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  1. Tire Shelf-Life and Life-Cycle Concerns

    I am sure that is any Motor Home manufacturer had the option to purchase 200 of a 295-80R-22.5 tires at a very discounted price because they were more the 12 months , that they would jump on it in a heart beat. Most all tires have 1 year Limited Warranty from date of purchase and that wouldn't sway them one bit. I just looked at the sheet that came with our coach showing most every manufacturer and the components with serial numbers. My coach has 8 tires but they only had the serial numbers for four. Did they register them with Goodyear, I have no clue. I do know that each time i purchase tires in McKinney, Texas from Tomason Tire I get a rebate from Goodyear. They some how must know the serial number and manuf. Date. Herman
  2. City Water Also Fills Fresh Water Tank

    Carl ,Here is the model number for the Surflo Pump 4008-101-E65. Two year Warranty. Herman
  3. City Water Also Fills Fresh Water Tank

    Northern Tool. I will send you the PN tomorrow. It is a Surflo 3GPH @ 55 PSI. HERMAN
  4. City Water Also Fills Fresh Water Tank

    If when on the pump an tank and the pump cycles off & on it means that the check valve is bad and doesn't hold the pressure up enough and the pump continues to try to keep the pressue up. Herman

    If you go to Alverado ask for your kiss when you get there. You will get &^%ed there. Herman
  6. City Water Also Fills Fresh Water Tank

    Tank filling when connected to shore water is an indication that the check valve is bad. When on the tank water and the pump cycles off an on is also a bad check valve. Easy fix. The check valve is on the inlet side of the pump. Having more than one go bad, I added an inline check valve between the tank and pump. Herman
  7. Exterior Maintenance - Cleaning and Waxing Fiberglass

    I have used just plain tap water with vinegar which is supposed to eliminate spotting and streaking. Still had both. So I just rinse with tap water dry and then Lou's Slick Mist. Said that it can be used on both the vehicle finish even decals and the windows. Works good on the finish but I don't care for it on the windows. Seems to leave a film which really shows up when going into the bright sun. Still it is a great product and easy to use. Herman
  8. Our Holiday Travel Misadventure-- So Far

    Oh, so many thing going through my mind now. Herman
  9. FMCA Roadside Assistance

    Soooo many things going through my mind with Carl C. getting "a warn fuzzy feeling" Herman
  10. Our Holiday Travel Misadventure-- So Far

    TCC again? Herman
  11. Silverado

    Ryan, if that works for you that is the way to go. However I had an issue with my 4 X 4 switch. I told the dealership service writer that mine would not go into 4 X 4 neutral they checked it out and told me that it was working and that there was written instructions, on my seat, they got from the factory on how to shift into 4 X 4 neutral and that is where I got #4 in my above Instructions. It has never failed me since. Herman
  12. One Member One Vote Change To Convention Delegates

    Jeff, No I will not sign your proposal, however I really hope that get to the point where the entire membership has the opportunity to vote. I would be interested to see how many vote for such a menial topic when only less than 10,000 members voted for such a major topic of to allow or not to allow towables. Herman
  13. RV Satellite Service Recommendation

    Bill A, If you have a Wineguard dome and have signal issues, call Wineguard and they will sell you a Traveler 1000 at a very nice discount. Rounded off, new $950 and remanufactured $750. New = 2 years parts, 1 year labor. Remand = 1 year parts & labor. My remand. I swear was brand new. The only request was that you send a picture of the destroyed dome. Herman
  14. 2011 American Coach Eagle: HDMI Routing

    Wineguard Traveler 1000. Put it on myself. Already had a Dish 211 receiver. Got it mounted and working on the 211 and called Dish. They came out and install the Hopper. Herman
  15. RV Satellite Service Recommendation

    Bigbillsd do you by some chance volunteer in parking at National?
  16. Air Compressor

    Welcome to the Forum. I think that I saw a Jump Start unit with a charger and Air Compressor at Sam's Club. It may be OK to top off a tire but wouldn't rely on it to air up a really low tire. Herman
  17. Silverado

    10-4 on M & G Engineering Braking system. Herman
  18. Silverado

    Here is the Procedure to put your Sierra in 4 wheel drive neutral. 1) With your vehicles engine running, Set your vehicle parking Park. 2) Put your vehicle in Neutral and put your foot down on the brake pedal. 3) Turn your selector Knob quickly all the way to the right and hold it for a slow count of 10. 4) Then slowly rotate the knob to the Left. As you slowly rotate the knob to the left your "N" light will come on. At the same time your dash message center will display "Traction control is off". At this point I make it a point to Release the Parking Brake and while the engine is still running place the shift lever in gear to make sure you are in 4 wheel drive neutral. Then turn the engine off and when it has died put the shiftier in Park and you are ready to tow. Herman
  19. Starting Cummins Generator During Winter Storage

    Bob, One of the best ways to put a load on the generator would be to turn on the Heat Pumps (Heat strips) in the AC unit. If you do not have Heat pumps then turn on the ACs . Herman
  20. Suggestions on Yellowstone/Tetons Campground

    Bob, In Yellowstone there is one Park that I know that has Full Hook Ups, " Fishing Bridge". When we were there several year ago, the max length was 40 foot. All sites are back ins and narrow, but a great place. Have not stayed in the Tetons. Herman
  21. 2011 Entrgra: Windshield Replacment & Fogged Side Windows

    Have used RV Glass Solutions and RvFog Dr. And both are fine companies and do very good work. Herman
  22. 2011 American Coach Eagle: HDMI Routing

    With the Hopper I can have both front and bedroom TVs at the same time on different channels Herman
  23. 2011 American Coach Eagle: HDMI Routing

    Mdroin, If you have Dish Network you can have the Hopper installed. With the Hopper you can have wireless Joies. With them you only need a short HDMI cable. I have it in our coach and it works great. Herman
  24. Air Bags Replacement

    Does the Excursion have a tag axle? If so 10 air bags if not 8. Herman
  25. Air Bags Replacement

    Brett, Check out the new Roadmaster Freightliner chassis on the Monaco web site. I saw the new chassis in Perry . Can't remember if it was 2014 or 2016. Herman