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  1. Paint Problems

    Our motorhome sits outside all the time. It is a 2007 model with full body paint. We are getting some oxidation of the clear coat near the top and on the corners. Any suggestions on how to deal with this and make it look better? I do keep it clean and wax it at least once a year. The sun seems to be winning.
  2. Slow Bedroom Slide

    Put new batteries in this week. Slide works slowly but comes in without help and on its own power.
  3. AC Fan Noise

    Finally had time to tear into this problem today. The squirrel cage fan inside the enclosed housing had come loose from the motor shaft. A little cleaning and tightening the set screw solved the problem. I had not taken this housing apart before during regular maintenance. Took a little time, but problem solved.
  4. AC Fan Noise

    Our front AC unit fan started to make a squealing noise today (still running). It has been running all day as it is hot in Mesa today. Does this mean a new AC unit or can the fans be replaced? Anyone had a similar problem?
  5. Recorder For Direct TV

    Call Direct TV and ask. I don't know about Direct TV but our Dish receiver has a USB port on the back. We were able to hook up an external hard drive to this port and for a one time fee of $40.00 Dish programmed it as a DVR. Works just like our DVR at home. There is an additional charge of $7 on our bill for this DVR.
  6. Dash Air Only "Hot" After Startup

    I have had a similar problem that ended up being a vacuum hose that would collapse sometimes and work well other times. Airflow would change from dash to defrost when the hose failed and back again if and when it decided to mess with me again. Nightmare to track down. New hose and the system is working fine. My 12 volt vacuum pump does cycle often and I believe I have a leak somewhere that I have been unable to find yet. I think more new hose may be a good idea.
  7. We have had our 2007 Tuscany 4072 for 5 years. Love the floor plan. 1 couch, 2 recliners, mid-coach TV, and king bed. Like most first time buyers we have a list of things we would like in our 2nd rig. Newer heating system (aqua hot), bath and 1/2 (we are snowbirds and live in it all winter), two large recliners facing the TV, outside TV, all tile (carpet is too hard to keep clean), and the biggest item, another king size bed (ours is an actual king not an RV king). Now the problem with a trade. Price. Wow!! Twice what we paid for ours (it was 3 years old with 14,000 miles) plus ours in trade. I think our wish list is not worth the cost of the trade. Looks like we will wait and become a 2nd owner of a floor plan we like, in a few years. Oh, and it can't be longer than 42 ft to fit on our lot.
  8. Rotten Egg Smell

    After flushing the hot water heater the smell went away for a a few days. Now 10 days later it is back. On to sanitize stage.
  9. Replacing Cable On Slides

    Thanks for the input. I have a replacement cable in stock. Have a cable cutter and plan to buy a crimping tool. On inspection our cables are all in good condition. I know a wire that goes back and forth will fail eventually.
  10. Rotten Egg Smell

    Our rear sink smells like rotten egg briefly after turning on the water. It goes away in about 15 seconds or less. Only happens after sink is unused for a period of time and I think only on the hot water side. We are hooked up to city water and and the water heater is running on the electric side. I plan on draining and flushing the hot water tank today. No smells at the kitchen sink or the shower. Any suggestions welcome.
  11. Replacing Cable On Slides

    Both our rear slides are cable drives. They both are working fine, however I know cables will not last forever. Has anyone out there replaced a broken cable and how hard is it to do? I have heard of some people that carry spare cables in case of a problem.
  12. Battery Amp Hour Caculation

    Thanks for the info. I made a mistake however, and read the wrong figure off the batteries. It says 135 minutes on them but also 226 amp hours. I guess I have 452 amp hours. I thought I had the math right but still managed to screw it up by reading the wrong number on the batteries. All is well that ends well. Retirement sure beats working!!!
  13. Battery Amp Hour Caculation

    I have four 6 volt batteries in our house battery bank. 135 Amp hours each. The batteries are hooked in parallel and series. Two batteries hooked together in parallel to make 12 volts. Two parallel sets in series. If I understand this right, it would give me 270 amp hours total. 135 amp hours for each set of two batteries in parallel, and 270 for both sets together. Is this right?
  14. New Rack & Pinion On 2013 Lincoln MKS

    Herman, The dealer told me they did not think towing the car was in any way connected to the failure. They simply stated it was a mechanical part and it failed.
  15. New Rack & Pinion On 2013 Lincoln MKS

    Our towbar was installed at Blue Ox and is within their specs. Don't think that could be the problem.