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  1. Roof A/C compressor not working?

    Many newer coaches use 12 VDC for the electronic thermostat. So, check battery voltage.
  2. Engine Braking

    Yes, it does seem to have wandered off-track and degraded to personal comments/attacks. Closed.
  3. Yes, we drove over 3,000 km's in the last 10 days (Peugeot 2008 diesel 5 speed-- 47 mpg). Very safe country and a lot of fun. Dianne had lined up airbandb's throughout the country. Volcanoes, thermal hot springs, excellent vineyards. Just another great adventure in the larger world. Have not seen a single American since arriving.
  4. Geography fact: It is SUMMER down here! Reasonable temps down south of here (extreme south end of Pan American Highway). In Santiago, currently 88 degrees F. A/C working well! Fruits and veggies in season (heck we get a lot of them in Texas). Wine REALLY in season. Life is good.
  5. Hydraulic fluid capacity?

    Yes, are you talking about your hydraulic jacks or power steering/brake boost?
  6. Camping Without A Toad

    Just a suggestion, but if you want specific CG information, better to start a new thread. Very few will see it under a "camping without a toad" thread.
  7. Storing 2015 DS 6h/d power

    Bswdds, Yes, welcome to the FMCA Forum. Please tell us what inverter/CHARGER you have. That will facilitate much more accurate replies.
  8. Slide Canopy / Water & Snow

    For CG advice, might want to start a separate thread. Not likely to have many read it under a slide-canopy-water-snow thread. Thanks. Brett
  9. PacBrake

    Yes, the Caterpillar ECM can be configured several ways in terms of activation of the exhaust brake. Manual is one-- only comes on when the electric switch for the PacBrake is turned on. Latch-- Comes on when you step on the service brakes. Stays on until you step on the throttle whether you remain on the brake pedal or not. There is one other choice, but I don't have my manuals handy right now. Any Caterpillar dealer could tell you how yours is configured in 5 minutes by plugging into the diagnostic plug.
  10. PacBrake

    Bill Edwards contact info: http://community.fmca.com/profile/22868-rsbilledwards/?wr=eyJhcHAiOiJmb3J1bXMiLCJtb2R1bGUiOiJmb3J1bXMtY29tbWVudCIsImlkXzEiOjExNDgxLCJpZF8yIjo4OTA4NX0= To send him a message, click on the "envelope". One of two issues: your coach has a brake signal to the Caterpillar ECM AND, repeat AND, it has been programmed for LATCH MODE (exhaust brake comes on when service brake is applies and stays on until the throttle is applied) OR you have an after-market brake relay that does much the same thing. Yes, you could have a relay sticking causing this as well.
  11. Bad Loves Fuel Stop

    Joe, So, the actual charge was correct?
  12. Dallas Area RV Park Recommendation

    OK, closing this one down.
  13. 05 Monaco Dynasty Hydraulic Fluid Cooler Blown

    Yes, you will want to check with Monaco for options for the hydraulic fluid, as you said this is the hydraulic system cooler, not transmission cooler. While the system in empty, be sure to change the hydraulic filter(s).
  14. House Lights Dead

    The "not working" list sounds like a problem with the 12 VDC side of the electrical system. Verify that your "salesman switch" is ON (usually located near the entrance door). Second would be to check battery voltage, then fuses between the batteries and 12 VDC fuse panel.
  15. Yes, so please start a new topic for any discussion not related to the original. Once new topics are interwoven with the original separating them is extremely difficult. Thanks.
  16. 2004 Tiffin Phaeton Coolant Issue

    If you can access the very front of your coach (from the front if your coach "nose" opens), it should be on the passenger's side. Or look up from where the drip hits the ground as another starting point.
  17. 2004 Tiffin Phaeton Coolant Issue

    Jimlabry, Welcome to the FMCA Forum. In a word, NO. The coolant system is closed in the front of the coach, so you need to find the leak. Start with the dash heater core and hoses into it.
  18. Michelin Tire Program

    Phil, Find your nearest commercial Michelin Advantage RV tire dealer. Go to www.michelinrvtires.com and enter your zip code in the dealer locator. The dealers will be listed in the order closest to your location. Select the dealer that best suits your tire needs. NOTE: To purchase Michelin or BF Goodrich tires for your light truck or passenger car, you must use an authorized commercial Michelin dealer that sells all three types of tires: commercial truck, light truck, and passenger car AND that accepts the Michelin Advantage Program. For more information, go to: https://site.fmca.com/fmca-quicklinks. Click on "Michelin Instructions". Alternatively, with questions regarding the Michelin Advantage Program please call the FMCA Membership Department at 800-543-3622.
  19. Transfer Switch (IOTA-50R)

    dlevendofsle, Welcome to the FMCA Forum. Most of these ATS overheats are caused by lose connections. A very good idea to tighten all the connections annually. A 3 minute job that can save a lot of problems. Yes, with the shore power disconnected and generator off. Also, depending on your coach's wiring, inverter off.
  20. TPMS Techno RV Install

    If the valve stem on the rear dual inner faces in, should not be a problem to screw on the TPMS sensor. Just need to move vehicle to that the valve stem faces toward the back so you can access it.
  21. Old Girl Fatter Than I Thought!

    Joe, Yes, particularly with some floor plans there is a significant side to side imbalance. Large galley slides are poster children for this-- the weight of the slide, appliances, cabinets, cookware and dinner ware, etc all on one side. Offset by a recliner. Also, out of spec ride height can move significant weight from side to side.
  22. Water Pump Switch Add-on

    Correct. Here is one (a latching relay): https://www.intellitec.com/index.php/products/Motor_Controls/Water_pump_controllers/Water_Pump_Control Start by checking near the pump itself.
  23. pwick, Welcome to the FMCA Forum. Easiest/most common way to keep the toad battery charged is with a charge line from your coach's chassis battery. From coach chassis battery: Inline fuse, 8 gauge wire to tow electrical connection, 8 gauge wire from there to toad battery with fuse just before battery (yes, important to have fuse at both ends, since both batteries are "hot". Plus 8 gauge wire from toad negative to chassis ground on coach. This will charge the toad battery any time the coach chassis battery is charged (actually, will just insure that the voltage is the same). If you want to only have the toad battery charged while the coach engine is running, just run this through a relay that is turned on by an ignition hot source in the coach. You do NOT need a separate charger.
  24. Leaking Allison Transmission

    Yes, fluid and filter change in an Allison 3000 transmission takes 19 quarts. Most economic way to go is a 5 gallon pail of Transynd. That leaves you 1 quart left over.
  25. HEEELLLPP! Tire Information Overload!

    Yes, for more information on Important Safety Issue: Monaco, HR & Safari Chassis: http://community.fmca.com/topic/569-important-safety-issue-monaco-hr-safari-chassis/