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  1. Glacer NP To Vancouver CA

    I really appreciate all the great suggestions. I will include many of them into our plans. Thanks again, CC Rider 2005 CC Inspire #51264
  2. Glacer NP To Vancouver CA

    My DW & I are planning an August/September trip from Glacier NP MT up to Banff Canada and then over to Vancouver Canada. Our goals are beautiful scenery, native animal sightings, hiking and some biking. I would appreciate routing and camping recommendations from anyone that has traveled this route. Our camping needs require full hook-up camps. We travel in a 36' motor home pulling a tow vehicle. Thank you, CC Rider
  3. Refrigerator Swap Process

    Herman, thanks for your info. I look forward to seeing pictures. Here is another little project I completed. RJ 2005 CC Inspire #51264
  4. My Coach Modifications

    Ernie, neither, it's custom oak molding I made. RJ
  5. My Coach Modifications

    Here's a few pics of some of the modifications I've done. rj 2005 CC Inspire #51264
  6. Refrigerator Swap Process

    Bill, no the right door opens a full 90 degrees. The adjustable shelf must be set to your liking prior to installation because the door won't open far enough to remove it after installation Rj 2005 Inspire #51264
  7. Refrigerator Swap Process

    The rf18 fit in the same space as my old nc1200. i did have to Lower my floor by 11/2".
  8. Peak Final Charge ELC Coolant

    I will soon drain & replace the coolant in my 2005 CC Inspire with the Cat C-9 Engine. Six years ago I replaced the original green coolant with Peak Final Charge 50/50 OAT technology. While price shopping I have noticed that the Peak Final Charge is available in two a versions, Nitrate free and one that does not state it's nitrate free. However, the one that does not claim to be nitrate free says it Cat approved. Can someone explain the differences advantages/disadvantages of each. Thank you Ron Jacobs
  9. Dallas To Chicago With Grandkids

    Brett, We have up to two weeks. We all enjoy mostly outdoor activities, hiking, swimming, biking, amusement parks, water parks. We have done Branson MO twice with the grandkids. Needless to say, they really enjoyed it. Upon expanding my search beyond the greater Chicago area, it appears the Wisconsin Dells might be a good fit for us. Thoughts Please! RJ
  10. We are thinking about traveling this summer to Chicago with our two grandkids ages 13 & 8. We sure would appreciate input on RV places to stay and things to do that our grand children would enjoy. Thank you, RJ 2005 CC Inspire
  11. My DW & I are planning a trip from Glacier NP Montana to Vancouver Canada.Primary highways are the Queen Elizabeth Hwy 2 North to the Trans-Canada Hwy 1 West all the way to Vancouver.I'm looking for feedback from folks that have done this route. Our primary goals are scenic beauty & wildlife viewing. Our travel would be in August & September.How are the highways? Any cautions or probable issues? Recommended side trips along our route. Campgrounds with scenery and full hookups, full hookups required, scenery optional.We travel in a 36' Country Coach Diesel. We will be towing a Ford Explorer.All input is appreciated.Thank You,Ron Jacobs
  12. Fleetwood Chassis Electrical Issue

    Yesterday my friend had his chassis batteries replaced with new batteries identical to the original. The coach is a 2010 Fleetwood Discovery with a 350HP Cummins engine and a Spartan chassis. During his drive home he noticed that his 12 volt powered chassis lights stopped working. He lost his turn signals, brake lights, running lights, head & tail lights, possibly more I'm not sure. The strange thing is his lights work if the engine isn't running. Upon starting the engine all lights stop working after the engine runs for about 30 seconds. This problem did not exist until after he had his batteries changed. ANY SUGGESTIONS/HELP will be greatly appreciated. RJ
  13. Duo-Therm Fan Not Working

    Went to the coach today, fired up the rear air conditioner to check it out and it fired up and worked just fine. Input on what's going on appreciated. Rj 2005 inspire #51264.
  14. Duo-Therm Fan Not Working

    My rear Duo-Therm roof air conditioner fan motor does not come on. I can here the air conditioner compressor come on but the blower fan does not. Is the suspect issue the motor starter capacitor? If so what is the test procedure. What else might be causing this? Thank you, RJ 2005 CC Inspire #51264
  15. Help! Motor Home Won't Start

    Rich, The battery was 10 years old.