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  1. Custom Coach bus conversions

    Richard, I would love the see a better copy of the drawing. I enjoy layout prints of most anything. Herman
  2. 2018 Cherokee Trail hawk Flat tow

    jlsparke, Welcome to the Forum. You must have a steering wheel lock pin that must be released by placing the key in the accessory position.Give that a test drive. Herman
  3. Lyle, Sorry for your loss. The plastic ends that swivels can't be put back together successfully. Go out and purchase a new hose with good ends. Repaired hoses can have problems you do not want to have when camping. Herman
  4. Towing a van

    The greater majority of Vans are rear wheel drive. Therefore they should all be towable using a Drive Shaft Disconnect.Then it would be down to Weight, length, and tow bars. If a van is used in business and the van has all kinds of advertising for the business on it then it becomes a commercial unit and then must comply with commercial regulations. However if I am wrong please correct me. Herman
  5. Engine Muffler

    It is a reasonably facsimile of one here in the Pulled Pork Capitol of the South. Herman
  6. Perry Rally

    Yes. Herman
  7. "Cabin Fever" Thread

    Balance= Club can act as a Cane. Stamina=The Ability to walk from cart to golf ball and back. Vocabulary=Many Four Letter Words. Herman
  8. Perry Rally

    Herman here. Perry there were over 2,900 totals. At the last count I saw there were 19 units other than coaches. There were some cancellations and some drive ups. The one rally good figure was there were over 1,100 first timers and there were almost 900 volunteers. Sorry I do not have the count of Show units and Vendors, but here were quite a few of each. As usual we had rain on several different days and we are expecting some really bad weather tonight and tomorrow Monday. All in all it has been a very good Convention. Herman
  9. Brett suggested we start another Topic. So here is a place to start. When we get bored and with nothing to do come here and just chat. Let others know about you and who you are. So Here I sit at 4:05 AM, sitting in a WalMart parking lot having a cup of coffee typing nonsense into the computer. There is an ole song lyric that goes,"The sun comes and the sun goes down. Hands on the clock just keep going around. You just get up and it's time to lay down, Life get tegious don't IT." Herman
  10. Generator repairer

    Good, I hope you are able to get the Jack and generator up and running quickly when you arrive in May. Herman
  11. FMCA Continental Tire Program question

    AC, To get the best information send Dan Ball with FMCA Membership an email and ask him the procedure and how the Taxes are done. dball@fmca.com
  12. repaires for Hydraulic leveling jack

    That's great Keith. Let the folks here know where you might be traveling to on your walk about. I am sure a lot of folks would like to me you. Herman
  13. Converter location

    The inverter in our Monaco is mounted in the overhead of the Bay next to my power bay. Herman
  14. Engine Muffler

    The last time I saw Rich, he and Tireman were relaxing having a Philly Cheese sandwich in Perry Georgia. Herman
  15. repaires for Hydraulic leveling jack

    Keith, The make of your Jacks would help. But here is what I would try first if the jacks are Hydraulic and you are good DIY. I would take the leaking cylinder off and take it to a Hydraulic Repair shop and have them reseal it. As many have said before google Hydraulic Repair Shops in the Yellow Pages in your area. Herman
  16. Generator repairer

    Keith, Before calling a tech take a look at the Generator and make sure the Circuit Breaker isn't tripped. Herman
  17. Sound deadening

    Nice information, it should help a lot of folks. Thanks, Herman
  18. Wrangler Toad owners

    Carl, To my knowledge Wranglers only come in 4 X 4 and are as you said "put in neutral and go". The same with GMC and Chevrolet 4 X 4 vehicles. They have different ways of putting the transfer cases into 4 wheel neutral, but when in Neutral, GO. Friends that have had Fords say the same thing, put it into neutral and GO. (Of coarse on all, you do have to hook up first ). Herman
  19. Classified section

    If you will go to the FMCA home page. click on the DASH BOARD, it is the speedo symbol on the right side of the page. When on the DASH BOARD click on MAGAZINE. there you will find the CLASSIFIED section. Herman
  20. Any Canadian Benefits?

    Haidenger, I have contacted FMCA Membership Manager and Dan will post here hopefully some answers to your concerns. Don't want to lose you. Herman
  21. Dish vs Streaming

    I have the Hopper with one Joey in our coach. Works just fine. With the Hopper you are able to connect up to tow Joeys and have High Def. on all sets. You will have a small sending unit next to the Hopper that require a 110 outlet. Dish sent out a tech and he did the install, no charge for us. Let me caution folks that when replacing one or more TVs to NOT replace them with the same Make. I have two VIZOs and the if you are not in just the right spot when you turn one one it will turn the other one off (same remote). However they both work interdependently form one another on the Dish remote, just not the off/on function . Herman
  22. 01 Silverado 1500 4X4

    Sorry Bruce, I forgot. Been 3 vehicles (all Chevrolets) since I had the push buttons. Glad it worked out. Herman
  23. FMCA Assist VS Goodsam Travel Assist

    Please, before you go too far with this rumor please contact the FMCA office and get the complete and true facts. Let me recommend doing this when ever you had doubts about any Benefit offered by FMCA. Hearsay is not good for you or anyone else for that matter. Thank you, Herman
  24. 01 Silverado 1500 4X4

    Bruce, Set the Parking brake, start the engine, put the vehicle in neutral, put your foot on the brake pedal and then hold the 2 and 4H buttons down at the same time. It can take up to 15 seconds and the Red neutral light will come on. I would always then put it in drive and release the brake. I would then race the engine to make sure the vehicle is in neutral. Then put the transmission in Park, turn off the engine, release the Parking Brake, remove the key and lock the doors. If I am not mistaken the 01 doesn't have a steering wheel locking pin. Of course this is with the understanding that you have the vehicle hooked up to the RV. Herman
  25. Furnaces cause lights to flicker

    Dan, Even though your batteries are new make sure they are all fully charged and load test each one separately. Even though new, one may be bad. Just a thought. Herman