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  1. Our RVing Story

    Carl, although I have been living full time in my coach, I have not yet retired. I am thinking about it everyday so i know I am getting close. I like you do ever anticipate getting bored visiting all the wonderful places in this great country of ours. I just have to make the decision and set a date and be done with it, maybe soon Hope that I am able to enjoy 32 years after retirement and would also hope the money would last that
  2. Our RVing Story

    When I started this post I was hoping for more stories as we all seem to have very similar start to the RVing lifestyle
  3. CG Recommendation: Kansas City Area

    We stayed at Walnut Grove Campground last year in Jan, Feb & March. It is off of I-35 and Johnson Drive. A very basic campground that does not even have picnic tables but owners are very nice and location is good. Almost like a parking lot with hookups but it worked for us.
  4. Diesel Fuel For COLD Conditions

    Wildebill, those temperatures sound so inviting to me. I am currently in Kansas City where it was 60 yesterday and now it is 28 going down to 9. Currently it is freezing raining and all the schools are closed. Heading back to Pa on Sunday where it is predicted to be 29
  5. Making it Personal - Do you have an RV Motto?

    We have ' living the dream' on the front of our coach and we really feel like we are....except when it is this cold for this long then its living the frozen
  6. Diesel Fuel For COLD Conditions

    Jleamont, are you full timing in your coach or are you spending the winter in your home. If in RV what campground are you staying in. Hershey is a nice location but having to haul water and Diesel fuel is getting old real fast
  7. Diesel Fuel For COLD Conditions

    Jleamont, we are staying warm. Aquaheat is working well and I have an inside portable heater to help. I also have a ceramic heater in the water closet to make sure we have enough heat there. Just the other day I realized the blower in my basement was not working correctly and warming the basement. Everything about the Aquaheat system is working correctly and all my lines are hot and the fluid is at the proper level just cannot get the unit in the basement to work so I added an additional heater there to make sure nothing freezes. We had to leave Pa for a week and flew to Kansas City as my daughter is having surgery. All is good here and we return home on Sunday. Looks like we will finally go above freezing today in Pa so that is a relief. I have my other daughter checking my coach to make sure all my heaters are working. I am thinking this will be my last winter in the cold, next year I am heading where it is warm.
  8. Diesel Fuel For COLD Conditions

    I will take your advise and add something today, as you said better safe than sorry
  9. Diesel Fuel For COLD Conditions

    I am using 2-5 gallon containers to transport the fuel I need
  10. Diesel Fuel For COLD Conditions

    I am parked in Pa but use a lot of diesel for my Aquaheat System. I am adding about 15-20 gallons a week and do not plan on starting Coach Engine for several months, should I be adding something to my fuel to prevent jelling since I do need it for the Aquaheat System?
  11. Slide Canopy / Water & Snow

    In Pa and last night it hit -0- and has not gone above freezing for a week now. At Hershey Camping Resort where they turned the water off so using my own tanks. they do have one facet where you can haul water to your coach. About 4 days ago woke up in the middle of the night and it was 10 degrees and we did not have any water. I have an Aquaheat system and my basement is very nicely heated. The coach Manufacture placed the coach water filter on the outside wall and i think it was the culprit which froze. Fortunately I caught it in time and put a small heater in the water closet. It took about 5 hours but we have water again and have not had a problem since. We decided to move camping spaces to be closer to water source today. We have about 4 inches of snow the other day and knew I had to get it off the slide toppers before I tried to bring in my 3 slides. Went up on the roof and tried to remove the snow only to find huge chunks of ice under the snow. Looked like a bunch of leaves had fallen and water had accumulated on the slide toppers and with this cold weather froze solid. Knew I would cause some severe problems if I tried to close slides so I went to auto parts store bought 3 cans of Prestone windshield de-icer. Back up on the roof in 12 degrees and sprayed and then scrapped the ice off. Was able to removed some in huge chunks. I was able to close slides although because of the cold they did not come in as smooth as they usually do. A lot of work to get closer to water, now I just need about 200 feet of hose and I wont have to carry water 5 gallons at a time. Although with the AquaHeat System I am hauling diesel fuel as with these cold temperatures I am going through about 4-5 gallons per day.
  12. Orlando Florida

    We have stayed at Thousand trails in Orlando which is very close to DW. You don't have to belong to TT to stay at one of their parks any longer. It is a very large park with level sites. Some of the sites are stone some are concrete but all are nice. We were there in the middle of October and they had plenty of room. That may be different now with all the cold weather throughout the country but I highly recommend it.
  13. Our RVing Story

    I am from the East my wife was from the West, we got married and moved West. Never really 'camped" well maybe when I was a Boy Scout. In 1982 we bought a Dodge Van Conversion as we had a young son and another child on the way. One day my wife drags me from our home in Paradise Valley Az to Payson Az. to camp. I fought tooth and nail as I did not want to go but knew all along I would have to do this. Turns out had a fantastic time, and with wife being pregnant we decided we wanted to buy an RV, with a bathroom of course, to do this more often. That was the start of our RVing story, we started with a 24 foot travel trailer in Phoenix which we moved with us to Cleveland when we were transferred. Had to sell it because of harassment from home owners association. Transferred to Denver and the first thing we did was to buy another 24 foot travel trailer and enjoyed a couple of years of camping and another child before a freak hail storm in Denver in 1991 destroyed it. With insurance money bought my first Class C 27 foot motor-home. Picked it up on the same day our 4th child was born. Enjoyed that 1991 coach for a couple of years and while attending an RV Show in Denver in 1994 we ended up with a 29 foot Class C motor-home wide-body. This was a nice coach but because it was a wide-body it had a tremendous amount of side sway when driving and scared the heck out of me. In 1997 we traded up to our first 34 foot Class A Gas motor-home. We had may years of great camping, traveling, and tailgating in this motor-home. After our transfer to PA in 2002 we did not use it much so it sat in storage a lot. In 2005 I got the 'bug' again and we bought a 2005 39 foot gas motor-home and really got back into RVing so much that in 2006 we bought our first 40 foot Diesel which we kept until 2016 when I bought our current coach. We belong to Thousand Trails and somewhere along the trail of all the rv's we owned we decided this is what we want to do full time when I retire. About 5 years ago we realized we had only spent about 3 weeks at a time in the RV and if we were going to do this full time we had better be sure. So at that time when the Thousand Trails parks opened in April we would move into the RV until October when they close and went to work from the RV. We were correct and this is what we want to do, so 2 years ago when my youngest son got married ( my son who was born on the same day I bought my first motor-home) we would move into our coach full time and we rent our house to my son and his wife. We continue to work and go home to our RV each night. I plan to retire soon and we will hit the road full time. I have realized I don't like the cold weather so this will be my last winter in the Northeast. Next year I am heading for warmer locations. My wife Kathy and I have been married for what will be 41 years in April and have 4 successful Children and 4 lovely grandchildren. 2 of our children live near us in Pa, one in Kansas and one in Colorado. All of our Grandchildren are in Kansas and Colorado, so guess where we will be headed first when I retire (in the summer of course). Well that is my RVing story and how we got started with an overnight camping trip in a van conversation that I did not want to take and here we are 35 years later 'living the dream'. Whats your story...
  14. Info Needed On Toad: Grand Cherokee?

    I have a 2017 Grand Cherokee Unlimited and have not had a single problem towing it 4 wheels down. Easy to hook up and easy to use a pen point to disconnect drive train to tow. Much easier than the Wrangler I used to tow. Very happy with GC
  15. Check Out Our New Verizon MIFI Benefit!

    I just finished with Verizon and signing up. I already had 2 cell lines plus my jetpack with them and had 16 GB each month which we were always getting close to going over. I followed the directions and then spent about an hour on the phone with Verizon Customer Service. The end result is they lowered my cell phone data to 2 GB each and put me on unlimited FMCA program for $49.99 per month. The end result, providing I do not go over the data on the cell phones, is I saved $16 per month. OF course I had to pay ahead on my FMCA dues to do this but I would have done that anyway. Although I am happy I am saving $16 per month, it is not as great a benefit as I originally thought it would be.