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  1. Brake System For Toad

    We have a Coachmen Catalina 32' class A (gas) and a 2008 Honda CR-V. We installed the SMI Stay-in-Play Duo brake system and I love it. Just flip a small switch under the dash and it is ready to go. Nothing to install, remove or store each time you hitch or unhitched your toad. It may cost a bit more than some of the box type units, but it is worth every penny.
  2. Are You A Veteran?

    1. Norman Morgan 2. United States Air Force 3. Dec 1965 thru Feb 1969 4. Sergeant (E-4) 5. 36253 Missle Control Communications Systems (wire comm) 6. Basic - Lackland AFB, Tech School - Sheppard AFB, Duty Station - McConnell AFB 381st Strategic Missle Wing, Comm Sqdn
  3. Exactly right. I leave the grey valet key in the ignition while towing since I may need other keys on that ring. You cannot lock the doors with the remote, but you can use the regular key to lock up "the old-fashioned way."