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  1. Air Filter Life Expectancy

    Both are good quality filters, as are Wix and NAPA Gold (made by Wix)
  2. Solar For 2014 44’ Mountain Aire

    When evaluating the cost-effectiveness, first question is how many days a year do you dry camp? For those who dry camp quite a bit, a good solar array and high end controller can pay for themselves. If you mostly stay in CG's with power, pretty much a waste of $$.
  3. Dead Starting Batteries

    Forget percents-- what are VOLTAGE AND AMPERAGE READINGS.
  4. Upgrading Suspensions F53 Chassis

    We seem to be straying a LONG way from the F53 chassis (i.e. gas chassis) comments. Let's get back to them-- comments on tag axle diesel pushers are not really relevant to the OP.
  5. Great (or is that small) minds think alike. I just called Tammy at Americas Storage to see what she has available. Right now they have no covered or indoor availability. But absolutely, check with her as the time gets closer. It is a good safe location, half an hour south of Hobby, and with the exception of a few outside sites, all come with 15 amp power. On second though, wouldn't hurt to give her a call and get on a "waiting list" then confirm far enough ahead to leave yourself a "plan B". You can tell here you are the guy Brett asked about.
  6. Allison "High Voltage" Fault

    If you have an alternator with an external SENSE WIRE, could be nothing more than a corroded or poor connection at that small gauge sense wire at either alternator or other end. If sense terminal of alternator receives a low reading (even artificially low due to bad connections)it will make the alternator put out excessively high voltage to compensate. So, check to see if your alternator has an external sense wire and check that first. And, yes, a loose connection could easily go from correct to erroneous reading as you drive.
  7. Palazzo Serpentine Belt Replacement

    Again, your chassis maker speced and installed the belt, pulleys, fan and fan shroud. I would be VERY surprised if the belt could not be worked off the fan and in the gap between fan and shroud. With chassis information, others may have already done this job.
  8. Allison "High Voltage" Fault

    The code will register if you have an overvoltage issue. What is voltage reading at the dash with the new alternator? And, totally agree, 15.9 is WAY too high.
  9. Allison "High Voltage" Fault

    Patrick, Welcome to the FMCA Forum. Have you re-checked for diagnostic codes (easy from the shift pad-- no equipment needed)? Same code? Safest power source for the Allison is to run two (one for memory and one for operation of the Allison ECU) directly from the battery with a fuse at the battery. The more things on the same circuit as the Allison ECU, the more chances that something will cause a spike (more likely than just high voltage unless your dash voltmeter did indeed show over 14.5 VDC).
  10. Oil Additives For Cat 3126E??

    Second picture-- the small ones around the electrical connection. They can degrade and allow oil into the connection. According to a retired Caterpillar tech (in my link above) the O rings can be obtained from most box stores, but perhaps not from Caterpillar. Again, this might not be the issue, but is certainly worth checking the connections for oil before assuming the injector is bad. If oil is present, replace the O rings on all 4 cylinders. If the connections are clean and dry, THEN go to the $$$$ fix. Certainly replacing the whole injector will fix it whether it is just a bad/oil-soaked electrical connection or a bad injector. But many $$ difference to your pocket.
  11. Palazzo Serpentine Belt Replacement

    gobernatz, Welcome to the FMCA Forum. While coach information IS important (particularly in terms of access to the engine room from ABOVE (bedroom/closet) chassis information is also important. Would seriously doubt that you would have to remove the radiator AND CHARGE AIR COOLER to replace the belt.
  12. Fleetwood 2015 30l Suspension Upgrade

    stanvpi78, Welcome to the FMCA Forum. Please confirm your chassis is a Ford F53. Have you weighed wheel positions/axles and set tire pressure per your tire manufacturers recommendations? That is the first step.
  13. Oil Additives For Cat 3126E??

    Unless oil analysis shows that your oil has degraded, I would stick with factory recommendation on change interval. And, oil in the injector connection can show the same symptoms. Certainly worth pulling off the valve cover and checking all of them BEFORE jumping into the big bucks. Said another way, worth a "let's see if there is oil in there, and if any hint of that, use electric cleaner and new o rings" as the first step.
  14. Campground Suggestions Near Dayton, OH

    bwatters, Welcome to the FMCA Forum. And, in Cincinnati, check if they have room when you will be there so you can stay (free) at the FMCA CG: https://www.fmca.com/benefits/campground-in-cincinnati.html
  15. Lack Of Air Pressure

    If Bill has and wants to share info on propane injection, let me suggest starting a new thread. Pretty unrelated to "Lack of air pressure". Thanks.