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  1. Sorry that I can’t help you with your wiring problem as we are in NM but I strongly suggest you invest in a Progressive EMS for your coach. It would have prevented the problem you are now facing. Did this “ tech” check the transfer switch and the inverter?
  2. Furnaces cause lights to flicker

    You said the batteries were good. I just can’t imagine the water level has not dropped after 6 months of steady use. The water was up to the split rings on each cell ? And as mentioned , you still might have a bad battery. Remove and clean all the battery connections. running the MH engine for a few minutes is not good. Either let it sit or drive the MH for at least 30 minutes or more. The genset as mentioned should be run once a month for about 1 hour or more on at least half load, this is to keep the generator wiring etc dry.
  3. Use Extreme Caution with American Coach

    I agree, we even had a bag of potato chips explode. We bought the bag on the east coast at sea level. The bag exploded at about 6300 feet in NM. Certainly got our attention.
  4. Class B only RV park, getting ideas.

    As well as the property line offsets on each side, also consider the shore side, most states have substantial offsets from the water for environmental concerns etc. when we built in coastal NC, we had to be over 150 feet from the water’s edge.
  5. Aqua Hot - Hydronic System

    And depending on what tech you get, you’ll probably get a different answer like most suppliers.
  6. You might have to revert to dolly towing if you are set on towing the Sienna.
  7. Hand tools, Craftsman or Snap On or ???

    I know this may not be popular but has anyone looked at the hand tools offered by Harbor Freight? They now sell polished wrenches that are in my opinion just as good as Craftsman and look like Snap-on and at a significantly lower cost
  8. I would be very careful about putting a Jeep on a dolly. Don’t specifically know about the Cherokee but Wranglers Cannot be towed on a dolly , only 4 wheel down because of the transfer case. the new 2018 JL models of the Wrangler now have electric steering , probably the same as the Cherokee, it will be interesting to see if corrections were made for the JLs or will the same problems occur.
  9. Roof A/C compressor not working?

    First thing I would check is the output of the genset. Are you getting power to both legs? Check the breakers on the genset. #2 sounds like a bad start capacitor if it’s drawing that much or a frozen compressor. Either way, they should be under warranty. Give a Mobile tech a call that services them.
  10. Storing 2015 DS 6h/d power

    I guess 6h/d means 6 hours a day? Why don’t you just leave it on 24/7 and not worry about whether the batteries are charged enough. On our Phaeton we could turn off the inverter but batteries still would be charged. There was a seperate charger for the chassis batteries as well.
  11. Engine Braking

    I have run into experts like the one you spoke with at one time or another. I just nod and agree, later I just shake my head and wonder how these folks survive RVing..:)
  12. Alternator not charging

    Yes, the grid heater and yes on ours it cycles for a few minutes or less depending on the temps.
  13. Cummins Diesel Warranty

    From what I have read on OATS coolant, the testing for SCAs is no longer required. An extender can be added after a certain amount of time. As far as testing for SCAs, I used a petcock under the MH from a line that runs to the front heater. Test strips specifically state NOT to use the reservoir for testing. I assume due to contamination of anything floating in the reservoir.
  14. Alternator not charging

    Are you sure it’s not the air heater on the engine drawing amps when you first start it up. Ours does that for several minutes. Even the lights will dim a bit when the heater cycles.. thats a common complaint over on the TVRN from folks that have just noticed this happen or new owners.
  15. Cummins Diesel Warranty

    Yes, I would be curious what the SCA levels were. I may be mistaken but Cummins requires it be checked frequently. I check ours several times a year and kept levels within the required levels. I kept receipts of the additive and photos of the test strips. In random conversations in our travels, I was surprised how many owners do not know that have to check the levels.