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  1. Golf Cart 6 Volt Battery

    I am a flooded battery guy, just do not like the cost of an AGM when a pair of good flooded Crown 260s will go 10 years with proper attention and the Trojan 105s will come close. A watering system is a must. Your use needs and available space are going to be the guiding elements in what you do. AGMs do not like cold, but hey who camps in the cold on is a consideration. 80 watts We are dry campers and have a full solar array totaling 960 watts, 6 panels @ 260 watts each and 780 AMP hours of battery, half is usable. Last winter we dry camped 96 days. (4 of these panels are adequate for most needs and 4 6 volt batteries.) If campground rates were $40 a night = $3,840 I paid for the system last winter, first time out. Who says the recovery time is a long time out. I will say this, there are many installers that will install a system that does not work adequately and buyers need to use the generator to get the job done. We used the gen set 4 times to run the AC units on 4 90+ degree days only For your own edfication and gain solar knowledge that works, read, initially the charging puzzle.
  2. Recommendation For State To Title A New Country Coach

    Mine is not registered as a commercial unit but it is registered and owned by an LLC. There was no implication that a CDL was necessary to drive it. But I will check tomorrow on those particulars.
  3. Recommendation For State To Title A New Country Coach

    In the East are coaches required to stop at weigh stations?
  4. Tandem Dolly

    Now I like that pretty cool! First dolly I have seen that I would consider.
  5. Glad you got right on the problem but that is what you guys do right...Good no withdrawl problems an Airdale Navy Boy
  6. Recommendation For State To Title A New Country Coach

    I am titled in Montana under an LLC. Older coaches, a great deal, one time permanent registration, no sales tax or other annual fees. Yearly fee to maintenance the LLC still way less than where we live. Insurance is through Miller insurance, advertises in FMCA and was a player at FMCA rally in Chandler, very good. Happy all the way around
  7. Tire Air Pumps

    One of the best additions to any coach that does not have one and has air for bags or brakes is the air drier. It is not difficult nor expensive and will at some point save you a lot of the green stuff. No more remembering to drain your air tank. It is all automatic. In any climate some maintenance as with anything. It's one of the first projects I did on my old/new Safari Panther since it only had 11,767 on it when I drove it home. Bill
  8. Air Bag Life Expectancy

    Thanks Joe, When you find the skirts let me know I would use a set too.
  9. Should FMCA Allow Towable RVs-- Vote NOW

    For those that do not know Herman allow me to introduce the oldest next to dirt 80 something year old energizer Bunny. He was the leader of the Coach Parkers at the last Rally Janet and I went to, I think. He is one of the youngest hardest working old Bunnys I have ever seen...he was everywhere at the same time it seemed. He is one of those examples we all should take notice of and is under appreciated!!! He tries his best to lead by example. well done Herman. Hope I don't get in trouble now... B
  10. Tire Air Pumps

    "No rubber hoses" Sorry B you want what the building trades call a "jelly hose" they do not kink, and are easily coiled in warm or cold weather. Available at Home Depot and Lowes. You can see the webbing in the hose. Not expensive
  11. Black Tire Shade Can Be OK

    Some of you I suspect might have fun with this one. I suggest and propose that you make your own. Last winter while in the High Jolly camp ground I fabricated some side window and front window shades that snap on. They fit fine and looked good but the Magne Shade I will admit look even better and I suspect require much less effort to install. After discovering the Magne Shade I am now revising what I did. Ah yes a little more time to be spent perfecting a good thing. The Solar Screen I used was 90% blockage was purchased from Quality Window with numerous colors to choose from. The binding was a vinyl colored to match the screen color of tan, a nice match to our coach and bought from another supplier. I have purchased 10 N45 Rare Earth 1 1/4 by 3/8 thick magnets for the outside through Amazon. I will have to trim the original screens to fit the windshield a bit tighter as they extend beyond to accommodate the snaps which will also need to be eliminated. These magnets are to be sewn into pockets on the back side of the screen. Not cheap $10+ each. They really have incredible holding power. Using one of these on each side of the glass is overkill by a lot. So I am going to try a 1 1/4 by 1/8 on the inside retained with 3M sticky automotive molding tape. Yes I will make a test panel. I can tell you the larger magnets, do not get them close to each other, period. They are a real bugger to separate and you will not separate them with your fingers. Just ask me how I know. That said spacing will be important. I am going to use 4 magnets across the top. I know from pictures that Magne Shade appears to use more magnets so maybe they are not as strong and maybe a good idea. I used a vintage Mini-Singer sewing machine, built in the 1950's and powered it with the use of the solar I have installed on the coach via the inverter though not much of a power draw. So the solar screen and binding did not present much resistance to this little old jewel. The only awkward thing was the bulk of the material on a small table un-like what Kay and I have at home in our shops. If this is successful I will revisit all the screens I made out there in the warm winter Arizona sun. I made a set of tire shades tan too and am seriously going to look at using magnets to retain them as well. I see no reason that they can not be glassed in to the fiberglass fender wells and be a permanent fixture. Glassed in they will be protected and out of the environment. What's more I could use the bar style and have more linear surface to attach to. More to come McGuyver
  12. Dolly Towing

    I used a dolly at first and hated it, probably because it was an older, whose name was it, no idea. I have trailered more because it allows for all the toys to go too. Toys: Honda 90 Trail bike, Bicycle, ATV, Car VW Corrado, now Chevy Tracker, and of course the Canoe and related gear. If you dry camp with solar in the desert you have to have something to do and at Alamo Lake one of Arizona's best bass fishing lakes all the stuff came into play.
  13. Air Filter Life Expectancy

    I guess I should look at mine only 20K but 18 years old and absurdly expensive with no cross over to a Wix Gold. When I do change it ( I will look today) I will retro fit a Wix that I can buy during the annual NAPA Wix Gold filter sale at 50% of retail.
  14. Should FMCA Allow Towable RVs-- Vote NOW

    I second the motion~! I too joined for the Motorhome aspect not fiver information. I joined for info new and old but not for trailers. Trailers are fine but I do not want a magazine about coaches diluted all kinds of stuff related to fifth wheels and trailers. How many articles do we see today about older coaches and what some have done in upgrading them to modern standards? There is more to this subject than is being used...just sayin it is not all about new it should be about where we have been as well. Raise the the rate