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  1. Git them Herman...remember this is human natureAgreed! B
  2. There is no substitute for miles around the track. As Herman suggested take deep breath, relax the grip and stay at it...after every mile it gets easier. I taught competitive driving for over 25 years and my choice of student was always the ladies, far easier then the guys. They paid attention and had little to prove. There were many that were faster than their spouses, You gotta love it. B
  3. What amazes me is than none of the hierarchy have anything to say on this thread to agree or dispel the thoughts and ideas presented here....I have my canoe ready....B
  4. Yup this would have been a piece of cake...walk right in the rest of it a lot of work. Good B
  5. Ok I'm back.. BLUNTLY and not trying to give you a hard time but .it is going to be a real job if you are not able to look at it and access how to disassemble the basic configuration. It is not rocket science but unfortunately it is not a Chevy, and there are no books out here to reference. I can tell you that the receiver hitch on my 2000 Zanzibar is directly underneath the CAC and the radiator. The lower bracing for the rear cap is attached to the frame rail that the receiver is attached to. The bolt nuts that retain the receiver are buried in such a manner that it will be very difficult to get enough leverage on them to break them loose. Ask me how I know, been there and done that. I wanted to remove my receiver to modify it. I was not successful with all the equipment I have and ended up cutting the cross bar of the receiver out making the changes and re-welding it back in place. The point I am making is this job is a big tough one for professionals not a starter project for a newbie. On top of all of this it is going to be a very heavy assembly. Yes the coach will have to be up in order to get the radiator out from under the rear cap. Measure the height of the radiator and then the distances to the ground, at least a couple fee probably more. Yes you will have to disassemble the whole thing Fan off, shroud from the radiator CAC from the radiator it is all bolted together and heaaaavy. You will have to drain the fluids too.
  6. Source is a good source depending. I am a Safari SMC owner with 2 coaches. I like redundancy First it would be helpful if you signed with the coach you have so guys like me can really help you. What year do you have What radiator side or rear. What model is it and the list goes on in order to give you the info you need. I would also suggest you join the site as it is also just Safari info and more like me with specific knowledge. I am the consumate do it yourselfer and this job is not for sissies. Send me a PM and I will really load you up.
  7. There are always those that threaten to leave during the national elections few do most use the threat to try and elicit change and express their displeasure. What's more those that threaten to leave rarely do. The magazine is terrific, haven't used the Assist benefit, and would prefer it remain motorhomes. The forum would be like IRV2, diluted. and a lot more to sift through. I agree with TOMAS24
  8. You guys called it and now we have a new thread to direct the attention away from all the previous discussion about who and how it was blown. The new spin puts the blame on Verizon. I was waiting ;like many to see how it would flush out. It certainly looked like a great benefit and I was going to be a two service family ATT and Verizon in the same household. I live in an up scale neighborhood in Colorado and no Verizon here. Now question is what will happen to all the noted personalities postings on the other thread. Bill A do you think????
  9. This winter in Arizona I had Dave Atherton come up and do a diagnostic check on the Panther, I call him PORSCHE. One of the documents Dave supplied was ' a graph of speed driven" another was "Hours driven at a given speed" both showed 107 miles an hour Can you imagine. I will say that it does not shift from 5th to 6th until after 65 and wants to cruise 70-75. It is a work out to keep it under 70 unless the cruise is on. Beings as it is a low mileage coach it only had 454 hours on the CAT C 12 Fuel mileage on this beast is better than 8.3 at this point and will improve to better than 9.5 with the addition of propane injection, can hardly wait!
  10. Stephen, Join the group. There is a ton of Safari knowledge there to help solve the Safari pertainent questions particularly the old coach questions Bill Edwards
  11. I will say this Very interesting...We live in Colorado and have heard nothing from our local chapter in the 7 years we have been in FMCA! We belong to Safari International and have been to two of their rallies, very good, tons of laughter. We have been to two FMCA rallies. The tech sessions informative and the vendors good. Do we make an annual trek to these events, no. I agree with Kenon, Joe, Barkley, the minority demographic is missing, much is missing. All you have to do is look to see what is missing. The general population is not out going unless they know the group. I am a joiner and meet people easily. I too am not in favor of the towable inclusion. It will not be good for the long haul. Here is my take on the minority thing. We had an African American fellow move into the neighborhood 2 years ago. I was the first guy to introduce myself to him and invite him to join the homeowners association. He is retired a professional, attorney I believe.He has not come to any of the picnics or Christmas dinners, He has not embraced the neighborhood. Point I am trying to make is that it is a two way street, problems on both sides for what ever the reasons. For what it is worth I am Caucasian and my wife 1/2 Chinese, I get it.
  12. Is there a recommended weight threshold for installing a braking system in a towed vehicle? Is there a Federal or State mandate to do so, just curious on this question. Bill Edwards
  13. Norm, I too will agree with Jleamont 2 years gone, I use 8 years as the life limit. That can vary some but probably not much.
  14. You guys are so smart now others will do the same thing and so will I. Great idea! Thanks Bill