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  1. I am going to take it easy by taking as many back roads as possible to vary the speed and let it cool down a few before shutting down and no lugging... Thanks for the advice...... LeeB
  2. Ha ha ha ha..... I'll be watching too!!!!! :rolleyes:
  3. I agree 100%. However at the start of this thread I was thinking that it may be a setting that I was missing.... Not a problem I'll just watch my typing.....
  4. I looked and I am running 18..... This could be one of those things I will have to live with....... Thanks for you trying to help Ha ha ha ha........... Good point.......
  5. Thanks.......... I use Firefox as well and I checked my spell check is checked........ Test Tset Hmmmmmmmmm Wednesday Wedensday Hmmmm Thursday Thrusday Hmmmm Nothing underlined Imsooter..... this is interesting because usually when I am at other sites they are underlined...
  6. How do I do spell check? On other forums my computer (words) does it for me. Thanks Lee
  7. Thanks my problem is I am going to be 2000 miles from home when I pick it up and not sure of the conditions I will be in.....
  8. Thanks nighthawk.......... But I am talking about a 2013 Diesel
  9. Wish we could.... But we are Motor Homeless right now...... So to be resolved
  10. We are moving from a 2001 38ft Endeavor to a 2013 View Profile 24G (a challange in it's self.) We will be flying to Iowa from California to pick up our unit and then driving to Pennsylvana to visit our niece, then return to the dealer in Iowa to have any issues repaired that WILL crop up with a new unit before returning to California. The coach will have less then 10 miles so I will be breaking the Motor in.. I would like advice on the best way to go about this......... Thanks for your time...... LeeB