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  1. Low Air Alarm, Even With Normal Air Pressure

    Assume you have air pressure gauges? What are the readings? Might start by cleaning the contacts on the air pressure sender-- may be some corrosion/resistance that is changing the reading to the alarm.
  2. Check Out Our New Verizon MIFI Benefit!

    cac757, Welcome to the FMCA Forum. The e-blast went out Wednesday 11/8 9:13 CT. Send me a PM if you would like for me to forward you a copy, or here it is on the FMCA website: https://www.fmca.com/benefits/verizon.html
  3. Heat Loss In Furnace Exhaust

    But, they sure add moisture (a normal byproduct of combustion) to the interior.
  4. Anti Gravity Hose

    Yup, have to see elevation of hose attachment to coach to see if he is trying to defy gravity.
  5. Anti Gravity Hose

    Actually, a "drip loop"/sag in the sewer hose is not a bad idea-- as long as the coach attachment is higher than the highest part of the hose. This prevents sewer gas and/or insects from entering the tank from the sewer outlet.
  6. Overheating Cat 330-Discovery

    Actually, Caterpillar did make two different pans, a shallow pan (stamped steel) and a deep one made of ribbed aluminum. To my knowledge, Safari (Magnum chassis) is the only one who used the deep pan. Deep pan capacity is quite a lot more than shallow pans-- 29 qts with filter. Best to confirm oil capacity by calling the Caterpillar RV Hotline with your engine serial number: 877 777-3126. The reason-- Caterpillar DID change their capacity recommendations for some engines! And totally agree, calibrating the engine oil dipstick is an excellent idea, and FREE at an oil change.
  7. Travel Supreme Won't Start

    The ignition solenoid is constant duty. The starter solenoid is intermittent duty-- high amperage.
  8. Pure Sine Wave vs Modified Sine & Refrigerators

    Again, we need SPECIFICS to know how to advise. If your converter or inverter/charger is of limited capacity, this is a very valid commend and would warrant looking for a unit with a built in ATS or wiring through a separate ATS. But, if a high-amp converter or inverter/charger, may be a non-issue.
  9. Exhaust Brake & Lower Gearing

    Couple of points: The fact that your Allison shift pad window goes from "6" to "2" (or any other gear that has been programmed in for that matter) does NOT, repeat NOT mean it instantly shifts to that gear. That is the gear TOWARD WHICH the transmission will shift when safe to do so without over-speeding the engine. Just as when you are sitting at a stop light and the shift pad shows "6". You are not in 6th gear-- that is the gear TOWARD WHICH the transmission will shift. And, gearing down RAISES engine RPM, not lowers it. Your Allison transmission is programmed such that you can not harm it by using the down arrows. If you down arrow to 2nd at 60 MPH, nothing bad will happen. The transmission will downshift as it is safe to do so. The critical thing for driving any heavy vehicle is that the service brakes (brake pedal) is NOT designed to control speed on long descents. Gears and engine braking is!
  10. Preferred Supplemental Brake System

    Actually, not sure there is one BEST. If you keep a toad for a long time, a permanently installed system is great. Change toads often or two two different vehicles, a poor choice. Is your coach on a gas chassis or DP with air system-- that helps define those that work better with your toad. Tell us more about your coach, toad and needs and we may be able to assist in YOUR choice, rather than just telling what worked best for US.
  11. Pure Sine Wave vs Modified Sine & Refrigerators

    You could, but much better to wire it directly to the battery (close but not in same compartment. The battery will both act as a "filter" and provide less electrical loss when operating off the battery (larger gauge cables AND shorter run).
  12. Final Decision On Mail Forwarding Service

    At a time when an organization is spending more money than they are taking in, they should evaluate all programs for "cost/benefit" to the largest number of members. I suspect that the mail forwarding program was found wanting on the number of members it helped vs the cost to all members.
  13. Overheating Cat 330-Discovery

    With a side radiator, you can get most of the dirt off from the OUTSIDE, since air (and dirt) flow from outside to inside. Said another way, the CAC collects most of the debris (on either rear or side radiator designs) as it is the first thing in the cooling package and "filters" out most of the debris.
  14. Starting Cummins ISM/ISX During Storage

    Carl, Agree. The only progress we have made is that Cummins has challenged/denied the alleged advice to start the ISM/ISX frequently for supposedly galvanic reaction reasons. Hopefully the OP will post a link so that can be corrected.
  15. Starting Cummins ISM/ISX During Storage

    Also been around diesel most of my life, starting with MB diesels in the 1970's, followed by marine diesels and DP's. I will continue to do what has worked and does not add moisture to the crankcase: Change oil BEFORE storing. Only start it if I can drive a minimum of 25 highway miles-- enough to get the oil up to operating temperature. Since we live in S Texas and the only "white" I ever want to see is on a beach, a monthly drive is not a problem. I suspect that most areas do have at least one nice day a month!