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  1. Sway VS Body Roll

    I believe this is the site Bill is referring to-- an excellent resource for Safari Trek owners: http://www.trektraxs.com/ And, agree with Bill on the Koni FSD's for DP's, but the Chevrolet/Workhorse P is a completely different beast. As Bill suggested, check for current recommendations (shocks do change over the years) for your chassis.
  2. Sway VS Body Roll

    Bilstein makes good shocks, but at 20 years old, that is where I would start. Have you gone to polyurethane sway bar bushings front and back. A LOT less $$ than replacing with larger diameter bar and should help if the bushings are the OE rubber ones.
  3. Air Bags Replacement

    Herman, My understanding is a bit different. After Monaco's bankruptcy, the "new Monaco" discontinued using the (more expensive) Roadmaster chassis and went with Freightliner chassis. I am not aware of any information that Freightliner would have (other than generic information) about the Roadmaster chassis. But, the Roadmaster chassis (there are several) has been widely enough used that many shops are familiar with them. And, replacing an air bag is NOT rocket science.
  4. Sway VS Body Roll

    Your P chassis has front air bags (inside coil springs). What are they inflated to? Tire pressure correct? How old and how many miles on what shocks. Certainly good shocks help control body motion. Yes sway is the side to side motion you are describing. Could also be described as body roll.
  5. Forum Speed

    I suspect quite a number use this as the "home page" for the FMCA Forum. It takes you right to posts you have not read: http://community.fmca.com/discover/unread/
  6. Areas will also be skewed by full timers. Example: Many full timers use Escapees, Livingston, TX as their "home"/mailing address. So many that it has become an issue for local politics (people who have never been there are a high percent of voters for local elections).
  7. Proposed Change To FMCA's Governance

    At OP (Jeff's) request, this thread is locked. The discussion has been moved to: http://community.fmca.com/topic/11867-one-member-one-vote-change-to-convention-delegates/ Brett/Moderator
  8. Jeff, Would you like the other thread locked-- don't see having two discussions going on the same topic going at the same time. Other thread: http://community.fmca.com/topic/11842-proposed-change-to-fmcas-governance/ Brett/Moderator
  9. How Do MH Engine Batteries Receive Their Charge?

    You can also purchase "properly large-gauge" pre-made interconnects from any marine dealer. Yes, more expensive, but the pre-tinned (marine grade) wire is MUCH more resistant to corrosion than raw copper.
  10. How Do MH Engine Batteries Receive Their Charge?

    Wire gauge for interconnects should be the same as the primary cables. What size are they now? Remember, an inverter can put a huge load on the batteries/cables.
  11. Invoice Pricing From Freightliner/Chrysler

    Yup, 6.25% on taxable difference (price of new less price of trade-in). So, yes, trading in saves 6.25% vs selling on your own. Clearly, if you can't get more than 6.25% over trade-in value....
  12. Proposed Change To FMCA's Governance

    Actually, if you belong to multiple chapters, what you can do is "Influence your National Director's vote" in each chapter you belong to. That is, if you care to. As you know, many do not care enough to delve into each issue facing the governing board and express an opinion. When was the last time any of your chapters sat down and went through the many pages of documents that the governing board votes on and had individual members vote on each one???
  13. Forum Speed

    Carl, Are you running an ad blocker? Per my computer guru-- you know, the good looking one, I run an ad blocker (through Mozilla/my browser) and see zero ads on the Forum.
  14. Invoice Pricing From Freightliner/Chrysler

    Yup, having been in the automobile business for my whole career, I can tell you that INVOICE absolutely does mean something. And that it rarely represents the actual cost of the vehicle. But it is an excellent "reference point".
  15. 2007 Monaco Dynasty 42' Slide Problem

    There could be several causes of this loss of hydraulic pressure allowing the slide to move. These include: 1. A leak-- should be able to see it. Look particularly at hose ends. 2. A solenoid at the HWH motor/pump leaking internally. 3. On many there is a manual "T" handle at the solenoids, on others, just a screw and lock nut-- it could be slightly open and just need tightening.
  16. Actually, after Jeff (and hopefully others with governance experience to help style it) writes it, Jeff can post it here. Any FMCA member can copy it. Add the following: 1.We need each person's name printed name 2. A signature 3. Your membership number so we can verify you are active members Then scan into an e-mail to dmitts@fmca.com When she has received 20, she can post here, or let me know and I can post that and lock the thread. Should only take an hour or so after the Amendment is posted. Jeff, let us know if you need help styling it-- I am sure that there are some here with governance experience.
  17. Class C Battery Charging

    treebark, Welcome to the FMCA Forum. Most coaches charge the house battery bank from the original equipment converter or inverter/charger. Easy to verify with a voltmeter. Check voltage before plugging in and then after plugging in. Most coaches do not charge the chassis battery from this charger. Again, verify with a voltmeter. And absolutely no problem if you find that the chassis battery is not charged to use a SMART small charger to keep that battery charged.
  18. Proposed Change To FMCA's Governance

    Please-- you are welcome to make comments pertinent to the topic "Proposed Change To FMCA's Governance". All others and certainly personal attacks WILL be deleted. And, if it continues I will have to lock this discussion. Thanks.
  19. I suspect the answer he is looking for is "is someone willing to drive me/my coach to the licensing authority". I know a friend did that for me when I took the driving test for our first coach that required a special license. The fact that I had close to a quarter million miles in a diesel pusher was (legally) irrelevant. A VERY reasonable and prudent request.
  20. Exterior Sealers: 1999 Fleetwood

    Ljland60, Welcome to the FMCA Forum. Tell us a little more about your coach-- Fleetwood made a number of different coaches with some differences in exterior skin: Is the exterior gel coated fiberglass or Filon (can you see fibers in the side, or is it very smooth)?
  21. Penny, Can signatures for this amendment be collected electronically (e-mail) or must they be on hard copy? Said another way, how can we most easily implement moving forward with electronic voting as an additional method to USPS? Thanks.
  22. Where is the Fuse??

    OK, back to "Where is the fuse". Thanks.
  23. Atwood 8520 Furnace Won't Start

    Please be aware that this thread is 2 years old.
  24. Proposed Change To FMCA's Governance

    I, for one think that "electronic voting" ABSOLUTELY SHOULD BE ON THE "LET'S APPROVE IT" list for the next Governing Board Meeting. There are chapters that already have it. If more info is needed, please post and we can put you in contact with those who are already using it. To be clear, I think we need to offer member the ability to vote EITHER by electronic mail or snail mail. Let's move into the 21st century.