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  1. Palazzo Serpentine Belt Replacement

    If I can see it correctly you will be laying on your stomach and working through the hole in the closet floor. That is if you have a bedroom slide. Put lot of protection on the floor, the bed and remove all and I mean all of the clothes. I would have one or more old blankets folded to lay on. I had to change the belts on our first coach (gas). My wife said I finally got to use my superior Touchy Feely technique. Most of the job will done by Braille. You just can't see a lot down there. Don't get me wrong, it can be done, just be patient and take your time. Good luck, Herman
  2. Cummins ISL And ISC Engines With CAPS Fuel Injector

    Harley, Welcome to the Forum. Had never heard of the Racor gauge for the fuel filter line. I for one will look into one. Thanks, Herman
  3. Our RVing Story

    Looking forward to it. A little story. Several year ago when I was Parking Lt. in Shawnee, Oklahoma, I got many calls from the then Area Vice President, telling me that one of his friends called and wanted a good Parking Spot and he told them come on he had a special spot for them. I finally said to him, "How many Special Spots I had?" he told me "not to worry that all parking spots were special ". So let me say, "Come on in I will have a special parking spot for you". Herman
  4. HEEELLLPP! Tire overload!

    Heather, Welcome to the world of Confusion. There will be many thoughts and Ideas for which is the best tire for a coach. I will only tell you what tire I have and how I like them. I have Goodyear G670s on our coach 2 2002 Monaco Dynasty. They were the original mfg. that came on the coach. I have not had one issue with them. They ride and wear well. They were less expensive then others but still of high quality. Good Luck, Herman
  5. Boogey Lights Under Glow

    Rick, It looks really nice. However if you have just driven 250 to 300 miles in the rain and your coach is really dirty , I would not turn them on till I washed the coach. Carl what might help would for you to purchase a New 2018 Newell P50. I understand that they have push buttons to open the bay doors and open and close the slides. We are sitting at 7 degrees here in Whitewright. High today is only supposed to reach only 21. I know lots of places are colder then here but that doesn't help to stay any warmer. BRRRRRRRR! I read that there is a place in Russia where it was 86 degrees below zero. Now that is cold. It said that the region had a population of over 3 million. I guess there are that many stupid people in this world, just didn't know they were all in one place. Herman
  6. Perry GA Convention

    Hobart, Doug responded to your comment. Hey Herman, We will (and have had) the seminar listings, event schedule, and, in fact, the entire program posted on FMCA’s web site at least a month before the start of the convention. Thanks, Doug So let me suggest that around the first week in February go to fmca.com and click on conventions and check to see the seminars. Herman
  7. Perry GA Convention

    Hobart, I will mention this to Doug. Thanks for the heads up on seminar infromation. Herman
  8. Perry GA Convention

    Congratulation on your first National. There is so much to do and see so sign up for the seminars that interest you and get the Credit Card out, There are things in the Vendors you can't pass up. I will be one of the Parkers in a Red Ball Cap. Wave or stop and chat. Herman
  9. Wind Sensor Cups

    I have replaced my Aermometer once before. I purchased the one I have now because it said that the cups/blade were replaceable without having to purchase the entire unit. I can not find the replacement cup/blade It is a Girard Aermometer. Girard only shows the entire unit at a cost of $162.00. Anyone know where I might get the replacement cup/blade? Herman
  10. CG Recommendation: Kansas City Area

    Welcome back John, We go through KC at least once a year. But have not looked for a park in KC. We always go to Overland Park and overnight in the WalMart parking lot. It is located in a very nice and safe area very similar Frisco. Have you gone to www.rvparkreviews.com ? Herman
  11. Suspension Upgrades: 2002 Freightliner XC Chassis

    greamie, Welcome to the Forum. You might start with a steering stabilizer of some sort. Safe-T-Plus comes to mind. But there are several other good units available. Do you have wandering when driving? Are the tires wearing unevenly? Some coaches just need a good alignment, a change of air pressure in the tires, and even weight distribution on the front axle. Herman
  12. Fresh Tank Fills When On City Water

    Carl, On our coach I have a selector valve for the water. It has two positions. City, that will provide water to the whole coach without need of the pump (I turn the pump off when on city water). The second position is Fill. When placed in the Fill position it will fill the water holding tank. When in the Fill position the pump will come on because it can not build up pressure in the position. When there is sufficient water in the Tank I return the selector to City an use city water. If dry camping or going down the road I will have the pump in the on position. Herman
  13. Dead Starting Batteries

    67, I had a similar issue with our coach. Had a trickle charge in the coach. it had a difficult time keeping my batteries charged. Turned out one of my two 12 volt chassis batteries was bad. Changed out both and now the trickle charger keep then up very well. I have mentioned this before but will tell it again. Most diesel coaches have a built in block heater. In most cases it is on a power cord that has to plug into a receptacle in the engine bay. That receptacle is only hot when on shore power or with the generator running. I mounted my trickle charger in the battery bay and connected it to the batteries. I then unpluged the block heater cord and plugged the trickle charger in the the receptacle . Now any time I am on the gen. or shore power the charger maintains the charge in the chassis batteries. A few but not many inverters will charge both house and chassis batteries. Hope this helps. Herman
  14. Fresh Tank Fills When On City Water

    IMHO if a check valve is installed before or after the pump and in the correct direction, it will not cycle off and on. With a working check valve it will prevent water pressure from going backwards which will allow the pump to build up sufficient pressure to shut off the pump until there is a demand for water. It will then, after the water demand is shut off, it will build up the correct pressure and shut off the pump. Herman
  15. Trip Planning

    John, Welcome to the Forum. Yes the Trip Planning was dropped on Dec. 31, 2017. If you will email dball@fmca he will give the correct information. If I understand correctly it can still be gotten but through other steps. Herman