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  1. SEAL Team 2

    I was in SEAL 2 during Viet Nam. Just wondering if there are any other SEAL out there in the RV world?
  2. Magnetic Toad Lights

    I have used magnetic towing light ever since I started towing my Chevy Cobalt. I was told that the new wiring system in the Cobalt required a new computer chip that cost more than an $100 dollars, something about uni-wiring. If there is one thing that has to be said is that the base of the magnets will mare the finish on the car. To avoid this I Velcro two steel electrical connection box covers, one on each side of the interior rear deck. They will hold tight and will not have to be removed and are secure from theft. The cable can be wrapped around the tow bar a couple of times then close the hood on the wire then have your best friend hold the wire taught and close the door on it, it will not flap.