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  1. Neutral Reversed Warning Light On Protecter

    Mike, You need to have someone safe working around 120 VAC check out the ATS. But first, verify that on generator, everything works in the coach. If so, all that needs to be checked is the adapters, shore power cord, wiring from side of coach to ATS and the ATS itself.
  2. Neutral Reversed Warning Light On Protecter

    Mike, We need to know what coach you have to give you specific locations for the ATS, BUT most are pretty easy to locate: Follow the 50 amp cord into the coach. It will go directly to the ATS. Generator output "meets" there as well. But, if you are not safe working around 120 VAC, do not open the box. BTW, starting the generator, if everything in the coach works, you have verified that from the ATS "forward", everything is OK.
  3. Neutral Reversed Warning Light On Protecter

    Actually, two separate issues: Agree with kaypsmith that in the 20 amp house outlet that the hot wire and neutral are on the wrong posts. EASY to check with voltmeter: From narrow straight to round should read 120 VAC and from long straight to round should read 0 VAC. That is the first thing that needs to be verified before plugging in! Next, and separate is if only one leg in the RV is hot there is a problem in your adapter. The 15/20 male to 30 female adapter is not the suspect. The 30 male to 50 female needs to be checked. With it separated from coach/shore power, check it with an ohm meter. In fact, you can check it with the two adapters connected together: The narrow straight on the 15/20 end should be connected to (continuity) to BOTH outer straights on the 50 amp female end. This connection takes place in the 30/50 adapter.
  4. U.S. 90 San Antonio To Van Horn

    " Make the drive between Lajitas and Presidio (Hwy 170) following the Rio Grande River. " Yes, a very scenic drive. But be aware that there is a short, VERY steep (15% grade). Not all coaches would be happy with it. And certainly would not hurt to disconnect a heavy toad for that short stretch.
  5. Neutral Reversed Warning Light On Protecter

    Not sure I am clear on exactly what is and is not working. So, if this is incorrect, please correct me: You are plugged into a 15 amp outlet at the house? Or is it a 30 amp outlet? The "house plugs" you do not have power to are some of those in the coach? Do you have an inverter/charger, and are these outlets the ones that do not have power? If so, many inverter/chargers have resettable breakers on them-- may just need resetting. If this is not correct, please tell us exactly what coach, and electrical components you have that are not working.
  6. Neutral Reversed Warning Light On Protecter

    Michael, You either have a significant problem with the shore power you are plugged into, a problem with an adapter or a problem "upstream" of the ATS since generator is showing OK. SO, have you checked your shore power connection with a voltmeter? Is it a 30 or 50? Coach is 50??
  7. 2000 Suzuki Toad

    Is this advice for towing on a DOLLY as asked by the OP?? OR, 4 wheels down?
  8. U.S. 90 San Antonio To Van Horn

    March will be prettier with wild flowers. January can be just fine-- check weather before making the decision. But U.S. 90, being south of I10 is almost always just a little warmer. This is from a post I made several years ago. If going E to W, just read from the bottom: No problem with I 10 all the way, but there is a much more scenic route across Texas. Exit I 10 in Van Horn Texas onto U.S. 90. Take it across to San Antonio where it rejoins I 10. Only 25 miles longer. Excellent two lane road with very, very little traffic. Alpine is a cute small west Texas town. That and Del Rio are best resupply points between Van Horn and San Antonio. Visit Big Bend NP if not in the heat of the summer. Either drive down in the RV, or leave the RV at RV parks in Alpine or Marathon and drive the toad. Visit the (free) Judge Roy Bean center in Langtry. Then Seminole Canyon State Park (electric, water and dump station). Some several thousand year old Indian cave paintings there and free small museum in the park HQ. Some nice hiking trails in the park as well. For fishermen, Lake Amistad is a good stop-- plenty of RV parks as well. Then Del Rio if you want to cross the border. Huge HEB grocery store at corner right downtown on U.S. 90. Plenty of parking, gas and diesel with room to get to pumps. Not a lot to see in Hondo, but during WW II, that is where they trained Army Air Corp navigators/bombardiers. Castroville has a nice regional park in town, the town settled by immigrants from the Alsace Region.
  9. U.S. 90 San Antonio To Van Horn

    U.S. 90 from San Antonio to Van Horn is just fine. We often take it when headed west.
  10. Guys, There have been some really good points made on this thread. I really hate to see this degrade to name calling/personal attacks. Yes, I deleted the last several. Let's keep this discussion on a higher level. Thanks. Moderator

    Totally agree. 5 minutes on Gasbuddy the day I know we need to refuel will save hundreds of dollars a year. Good investment of my time.
  12. Performance Improvments

    Here are the variables that engine manufacturers "juggle". Yes, you can change one, but it WILL affect the others: Power MPG Emissions Engine longevity THERE ARE NO FREE RIDES-- NO SILVER BULLETS!

    Link??? I saw no mention of Marcus Lemonis on FlyingJ/Pilot's website or business links.
  14. Performance Improvments

    No, at least our 2003 ISL 400 has the Allison 3000. Suspect all of them do. The advent of Transynd/synthetic fluid allowed Allison to up permissible HP/torque.
  15. Warm Winter Destinations

    Depending on what area of the country you are in and what kind of scenery/activities you are interested in: FL-- check for affects of Irma before deciding South TX-- south of Corpus Christi, not north this year because of damage from Harvey. The whole Rio Grande valley is fine/was not affected. AZ South CA Tell us more about where you are leaving from and what kind of scenery/activities are you are interested in and we can be more specific.