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  1. No, we normally do not allow any coach to be advertised on the FMCA Forum. But, this is a unique enough situation that I feel it warrants mention-- and may keep a handicapped FMCA member on the road a few more years. BTW, I have no first hand knowledge of the coach, its owner or the lot advertising it: https://www.rvt.com/Foretravel-Motorcoach-Foretravel-U295-1999-Mesa-AZ-ID7551865-UX127532
  2. Custom Built Handicap Equipped Coach

    And, another one-- yes, in a VERY different class: https://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/rvs/d/handicapped-assisted-2001/6329096603.html Again, no first hand information on it.
  3. How To Improve E450 Ride

    Link to Liquid Spring: https://liquidspring.com/rv-suspensions/ BTW, I drove a 2016 Class A Ford F53 with Liquid Springs on the rear at the Chandler FMCA Convention. VERY impressive, and yes, we pushed the coach HARD to discover foibles.
  4. 1993 Dometic 3804 Not Cooling

    Tyler, On propane, how far into the cooling cycle does it get: 1. Igniter clicks and gas valve opens? 2. Flame does not stay lit? 3. Flame stays lit but no cooling after 5-6 hours? Does it cool in shore power/120 VAC? Have you confirmed 12 VDC to the refrigerator PC board? Lights on front of refrigerator lit?
  5. Dash A/C Drips Water On Driver's Foot

    Probably need to ask the turkey. And, not sure how much vacuum it can produce to suck out a restriction.
  6. Tire Air Pumps

    Probably OK within reason, but air pressure also affects air brake function. So, guess setting the air governor cut-out PSI above top of factory specs would not be my approach.
  7. Michigan to Arizona

    Yup, we did that drive in our 1993 Foretravel many years ago. No problem at all. With the Allison 6 speed/Caterpillar diesel: second gear, torque converter locked going both up and back down (exhaust brake on). But in a heavy gas coach, the torque converter/transmission will not appreciate that grade. And curve at the bottom means no "running start". If you do take the coach, strongly suggest on that stretch driving the toad separately. Totally agree it IS a beautiful drive.
  8. Dash A/C Drips Water On Driver's Foot

    So true. But with a clear plastic hose "extension", pretty safe to do! And, you can always tell your better half that you NEED that slug of scotch to get the taste out of your mouth.
  9. Dash A/C Drips Water On Driver's Foot

    Be VERY CAREFUL poking up the condensate tube with a coat hanger-- you sure don't want to put a hole in the evaporator.
  10. Dash A/C Drips Water On Driver's Foot

    Simplest answer may be that the condensate drain is plugged. Locate it under the coach and suck on it-- you may need to use another piece of hose as an extension. Do not blow, as that would just but any restriction back into the A/C to "re-clog" next time you use it. Yes, a cracked case could also cause it, as could low freon which would cause colder temperatures and condensation on the hose to the evaporator. But, start with the simple, free one.
  11. Michigan to Arizona

    Yes some short VERY steep grades. Fine for tow car.
  12. 2017 Thor 35SD

    With a residential refrigerator, unlikely.
  13. Golf Cart 6 Volt Battery

    Battery choices range from Sams/Cosco golf cart batteries all the way to Lifeline AGM's. Price and performance are quite different. One of the big advantages of AGM's is that they can take a charge a lot faster than wet cells due to lower internal resistance. That means lower generator run time and, particularly if you have a multi-stage charger, bulk mode will not overheat them.
  14. 2017 Thor 35SD

    Your xantrex pro XM1800 is an inverter (not charger function). So, your CONVERTER is what charges the batteries when any external source of 120 VAC is present (generator or shore power). This will occur irrespective of whether inverter is turned on or off since it is done by a completely different device. What is your battery voltage when plugged in? When unplugged? Said another way, battery charging is by the converter. According to the Xantrex manual, your model inverter has a built-in transfer switch. So, either off or on, when generator or shore power on, the transfer switch in the inverter "passes along" that power. When no external power, only when you turn on the inverter will it power the refrigerator, etc.
  15. 2017 Thor 35SD

    Please post exactly what converter, charger or inverter/charger you have. Without that we are all speculating-- which will not do you any good.
  16. New Spell Checker

    Whine or wine?
  17. Air Filter Life Expectancy

    Bruce, Does K&N have different filters? In other words, was the filter you tested THE K&N filter, or do they have several types? Link to the one you tested?
  18. Sway Bar Bushings

    Take the very best ones in to match. And, polyurethane bushings are superior to rubber ones.
  19. Sway Bar Bushings

    Roland, There are several designs for end links. Makes no difference if jacks are down or not, just that the coach is level side to side (so there is no pressure on the sway bar. I put jacks down just for more clearance under the coach to work. Obviously, do not go under the coach unless you have room under there if jacks/air bags failed without jack stands.
  20. Sway Bar Bushings

    While I guess a bolt could be used, most use a threaded rod with nuts at both top and bottom. That is why vice grips are one of the tools I take under the coach with me-- to hold the center of the rod so that both nuts can be removed.
  21. Tire Air Pumps

    Correct PSI for each axle depends on the load IT is carrying-- pretty much unrelated to other axles. Best is to use weigh individual wheel positions and use heavier wheel position on each axle to go to your tire manufacturer's inflation chart to determine correct MINIMUM PSI for all tires on that axle. And, many tag axles are adjustable. Best that each axle carries the same PERCENT OF GAWR (Gross Axle Weight Rating).
  22. I believe Carl is pointing out that rules for RV's registered as COMMERCIAL VEHICLES (registered to LLC) are different than for those registered to individuals.
  23. Sway Bar Bushings

    Yes, on center bushings, not end link bushings.
  24. Sway Bar Bushings

    The end link bushings wear MANY, MANY times as fast as the center bushings. That doesn't mean don't check them, but they are rarely the failure point.
  25. Sway Bar Bushings

    NO. As long as the two sides are level, there is zero force on the bushings/end links.