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  1. Continental Tire Purchase Program Status?

    We are still in discussions with Continental and hope to have an agreement soon. There is no date for this yet. Also, Goodyear is not part of the program, but BF Goodrich is.
  2. FMCA Michelin Advantage And Camping World

    You are very welcome!
  3. FMCA Michelin Advantage And Camping World

    To use the Michelin Advantage Program you must go through a Michelin Dealer that handles the Advantage Program. The Advantage program is not affiliated with Camping World. You can find a Michelin Dealer by going to, or call 800-543-3622 ask for the Membership Department and we will find a Dealer for you. The Membership Department is also available to answer any questions you may have on using the Advantage Program.
  4. Michelin Tire Program And Canadians

    The Michelin Program is handled in Canada on a case by case basis. My understanding is the Dealers in Canada are independent and must be willing to work with Michelin to offer the program. If the Dealer is not willing to work with Michelin, we unfortunately cannot force them to participate. I am sorry the Dealer you used was not willing to participate in the program, however we do have many other benefits that I hope you will be able to use. Please feel free tocontact the FMCA Office at 800-543-3622 if you have any questions, or if we can be of assistance.
  5. Michelin Advantage Program

    The reason credit cards are registered with Michelin is because it is more secure that way. The card is registered for a one-time purchase only, and the record of the card number is then deleted. It could be coincidental that your card was compromised around the same time you registered your card with Michelin, and was not caused by registering the card with them. In the three years this program has been in existence, we have not received a single report of a credit card being compromised as a result of the registration with Michelin. Sincerely, Kathy Gebhart/Member Records Coordinator FMCA Staff
  6. Michelin Advantage Program

    The FET tax is separate from the price of the tire. For example, a 225/70R19.5 Load Range F would be $351.94 for the tire and $1.32 for the FET tax. Installation costs, as well as state and local taxes, are quoted through a Michelin Dealer that handles National Accounts for Michelin. The samples prices listed on the flyer on are current program prices. If you have questions about the program, please contact the Membership Department at 1/800-543-3622. Sincerely, Kathy Gebhart Member Records Coordinator FMCA Staff
  7. An Old Goose Egg

    <p>That number belonged to Kenneth Shaw from Tucson, Arizona. His membership lapsed in 1971.
  8. Anyone Buy Michelin Tires With FMCA Discount?

    To use the Michelin Advantage Program, you would need to contact a Michelin Dealer that handles National Accounts for Michelin. You can find the nearest Michelin RV tire dealer at You would provide FMCA's Advantage Account number to Michelin. This is available on the Michelin Advangtage Program Instructions page of (FMCA member signin required.) You would also give the dealer your membership number and expiration date, because that acts as the purchase order number. Also, you would need to register your credit card through Michelin by calling 1-888-532-6435 #2. If you would like to speak with someone regarding the program, please call 1-800-543-3622 and ask for the Membership Department. We'll be happy to assist you.
  9. Age Of Vintage FMCA Sign?

    In response to the question about membership number 1399. That membership number was assigned in 1967.
  10. FMCA Michelin Advantage Program

    I have forwarded your post to my contact with the Michelin Advantage Probram. Sincerely, Kathy Gebhart Member Records Coordinator
  11. FMCA Coach-Net Benefit

    There is a listing of FMCA's member benefits on page 87 of the current issue (February 2011) of Family Motor Coaching magazine. Benefits that require additional sign-up and fees are followed by an asterisk.
  12. Old FMCA Member Medalion

    That number belonged to (Note, now that the OP has the information, I have deleted the name to protect their identity -- Moderator) from Peoria, Arizona. However, they cancelled their membership in October 1990. That is the last information we have on them. Kathy Gebhart Supervisor of Member Records