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  1. Annoying Rattle With Door Bracket.

    Agree with Herman, if the arm has bolts at the joints you can snug them up but if it has what most have, large rivets, you can remove the arm and "stake it" which entails using a center punch on the base of the rivet to spread it a bit...just don't go too far or it will be tough to open...
  2. Go to the Tiffin RV site, there you should be able to find and download what you need in their archives.
  3. Suspension Upgrades: 2011 Ford F53 Chassis

    If you can find a Pilot station, they have scales that will do front, back and toad in one shot...just make sure you stop on the right pads....
  4. RV Park Near San Francisco

    When we visited SF a couple of years ago, we stayed in Pacifica at a park on the ocean, San Fransisco RV resort, it's $$ and basically a large parking lot, pull thrus but right on the ocean, great sleeping and views.. We then took the BART into the city each day, a whole lot easier than fighting that traffic.
  5. Topping Off Fuel Tank?

    I like to live dangerously, I fill up between 1/4 and 1/2
  6. Getting The Best Deal

    We got our financing thru the dealer and as a result got a little better deal on pricing. Interest rate was 3.75 so that was not too shabby either...Our dealer checked with several lenders for the best rate..
  7. Generator Framework Noises

    Don't know about your Mh but on our Tiffin, there are 2 stacked heavyduty drawer slides that operate our genset slide. The front end of thr MH is attached to the front of the slide frame and can be adjusted..I would suspect that the problem is in the attachment bolts or the slides themselves.
  8. Diesel Exhaust Fluid

    I use the def pump when I fill up but ours is on the DS. You might want to check out Walmart, they now sell their own brand of DEF for a good price and is supposed to be just as good as others..
  9. Drove With Parking Brake On

    According to Jim who has a similar setup, that transmission does not have a parking pawl....
  10. Drove With Parking Brake On

    Hydraulics was mentioned....have you checked to see if the system still has sufficient fluid? If the system was heated, the fluid could have boiled and is now NG...
  11. Axle Alignment: Freightliner Chassis

    If not mistaken, WB offers a 1 yr warranty on their MHs, plus Freightliner has a warranty. First thing is to file a reportwith WB and with Corporate Freightliner. Freightliner must know that WB is welding the frames,........if Freightliner is not welding them per Wb specs....... I should be shocked by your report but unfortunately this kind of thing happens far too often. Surprised you did not notice a poor handling situation.
  12. Depreciation

    Ah yes, after re-reading the post, that is a good deal....
  13. Depreciation

    I hope you paid a lot under 30%. 25-30% off MSRPis the norm for purchase price of a new MH...:(
  14. DPF System Issues: 2012 Monaco Diplomat By Navistar

    If you go over to the Tiffin RV site I think you will find a lengthy discussion about this problem with these engines...
  15. Inverter for Residential Fridge

    Maybe I am missing something, with the genset running, it's supplying current to both inverters? we have a 2000 watt pure sine inverter. It runs the refrigerator, micro wave and multiple outlets.