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  1. Check Out Our New Verizon MIFI Benefit!

    I just finished with Verizon and signing up. I already had 2 cell lines plus my jetpack with them and had 16 GB each month which we were always getting close to going over. I followed the directions and then spent about an hour on the phone with Verizon Customer Service. The end result is they lowered my cell phone data to 2 GB each and put me on unlimited FMCA program for $49.99 per month. The end result, providing I do not go over the data on the cell phones, is I saved $16 per month. OF course I had to pay ahead on my FMCA dues to do this but I would have done that anyway. Although I am happy I am saving $16 per month, it is not as great a benefit as I originally thought it would be.
  2. Service - or Disservice?

    When I purchased a new coach in 2016 and had the same frustrations, I sent an email to the president of the manufacturer and also to the owner of the dealer I purchased the coach from. The end result of a long story is instead of spending weeks and months dealing with service department that could not do anything until the manufacturer would authorize it, the manufacturer came and got my coach and took it back to the factory. They had it 2 weeks and flew us to Indiana to pick it up. Later on in the year we had to make a return trip to the factory but at the end of the day we were able to get everything fixed without the usually "wait" My recommendation for anyone buying a new coach is before you pick up the coach call the manufacturer and make an appointment for about 2 months later so you can get everything handled the correct way. Still have a couple of issues but the relationship I built with the representatives of the manufacturer I am confident these will be addressed although we are now out of warranty. So the bottom line is forget the service departments at the dealerships and go right to the manufacturer, they have all the parts and know how.
  3. Maryland/Pennsylvania/Virginia Weekend Warrior Camping

    Keon, spend our time traveling between Thousand Trails parks in PA, Hershey, PA Dutch, Circle M and for the winter we are staying at Hershey Camping Resort. IF you are ever up this way again give me a shout out. I am still working so this is our try it before we go full time when I retire. Thought I should explain why we are staying in one area.
  4. Rv Armor

    I had a 2006 Tuscany which I had RV Armour install their product on my roof and I was very pleased with the quality of their installation work as well as the quality of their product. My thought was, it was not IF the roof would leak it was WHEN so i had it done and was pleased. I traded my 2006 Tuscany which I bought new, in for a 2016 new Tuscany in March of 2016. I had numerous problems with everything from the navigation system to the Aqua Heat System , to a wire for the air conditioner being connected to a speaker instead of the sensor. When during a rainstorm the slide leaked and soaked my wife who was sitting at the kitchen table I lost it. I contacted the President of Thor as well as Marcus since I bought it at Camping World. Thor came to my home and picked up my coach and took it back to their factory and when it was finish they flew us out to tour the factory and pick up our coach. We have had problems after that but they stood by us and sent out mobile repair trucks as well as having us stop back at the factory to ensure all was repaired correctly. We are out of warranty now and have 2 small problems which I have contacted Thor for help and we are working on a schedule to have them repaired. Although we were furious about the problems we had I have to say Thor stood behind their product and did right by us and although the jury is still out looks like they continue to help us. I wish they did better in checking everything before they release them from the factory is what it is. This is our 4th Damon/Thor Coach and I have to say I am happy with our coach and would recommend the Tuscany to anyone looking for a good coach at a reasonable price. Just be prepared to spending the first year getting all the bugs out. I would also recommend bypassing any RV dealer and going directly to the factory to have the work done.
  5. Tire Inflators

    I use a portable compressor I purchased at Home Depot rated up to 150psi. I could never get my tire monitor system and my tire gauge to match pressure so I had my tire gauge checked and found it to be about 5psi off. I invested in a Matco gauge which clips to my valve stem and has a chuck which clips to my compressor. I connect it and squeeze the trigger and was able to add air to all my tires in less than 15 minutes. This gauge from Matco is guaranteed to be accurate to within .2psi. The first time I used this gauge a funny thing happened, my TPMS matched the gauge. It was about $135 but the peace of mind I have now knowing my tire have the correct PSI makes it well worth it. I also had a tire I could not get a reading on with my old tire gauge unless I removed the TPMS from the valve stem. With this new gauge it is capable of reading it without removing it. For me it was a great investment
  6. Chrome Rocker Panels

    Thanks for the information, looks like $2k if I install myself
  7. Chrome Rocker Panels

    I have seen several coaches this year that have a 6-8 inch Chrome Rocker Panel strip along the bottom of their coach. I really like this look and am wondering if anyone has any information on this product. Is it plastic, is it Stainless Steel and how does it attach. Any information would be appreciate, whether it is a website of a supplier and can you install it yourself and approximate cost Etc Thanks in advance for your help
  8. First Motorhome!!

    Congratulations on your Tuscany, I had a 2006 Tuscany and now have a 2016 Tuscany and they are great coaches. I pull a 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee which I really enjoy, but also miss my Wrangler. Just could not fit the Grandkids in that small back seat. Hope you enjoy your new coach and welcome
  9. Allowing Towables Vote At Indianapolis In July

    My vote is NO also
  10. Financing A MH

    I used Ally Bank on my last purchased and received a good rate
  11. All-New 2017 Jeep Compass Is Not Flat Towable

    Wildbill308 & Christopherl, thank you very much for the advice, I made the changes and we will see when I post this response if it worked. I also want to add that I towed my 2017 Grand Cherokee for the first time and it was so much easier than my Wrangler. My new base plate is the twist on to lock inserts which is very easy and switching the transfer case to neutral is also much easier, literally a touch of a button. I did not feel any difference even though the Grand Cherokee is about a 1000 lbs more than the Wrangler. I will miss my Wrangler but am very happy with my Grand Cherokee
  12. All-New 2017 Jeep Compass Is Not Flat Towable

    Now if I could only figure out how to change my tagline from the 2014 Jeep Wrangler Sport to 2017 Grand Cherokee Limited. Tried to contact FMCA to see what I was doing wrong but have had no response
  13. All-New 2017 Jeep Compass Is Not Flat Towable

    Thank you all for your help, had the tow bar installed last night and I absolutely need the bar across the front as it is when the Falcon2 tow bar connects. Don't know what I was thinking, I was confused because when I ordered the new tow bar from e-Trailer they had a picture of a base plate without the bar. The tow bar connected directly to the base plate arms. I am not sure I would be comfortable with that set up and definitely feel more secure with the bar. Thanks for your help and advice.
  14. Dinghy Odometer Mileage

    I have towed a 2014 Wrangler and the miles do not accumulate and am in the process of setting up my new Jeep Grand Cherokee and I do not beleive the miles will accumulate with it either
  15. Best App For Fuel Locations

    I agree with Kaypsmith and use the RV Plus Card for the discounts at Flying J, Pilot and I believe Road Ranger is also part of Pilot. Never have an issue with enough room to maneuver and usually go to truck lane to fuel if they don't have a dedicated RV island, where it is so much quicker to fuel with the larger nozzles.