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  1. I used Montana and plates are well not expensive and depending on the year of your coach may be one time permanent.
  2. When will you be in AZ? We will leave Denver the first of JAN.
  3. In the hardware isle in the drawers are round nylon spacers from a 1/4 to 1" PERFECT for this need.
  4. The best part of this system I am using is that one can run with it or turn it off completely from the drivers seat. It is controlled electrically with a switch! It is not adjustable from the cockpit cabin. Took me about three hours to install. Bill A I will try and synopsis this in a new thread related to it soon B
  5. Carl, Quite the contrary on rigs built after 2007 it cleans up the emissions further., it does all the same stuff i get with an older engine, more power, more torque, more go better mileage. I do not think NOX is in the picture and I am not after the go just the mileage. Just realized you have a big boy engine...should have known...just trying to push your button anyway B
  6. Yes Herman, It works just fine but It needs a lube before we head out in a of those items on my list. I will do it and then if I find something odd then I will send it to them before the long Easter Texas drive. Thanks B
  7. I will bet something else was red too. B
  8. I just order the newest and greatest from M&G including the break away for the Panther and a little 2004 Chevy Tracker. Silly little car but 4 wheel drive, adequate power from the little V6, plenty of clearance except when you compare it to Carl's Jeep. It is light at 2800 pounds and cost $3,500 as a disposable vehicle and at a 100,000 miles it should go another 100 with care. We were impressed last winter as we were riders in one of these over 200 miles in the sandy southwest. We are using a Blue Ox base plate and the aluminum tow bar from Blue Ox that came with the Zanzibar 6 years ago...really nice.
  9. Ah Propane an otherwise hallucinogenic gas with a pungent stinky odor that burns blue and combined with diesel makes lots a power... Carl, the foot controls consumption and I suppose from start and barely any thing to flat on the floor perhaps exponentially. The use in a coach for most probably not exponentially any more than the use of diesel. Does the consumption of diesel go up exponentially if you drive faster than the other guy, probably not. The 100 miles per gallon is, I am guessing, from over the years, the number they have arrived at from feedback. It is going to be a function of driving style, prudent and conservative versus aggressive and h.ll bent on getting there. Boost PSI is the determining factor in the volume of propane gas delivered. That said one who drives with an indicated average boost of 10 PSI is going to get better economy than the character driving h.ll bent on getting there averaging 15 PSI of boost. You little engine probably will get better mileage than mine but your coach is taller and heavier, but my coach is shorter and lighter with a really big engine...likely the same at the end.
  10. Brett, I will if it is OK now to start another thread with this topic where the later info or topic will be searchable?
  11. Ok here is a follow up with PDP just a minute ago. Kieth said this has been a question for years. The answer is that the concentration of propane is so low no issue. It is a common belief that there is a higher concentration of propane than there is. He said as I thought, think about it most of the compressing to fill the system is done at idle and pre boost. Think about this, you are going to roll for something around a hundred miles on a gallon of propane gas vented through a 1/4 inch line. How much do you think that is in a concentration, not very much. It has never been a problem, or an issue.
  12. I am sorry to have stolen this should have made another thread but Cetane brought it out and no other related comments since B
  13. Carl, He needs the whoppin and he is tough and Bette, she is a jewel like Janet.
  14. Carl, There is a dedicated metering device which is turbo boost controlled which regulates the required amount of propane. It is not a significant volume as I understand it. The valve issue has been considered. The system has been around and used for the last seventeen years.The Safari Trek group has used dozens of these to enhance the little Isuzu diesel performance to a much more suitable level. Ernie, No fuel no go, not enough propane injected to even begin to fuel the engine. In my case, I know the fuel gauge is accurate. and have it calibrated to boot.
  15. I intend to have a conversation this Am with PDP on the issue and see what they have to say. I am sure they have encountered this before.