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  1. FMCA User Name Change?

    Usernames can only be changed by an Administrator. I have sent a PM to amwilson1966 to coordinate this.
  2. Convention Program Offline?

    It appears to be working now. For the link and download instructions (for viewing offline), go HERE.
  3. Fridge Problems

    To add pictures: When replying, drag files to attach, or "choose files." See attached screen capture.
  4. Single Status Update?

    It looks like the single status updates were imported from Facebook or Twitter. They tend to clutter the current forum topics list. I've altered that setting, so you should not encounter them anymore.
  5. Now What?

    What about ad blocker ... are you using any? Spell check works fine on IE11.
  6. Now What?

    Go to your Chrome settings and disableall of your extensions, and then see if you notice any difference. If that fixes the issue, reactivate the extensions one by one to see which one was the culprit. Or, if you have some type of ad-blocking software running, that might be causing the problem. Disable it. I'm assuming you're using a recent version of Chrome. If not, you might want to update it.
  7. Now What?

    Can you post a screen capture or two from Chrome to show how that browser is rendering the forums for you?
  8. Roadside Emergency Assistance Illusion

    I have seen a copy of the new contract that will be loaded into the provider's system soon. It contains the following information about Mobile Tire Service: "If a spare tire is not available, we will dispatch a mobile tire service company who will mount a like tire. Mobile tire service is not available in in all areas. Towing to the nearest qualified tire center will be provided if mobile tire service is not available. You will be responsible for all parts & labor fees."
  9. Roadside Emergency Assistance Illusion

    Ugh! is right. Apparently, the contract has not been updated to reflect that mobile tire service is provided. I am checking on this ....
  10. Northwest Area Rally, Albany, Oregon

    Northwest Area Rally Linn County Fair & Expo Albany, Oregon Or, download the registration form (PDF) You're invited to the Northwest Area Rally, "All Aboard for Albany." It will be held June 23 through 26 at the Linn County Fair & Expo Center in Albany, Oregon. Among the activities you can look forward to: Vendor exhibits Seminars Ice Cream Social Movie Night Ladies Tea Swap Meet And much more! Bring an FMCA non-member friend or family in their self-contained RV and be entered in a drawing for $200. All aboard ...
  11. Search Function

    If you click in the Search area, a drop-down menu will appear to the left, where you can choose to search by Topics. Or, use the Advanced Search for additional options for refining your search.
  12. Great Lakes Area Rally, Goshen, Indiana


    Elkhart County 4-H Fairgrounds in Goshen, Indiana. If you click on the map, you will see a closeup of the locale.
  13. Now What?

    No, you can't delete your posts.
  14. Now What?

    We don't own or develop the software, so we do not have a comprehensive list of changes and new features that accompany updates. The provider publishes a blog to announce new version releases, but much of the info pertains to back-end users - Admin, etc. So, you're left with feeling things out a bit. I would stick with Chrome or Firefox browser, as they seem to present the forums with the least amount of issues. In regard to New Content, see my post Unread Content - How to Go to First Unread Post.
  15. Login

    Because of a change in the website, after signing in, your profile page will come up, where you can update your email address, change your password, etc. The same global navigation appears at the top of the page.