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  1. Just received e-mail welcoming me as a member of AmeriGo RV Club, I don't recall joing such club. Anybody know about this organization.
  2. I would not stay at the one behind Love's truck stop, at one time was a KOA, but now a work campground to say the least, we stayed there last year, did not let the slides out, slept with one eye opened most of the night.
  3. If you live in an area where TCI (Tire Centers,LLC) are located, they will guide you through the Michelin- FMCA plan. Or, you can call Michelin direct at 888-532-6435. All you need is your FMCA number and a credit card; you pay Michelin direct, you can pick the tires up at TCI or they will mount them for a fee. I have purchased four 275/80R22.5 (H) XZA3 and saved $.
  4. Woodcarver, we tow a 2008 Jeep wrangler behind our 45' Mandalay, this is the second Jeep we have towed and would not consider anything other. We are off road travelers and this 4 dr is ideal, I am 6'2" and have ample room for supplies. I have 72,000 miles on odometer plus approx. 15,000 not logged. The procedure for towing is simple and quick if you follow the operations manual, never had any problems. I use a Demco Commander tow bar. The only different from the previous Jeep, I installed a battery disconnect as this has electronic equipment which on a long pull will drain the battery. The Jeep owners manual directs you step by step for set up towing and disconnecting. My average MPG is 16.5 up to 20.
  5. I stayed at River Town Hwy. 61 south 6 miles from Jct I 20/hwy 61, stayed there one night , its away from the congested downtown area. The park is a Good Sam Park.
  6. There is very little to choose from in Oxford, we stay in Trace State Park about 35 miles to the East in Pontotoc/Belden area when we visit Oxford for Football games and traveling the area. We camp in the East Ridge section Premium Sites 026-034, these are 30/50 amp full hook up, lake side. We camp there in a 45' whith no problem, good highways to Oxford and the Natchez Trace. You can go to, select Trace and look at the sites. I do not use Reserve America Reservations, I go direct to the park to make reservations, the number is 662-489-2958.
  7. Just posted wrong info on my friends class C its 27' not 32'
  8. I am very satisfied with 4 dr Jeep wrangler , tow four down behind a 45' Mandalay , lots of room for my 6' 3 " frame, its ideal for offroad activity. My friend has a 32' class c and 4 dr Jeep wrangler, he has no towing problems. We travel from Louisiana to Canada and North Carolina. I have left him in a quick braking situation and in the middle of intersection several times, he has handled those quick stops with no proble.
  9. I have a 45 ' Mandalay, 425 Cummins with tag, getting same mileage as previous 40 Damon 325 Cat, 6-7 mpg. The ride is greatly improved with tag. Towing Jeep Wrangler on both coaches. I also have better steering ability, can get in and out of places I could not with the Damon.
  10. JohnJill, Let me know with entrance into park and site space, it looked like I may have problems with my 45' and tow.
  11. We stayed a couple years ago at Cloud Nine, top of a mountain, in a 40 '. Have a friend camps at Lake Catherine State Park and enjoys it. Go to, you can get a fell whats around Hot Springs.
  12. I have the same problem with Direct TV which I only have in my MH. I cancel for 6 months during my off season travel, would like the Dish where you pay as go but was told my Winegard Roadtrip Minimax would have to be reworked in order to receive with Dish's receivers. Anyone got a take on this?
  13. I would advise anyone thinking about Extended Waranty with ACC, google ACC Warranty Group, they are not BBB accredited. Also link and read Ripp off Reports.
  14. Wolfe, your right I thinking it would be better to run a 50A line and leave the 30A as it also provides lights for my cover when needed.
  15. From the 30 A breaker to the outlet is about 80 feet, I use a 16 inch 30 to 50 A reducer, I am thinking I have too much pull on the the 12 gauge wire. I am going to have my electrical buddy check all connections for tightness and possible change out wire to 10 or 8 g wire. Thanks all for input, this what makes FMCA a top notch organization.