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  1. That's till you make a claim. Then the rates go up dramatically
  2. Depends on what brand you have
  3. What color is the trans fluid? When was it changed last?
  4. Does your Mh have both the check engine and Stop engine lights. The check engine is normally yellow and the stop is red. If it's the yellow, I think you would be safe to drive it to the dealer. If you are hesitant, call the dealer or the Ford help line.
  5. Not familiar with your coach, but if it has air bags, then I would check the ride height, especially the rear as this could affect the angle of the U joint and cause a vibration.
  6. Operator never came back, I guess we'll never know what happened
  7. As Brett said, 137 is high, I am wondering if your gauges are not off . If the onboard compressor has not come on, you will not be able to inflate your is a link for a handy little tool, parts can be bought at any big box store like Lowes etc, except for maybe the inflator itself. ... 205-XL.jpg
  8. Have you sanitized the system? If not I would try that. Mix bleach according to your manual and let is sit for 3-4 hours then completely flush. Your symptom are strange. We do get some foaming if the Mh has been sitting for awhile or when I hook up city water as air does get in the lines. You could also have a small leak somewhere letting air in but I doubt it. Have you changed out the in house filter?
  9. Maybe I'm wrong here, but 800 lbs of torque seems to be a lot more than is required. Ours are set at 450.
  10. Sounds like two problems, you have a parasitic bleed somewhere or you are leaving something on that draws current. It also sounds like your unit is not charging on house current. Do you have a converter or inverter/charger?
  11. Yes, we have docking lights over each wheel well.
  12. Congratulations!! Now let the fun begin... bus looks really clean
  13. I have no idea, it may be if you are parked on the side of the road, it offers a light on the lane next to you. I have used it when it's dark and need to hook up in a campground.
  14. I was wrong, the docking lights are the ones over the wheels. The roadlight is the light on the DS, usually located over the wet bay area. It's usually yellow and I can't tell you how many times it was switched one for days with no one noticing it.
  15. Ours was leaking, pulled off all the water hose and found the clamp holding the end of the hose to the unit was not tight enough...