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  1. Clarksville, TN To Elkhart, IN

    rossboyer, thanks for the info. I guess I will just go I 65 and put up with louisville ky and Indianopolis. Appreciate campground info and may use them. Mostly will have work done at Total Value RV and can stay in RV on the grounds Barb
  2. Anyone know if highway 41 in Indiana is decent road?? I would like to avoid Louisville and Indianapolis if possible.
  3. Diesel Generator Problem

    I am betting on both the A/C's coming on at the same time. I was on 50 amp and had been using both. Bet I did not shut one OFF!! Usually I only run the front air when driving. Will get the belts changed! Hope not the other problem! Thanks Rich
  4. Diesel Generator Problem

    Got a Generac Guardian diesel generator. It has 2 belts in it. Using it on the road and the gen started squealing and the surge protector shut down the A/C. Gave up and drove home hot! Made arragements for service, but then have run it 2x for 1 1/2 hours with no problem and the A/C ran just fine! May put off the service until back from 2 short trips. Any suggestions? Barb
  5. I am going through this now and have to get it back to the place to work on it. It wouldn't do it for them, but it drives me crazy because it will do it for 15=20 min sometimes!!!!
  6. I live in Nashville and need some work done on my CAT engine in the motorhome. I took it to A-1 Diesel here in Nashville, but they said they couldn't get the specs from CAT that they needed to adjust the lash. The truck dealers here are nice, but don't like to work on the motorhomes. Does anybody have experience with either of these 2 Freightliner Oasis service centers in TN. I am about equidistant from both if them. I would appreciate any advice. This is my first diesel! Barb