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  1. Using RV Park Cable TV

    This is pretty basic. On my HR MH we have a wall plate from Winegard. It has a 12v socket, a lighted push button and a 75ohm male connection. When the pushbutton is pushed and lit it activates an over-the-air amplifier for the TVs. When it is not pushed it allows the cable signal to get to the TVs. Hope yours is similar. I've forgotten this several times out!
  2. Greybeard101, Your Magnadyne M3-LCD is your surround sound home theater system. The subwoofer is located under the dash in front of the passenger seat. The front three speakers as you know are mounted on the ceiling near the television and the two back speakers are mounted over driver and passenger seats. As far as I can tell, when you insert the DVD into the M3-LCD the DVD surround sound should play through the five speakers and subwoofer. You should have received the M3-LCD manual in the form of a CD/DVD in amongst all of your other manuals. It can also be found here:
  3. 2012 Monaco Monarch 36SFD

    I weigh ~ 230 lbs and while climbing the ladder I was watching for any flexing but I didn't see any. I've been on the roof one or two times and I don't expect to go up there often! We are very happy with ours so far. I've added a couple thousand $ in upgrades to the electrical system, i.e., surge suppression, satellite dome and receiver, cord reel, inverter and permanent voltage/amperage meter to monitor the house batteries. Suspension modifications for better road handling (the MH handled fine but I wanted the enhancements) Blue Ox TruCenter steering assist, Blue Ox TigerTrac on the rear end, and and a no/low cost modification to the Ford chassis that tightens up the overall handling called the "McKinley Cheap Handling Fix" (Google it). Our MH was assembled at the end of the 2012 model year so they gave us some of the 2013 upgrades like roller shades/blackouts and a new lounge dinette without additional charge. It's important to have a good dealer that you can rely on after the sale. I'm located in the Detroit area. I lurked on the forums for a couple of months waiting for my MH to be built so I had the benefit of others experiences when making decision on what to buy to upgrade when I got my MH.
  4. 2012 Monaco Monarch 36SFD

    I was wrong. He has the Holiday Rambler version of that model but they are both assembled on the same production line. The Monarch should have a little better fit and finish than the Vacationer. I have a 2012 Vacationer 34SBT bunkhouse model built in late April at Wakarusa and I (so far - 1500 miles) have not had any major issues with either the coach or the Ford chassis.
  5. 2012 Monaco Monarch 36SFD

    See posts by Greybeard101, especially his post "Alcoa Dura Brite 22.5 inch Wheels On Class A Gas" posted 03 October 2012 - 08:10 PM. He has that exact year and model and he has had a ton of issues with it!