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  1. FMCA Roadside Assistance

    I would agree 100% frustrating to say the least when you want to spend money you really do not want to spend and then get this kind of service, or is this service
  2. FMCA Roadside Assistance

    Well I just called GS and according to the two people I spoke with they still have the Standard plan and no Premium+. The web site currently advertises 3 plans and all are on sale for newbies. But the current premium plan has no coverage for cargo or Flatbed trailers. After pulling the plug and purchasing the Coach Net plan, the gal from FMCA called Janet back to correct herself on the question of does FMCA's plan cover cargo and flat bed trailers to say YES... These people need to get the **** answers and information straight the first time around. I guess it is just our society today, Mediocrity abounds these days and everybody accepts it. It is quite apparent in many of the writings on forums across the board. Her lack of correct info just cost me $180 Just sayin sorry for venting b
  3. 2011 American Coach Eagle: HDMI Routing

    I have the w 1000 and Direct TV with a genie work perfect. i also installed myself. i use the box from home and have direct change locations for programming.
  4. Sway VS Body Roll

    Safari coaches respond very well to the installation of Koni shocks. It is the predominate shock being used in replacement on the larger coaches. I would touch base with the TREK club and see what they are using.
  5. FMCA Roadside Assistance

    Here is an observation made in the search. Many of us tow trailers, not just ATV, snowmobile trailers or motorcycle trailers but real ones, ones that contain a car or a cargo style trailer. The only offering made for "stated" coverage in a printed brochure, was Good Sam and they have now discontinued the offering. I have looked at FMCA and visited the site of the company being used, nothing is offered there either. In fact this site offers very little of anything with respect to what it covers. You must call to get any information at all. I visited Coach Net's site and there was little there either with regard to specifics outside of an RV, motorcycle a car, or a dollied car. AAA does offer the coverage in their "Premierre RV" coverage. My one reservation on Coach Net is all decisions of consequence are made by them. As owners or competent techs we know nothing and are incapable of making decisions that are correct. This is interesting as you might end up where it is not in your best interest but in theirs. Deferring to their decision is quite another thing.. Edit addition... I called and was pointed to the location of Coach Nets coverage of "trailers" so they do cover them under the "Premier RV coverage"
  6. FMCA Roadside Assistance

    Well here is the update. FMCA compared theirs to GoodSam's Premium+ service which now is no longer available even at the 144 dollar rate. I am going to call FMCA tomorrow. Good Sam "Premium+" included towing a cargo trailer of flatbed car trailer the "Premium" service excludes these two trailers. If you have "Premium +" then you have it but no longer available. DARN!!!
  7. Air Bags Replacement

    I will second what Brett has said about changing one..."it is not rocket science" in fact very easy and not stressful. The bags on my Safari Panther I changes 4 of them in a couple hours time. Cost for the bags should be around 300 apiece.
  8. How Do MH Engine Batteries Receive Their Charge?

    I just went thru this exercise using 2/0 wire, regular welding cable. I used closed ended lugs and adhesive laden shrink tube. Before assembly and crimping I used dialectic grease in the lugs. Then they were crimped with a crimping tool, not a hammer like I have seen used before. Then the adhesive laden shrink tube was used, red for positive and black for negative. I did this on the previous coach and no corrosion issues in seven years. Dialectic grease was used on all battery connections during assembly. Amazon is an excellent source for the heavy wire and reasonably priced.
  9. FMCA Roadside Assistance

    Terrific thank you all
  10. Exterior Sealers: 1999 Fleetwood

    A silicone material used on my coach and just gets dirty, does not yellow. Proflex is a silicone, good stuff does not yellow. Carl, read the op's question he stated why he wants to change it.
  11. FMCA Roadside Assistance

    Has any one used the FMCA roadside assistance program? How good was it? how quickly did the appear? Is it better than AAA? Which would you use if you were selecting one today?
  12. Forum Speed

    Glad to know I am not the only one...B
  13. Fridge Not Cold Enough

    One of the common problems is the lack of air circulation or the accmulation of heat, additional fans usually 2 will frequently help. Remove the cover up on the roof and see if there are any obstructions to the air flow. These issues are common. Call cooling unit warehouse or visit website coolingunitwarhouse,com...a great guy and very helpful located in Tenn.
  14. Should FMCA Allow Towable RVs-- Vote NOW

    9,537 out of 60,000 + that is a testimonial in itself.