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  1. The vote Is In: We Are No Longer A Motorhome Only Group

    Now I see no difference between GS and FMCA. I have a feeling that this site will lose its appeal. I read Forest River forum a lot and to be honest, half of the time I have no idea what the unit is being discussed looks or is TT or 5th wheeler. That WAS the greatest thing about FMCA, it was about motorized RVs. Even during rallies, vendors will required more space due to new vendors for towed units. And the list go on and on. I have until Apr for renewal , unless they offer a rebate, but don’t see a need to renew right now.
  2. Has anyone had problems on being accepted at a campground due to age (rv in good shape) . I ran across a older 1999 DP, and might entertain the idea if I can get some feedback on people experiences and observations. Thank you
  3. Albuquerque Balloon Festival

    Going to balloon festival next weekend and noticed that festival starts early AM and last till late PM. Also understand no pets allowed in the festival (unfortunate). Was wondering if anyone has attended this festival in the past while traveling with a pet, I really don’t desire to leave her home with a friend. Would really like your comments, pro or cons. Thank you
  4. Burning Man August 27th

    Burning man festival is taking place in NV starting the 27th. I know it in the desert where it happens. Wondering if anyone has ever attended in a RV and what to expect?
  5. Harvesthosts

    They advertising for 44 dollars a year you can one night at a time at a winery or farm. Sounds good, but not sure what the feedback is actually from members
  6. Harvesthosts

    Was wondering if there are any Harvesthosts members who would mind sharing their experiences and opinions of this membership. Thank you.
  7. Vote To Allow Towables Into FMCA

    Not everyone can make rallies to vote. I think it would be beneficial to FMCA to send out ballots to all current members to vote, Absentee ballots. Would prove to give a equal voice for everyone
  8. BBQ Pits

    I love using pellet grills at home for BBQing, grilling, baking, smoking, etc etc. I haven't noticed any that you can just fit in one of the bays of RV. I was wondering what others members carry with them. I really interested in charcoal or pellets. I carry a portable gas grill which is great for steaks, and no so much for chicken (especially dark meat). I don't enjoy fast cooking, give me slow cooking to get that good smoke BBQ flavor. Wondering if anyone else has suggestions on grill that doesn't take 2 to unload.
  9. Just read where when you hook up your sewer at a campground, you open only the gray portion, and leave the black handle closed till you ready to leave the campgrounds. His justification was if you open the black tank only the liquid drain leaving you with a solid buildup in your tank. I always open both then back flush black when I am leaving. Wonder method is most common. Would love to hear your thoughts.
  10. Ford V10 Gas Mileage

    7.5 is about what I get average. Will get high 6s and high 7s depending upon road condition. 35 ft with Ford Focus in towing
  11. High-end RV's

    Thanks for the advise. I am still looking for the right one for me. I have gas coach now so taking my time to find one I can't past up lol. Again thanks
  12. I don't have anything to add to this. All post were spot on. Having driven OTR, I always appreciated when a RV would pass me and acknowledge the pass with his 4 ways or lights. Definitely appreciated his road courtesy and knowledge of others with long rigs sharing our highways. Also enhances safety. Thanks
  13. High-end RV's

    Used definitely. Would like to stay under 125. Year not a deal breaker.
  14. High-end RV's

    Being new to RVing I keep hearing about high end RV units. I noticed most of them are always in the 40 ft plus size. Was wondering what you guys thinks would be a high end type coach with a max length of 36 or 37. I can't store any larger then that. I keep scanning RVT web site, but would really help if I would know what brand to look for what and what to stay away from. Any comments would be helpful. Should mention only interested in diesels pushers.
  15. Bit Confusing

    When buying a diesel pusher I noticed some with rather higher mileage 50-80 thousands. I am told by the salesman not to worry that these miles only indicate that the engine was just really broken in. But I have talked also to people who wanted to sell with same mileage as stated above and the dealer telling them the coach has a lot miles. Not sure what to believe.