looking at the picture the valve handle is in the closed position. And it must be turned to the left to the horizontal position in order to fill the tank. It has to be something simple and you are sure to find it. To be on the safe side, I put a plug in my holding tank flush inlet and a quick disconect on my water tank and fill hose. This is to insure I don't make a mistake. Please don't ask how I know this .😫 Herman
  14. Uploading Photos In The Gallery (Instructions)

    Carl, I just noticed your comment about down loading pictures from your phone to your computer. The most simple way I have found is to email the picture to myself from my phone. Then open the email on my computer and save the picture. Have done this many times without a problem. Herman
  15. Six State Rally

    I guess I might go.