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  1. Try RB Maching/RV Div. 661-274-1966 http://www.motorhomelatches.com/Default.asp Herman
  2. Duane, There is a lot more going on in the switch then just the turn signal. It is amazing of how much is in it. Herman
  3. The proposal to change to FMCA for recreation vehicle owners was passed by the Governing Board and will now go to the Membership for voting. I believe they passed it so that the Entire Membership could have a say so in the decision. My hope is that there is a better number of votes then the last time. Less than 10% voted the last time. So my commit is to "either vote or not complain about the results." Herman
  4. It is amazing what all go through the turn signal switch. My thought would be to replace the switch. However this does require removing the steering wheel in most cases. But before I did that I would make sure the brake light switch is good. Herman
  5. Like the exhaust ports on the refrigerator. 😊 Herman
  6. John, I remember a single wheeled trailer from many years ago. It mounted at two points on the bumper (that was way back when vehicles had steel bumpers) and had a single swivel wheel. Herman
  7. roadiestx I have mentioned before but I will do it again. Most coaches have a outlet in the engine bay for the Block Heater. When the coach is on shore power or the generator is running the plug is hot. When disconnected or the gen. is off the plug is dead. I connected a Trickle Charger to the plug and to the coach batteries. So any time we are parked and plugged in the batteries are being maintained. Just stayed for 12 days in Indianapolis and the batteries are in fine shape. It seems to me that no matter how much we look, there are always mystery draws on the chassis batteries. Herman
  8. Bill, Can't agree more. Have had AX and found too many place that wouldn't accept it. But there are so many folks out there that use it each and every day. I can't address the question about permanent address. Maybe those that are full timer should give their address as "Folsom Prison Cell Block 3". That would indicate you were a full timer and that is your permanent address for the next 10 to 20. Herman
  9. Great David, you are now an electrician. (as much as any of us are) Herman
  10. I long for days gone by when we didn't have Seat Belts, Shoulder Harnesses, Air bags and Bolted down Car Seats. My kids were able to sleep in the seat with out being strapped in and their heads bobbing in a very painful way. Our child restraint was our arm. Back then I can't remember having accidents where so many children were injured or killed. We drove with the understanding that our first thing was to drive safely to protect those we loved. We drove knowing we had to be the one to protect and not some government regulation saying we are safe now since they required manufacturer to put in all the safety devices that don't help one bit. Now, I am off my soap box and going back to the Topic. Thank you, Herman
  11. I just have this picture in my mind of a boat storage unit where they use a fork lift and put the boat in a very large rack. The picture I am seeing is a 45 foot motor home being lifted by a really big fork lift and being stuffed into an even bigger rack. Herman
  12. David, Check in the front compartment. You should have a large panel of fuses. On our coach there is a list of fuses. I have seen other coaches with each fuse labeled. If neither get a test light and check each fuse. The fuse for your power reel should be live at all times. Be sure and check bot sides if the fuse. Hot both sides=good fuse. Hot one side dead on the other=bad fuse. Herman
  13. Steve, You said the fuses looked OK, but did you check to see if you had power to both sides of the fuse? It has been said many time that "Looks can be deceiving". Herman
  14. My opinion, rather than long multi paragraph response, how about just a "FOR" or "AGAINST". I mean no disrespect to anyone. Thank you. Herman