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  1. 19.5" Michelin XRV's Discontinued

    Thanks for the update.
  2. 19.5" Michelin XRV's Discontinued

    InTheDogHouse, Welcome to the FMCA Forum. Glad you are where many of us have been for a LONG time--InTheDogHouse . Have you confirmed with Michelin that indeed they have ceased production, vs just "out of stock". Give them a call: Michelin 866-866-6605
  3. Freightliner Oasis

    For those not familiar with Gaffney SC, it is where the Freightliner RV chassis (and a few other things) are built. It is also a/the premier service center for Freightliner chassis RV's. Their website: https://www.freightlinerchassis.com/ For information on your Freightliner XC chassis (build sheet for your chassis): https://www.fcccrv.com/coaches/?chassis_type=XC For service there on your RV: https://www.fcccrv.com/parts-and-service/factory-service-center/
  4. MPG or who cares

    MPG under sail= infinite.
  5. MPG or who cares

    Well, "one of us is". The Captain (me) IS. The Admiral (Dianne) is NOT. Even U.S. Customs understands the "ranking" on our boat-- another story!
  6. MPG or who cares

    Got to love a tail wind! Sadly, in a sailboat, that (almost) NEVER happens. Said another way, if the wind is not on your nose, you are going the wrong way!
  7. Routine yearly maintence

    Agree with others, if you do not have records of "what was done when", EVERYTHING needs to be serviced. That includes coolant change, hydraulic filters and perhaps fluid change, etc. Again go through your Freightliner maintenance manual and play catch up.
  8. Routine yearly maintence

    Your Freightliner chassis manual should outline other work needed. And, at 82k mi, you should already have done the initial valve adjustment. Suggest a Caterpillar dealer for that.
  9. Fuel Filter/ Water Seperator

    Byron, I agree. Hence my statement above: " But, if not a clear bowl where you could see contamination, a good idea to occasionally drain a small amount just to verify-- even if you have a "water in fuel" sensor in the filter. " And about that many years of diesel experience, and many of those in the marine industry where contaminated fuel was a much bigger issue. Marine environments, pretty much by definition are "high humidity" and many boats sit/store fuel for years at a time. Lead to a "cottage industry" of FUEL POLISHING.
  10. Fuel Filter/ Water Seperator

    Byron, As long as you COULD SEE water of dirt (i.e. the clear bowl style) he is fine as long as he checks it visually periodically. Best time is the next time you stop after filling the diesel tank. But, if not a clear bowl where you could see contamination, a good idea to occasionally drain a small amount just to verify-- even if you have a "water in fuel" sensor in the filter.
  11. Dash buttons not working

    Excellent. Thanks for letting us know the (easy) solution.
  12. Joe, I believe you mean if there is insufficient CASTER the wheel will not return to center with as much authority. Incorrect camber would cause wear on the inside or outside of the tire.
  13. Fuel Filter/ Water Seperator

    Does your filter have a "water in fuel" sensor? If so, draining frequently is less critical. Proper draining procedure: With engine OFF, position a clear glass jar under the drain. Open it long enough to allow any water or dirt to drain/until clear diesel comes out. If the filter is mounted high, best to do this with a full fuel tank and/or nose of coach UPHILL. This insures that the drain doesn't turn into an "inlet" allowing air in and fuel draining back to tank.
  14. Roadside Assistance

    Think we may be straying from the original topic!
  15. New Michelin Tire Valve Stem

    For checking tire pressure on duals, a "dual foot tire gauge" is needed. Google it and/or go to any auto parts house. This is ASSUMING that your gauge will not adequately contact the tire valve.