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  1. New (to us) MH

    As Herman mentioned Forum Members get together at the FMCA Conventions. So, in W. Springfield: Forum Meet & Greet Thursday, Aug 4, 5:00 p.m. Seminar 8 (Young Building)
  2. marchuckb,

    Please do not start  a new thread on the same subject.

    Best  answer is to "copy" your new thread post and post it on your existing thread.



  3. Confused About Newmar & Thor

    Carl, Please don't misunderstand. Low 30's is the longest gas chassis I would consider as well. A well built (read that heavily built) 40' on a gas chassis is mind boggling. But, I would hate to see the thread turn into a "Gas vs diesel" or "New vs used". You bet-- all of us who have been around for awhile have strong preferences on both.
  4. Confused About Newmar & Thor

    I believe you will find that Ford lowered HP rating on all their F53 chassis, but also rated that HP at a lower/more realistic RPM, not one that has the engine screaming. So, not sure there is much difference at "normal" RPM range.
  5. Towing Package Design For 2009 Honda Civic

    Note: the new redesigned 2016 Civic with manual transmission IS towable 4 wheels down and is in the FMCA Towing Guide.
  6. MSPN Numbers

    tregal16, Welcome to the FMCA Forum. Best bet is to call Michelin: 800 847-3435
  7. Check also with marine repair facilities for the name of a plastic tank manufacturer near you. Lots of boats built in FL-- suspect they are getting their tanks from a nearby provider as they are pretty bulky to ship. Or you could call a boat builder direct. Catalina Yachts in Largo FL, for example: Catalina Yachts 727 544-6681.
  8. Air vs Torsilastic Suspension

    Very familiar with both-- first coach had Torsilastic suspension. Sold it with 170,000 miles. Currently driving an Alpine with air suspension (one of the better ones!). Very good suspension when new. Before even considering one, since parts are no longer available, is to verify that RIDE HEIGHT is correct, or that you have enough shims left that can be removed to get you in spec. There is a company that sells an "air over" booster air suspension for the Torsilastic. But would not recommend getting into that unless you are very comfortable working with large vehicle suspensions. Air suspensions are more universally used. Yes, some are better than others, but most would consider air to be superior to Torsilastic.
  9. Cummins CAPS System Redesign

    You are entering a "Brave New World". Please keep us posted on the installation, performance change if any and most critically, it's long-term effect on the engine reliability.
  10. Cummins CAPS System Redesign

    You have done a lot of research. Here are some "thinking out loud" things. Please do NOT take them as "Brett knows this is right/will work". I have NOT researched the issue, but agree with you, fuel system on DP do leave something to be desired. With your modification, I see no reason to mess with the current lift pump-- it will have an easier job now, but no harm in duplication. Be sure to spec the new pump for the correct (both): PSI and volume. Both are important. With those caveats, I like your thinking.
  11. Squeaky Floor With Knocking Sound

    RonBrothers, Welcome to the FMCA Forum. Are you sure it is the floor (can you feel flexing or other signs that it is the floor) or could it be coming from below. Sway bar main and end link bushings come to mind.
  12. Towing1995 Ford Ranger PU Manual Transmission

    Two points: 1. It is NOT recommended to tow a vehicle backwards. Front end geometry was not set up for this. Think of a grocery cart being pulled backwards down the isle vs forward! 2. The reason that towing it backwards is that it is REAR WHEEL DRIVE. You have to get the drive axle off the road.
  13. Benefits Of Tow Dolly Over 4 Tires On The Ground?

    Primary advantage of a tow dolly is for those who change vehicles often and/or have a vehicle that can not be towed 4 wheels down.
  14. Flat Towing KIA Soul

    cdubee, Welcome to the FMCA Forum. Agree, towing should not blanketly invalidate the vehicle's whole warranty. BUT, were you to have a driveline problem during the 10 year/100,000 mile warranty, things would likely be VERY different.
  15. sdahmer, Yes, welcome to the FMCA Forum. Please tell us what brand and model toilet you have.