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  1. Cooling System Flush and Refill

    Cummins manual has it spelled out very well I was confused on the difference between an intercooler and aftercooler
  2. Cooling System Flush and Refill

    Thank you educating me on the difference and for all the help I sure you are both right. I was letting the Cummins Manual scare me. I should have though to check and see if there was any coolant lines running to the cooler. Thanks again I think I have got it now.
  3. Cooling System Flush and Refill

    Does any one know where the air bleed off petcock is on the aftercooler? Cummins manual makes it clear to bleed the air out at the aftercooler so there is no air lock in the cooling system. Has anyone heard of this when flushing and filling the system. Thank you in advance for any help.
  4. Cooling System Flush and Refill

    Thank you for all the information I will call Monaco today. As far as the Rotella ELC it lists Cummins OEM Specification/Performance level Bulletin ABE No.90.47 can someone tell me what that means? Is itOK to use? I can't find anything on that Bulletin.
  5. Cooling System Flush and Refill

    I am getting ready to service the cooling system on my 2002 Windsor with a Cummins ISC 350. Does anyone know how many gallons the system in this coach holds? I am planning on changing the coolant to Rotella ELC concentrate. The Cummins manual has a warning about get an air lock during filling they say air must be purged form the engine cooling passages and open the petcock on the after cooler. Does anyone know where to find this? Any input on this subject would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance
  6. Cummins ISC Cold Fuel Leak

    I checked the 3 1/4 bolts on the lift pump, tightened them and have not had any more leaks. Thanks for the very helpful tip. Kurt
  7. Cummins ISC Cold Fuel Leak

    Thanks, I'll give that a try. Kurt
  8. Cummins ISC Cold Fuel Leak

    I have a Cummins ISC 350. When it's cold it has a small fuel leak. After it warms up the leak stops. Any ideas what the problem could be.
  9. The White-Rogers 124-902 battery cut off relay gets very hot when it's in the on position, is this normal. Thanks for any input.