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  1. OH TO NH

    Mid August we will be going from Columbus, OH area on I-90 to Albany, NY and then the White Mountains of NH. I've heard the Five Lakes area is beautiful and would like suggestions on what best to see and/or reasonable campgrounds in that area. Plus campgrounds bordering the lakes. Thanks! Jocelynn and Quico Power 28' Coachmen/Concord with tow Gainesville, FL
  2. White Mountains, NH

  3. White Mountains, NH

    HELLO! Planning on visiting the White Mountains in mid August '16. There are so many campgrounds, I'd like your opinion on which would be best. We prefer with electricity and water hookup (is August hot?). And normally look into National Parks or State Parks which are less expensive, then private but not expensive KOA's. After 4-6 days there, we'll go to Acadia. Suggestions? Thank you! Jocelynn and Oscar (Quico) Power 2004 Coachmen/Concord with tow Gainesville, Florida
  4. Mt. Desert Island, Maine/Acadia NP CG

    Thank you all.... will seriously take those reccomendations into account!!
  5. Hopefully this year we will finally reach Maine to visit Acadia National Park in August. Would anyone recommend a good campground on Mt. Desert Island? I've only found Seawall and Blackwoods in the Nat'l Pk and two Koa's which are too expensive. We can go "dry" but of course, electricity and/or water hook up would be preferred. We plan on staying for 7-10 days to drive around (no sports). Any other recommendations for this trip will be appreciated! Thank you, Jocelynn Mrs. Oscar (Quico) Power 2004 Coachmen/28' Concord with tow Gainesville, FL no pets
  6. SC To New England Next Summer

    Hello Everyone! We couldn't make it to Acadia last summer, the transmission on our RV broke down. I heard today that gasoline should be going way down, to $1.00-$1.50 within a few months ( before, sadly, they go up again in the summer) so now I'm like in a ...."let's go north!!" mode. However, everything I read is of people going over during the high season, late summer. --- Has anyone gone up earlier in the summer... --- is there too much snow in late May? --- Best direct route, (although we prefer NOT thru "big cities" and congested areas). Thank you! Jocelynn and Quico Power Gainesville, FL 28' Coachmen Concord with tow
  7. Best Campground Near Charleston SC

    Just last month we stayed at Lk Aire RV C/G at Hollywood, SC it is about 5 miles south of Charleston. We'd go back anytime! Nice clean And spacious areas, nice people and reasonable prices. Jocelynn and Oscar Power Gainesville, FL
  8. East-South of Kentucky

    Thank you Herman, Boyers and Paulrl: For the past three years we've been going to Colorado and returning thru three different routes (N, S and mid). This summer is a "close by" quicker trip.... Thus, we did make reservations at Barren River as the Boyer's suggested. Also Mt. Pisgah (Elev 5,700') and the Cumberland Falls of KY.
  9. East-South of Kentucky

    Thank you! I will look into those and someone else also suggested Black Mountain area.....??
  10. East-South of Kentucky

    The heat in Central Florida is almost unbearable! 100 degrees in Orlando yesterday! We'd like to go somewhere "cooler" during July and August.... not too far, like East and South of Kentucky, NOT beaches.... Where is the highest mountain or the coolest area that you can suggest we go? We prefer National/State parks, second choice would be "reasonable rates" not necessarily "resort rates" for campgrounds. Any suggestions? Thanks! Jocelynn and Oscar (Quico) Power Gainesville, FL '04 Concord/Coachmen w tow no pets, no kids
  11. SC To New England Next Summer

    Unfortunately we had to delay our trip to next year.... but would love to hear about your experience and suggestions! Jocelynn and Quico (Oscar Power) Gainesville, FL
  12. First RV Trip from West Coast to East Coast

    While in Colorado last year, I heard on TV of the "Storm Shield" app. I downloaded it on my smartphone and it gave me updates on bad weather all the time, it "traveled" with us, without having to update our locations.... even when at the upper peninsula of Michigan (Sault St. Marie area), and now at home. Highly recommend it!! Jocelynn and Quico Power Gainesville, FL 28' Coachmen/Concord w/tow
  13. Adirondacks, NY to Twin Mtn., NH

    Black flies? Ouch! I'm allergic to the yellow flies we have down here in FL.... glad to know about those too! And, thank you for your input! Good to know! Jocelynn
  14. Memphis From FL

    Between FL and Memphis, one trip I've had in my bucket list is the Natchez Trace Parkway. It is 444 miles long, from Natchez, MS to Nashville, TN. Google it and you will find many interesting little towns to visit along the way, with plenty of campgrounds. This is not exactly "on your way" as most probably you will be passing "over it" (think of an X), but good to consider if you have the time. Safe travels! Jocelynn and Quico Power Gainesville, TN 28' Concord/Coachmen w/ tow
  15. Summer Trip Options

    Last summer we stopped at South Dakota' Custer National Park and stayed for a week at the Blue Bell campground. The hosts were very nice and helpful. From there we visited everything there is to see in most of Central and South of SD. Had a great experience! Enjoy your trip, don't rush and relax! Jocelynn and Quico Power Gainesville, FL 28' Concord/Coachmen with tow