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  1. Just curious how many members remember the founding fathers and what FMCA used to be? Do you realize that before member numbers became the guiding force, that FMCA was a Class A club with an emphasis on Bus Conversions and the magazine used to carry articles on do it yourself conversions? I remember our first full time bus, a 1960's 40' gas pusher school bus that I converted myself. Those old articles were a big help with ideas and examples. I miss the old magazine and club, anyone else miss it?
  2. RYOBI - everything, I have a pretty complete set of the Ryobi battery tools and I think the flashlights - I have two: one in front and one in back are probably the most used tools I have. But when you need to do a little project a circular saw can really be handy and the battery gives you a freedom that the wired version miss. I have two tool boxes,in the slide out tray, height determined by the height of the opening. You never have too many tools - you may never use them all, but when you're stuck and need a tool not having it is a disaster. The one you carried and never used just took up a little space in the tool box.
  3. Perhaps you miss the point - fuel optimization is more than fuel prices. If you're just taking an occasional trip then fuel op is probably not worth the ongoing cost, but if you travel a lot like we do it more than pays for itself. Fuel Op doesn't just look up fuel prices for you, it looks at your trip and figures out the best places for you to purchase fuel and how much to purchase at each location based on what you want for minimum fuel in your tank, tank capacity, etc. For example you may be running low and need fuel along the way, but another 200 miles up the road you could get it for $0.10/gallon less and another 300 miles and it's $0.20/gallon less. Fuel op will see that and suggest that you get enough to get to the cheaper fuel at each stop instead of just looking for the cheapest fuel around where you need to fuel. On the trip I'm on right now I've saved close to $70 using Fuel Op over what I would have paid if I'd just been looking at fuel prices on one of the fuel price boards and buying it at what seemed the cheapest spot in the vicinity of where I would need to fuel again. I don't think it's ever suggested a Pilot - but to each their own.
  4. PAVLAS - since FlyingJ, which used to be the best price in town, has been taken over by Pilot, generally the highest price in town, I've found it easier and cheaper to just fuel elsewhere. Even if you get the discount you can do better down the road. I have a Fuel Optimization program that I use that tells me where to buy and how much to buy along my planned route to get the best prices for the trip. If you're looking for info on Fuel Op - and look in the HAVE OFFICE WILL TRAVEL forum I'll post the details there for anyone who's interested in saving money.