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  1. Carl, I am very satisfied with the repair. I think it is more secure than original design. Most of the floor was still in good shape. Only a small rusted out area on the side that is supported very well now.
  2. Two days until we get to a location where I can buy a thermostat. One other issue. When I start the water heater the light that is suppose to show when the water heater is calling for heat does not light. The heater does heat and will not stop heating. Is that light not coming on a problem or just an LED that is burned out on the board?
  3. I had a mobile RV repair weld brace bars (1 inch square tubing) under the tanks (black, grey, and fresh water). 6 bars welded to the frame. Tanks are now securely in place. Not the 100% repair of replacing the flooring and all, but it should last for years and we are traveling and didn't have time to tear everything apart.
  4. That's the plan Brett. I'll update after new thermostat is installed.
  5. Thanks for the meat thermometer idea. Water is way to hot. 145 plus. I guess I need a new thermostat. When it cools down I will check to see if this one is still attached. Also I noticed the connections are corroded. I'll hit those with electrical cleaner when things dry and cool. 100 miles to nearest RV dealer to get a new thermostat. We will limp through until then. More to follow when I get it fixed.
  6. Brett, I understand two of the three. What do you mean by air pocket?
  7. Our pressure relief valve on the water heater is popping and releasing water both on the electric side and the gas side when up to temp. Seems like our water is very hot, however I do not have a thermometer that will test that high of temp. High limit problem or pressure valve problem?? Anyone else had a similar problem?
  8. Thanks for the suggestions. Can't get to it for a week or 2. Will try all suggestions until I find one that work for me.
  9. Not sure if I have a leak. I have run the fresh water tank over several times when filling. OOPS. No time to repair right now. will look at it in a a week or two.
  10. Has anyone ever repaired the floor under a fresh water tank. Our water tank is sagging where the floor under it is rusted out. Maybe treated wood under the tank? I have not inspected this to carefully yet to come up with a repair method. Wondered if any of you have done a similar repair. I can see the tank is sagging and don't want to let this go on to long.
  11. Our power awning has a metal cover at the top that wraps around the fabric when closed. It has slowly worked it's way over so it is hitting the arm of the awing when closed. Anyone know how to get it back in place? Tried to pry it without much success. I think pounding on it may damage or bend the cover. Maybe a 2 X 4 over it and tap lightly.
  12. I'll give that a try Herman. Not home now so will look at it later this coming week.
  13. Sounds like a cracked tile under our kitchen slide. Some noise along that line. The slide works properly but a crunching noise when extended. Any ideas on how to get a peek under this slide to see what is going on. Gear style slide. Don't want to tear cabinets apart to see under unless that is the only way.
  14. Wish I had found you Bill when you were still working. I have two estimates, both $2500.00. That is just to cover areas affected, not painting the whole coach with clearcoat. Ideas on where I should go? We spend the winter in Desert Hot Springs, California. Any honest and good shops in that area?
  15. We had our 2007 Tuscany serviced at Mustang Cat in Houston. Quality work at a fair price. Oil, filters, lube, valve adjustment on our C7, and general all around check of belts, hoses, and fluids. $750