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  1. Fire!

    Well we have a Newmar 4369 on order. Delivery around April 2018.
  2. New Coach: Discount Off Sticker

    We are looking at a new Newmar Dutch Star. Are you telling me factory direct is cheaper than going thru one of their dealers? Seems unlikely they would sell cheaper than their dealers. Seems to undercut the dealer network.
  3. New Coach: Discount Off Sticker

    30 % off dealer or manufacturer MSRP. I thought the MSRP was from the manufacturer.
  4. On a new motorhome sticker price $439,000 what would you expect to be the discount off sticker? What if the unit was new but last years model, same question?
  5. Fire!

    WILDEBILL308, What places that you know about install a safety door?
  6. Fire!

    Wayne77590, We also has an after market heat activated fire extinguisher by our fridge in the outside compartment. By the time it went off the fire was too big. Didn't do the job.
  7. Fire!

    Sorry Carl, still not a LOL situation to us. We came within minutes of dying in our fire. Too many manufacturers give this little thought. Most of us in these rigs are older and need a better rear exit than they are providing. If we don't demand safety with our pocketbooks it is unlikely we will get it. The fire investigators that investigated our fire said they had investigated over 3000 of these fridge fires and most involve serious injury or death. We were very very lucky. I guess God is not done with us yet!
  8. Fire!

    Well after 7 1/2 months after our fire, we are looking at used Class A diesel's. Must have list. King Bed, 2 recliners that face the TV, Bath and 1/2, Dinette on patio side of coach, Aqua hot or similar system, residential fridge (Norcold only get one chance to kill us), rear exit door or very large window that is easy to use (we know how important this is). Suggestions of models to look at??? Right now our favorite is a Dutch Star 4002.
  9. Fire!

    Running it on LP will not stop a fire. Fires can start when the tubing breaks and the ammonia spills out near a hot element or open flame. The vibration of the unit starting each time it runs can cause the failure over time. One of the fire investigators told me he has inspected over 3000 of these fires and it is not if they will fail but when.
  10. Fire!

    Yes we got that info. That lawsuit does not cover our loss, however our insurance covered our loss. Now our insurance company is involved in a lawsuit against Norcold to recover their loss. We are not quite ready to replace our motorhome. Not ready to get in one and go to sleep.
  11. Fire!

    On January 5, 2017 at 1AM we were awakened by our smoke detector. Our Class A motorhome with a Norcold 1200 Fridge was on fire. We got out with our lives thanks to our smoke detector. Make sure yours is working. $20 smoke detector is very cheap insurance. Ours saved our lives!!! Within 10 minutes of our getting out the whole motorhome was in flames.
  12. Slow Bedroom Slideout

    Ours will not work with the key on. So Gen or shore power are the only choices.
  13. Slow Bedroom Slideout

    Our bedroom slide is cable driven.
  14. Slow Bedroom Slideout

    Finally had time to take apart the bed frame to inspect this problem. Both of the rollers and the foot of the bed were loose and this caused the bed frame to drag on the carpet. I simply tightened the screws on the brackets and the slide works better now. It is still slow but I can't say this isn't normal for this slide as it had always done this since we have owned the unit. For now I am satisfied with the repair. I think I will try to find something to put on the carpet for the rollers to run on so they will roll with less resistance. We did install an upgrade carpet and pad a few years ago that seems to make this slide work harder to travel over the carpet.
  15. Access To Slide Rollers

    Doesn't say in my owners manual. Not sure how to find out.