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  1. Lack Of Air Pressure

    Yes it is Tom and I’m on the road sitting in Lake Havasu city Arizona 71° today coach purring like a kitten likes that propane too
  2. Lack Of Air Pressure

    It is amazing what day light can do for one searching for a problem. Fired the coach up this morning and went looking for that elusive silent air leak i thought I could hear over the engine noise and almost immediately found a dislodged 3/8 in line disconnected during the installation of a new style Racor priming pump. Thank you Kay it was your tip that saved the day. I was going to do the same with another compressor to look for a silent issue. On the road in an hour. Thanks all B
  3. Lack Of Air Pressure

    Rich, That must be quite a "couch" to have an air compressor. Is it comfortable? Yes I have braided lines as well and no chaffing and all are tight. I will check the purge valve on the drier at ten pounds it would not make much noise. It is close to the rear of the coach and very accessible since I installed it. I moved the coach a couple months ago to the new pad and no issues then. B
  4. Lack Of Air Pressure

    No nothing from the drier side. Drier is only a year old not many miles. I would lean toward the compressor. dad gumit Well at least I am at home on the pad. Wonder Wonder what it looks like inside...gona find out in the spring. I have a spare compressor from a previous project I did not do on the I look pretty smart just for keeping it. Problem solver, me Thanks for the input B
  5. Lack Of Air Pressure

    Could the drier be a culprit in this since it is next in line after the Pump? it is only a year old
  6. Lack Of Air Pressure

    No leaks per Brett smacked the governor to no avail. Changed it out, new one from the spare box...conclusion pump has quit. Out put pressure is not real strong.
  7. Lack Of Air Pressure

    Brett, fired the coach about 30 minutes ago no building air pressure. Pump is producing air...only 10 pounds at cockpit gauge Regulator?
  8. 2019 Mercedes Benz Sprinter-- Gasoline/Electric

    MWeiner The question you asked was about hybrid electric and gas in a coach. I commented that it would not be feasible or maybe practical is more reasonable in big rigs.Your next post articulated about your trip, how long it was and about all the diesel rigs about in the mountains. "As for big rigs in the mountains...I'd just like to tell you that a few weeks ago I returned from an 11,000 miles journey all across the USA..... went through the Northwest across to the East coast down to Florida and back through Route 66.." "Let me tell you... there's plenty of big rig diesels, motorhomes and yes, I even saw some Mercedes Benz Sprinters like mine and Class C Winnebago coaches out there along with plenty of other RVs... Even saw some Audi's..... " We were talking about ELECTRIC not big rig current diesels, of coures you will see lots of them it is the current technology and you will see them for a long time to come. In another post your argument shifts to safety. You keep shifting the thread from one point to another away from your original. What gives? My point and the issue is what happened in your PRIUS. Battery/electric will not work in the west's big mountains, others as well. The technology will be used on the flats where vertical climb resistance is lower and the distances are shorter. As for Europe's diesel being cleaner and the older technologies here versus there. I have been in the automotive arena for a long time. I was indirectly party to test work done by Audi through a couple of test/evaluator driver engineers that put corporate test cars through their paces prior to the ,model year releases. There were a lot of very interesting data points that were not common knowledge. Believe me some of the test cars were pretty amazing, shipped back to Germany or just plain crushed to death.
  9. 24" Wiper Blades

    RainEx helps
  10. 2019 Mercedes Benz Sprinter-- Gasoline/Electric

    The answer would be not a chance! I would rather have the load being stuff to live with rather than hauling around a bunch of batteries. Same kind of No on the second part of the question, not enough power and can you imagine the cost. Every one of these kinds of units are subsidized, imagine that bill. On the diesel side the Audis and MBs we see here, diesel powered, are several generations old compared to what is available in Europe. Our fuel is dirty by comparison in spite of the refining changes made here over the last decade or so. Their diesel is water clear. The current Audi cars will not run on the fuel we have here. I am willing to bet you do not see the big rigs in the mountains, on the flats and short haul applications sure.
  11. Tannehill State Park Near Birmingham

    Thanks for the confirmation as we plan to be there in April and have a visit with Kay...looking forward to it!I Want to see a cabinet makers custom build, maybe I can learn something.
  12. Upgrading gauges - Fluid Levels

    See Level is a Canadian company and yes their stuff is very good and accurate if you follow directions...just ask me how I know the last two words were the important ones.
  13. 2001 HR Ambassador Brake Calipers

    This is not rocket science but will take a little effort to get the correct rotor. First the wheel needs to be off. Measure the diameter of the rotor and the thickness. Measure the height of the hat from the base face of the rotor. measure the diameter of the hat and the number of studs. Go to a real parts supply house not NAPA or ORileys. Withthose dimensions they can find it from Centrix. Do not buy standard rotors, buy cryoed rotors, cryogenicly treated rotors, frozen in nitrogen, they will last far longer and dissipate heat much better than the standard rotors for not a lot more money. Another place that used to be very good is Ott's friction in Oregon 503 283 4165. It has changed hands a while back and is now owned by Fleet Pride. Word has it that it is not a knowledgeable as before. Another source would be Kaiser Brake and alignment in Eugene Oregon, 541 344 5887 These folks are also old time been around a long time. Pads and calipers from the same sources
  14. Anybody Going To QuartzFest?

    Last year we stayed at the High Jolly camp ground just a bit north of town right side of the highway. It was great and only about 3 or four miles out. Rode the ATV to town numerous times, a bicycle would be no problem either BLM and free with lots of space.
  15. 3 week Trip Through Arizona

    Lou Ann, One place you should go would be Alamo lake. It is purportedly to be one of Arizona's best bass fishing lakes. It is in the middle of a very interestin desert area north and east of Quartzsite on BLM other words free camping on the east end of the lake. If you have an ATV or similar miles of trails to explore. It is the watershed low point from I 40 on the north side to I 10 on the south side. It is fed by two rivers when flooding the Big Sandy and the Santa Maria. Gotta run have a great time I will get back to you in a PM upper right of you screen