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  1. Roadside Assistance

    I have Good Sam and although I have not used them too often (thank God) but when I did they were there in a reasonable amount of time and did what they could to get me going again. Even helped my son who was stranded with a dead battery in his car, when the roadside assistance I had with my auto insurance was not responsive at all. I dropped them since I was doubled covered anyway (i know not smart).
  2. Integrity -v- Small Print

    DBH, I am shocked that you have been treated this way, especially when you think of the price of the coach you purchased. I have to believe there is only a very small percentage of the RV Population who could afford to pay cash for a coach in that price range. With that said AC has to know statistically they have a very small customer base and you would think they would do everything they can to make sure someone like you is as pleased as you can be with your purchase. Who knows in a couple of years you may want to trade for another one. I am certainly not in that price range but I have purchased more RV's than I would care to admit. I had some issues with my coach when I bought it new but 2 trips to the factory and a good relationship with some of the key players at Thor turned me from a very unhappy customer to a satisfied one. Somehow I think you have not gotten to the right person in their organization and I think if you ever do he or she will do all they can to make you happy. OF course I am the eternal optimist. Good Luck
  3. Women Driving their A Classes

    Bill, sometimes I don't push it but most of the time when I do it is only because I enjoy driving it not that I am pushing any type of deadline. BUT I agree I need to back off and take it easier.
  4. Women Driving their A Classes

    I have to do all the driving as my DW refuses to do any of it. She says this coach is too big for her to drive. In PA you need a Class B non Commercial Drivers license, so with her current license she would not be legal anyway. I really enjoy driving but sometimes push it longer than I should. I am not sure I could relax if she wanted to drive anyway so I am good with the way we are doing it now.
  5. Wife and Dog made me do it

    Ricky, welcome to RVing, I think you will enjoy more than the old bike days
  6. Had the same issue until I mentioned it on this forum and turned off my antenna booster and everything is good once I did that Good Luck
  7. Back to Aqua Hot, does anyone know where I can get mine serviced in Central PA. Coach is 2 years old and Thor serviced it last year but we have used it all winter and lately I have been getting more white smoke then I think is normal when the burner fires up. Nothing too bad but I think it is time to have it serviced. Went on Aqua Hot website and the closest place they list is in Northern New Jersey. Any suggestions would be appreciated
  8. Wash Wax All

    OK After reading all of your great review on the Wash Wax product I ordered a kit on Amazon which comes with the wax mop, cloths, solution, and will let everyone know what I think when I receive it and use it. I have used other waterless products and have been happy with results but it was always difficult using a ladder to get to the high places. Kit was not cheap but if it works like everyone is claiming it will be worth it. The kit is called The Waterless Aircraft, RV boat wax mop kit and it was shipped to me yesterday.
  9. Slide Canopy / Water & Snow

    Jleamont, got your personal message, I have not tried this campground but I knew it was there. It is a lot bigger than I thought it was and for this area rates are not bad. Let me know when you are going maybe I will meet you there.
  10. There was a long blog about the Ford Fusion and whether or not it can be towed 4 wheels down. I had a 2011 and as soon as I read all the problems owners were having I traded it for a Jeep. It has been a while but I remember other owners saying that as long as it was under warranty Ford was covering the new transmissions but once out of warranty you were on your own. Not sure of the accuracy of the information I read because Ford still says you can tow it 4 wheels down, but personally I was not taking any chances and got out before I had any issues.
  11. Our RVing Story

    Carl, although I have been living full time in my coach, I have not yet retired. I am thinking about it everyday so i know I am getting close. I like you do ever anticipate getting bored visiting all the wonderful places in this great country of ours. I just have to make the decision and set a date and be done with it, maybe soon Hope that I am able to enjoy 32 years after retirement and would also hope the money would last that
  12. Our RVing Story

    When I started this post I was hoping for more stories as we all seem to have very similar start to the RVing lifestyle
  13. CG Recommendation: Kansas City Area

    We stayed at Walnut Grove Campground last year in Jan, Feb & March. It is off of I-35 and Johnson Drive. A very basic campground that does not even have picnic tables but owners are very nice and location is good. Almost like a parking lot with hookups but it worked for us.
  14. Diesel Fuel For COLD Conditions

    Wildebill, those temperatures sound so inviting to me. I am currently in Kansas City where it was 60 yesterday and now it is 28 going down to 9. Currently it is freezing raining and all the schools are closed. Heading back to Pa on Sunday where it is predicted to be 29
  15. Making it Personal - Do you have an RV Motto?

    We have ' living the dream' on the front of our coach and we really feel like we are....except when it is this cold for this long then its living the frozen